A LITTLE TSC: the minutiae and macrobollocks of Barclays and Boris


Today’s testimony from Marcus Agius – leader of the Eastern Legions of the Impiratum Barcuntica, in alliance with Icapus & Iswapum of the Liborian Guard, protector of Toriam Cameronicus, and Defender of Bankus Mythicoratum in the protectorate of Bollockius – was at times hilarious, whereas yesterday’s Tucker Treat was simply unbelievable. But the terrible truth emerging yet again from all this is just how off the money the FSA was.

The regulator beginning with F allegedly gave Bentlays Barclays a clean bill of health when it came to corporate governance over the years – whereas in other news today, Transparency International voted Diamond Bob’s Barking *ankers bottom of the bottom league (financial services) with a score of 4/10 on honesty. Bob himself insisted last week that the FSA/Barclays relationship had been tophole, but Centurion Marcus accepted that he had received a communication in later times from the regulator suggesting that Diamond was a lying arsehole the discourse was in grave need of repair. However, he did not accept this.

“We try to seek the best regulatory outcome with our regulators,” said the Malteser, “I don’t accept that we had a desperate relationship with the FSA. Strained would be fine. They said to us: ‘When we deal with you, you try too hard. You are testing the goodwill of our staff’.”

Now I’ve heard it all.

Earlier in the week, London Mayor Bollicks Johnson wrote a quite disgraceful Telegraph piece more or less suggesting that we should stop bashing any bankers prepared to bankroll his On Yer Bike campaign. This particular extract is a gem:

‘It is time for British politicians to say it loud and clear and in unison: we need bankers, my friends! We need bankers who are not just cautious, owlish Polonius figures. We need bankers who are willing to take punts and put their necks on the line.’

What a complete load of old tosh in the light of the last few years. What utter drivel from the man who aspires to be Prime Minister of this country to roughly the same degree that Winnie Mandela would love to be Queen of South Africa. How carefully we should interrogate the behaviour, career and attitudes of this man who – along with Harriet Harman – The Slog fingered as the greatest threat to British liberal democracy many moons ago. He is a bully, a hooligan, a bouncer, a bruising defender of Etonian jailbirds, and a thoroughly bad egg. Do not be hoodwinked by his ‘buffoon’ act: this soi-disant clown is a danger to us all.

13 thoughts on “A LITTLE TSC: the minutiae and macrobollocks of Barclays and Boris

  1. The Memsahib is a gimlet-eyed dispassionate and accurate assessor of human nature. She is able to spot a chancer from fifty paces and, on a good day, freeze him into momentary terror with a single glance. Grown men have been known to dive under desks when they learn of her imminent arrival in an office … and yet, and yet .. she thinks that Boris is a ‘good boy’; he (apparently) is charming, humorous, cuddly and intelligent and she will not hear a word against him.

    I agree with you John, in that he is a permanent danger to shipping and should be shunted permanently into dry dock where he can do no harm. But I fear that the Memsahib’s wilful myopia is shared by many.


  2. There are some serious issues here,many of which are not covered by the MSM,which is why the Slog has a devoted following,but it is an utter irrelevance to use Daily Mail type labels to Darius Guppy.A lot of people went to school on the other side of the M4 from Slough,including the PM,the Mayor of London,and so on.Just get over it.


  3. Actually, a vanishingly small minority go to school on the ‘right side’ of the M4 and that is the source of a great many of our problems.


  4. I too think he is a dangerous man. I too am not fooled by the ‘buffoon’ act.
    What’s the old adage? ‘Birds of a feather flock together’…


  5. Long time non appreciater of Boggis – glad to see I am not alone in my assessment. Like you say Boggis is the Tories equivalent of Hatemen ! Sadly the people seem to like this egotistical monster and beware – one Adolf ‘someone or other’ was apparantly somewhat charismatic and equally devoid of basic humanity when seeking and attaining the power to govern.


  6. What Commandante Boris states is true. We do need bankers that take risks and put their necks on the line like the Merchant Bankers of old used to do.
    Unfortunately, what we have today instead is a whole group of bankers that put their balance sheet of the bank on the line while putting the taxpayers neck on the block ( and yes calmly trousering the profits while socialising the losses and lying their heads of when fingered).
    Mind you the story of how when Gordon Brown as Chancellor of the Exchequer, instructed the Treasury to force the price of ‘Spot’ gold down, to save an American bank from going under, needs to get some more airplay.


  7. I am also very suspicous of Boris, not least because he runs London with an autocratic style. TfL seems to have excessive powers and regularly fails to consult other official parties on a range of measures it takes.

    But on his comment about banks…in the context of *the existing system of banking and finance*, I cannot disagree with him.

    What is your alternative?


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