I booked two Flybe tickets yesterday. At the end of about 37 pages of boxes, ticks, credit checks, checks of the boxes, ticks of the credit and so forth, there was a tempting panel telling me that I could join their loyalty club and get £20 back immediately.

It sounded tempting, so off I went through another five pages of card numbers, postcodes, and inside leg measurements until, in half-point flysh*t at the end of the process, I spotted this:

‘I understand the first 30 days are FREE and that the membership fee of £19.95 a month will be applied if I don’t cancel’

So in short, I was going through all this to get 5p, and if I didn’t take another flight with them this year, I’d be £100 down by Christmas.

Why is this kind of unscrupulous bollocks allowed?