EXCLUSIVE: French fiscal black hole reveals Sarkozy’s obsession with facing DSK as an election opponent.



Dominique Strauss-Kahn

Both Nicolas Sarkozy and IMF boss Christine Lagarde stand four-square in the dock today as the recently elected Francois Hollande discovers a certain minimalité de verité in the French national accounts. But Sarkozy’s expensive obsession with Dominique Strauss-Kahn is the most striking aspect of the revelations.

The French media are having a field day at the moment, especially those of the liberal-Left persuasion, as it transpires that a black and largely inexplicable hole of around €50billion has appeared since the last ‘assessment’ of France’s fiscal position. I am sure that my many Greek friends and supporters will be delighted to know that the She-Devil Vixen Lagarde stands more guilty of incompetence, having got seven of her nine forecasts wrong, and aserted that France “does not have a deficit”. Sadly, last year’s Tresor Publique report shows that her ‘no deficit’ was roughly €100bn adrift.

However, rather more guilty of Big Fat Fibs is Nico, having been more competent at hiding than Chrissie was at forecasting…just not quite clever enough. Nobody will GAF in France now he’s out of power (it is the French way) but one or two red-tinged Frogs are hopping mad about Sarkozy’s misuse of State funds for des sondages (consumer research).

In total, the Little One ordered fully 264 opinion polls about himself while President, running up a whopping €6.35bn  bill in the process. He claimed this as State expenditure, but everyone knows it was a way of getting free research for the UMP.

But the batch of polls that stands out is that one containing just one question plus a list: who do you think would be the outstanding candidate at the next election for the Socialist Party?

Sources tell me that he ordered six of these during 2009 and 2010, and they all came back with the same answer: Dominique Strauss-Kahn.

Just four months later, DSK was arrested on trumped-up charges of assaulting a New York Hotel maid. They ruined his political career.

Now the incompetent clownette Christine Lagarde runs the IMF, and the world is a different place because of that. But it makes no difference to poor Francois Hollande: he must pick up the tab.

As of course must many others, thanks to the idiot austerity policy which – despite utterances to the contrary – Lagarde has ruthlessly prosecuted. Only yesterday, in fact, the Greek government received the remaining one billion euros of the country’s latest bailout. The disbursement came from the European Financial Stability Facility (EFSF), the eurozone’s temporary bailout fund, as was agreed by finance ministers in May. “We received one billion euros and out of this we have already paid 450 million to the EFSF,” an official told Reuters on condition of anonymity.

Since DSK’s arrest in May 2011, all has been madness (and nobody has shown the slightest wisdom) in relation to the global fiscal and economic crisis. I am not saying anything would have been different with DSK around. But I can be reasonably sure that this sex nuisance would now be President of France, not the luckless Hollande.

29 thoughts on “EXCLUSIVE: French fiscal black hole reveals Sarkozy’s obsession with facing DSK as an election opponent.

  1. 264 sondages cost how much? €6.35 billion? That’s €24 million a pop, I think. Clearly a good industry to be in.


  2. “But I can be reasonably sure that this sex nuisance would now be President of France, not the luckless Hollande.”

    And years down the line we may have discovered that DSK spent untold sums on what?…….
    All of them need shipped off to a penal colony on Mars.


  3. “But I can be reasonably sure that this sex nuisance would now be President of France”.
    No he wouldn’t, for obvious reasons : his frantic behaviour was well-known and documented at the French Home office (le ministère de l’Intérieur) et Sarkozy, a former Home office secretary himself, had all the files he needed to launch a juicy scandal at the precise right time, that is, during the campaign. In all likelihood, Sarkozy was praying for DSK to be the socialist candidate.


  4. So that’s only 24 grand a pop, cheap bastard, no wonder he lost. (DSK spent more than that on hookers and coke in one night) (allegedly of course :)


  5. O/T

    GlaxoSmithKline to pay $3bn in US drug fraud scandal

    “We have learnt from the mistakes that were made,” Mr Witty said. “When necessary, we have removed employees who have engaged in misconduct.”

    When will the people wake up and realize that, just like the banks et al, corruption IS the “normal” business practice!!!

    People worry so much about a foreign nationals’ rights to family life after they have mown down and killed an innocent in a uninsured car with no right even to be driving, yet all the lives lost from “known” Bad (legal!) drugs isn’t murder, oh no.

    Keep ’em scared, keep ’em confused with complexity, keep ’em away from justice with costs and big walls, keep ’em arguing with each other over petty nothings.
    You are just the little people, and don’t you forget it!

    And no-one ever goes to jail! status quo.

    “Society” should “insist” that fines for these companies is not enough, jail,with “long” sentences, is what would keep them in line. (human nature does NOT change, so use it, give real fear for wrong doing).
    Society does have power, that’s the secret, hidden by divide and rule.


  6. Making much more sense (out of nonsense) if that is so. But the media nitwits are almost as famous as some previous heads of state unmentioned for confusing those magnitudes.


  7. No doubt, in due time, we will learn that Sarko spent x- million on flower arrangements, x times hundreds on personal travel, x times tens on hairdressing for himself and the missus, etc etc etc.
    Its what these guys DO! Look at Blair and Mrs Blair.
    If they feel they can get away with it…. they DO IT.
    Are any of us surprised? (if any are, they havent been paying attention for the past 15 or so years…)


  8. What many people have not quite arrived at yet is the likelihood of THIS planet being the primary Martian penal colony.

    Then again in these region where I live I’ve yet to see a funeral procession in nearly two decades, so I began awhile ago to suspect we’d all been damned to hell (where no one any longer dies).


  9. It doesn’t really matter what it cost. It shows you about his state of mind and the Machiavellian nature of politics.


  10. “French police raid the home and offices of former French President Nicolas Sarkozy as part of campaign financing probe” – Once again it seems you may be on to a biggie here John…


  11. “And years down the line we may have discovered that DSK spent untold sums on what?…….”

    bunga bunga


  12. DSK was turned over by his own party, you serial fantasist.

    His sex pest history was well known in the party so they couldn’t risk him standing.


  13. I always insist on jail as option 1. If the jails are full then a firing squad works too.

    But to expect it to happen so easily is to expect turkeys to vote for Christmas.

    Democratic participation is pointless as we are only ever offered a choice of one side of the same mouldy, establishment coin. None of them would ever seek to enact justice on these people. That’s why I don’t vote, if a government was returned with a turnout of less than 20% it would throw an interesting spanner into their democratic charade.


  14. Did you see where a statistical demographer analyses US mortality figures for the years during which Vioxx was prescribed widely for arthritic pain? This recently found 50,000 excess deaths accountable to no other source, specific to the interval of use before being banned by the FDA for causing strokes and heart attacks. The makers of the Vioxx (these firms repeatedly exposed for fudging their data for approval) were simply fined and made to take it off the market.

    Is that justice?


  15. Not really Chris, because what they would have is a Majority of the Minority.. and the Majority is the word they focus on.


  16. OK Fun time over! We need, as well as every other country on planet Earth, civil servants who are prudent, fiscally competent, and have balls of steel to tell those pesky politicians to get a grip with reality!. I want the Job I do, I do, I do. Sarcasty, opinion polls about himself? MY GOD was there any room in the Presidential Palace to accomodate his huge Ego?


  17. Probably. All the idiots at the top have a weakness that can be exploited.

    Makes me wonder why DSKs camp didn’t leave a line of coke on sarkozys doorstep and invite the press for a little game of “can he resist”


  18. @Geo. There’s even a word for it …. Iatrogenesis…. “adverse medical condition resulting from the intervention of a physician or surgeon” (Webster et al).
    Iatrogenis is not a recognised cause of death, unsurprisingly. I’ve just done a web search for references, and the sites that include them are barred on my company computer as they are categories as ‘hate’ sites. Interesting.


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