Another day, Another Slog, Another Scalp


From an earlier Diamond-supportive Slog story


Having bled all over the Barclays carpet yesterday in an email to all staff (truly vomit-inducing staff) Bob Diamond abruptly resigned an hour ago…and handed back the reins to Marcus Agius, whose resignation proved to be the shortest in banking history.

Last Thursday, The Slog made great play with Diamond staying while his Chairman left – suggesting in various tweets that the Queen should resign over Cameron’s EU policy disaster. At last, a scintilla of sanity has returned…via, I’m told, the machinations of Draper Osborne….who wants Bank of England Deputy Boss Paul Tucker’s ‘word’ to be protected (and the select committee denied a key witness) by hooking the Diamond Geezer of the stage…so that he George Osborne won’t be next in line for tricky questions….along with David Cameron’s former Treasurer and close mate Michael Spencer.

My God, it’s a man’s life in the Libor Party.

And finally, this final bit of risible mendacity as a rough diamond gets broken up:

“I looked forward to fulfilling my obligation to contribute to the Treasury Committee’s enquiries related to the settlements that Barclays announced last week without my leadership in question.”

Barclays is going to take a market hammering in the light of this.

And the British Bankers’ Association outgoing boss Angela Knight’s position isn’t looking too good either.