Führerurn in Berlin



But another question to ask is: is it also Cameron’s Conflagration?

After the passage of the UK’s 1832 Reform Bill, Prime Minister the Duke of Wellington was collared by a Tory diehard who asked him why he had ‘betrayed’ his Party. The Duke replied:

“Well sir, as a sound commander sir, I listen to the latest dispatches. And they suggested that the situation had changed, and without heeding them we would lose the battle. Pray tell me sir, when fighting for survival, what strategy do you apply?”

The problem with Angela Merkel is that she ignored the dispatches for far too long, and and has now wound up fighting for her survival. She ignored Joachim Gauck’s shot across her ample bows, she ignored Karlsruhe’s concerns, and she ignored the fact that the wind was blowing in Francois Hollande’s direction.

Thus has the Bundestag vote on ESM this afternoon gone from being a formality to a fight – if indeed it happens at all. Carsten Schneider, a senior SPD Party member, told reporters this morning, “Now it is a completely open question whether we will be able to ratify the ESM today or not…the Chancellor [Merkel] has, by caving in to Spanish and Italian demands at the summit, suffered a stinging defeat and effected a complete turnaround on her previous positions in Brussels”.

It’s pretty hard to argue with any of that really. But such is the fate of all those politicians who do not listen. And for me, the same fate may well await David Cameron. In ruling out the IN/OUT referendum sought by Tory MEP Dan Hannan, Scameron really has cut himself off from majority UK public opinion. In his head, he may well have a million machiavellian reasons for doing so, but none of them matter a jot to those who trusted him.

I suspect we are about to find out whether Graham Brady’s 1922 has grown a pair over the last few weeks. What has been very noticeable in the last few hours is the almost complete lack of Tory MPs coming out to lick Dave’s backside on his decision. This does not bode well for our Beloved Leader. As I write, it seems, Draper Osborne is plotting.

Cameron would do well to take the Iron Duke’s advice. The Coalition policy of the eurozone being “an imponderable” was always daft. To continue holding that view would be suicidal for the entire population of Camerlot.

Don’t lose sight of the developing LIBOR scandal

73 thoughts on “Führerurn in Berlin

  1. The Duke is such a fount of quotable quotes. Anyone who could manage
    “Publish and be damned!” is in the first rank of quotability.
    On seeing some ill trained troops make a terrible hash of an exercise –
    “I don’t know what they’ll do to the French but, by God, they frighten me”
    The next one ought to be genuine but I’m not sure whether it is..
    On being asked how his first cabinet meeting as Prime Minister had gone
    “It was the queerest thing you ever saw in your life. I gave them my orders and they wished to stay to discuss them”.
    And, of course, in his old age when Queen Victoria asked what should be done about the birds flying round inside the Crystal Palace and being inconsiderate on the paying public. “Try sparrow hawks, ma’am”


  2. off topic hope its ok. The Politicos come and go but the EUro hearse trugs on……

    I remember back from 2008 being when the gulf Arabs and china development bank were bailing out Barclays Casino Capital with their rights issue. reading I think in the gulf news that Qatar Investment Authority had received assurances from HMG as to the solvency of Barc Bank. Which struck me at the time as an odd thing to do for what is a private business and transaction.

    If you look at the charts of Libor and Barc share price at the time (06/07 – 2008) then it looks all very convenient.


  3. JW – you are too quick to consign Angela to frying pan, let alone the barbecue.
    On a point of important detail: The vote taking place this evening is about the ESM and fiscal pact as they WERE BEFORE the summit. To the extent that they differ as a result of the summit – the same is true for the banking union – they will have to go through the same procedure again. Bundestag and bundesrat votes some time later this year.
    The “Führerin” is no Führer (leader) and that is the problem for those who want the Eurozone to survive (I know you don’t). Concessions, compromises too small and too late, with the danger that the horse you want to feed is already French horsemeat.. Feeding the


  4. to complete the comment above: she is, however, an adept political tactician. if she wants to be a stateswoman, she needs to explain to her voters that there IS a cost to supporting the weaker members of the Euro, but for Germany a still larger economic gain.


  5. “As I write, it seems, Draper Osborne is plotting.”
    Good God. they should remake Where’s Wally (Waldo for North American Sloggers) based on Draper Osborne, the man’s a coward, imagine him as PM.


  6. Ange was surprisingly quiet all day and looked super PO’ed in the photo call last night.

    I’m thinking that now she’s back on home soil she’ll be taking away the markets punchbowl over the weekend with a fee choice comments. With cries of:

    “What ze f**k are you talking about! that wasn’t even me at the summit! Nein to Eurobonds, nein to bank recaps and nein to all PIIGS everywhere.”

    She’s fighting for her political life and she’s better than most at getting down in the dirt. The market might be having a “rip and run” today but it’ll be unwinding Monday and back to slow death by the middle of next week.

    Then we can have another summit and play this record again…


  7. Dear Karen Lumley MP,
    your no so glorious leader David Camrot has just committed political suicide and stated that we will not get an in/out referendum on membership of the totalitarian EU. Due to this and your party mirroring NuLabour in policy, iniquity and deed I will not vote Conservative ever again.

    I suggest you consider your options re party membership should you desire re-election and a future in a free country rather than a failed federal Fabian EU state.

    As for the claim of Camerot in the Telegraph do you have any evidence to support this statement ? or are we speaking of non jobs and minion administrators.

    “More than 3 million British jobs depend on access to the EU’s single market, he said. As “massive trading nation”, the UK economy benefits from membership. ”

    As for Camerot why not ask him about his trip to Pelindaba South Africa accompanied by Dr David Kelly. Three “cylinders” were mislaid as a result and your party ended up bagging £17 million pounds in funding from a mysterious source.

    A chap called Peter Eyre has an awful lot of information on this and other serious matters perhaps you would care to explain why theses have never been properly investigated despite your colleagues being presented with apparently irrefutable evidence by former members of our armed forces Please also explain the reluctance of the authorities to allow members of the public to report these and other serious matters for investigation.

    Why not ask Camerot about his relationship with DESIRE PETROLEUM PLC, ROCKHOPPER, FALKLAND OIL & GAS LTD (FOG) etc and Tony Blair about his knowledge of the Pelindaba trip and £1M. Curious too are Blairs visits to 22 Arlington Street (next to the Ritz Hotel) in London.

    This information has been handed to all three political parties and unions including Unite non of whom are prepared to act in the public interest.

    Similar can be said for the international organised paedophile and child abduction networks still operating in the UK apparently with the blessing of the establishment who provide cover and protection for those involved providing they are high enough up the food chain Dunblane, Hollie Greig to name but two instances.

    sincerely Sovereigntea a former Conservative voter


  8. Geithners fingerprints all over this?
    I think that Germany has been blackmailed into this and I don’t think it’s going to happen. It does not bode well for the future.
    As for the Fat Lady singing, well, she ain’t even up on stage yet.
    Be prepared for a a little twisting and turning….


  9. Cameron give us an in/out referendum? I’ll believe it when I’m at the polling station voting ‘OUT’.


  10. I was in the Reichstag today. What REALLY pisses one off, are the people who give damn good speeches, destroy the FDJ Tussi. Then end by saying “But I will be voting ‘yes’ anyway.” (Ie, the way Merkel the commy slag wants it to go.)



  11. @ northpart…. Me too! As Churchill said, England/Britain should choose the open sea.
    Trouble is, we’re led by donkeys who can’t swim!


  12. Thanks kfc. And sorry Mr Osborne, i should have written “who is”.
    “George Gideon Oliver Osborne” as i read in Wikipedia. But why Draper?
    And a Eurosceptic also, as i read, is that true?


  13. @NM: I have to confess I have no idea why draper.From Wikipedia ‘Draping uses a human form to physically position the cloth into a desired pattern.’ Not sure about his views on Europe, he seems to come and go!


  14. Two points?
    1] The bailout money is to go directly to the banks, hence on the banks balance sheet, not the taxpayers [Nations Debt]
    2] Before this [1] takes place. there must be a proven EU wide Fiscal Policy?.

    I can’t see anyone lending the Banks money directly except at VV hi % and there is no way that the EU will have a legaly binding fiscal policy.

    So hopefully our politicos are saying to the banks, you have had enough of the taxpayers money, The plebs are starting to get un-manageable.

    If you wish to go bankrupt do so, and bring everything down, do it now, and we shall see if the earth stops turning.

    I wonder who will blink first? Politico’s or the Bankster’s.


  15. Anybody talks about ESM meaning the end of sovereignty ? Anybody considering ESM equals FRS [FED] ?
    Well, just consider all politicians alike: they conspire to create a huge crisis and play the hegelian to come up with a solution: like Unite We Must ! Then they create the FED for EU. The sheeple are just being ignored. N.B. German people are too serious on politeness, fairness and separation of issues, but the politicians aren’t that professional at all.


  16. Merky is playing a good game,IMHO,in that the ClubMed mob are still borrowing from themselves,in part,and there are no GUARANTEES from the German taxpayer.The EZ needs external capital,from the Arabs who have sat this one out:is that pretty girl in Mayfair on holiday?The Chinese are otherwise occupied in outer space.so, that should keep the markets quiet till Monday,lunchtime.There is no way Merky, the constitutional court,the Greens etc are going to do a ‘let’s save the living standards of these lazy countries,like we did with ex-communist east Germany.’The fact is that ZIRP,TARP,and MarK(our own home grown Moscow listener) have all been abject failures .Roll on the inevitable but impossible to predict ,timing wise, market sell off ,after the NINETEENTH EZ conference that has produced sweet fa.Any chance of the bloke from the FSA,2005 onwards,being asked some questions?


  17. Yes the spin machine is working overtime at the Der Spiegel. Another clever move by Merkel they say, she courageously pushes the elevator up arrow in the burning Euro tower showing all that she is still in control. Yes Angela you still got it, now about those Eurobonds when will you see the light on those?


  18. @NM : I thought it came from the fact that his first job was a minion in the haberdashery department ( similar to drapery type stuff) in a well known department store, but I have forgotten which one!!


  19. Just supposing we all look at this from Merkel and Woolfie’s point of view….is their number one objective saving proflogate Club Med countries? …Nope ! ….Saving the Euro, then ? …Good God……Nope !……Saving German taxpayers billions….Errr ….Nope ! ….Getting themselves re-elected in 2013…. YES….. of course…..but how to do that… ?

    So what Merkel has actually done yesterday is to give absolutly no more money to anyone….and made a few more hollow promises that may well need a new vote in the German Parliament on ESM mk 2 many months away in the deep midwinter.. Consider that particular can very well kicked…….She knows full well by then that Greece could be bust (possibly if given a short shap shove) and Spain and Italy too…mebbe with France looking shaky……and with Portugal, Ireland, Cyprus etc all hollering and baying for non existant EU Euro bale outs and banks everywhere falling over….

    As the Euro starts to come totally apart this Autumn, Angie could then simply pull Germany out of the EZ….we know she may well have the Marks printed already ..(see Slog 21 March)…. Then She and Wolfie ( who have “done everything humanly possible to save the Euro”) firefight their way to the 2013 German election on a ticket of being “the heros” who have saved German taxpayers (and voters) trillians of Euros….(and being the only show in town with the experience to stear Germany through the rocks of a messy EZ disintegration) …..and if she times the Euro implosion right she also gets revenge by wreaking Barry Obama’s re-election too…..I would’nt put any of it past her at all !

    Ve Vill See !


  20. Thanks everybody for the answers. Again from wikipedia:
    “Osborne’s first job was entering the names of people who had died in London into a National Health Service computer. He also briefly worked for Selfridges, re-folding towels.”
    So, small voice, it could be Selfridges.
    And JW….no wonder NHS is in trouble :-)


  21. @Graham D. I’m not sure anyone in this game knows WTF is going on. It seems to me more like the Cold War game of Mutually Assured Destruction.


  22. Just read on Spiegel Online that ESM and fiscal pact have been approved by Bundestag. They have yet to be ratified by Bundesrat and High Court.
    Interesting view GrahamD. A win-win for Merkel team.
    1) If Fiscal Pact/ESM prove to be successful, the United States of Germany are created.
    2) If those bad Europeans do not conform to ponzi austerity and the whole thing explodes, Merkel team are the heros that lead Germany out of the troubled water.
    Even more interesting – The Slog’s article presents the same situation as a lose-lose.
    Why lose-lose? First because maybe there is not time left for neither (1) or (2). and even if there is:
    (1) US of Europe (Germany). Is it gonna work. Very slim chances…
    (2) Merkel & Shauble the Local Heroes? could happen, but in the long run, historic judgment will be relentless. They will go down in history…
    We will see indeed!


  23. Distractions distractions.
    MOnkey pIsS this is. Not to you personally JW but Olympics are here, madness season. Free range fire at will anything goes who gives a toss manufactured distraction all the way.


  24. Sweet Angela Merkel thought she was woman, but she was frying pan, get back, let’s get back to where we once belonged.

    Hmm. Let It Be then.


  25. Here is a clear and honest summary of the past , present and future of the euro. A view now openly endorsed in City circles.


  26. Noticeable that Daniel Hannan hasn’t posted a blog at the Telegraph after Cameron’s statement. It will be interesting to see if Hannan finally gets the message that they’ll be no referendum while Dave’s in the hot seat.

    Given the Tories could be wiped at the next election if Dave’s still in charge and the current policies are still followed – surely one of them will step up to the plate this autumn and put the knife into Cameron.


  27. Euroe 2012 spoof

    Brilliant speech.. “We just want our country back, Cameron…”

    More Excellent verbage from the Much Better Than Average Mr Farage


  28. I understand all the politicos have left the building and are off to watch the footy……..the ECB (ESM) has been handed the bag of poop, and is crying muma mia! Apparently they are looking to appoint a some super trooper…who will deal with all the pooper!


  29. As a Yank, I read this blog for the Euro cluster f@ck unfolding. Obama care is going to add billions or trillions to our ballooning debt. I have a simple question. With the majority of nations running deficits, who holds all the cards?


  30. “A view now openly endorsed in City circles.”? Hope you are right, maybe they will start to lean on Camerlot..

    The real blockage for saving the country is the pols and mandarins, who are still in love with “the project”.


  31. Don’t want to be picky but the Prime Minister at the time of the Great Reform Act was Earl Grey, Wellington didn’t become PM until 1834.


  32. @###!!!!!!??????etc.The Arabs,some of them,and the Chinese SWF.,and prosperous Chile,which is a delightful country.


  33. @ NM if this is true, MSM are keeping stumm. Again if its true let the Arabs sort their own problems out without the wests intervention.
    After all we can supplie them with all the munitions that they use or need. but NO NATO TROOPS to be involved, if Turkey invades that is their problem.

    The NATO Treaty says, ” we come to the aid of a NATO member if Attacked. The Turkish plane was well within Syrian Airspace.


  34. Cameron – by ruling out a referendum has taken a calculated risk – that most of his euro-sceptic MPs are to cowardly to actually do anything meaningful about it.

    And he’s almost certainly 100% correct.


  35. Turkey and Saudi Arabia/Gulf states act as US/NATO proxies. Seems that their armed forces will be fully used, so that massive involvement of NATO troops is avoided. But NATO will definitely be there (navy, air force, special forces).
    In local MSM this is not No1 either (EZ crisis is top), but it’s in top 5, as Greece is very close to Near East.
    In today’s local news: US DoD has informed Greece about full use of Suda Bay facilities in the next weeks, regarding the “Syrian humanitarian crisis…”.
    Many sources speak about gradual escalation/preparation in the coming weeks (Iranian oil embargo starts on 1st July), with full operations planned for September.


  36. Highly plausible. When I first read the article at ZH I recognised a “CJ moment”! (For those who are unfamiliar with the [fictional] history of Reggie Perrin, his boss CJ was in the habit of saying “I didn’t get where I am today by ….”) The unthinking first reaction of the various pundits has been that the Chancellor made a mistake by seemingly agreeing to concessions. As her previous history is well documented (on this website, for example) it always seemed highly implausible to me that she would give way and fail to “tough it out” at the last summit. She would not have to where she is today of she hadn’t ***[insert your own words here!].


  37. news-headlines reveal that the harrier-hawk detailed with hunting down pigeons over wimbledon has been abducted from his motor-car – and it makes one wonder how this bloody aerial battle has continued for so long without the public being aware of the inevitable fall-out. marvellous level of customer service, by-the-way – must have been trained by the boys in military intelligence, but nevertheless in future i’ll be checking my strawberries and cream for near passerine precipitation.


  38. No one has any cards… there are no cards, the order of every government on earth depends on belief that all the 0’s and 1’s in banking cyberspace actually mean anything. Every country is broke, the whole worlds economy is essentially stalled, and the is no one to borrow from anymore.


  39. now don’t get me started on the eastend exclusion zone…yesterday, cameron got wind of east-london peace-protesters campaigning for unilateral disarment of the olympic ideal and then retaliated by allowing the olympic torch to be carried by the armed forces into a dubious association with the iraq atrocity – utterly shameless.

    …and then there are the negative effects of staging the greatest propaganda exercize on earth (we don’t hear much about those)…yes, after all the billions-upon-billions of euros spent, you would have expected the hackney-hinterland to have benefited from the infrastructural investment, yet no, in reality, the lives of local primary-school-children have been inconvenienced and even endangered…ok, so it may seem like a quibbling-point, but the zebra-crossing at the junction of wallis road, chapman road, and rothbury road, e9 (affording access to the a12 motorway footbridge) has been removed during olympic-preparations and subsequently never replaced, thus making the pedestrian-route from hackney wick overground station to victoria park all the more hazardous…

    …and also there’s the matter of the busy junction between chapman road and the eastway, e9, which has, once-again, been redesigned at enormous expense (this time with added christmas trees), and which also happens to be the preferred route of children walking to the local junior school – well, if you can actually see the green-man-red-man signals for the automated pedestrian crossing leading from the south-west side of chapman road to its north-east side, you are very lucky, because normally, in the rush-hour, there is stationary traffic blocking it, and, in the unusual event that you get a clear path to the other side of the street, you will be forced to wait nearly five minutes for a green-man-signal, before being granted about five seconds to make the dash over – abysmal…

    …and what about the nice new fencing on the northern side of red path, e9, where it traverses the a12 e-cross route over the footbridge between the eastway and mabley green – through being left uncompleted, underprivileged local toddlers now have the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity of running down the embankment and playing on the a12 carriageway…

    …and last but not least, why have three new secondary schools been built in central hackney, crammed into incommodious corners without any prospect of a playing-field or proper free-space? no doubt the prime location next to parkland, which one of them previously occupied was considered too good for hackney kids and is now being sold-off for a fat profit…on top of this, accommodation for two special needs schools in hackney has recently been built on a site formerly occupied by just one of them, the other school having previously occupied a pleasant site on hackney downs playing fields…

    …so why could these schools not have been envisaged and accommodated on the healthy lean green of the olympic campus, within easy reach of the wonderful new sports facilities?


  40. no, the cia will only ‘request’ merkel to pull the plug on the eurozone (as a means of scuppering obama’s re-election) if they first fail to carry out a successful false-flag terrorist attack on the olympics serious enough to crash the markets into slump, oust obama, and bring a nice little middle-eastern war to the boil in time for the arrival of the incoming republican president in america – who will then doubtless receive cast-iron intelligence proving that it woz the iranians wot dunnit and, them being dangerous insurgiants in their own sovring country an’ all that, must be bombed h’into oblivion and julie relieved of the ownrus responsibility of a pumping of all that dirty ol’ crude oil an’ such like.


  41. I make no claims about being well versed in Social Anthropology. But I wonder how many people recall their history lessons, and how without modern day technology or education for masses and social intergration, this NEW Europe has done for previous Ancient cultures. How have they have survived without Merkel and Co all these Centuries? I mean Who TF are these people to tell anyone about survival? I find it incredable that EU Countries who have history about successsful survival and, AND even the tenacity to show evidence of supreme rulership at some point in their history over Continents. They are now being whipped into a second rate region of what is called THE EU ( Sooooo many name changes and Logo’s) AND to be headed by a no hoper like Rumpey and his phsyco phants. Countries who should be enjoying freedoms and well being WITH FINANCIAL CREDIBILITY are now in a hell of a state fighting for survival all because of the greedy power hungry few!.
    Lessons from HIstory: Where is your greatness now? UK,Spain, Italy,France,Greece. It is being undermined, and your people are being emotionally raped by those who come from countries who never achieved anything on the world stage in our Global History. We need to remind our so called leaders that we DID once survive alone and we let that all go, handed it all over to second rate shysters. I do belive there will be a revolution it is on the cards I keep saying but I do believe it. I hope it is not a violent one , that becomes a civil war.


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