What what you see with David Cameron really is what you get.


Who am I again?

There are some moments in history when I wonder if it’s just me. Yesterday, a bit of files-snooping by the snappers outside No 10 managed to establish that the boss of Standard Chartered Bank had been briefing David Cameron on ‘the perils of leaving the euro’.

It’s not just the crazy idea that Cameron still thinks any banker anywhere might have something useful (or even accurate) to say about anything. It’s the weird back-to-front way this banker is warning against leaving the EU. Outside in the slightly broader and quotation-strewn planet where Dan Hannan lives, the key debate going on is should we have a referendum about when we leave the EU.

Throughout its long and largely fortunate history, Britain has, I realise, been late for everything; but this is ridiculous. Perhaps it’s time for me to go into full Scameron cliche mode and say “Look, let’s be clear about this – what we need is a wake-up call”.

We are not in the eurozone. This means we are on the outside, Third Division track of a piss-ant fifth-rate muddled and anti-democratic lunatic asylum being rapidly run into the ground by a mixture of failed poets, former Communists, rejected national politicians, and one-trick austerity sadists. Basically, we get strangled by all the daft rules, ignored on all the big decisions, and then sent a bill to help bail out a project we warned was doomed from Day One. What does David Cameron need to give him a vision of all this, the Palomar Observatory telescope?

Now OK, I know there is a sector of Sloggers who are going to pile in here and tell me that Dave is (a) thick, (b) part of a secret coven designed to enslave us all and/or (c) being secretly paid vast sums by Manuelo Barroso to shut up and go with the flow. But none of that will wash. Sorry, but it won’t.

David Cameron has a good First from Oxford. He is, let’s not beat about the bush here, filthy rich and an Old Etonian who, by some odd electoral quirk, has wound up occupying Ten Downing Street. Both now and in the future (after the memoirs and lecture tours start) Scameron is going to have all the money anyone could ever need – or spend. Becoming a billionaire is not what motivates this man.

The problem is, I’m at a loss to know WTF does. He knows British bankers are greedy and dysfunctional. He knows ordinary people can’t afford the healthcare model to which Lansley is dragging us. He knows the EU is a disaster area. And he must – surely – know that what remains unsayable is nevertheless true: take the euro out of the EU, and the whole idea is knackered. That eventuality means either going back to being a genuinely free-trade area, or joining Merkel’s panzers on the way to the promised land of FiskalPakt. Which one of those would Dave rather go for? Search me, squire. Apart from his predeliction for The Leg Up, we know nothing at all about the real views of this Prime Minister.

Out there – far beyond this mess called the European Union – there is a voracious appetite for British goods. Of course it can’t be built overnight, and of course it can’t be based purely on cuddling up to our former colonies. But think on this: with a 5% share of Chinese consumers at the luxury/craftsman goods end of the market, Britain would be – by a country mile – the richest State in Europe.

David Cameron’s idea of building trade with India is to take half the civil service with him, several deadbeats from The British Council, and offer a lot of promises to let millions more migrants into Britain. Add to this a judicious dollop of patronising grovel – a thinly-disguised display of arrogant subservience – and you have what the classic State-led socialist would do. The PM’s India junket of two years ago was pure Denis Healey.

We will only break into the high-margin luxury end of emerging Asia by doing the following:

1. Making multinational fat cats based in Britain pay a fair rate of tax.

2. Reducing the national tax, local tax and bureaucracy of entrepreneurial creative businesses.

3. Abolishing the British Council and telling the Mandarins to butt out.

4. Offering massive tax rebates to any business exporting more than 50% of its output.

5. Turning up with the right product with the right brand personality to be snapped up by newly rich Asians and South Americans.

Does Dave want to do any of these things? I haven’t a clue.

David Cameron’s behaviour, oddly, does mirror his attitudes perfectly. With most politicians, what they do and what they say are strangers to each other. But on the whole – excepting Newscorp and Jeremy *unt – our Prime Minister’s actions perfectly reflect his statements: they are both all over the place.

That’s why the Conservative Party is losing ground. That’s why nobody knows what he stands for. That’s why foreigners don’t know what to make of him. With Dave, what you see is what you get: lots of conflicting signals thrown into a blender.

We cannot go on like this, we really mustn’t. The time has come for the Malcolm Bradys of this world to grow a pair and take back the Conservative Party from the crypto-Blairites of Tooting Norton.

The time has not yet come for those of us who want rid of all of them in favour of genuinely fresh thinking and courage: the courage to face a world that is never going to be the same, and the honesty to stop lying fifty times a day about the depth of doo-doo we’re in. That time won’t come until things get desperate enough for people to pull themselves away from Simon Cowell, love-rats, houses in the sun, double-lard pizzas and Murdoch’s tit parade.

But the big question still remains: how is that going to be achieved if the only thing Britain can summon up any more is lethargy? I’ve suggested a dozen ways at least I think this could be done. I’ve also said many times I don’t think it involves being a political Party. And if you want to know what I’ve written about this over the years, go to the Search button and press in radical realism, accountable leadership, internet as opposition and so forth – or read things here marked ‘About’, ‘mutuality’. ‘getting by’, ‘crash 2’ and so forth. Just doesn’t leave smart-assed bollocks saying trollist things like “And just how do you propose to do that clever-dick?”.

Because if you do, it’ll be the last thread you make here. Cheers.

Later today: the truth about the Greek deficit.

92 thoughts on “What what you see with David Cameron really is what you get.

  1. As you indicate “he is all over the place”. People who matter look for depth of experience in the TEAM. The move to the presidential style of government has removed this collective experience and has become the ill informed ramblings of one mouth.

    Look at the Rolls Royce fiasco when their engines exploded. The firm responded with multiple ways of how and when the “problem” would be identified and fixed. Their customers appreciated the facts, they appreciated the fix and they continue to purchase the product. They appreciated the concerns shown to them by the highly experienced and professional TEAM.

    In contrast the latest bank problems, continuous excuses, continuous restrictions on their ability to trade – pass a customers cash over the counter to the identified customer, continuous unmet fix timetables.

    The adopted style of government, nowhere has this been asked whether the voter is for this style, needs to revert back to collective responsibility.

    The banker should be visiting the Chancellor of the Exchequer, not the prime minister. The current action smacks of time wasting or more likely a lack of confidence by the Prime Minister in his TEAM.


  2. After exposing systemic corruption in the last Blair/Brown govt at the very highest levels – far exceeding anything the Tories have ever indulged in – we’re now back to reading about your visceral hatred of anything Conservative. hhmmm ;-)

    It’s hard to know what motivates Cameron. But we’ve known for some time that he’s not a reformer by nature and he’s obviously anxious not to lead Britain into any major course of action that could be bad for Britain (unlike Labour who are driven by socialist ideology and ignore the consequences because they’re always someone else’s fault). Thus, even though DC might personally wish to quit the EU and many in his Party want to, the consequences are unknown, so he avoids going down that road and limits himself to policies which amount to ‘steady as she goes’. Hopefully that won’t be down the plughole!


  3. Cameron realised early on that if you are to get on in the world and position yourself to be the recipient of corporate largesse and eventually, a stipend from said corporations, then you have to be principle-free.

    That, of course, means integrity-free, too. If they have no integrity, or are not governed by principle, then they can only remain “in touch” with the populace by garnering public opinion by way of polls, etc. Hence, their proliferation.

    To discern what Scameron might do next, follow the money, thusly:

    1) scan the lamestream press for propaganda – largely those issues whose remorseless front page dominance defy the laws of rationality.
    2) ask that immortal question: “Cui bono”,
    3) ask yourself “How might Cameron meld the interests of Mega Bucks Inc., with what he dictates are the people’s interests, donning his PR hat?”. I.e.:

    a) “the most vulnerable in our society”,
    b) “security”,
    c) “the cheeeldren”
    d) “hard-working families”

    Works every time.


  4. “5. Turning up with the right product with the right brand personality to be snapped up by newly rich Asians and South Americans.”
    Stuck behind an Aston Martin in a traffic queue the other day I realised that British manufacturing is great at producing high end, luxury hardware, especially cars. Aston Martin, Bentley, Noble, TVR, (q: can I include Morgan Cars?), then there’s hi fi gear, yachts, etc, etc.
    OK, we’re not so good at producing stuff at the swampy end of the consumer market, but if we can export top end stuff at premium prices to buyers hungry for them, that’s something we should get behind.


  5. I always said with Mrs Thatcher that although I didn’t think much of her policies, for the sheer volume of what she managed to implement, her energy and determination she was awesome.
    This guy by contrast seems to spend most of his effort pouring water over what others are proposing……Mr Gove’s decision to go it alone in this respect I think speaks volumes about what is missing…..


  6. Interesting debate on Newsnight last night on EU exit with all main parties represented and generally pro continuing in some ‘foot-in-the-door’ manner. Farage was the only pundit proposing full withdrawal and seemed to have the audience moreover with him. Usual reasons to stay in ‘Stops Euro wars’, ‘Need to be global big power to take on growing Russia, China etc;’, 40% trade is with Europe’, all rightly rebuked by Farage. The only audience member that was pro Eurozone gave his reason as being for the benefit of mutual co-operation referencing the fact that his son was educated in Geneva which might not have been possible if we weren’t in EZ! Needless to say it didn’t long for him to be correctly informed Geneva is not part of EZ. A succinct example I think of how we all have been hoodwinked into believing the benefits of a UK membership.


  7. Cameron behaves the way he does for the following reasons:-

    1] He wants to get re-elected

    2] He knows that to get re-elected “Its the economy stupid” and he doesn’t care about much else.

    3] He wants to keep the Daily Mail as happy as possible so he says the right things for the Daily Mail

    4] He doesn’t actually want to do what the Daily Mail would like because [a] kicking out foreigners is now illegal [b] cutting benefits in a recession will cause a big fuss [3] he has to keep the Limp-Dems on board

    5] Since (3) and (4) are in conflict it appears to be the case the Tories are all over the place, but actually only (2) matters and its really the same with the public, who are easily bought. No way are the public really going to vote for Milliband and Balls for this reason. Only political nuts like ourselves really care about anything other than the £ in their pocket.

    It’s very similar to Blair – who also didn’t believe in anything other than his desire to get re-elected.

    As for Cameron he by now realises that the EU is doomed. To be honest, most Euroskeptics knew it was doomed right from the start which is why they didn’t want to be part of the farce. Cameron’s preference is to let the whole thing go tits up by itself over time rather than to make a big deal of pulling out of the EU now and then get blamed for the resulting mess. So I reckon the Polski had better go for UK citizenship if they want to stay because in 3 years time they are going to be shown the door once the EU has dissappeared up its own colon. I’m not convinced Cameron cares either way – he says pro-Euro things to placate business but barely spends any time on it, unlike Merkel and Sarkozy/Hollande.


  8. That speech he made yesterday made me feel really angry, because it’s just so horrible being at the bottom of the pile, who really wants to be dependant on State handouts to survive?
    But then I started thinking, who is advising him? I remember before he became Prime Minister, his nickname Huggahoody, he did seem to want to understand what it is like to be poor and on the scrap heap. It’s like he has had a brain transplant or something since those days though, because now he seems to think that poor people on benefits are there because of their own fault, because they are lazy and feckless. But if you are poor you are more likely to be a victim of crime than if you are rich, and its so hard to claw your way out of the hole once you have fallen, because there aren’t many people who will help you out, and a lot of the charities which pretend to help people (and get lots of money for doing so) slam the door BANG! in your face. I know that because I have been so desperate that I had to apply for help from charities, sometimes not even financial help but just advice about things, and had the door slammed in my face quite a few times from so called charities, which really hurt so bad I got very depressed, but you cant give in to depression you have to fight to survive otherwise you might as well have not been born in the first place.
    Anyway, I feel really concerned about MI5 because they do advise the Prime Minister, and they have been involved in the Pindown and Haut de la Garenne child abuse cover up. David Rose wrote articles for the press, he had access to confidential information that he shouldn’t have had, as a journalist, but then it all came out that he worked for MI5. I know David Cameron was influenced by David Rose and other people who work for MI5 because he was at the 2002 Government consultation of police “trawling” which the BFMS not for profit “charity” interpret the police trying to do their rightful job of investigating institutional child abuse.
    I felt really angry with David Cameron yesterday, it was horrible hearing what he said. But now I just wonder, was I being manipulated by the BBC and other media to feel like that? I just feel like a puppet who has had their strings pulled. I hate the BBC, I think they are propaganda merchants. They conceal the news about a lot of stuff. I will never forget the Neil Morrissey program about the Pindown child abuse, it was just a damage limitation brainwashing exercise. They would never have anyone like me on their program, because they dont want the truth about Pindown coming out, so they just made a cover up program. That film about Alfred Kinsey, that was the same thing, a cover up for the truth. It was on telly and I watched it before I even knew anything about Alfred Kinsey, and it didnt seem right at all, but when I found out what Alfred Kinsey had done to children I cried, because our television people put the propaganda film onto the telly to try to brainwash us.
    I think David Cameron, whilst obviously a very learned man (as is the Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams) needs to wake up from his rose tinted dream. MI5 is corrupt and needs closing down.


  9. It’s most likely preparation for the hard landing to come. Benefits in general will evaporate soon enough when the pension scams are revealed. Can’t blame the supposedly stupid guy when you voted him in from nowhere, W11.

    ‘Call me Dave’ may next be diagnosed with Alzheimers, we suspect ;-)


  10. Farage aside, Newsnight could only field a piss-poor collection of third-raters last night.

    Pants-down Ashdown – who achieved sweet FA as a democratically elected politician – still keeps popping up with his pearls of wisdom on the BBC every week.

    This time it was to issue nod-and-a-wink type threats that we needed to be in Europe for reasons of ‘security’. He’s already fighting the next world war from his kitchen table. I suppose that’s what old soldiers do.

    But isn’t it ironic that the EU and the ECJ between then have done more to damage security of the UK in the last twenty years than any other hostile state, by ensuring an unending flow of terrorists and criminals have been able to travel freely into the country and then making it virtually impossible to deport the buggers.

    As for the discredited principle-free Hain, the sooner he gets deported back to South Africa, the better.


  11. Cameron believes he has a greater destiny than just being Prime Minister- he wants to be UP where he believes he belongs- He cannot wait to be a Sir- and Lord of all he surveys.

    He wants to go down with unforgotten tread, when he is old, yes old
    (Head piece full of straw) to muddle the poets amongst us!


  12. Cameron knows the inner secrets, the main one being that the country is bankrupt and it’s only a matter of time before the public sector implodes. NHS Trusts all over the country now on the brink of bankruptcy is just the beginning.

    He is deperately trying to find anything to cut that won’t result in tens of thousands of rent-a-mob yobs trashing Trafalgar Square.


  13. He’s sure out to override Bliar on his galactic cruise to power and influence……

    The failing of the majority of Politicians is that they come to believe their own crap and thus fail in their original appointment, so on, on and on to higher things.


  14. O/T but made me smile..
    ‘Angela Merkel said she was “worried” about the pressure building around the summit. “When I think of the summit, what worries me is that there will be all sorts of ideas about how to pool debt and not enough ideas about controlling [eurozone public finances],” she said.’
    Damn right there will be, if the ClubMeds get their hands on Germany’s money, it’s game on again for them!
    I note that Schäuble is now saying that he thinks a referendum is in the offing for Germany.


  15. On balance I agree with you John, except I fundementally believe Britain needs at least one new grass roots political movement. The Westminster parties have their own agenda’s and they’re not ‘ the British People first and foremost’. If nothing else a growing grassroots movement would focus Westminster minds on what’s important and who elected them. However I believe the time is right for a new Zeitgeist to sweep through Britiain.

    I must say its been on my mind more and more since I started reading the slog, I revisited Edmund Burke recently and just started rereading my old JK Galbraith books (surprisingly pertinant in our current economic situation)
    Its just a matter of some one putting the work in and getting the ball rolling.


  16. I believe Fitzwilson’s criticisms of Zirp are right. His comments:

    …the Federal Reserve and other central banks, in developed nations, in their attempts to keep the system afloat, are destroying the very financial system they are attempting to save. The negative and unintended consequences of what the central planners are doing is leaving a trail of destruction that grows worse with each passing day.


  17. But MI5 infiltrate all the grass roots movements and wreck them. And the police automatically protect MI5, the Secret Services are above suspicion in the same was as the Catholic Church used to be.


  18. Mothers for Justice was wrecked, and the ones who wrecked it were so angry because I kept posting about Richard Gardner and Ralph Underwager. We were so naive then, we never dreamed that people could be so wicked as to pretend to help a grass roots site that was for mums against institutional child abuse in order to wreck it, but thats exactly what they did. They did the same to other grass roots anti child abuse sites as well.
    The thing that might stop all the nonsense is if the secrecy was taken away. I just do not understand how any person in their right mind could ever think it was right to have secret courts, and especially secret children’s courts.
    MI5 are involved in the cover up of institutional child abuse. When are the UK police going to grow some balls and investigate this corrupt secret organisation?


  19. Actually I did think that was happening on the Slog, when John was off line recently with some of the barking mad comments left in reply. They seemed designed to undermine the slogs credibility.

    That aside, I’m not proposing a radical Leftwing or rightwing movement or even a direct action eco style movment. We all know what’s wrong in public life and the majority of people are profoundly unhappy with this and the previous governments policies. These things alone could be the foundations to build on. if the Police of M15 want to infiltrate a peaceful open mass movement good luck to them.


  20. You left one thing out of your list of potential solutions; The break up of the UK. I hope the Scots wisen up that the Westminster methodology is does not function. Its not only Cameron who has no concepts, its the whole British people. Ask yourself, what does being a modern Brit mean?


  21. JW,
    I think DC was motivated, he was motivated to be PM, probably for no other reason than Eton and Oxbridge alumini did that.

    In my opinion he does not want to be a great PM (other than maybe being a war PM, adds to the CV), he has executed his life plan.

    I was surprised education was not on your DC to do list (unless you believe Gove is going to long term sort the educational slippage the UK has suffered versus the rest of the world these many decades).


  22. Having watched now about half of this ‘debate’ I have to say that I am dismayed – totally – at the way ‘our politicians’ are so ignorant of the facts over which they hold such strong opinions. At least half of that ‘panel’ need an extremely close look at the bottom of a basket ! (In my most humble opinion.)


  23. Interesting that Wolfgang shambles was talking about a German referendum for ‘transfer of sovereignty’ yet UK manifestos next election may include a referendum for ‘in or out of Europe’.
    I’ve been here in Asia 10 years and there is a real appetite for English goods, but they need selling. I’m an engineer but I work slowly with business contacts whether I’m buying or selling to them. I explain everything very carefully in short sentences using easy words. Several times if required. Send easy to read e-mails. No special words. But when I go to buy from UK to supply to Asia the price kills me because the specification meets EU requirements. I can buy from Italy at a big discount with a modified spec to suit. BS xxxx is still understood, we don’t need iso.
    Import duty ( eg 60% into Thailand – forget ASEAN ) means the price does matter.
    I can buy China made with Chinese special parts at a low price or longer lasting European parts at the full price. People still trust British design.
    I see good brochures from UK companies well explained but always the contact for details clause with face loosing potential in language ability and 7 or 8 hours time lag.
    I’ve also seen 10m$ of American equipment arriving already rusty and incomplete and the contract was loaded with service spares that never include the missing bits. Asia is ahead of that now and has a lot more going for it than Europe from what I can read.
    When I show people ‘HIGNFY’ they cannot believe how we talk about our politicians, but there again you get locked up for that in most of Asia.


  24. Surely Cameron could offer India (or any other aspirant nation) a very simple deal – for every billion pounds you spend on UK manufactured products and services, you qualify for one immigrant place the next year, no more, no less.

    I’ve done the maths – it works.


  25. Ron
    You asked the question, ‘Ask yourself, what does being a modern Brit mean?’ Your going to mutter w”**er But I’m going to answer that question, Shared History, Shared Experiences and most importantly Shared Achievements. We’ve achieved what we have (good and bad) collectively; Look at the disproportionately high number of Scottish and Welsh Cabinet Members and Prime Ministers there have been in the last two hundred years. Look at the number of British social reformers, explorers, missionaries, scientists and doctors that we have produced that were born In Scotland,Wales and Northern Ireland as well as England. It was Scots, Welsh and North Irish regiments as well as English regiments that held the line in the First World War and the Second World War. Strong notions of identity throughout the UK have been undermined over the last 30 years by successive goverments because peoples without shared identities and pride are more malable, easier to manage. They look out for themselves as commodities rather than collectively (What was it Thatcher said about society?). That doesn’t wipe out though our shared heritage, experiences and achievements..

    Well as someone whose father was Scots (born in Haymarket, brought up on the West Coast and as some one whose had six generations of his father’s family fight in the British Army for Queen and country; that my understanding of what it means to be British.


  26. What you have said above reinforces my point that new Political Movements are required in this country. Its seem that a grest many people in power have forgotten what Freedom and Democracy are


  27. I understand that here in the UK we have the worlds biggest independent car making industry, Lots of clever people making excellent sports cars and the like in small workshops. We also lead the world as JW says in the production of fabulous things for rich people. We also make excellent weaponry for fighting off the riff-raff and taking pot shots at large mammals or medium sized game birds. England needs to get the workshops working properly and stop relying on bankers to tell us lies about how much money they are making. I know they tell lies and the level or moral bankruptcy of the banks. I worked for a High St Bank in a training role for a while until I couldnt take it anymore as it made me feel physically sick every day. I was so disgusted by the business practices I left without another job to go to. I saw in the flesh how they got the general public up to their tits in debt. It was repugnant. Anyway. If you want to see how I believe we make the best cars in the world in this country. I had a comedy insight called ‘moving about properly’ I quite liked it. Have a splendid day sloggers


  28. And Blair got it from Clinton, whose ’95 election was spun exclusively to swing voters. The message must not be hard-any-direction, and policy wise must resemble the curate’s egg. That’s why, if you know your Left from your Right, and your up from your down, the Scameron sounds all over the place. It’s all about buzz-phrases, and as an ex-advertising guy I’m surprised JW hasn’t bought this interpretation (maybe I’m missing something esoteric?), as has e.g. Dan Hodges in an excellent piece today. The reason Hodges succeeds is similar to the reason JW succeeds, only more so: insight requires applying the forensics of figurative speech, not inane iconoclasm (which fails on account of Pepper’s Ghost),


  29. It seems most have forgotten who it was that whispered what into Brown’s shell-like so that he could Save the World at your expense. Via the beloved Shriti Vadera, from Standard Chartered Bank. With Love. And lots and lots of Bonds. lol


  30. Idling through the internet just now I came across this quote “…offered a modern mythology for a secular age. Its message was that power without humanity, intellect without compassion, are uncivilised. ”
    OK it was about Star Trek, but its message is relevant to today.


  31. Bankrupt Taxpayer

    Yes, it is hard to work out what motivates Mr Cameron. He’s grown up in an age of fundamental transition between

    1. an outlook where achievement is measured by substance, and presentation is merely a tool to ease the flow of policy which has been determined by abductive reasoning to be substantively the most advantageous.


    2. an outlook where achievement is measured by the combination of the real benefits of a particular policy, and the height to which a favourable perception can be built by presentational techniques. Policy which is easy to present and promote is often preferred to policy which is abductively more promising, yet which doesn’t lend itself to being presentationally enhanced by promotional hoopla.

    Regrettably, as a nation, we’re still some way away from developing a level of scepticism that is sufficient to cause us to re-adopt 1 as our fundamental outlook, and to recognise 2 as being the retreat into infantilism that it quite clearly is.


  32. In which case you will be waiting a long time. The Zeitgeist is a Sir Humphreys wet dream on a slow afternoon. In other words, it exists merely in the way a Mexican Wave exists.


  33. Just sayin

    I regret very much to say that your number 2 is not, in the sense that you put it, the most important thing that comes to a UK voter’s mind. You do correct yourself later on; “…… really care about anything other than the £ in their pocket.”. That is the only thing that 80% of people who vote in UK elections are concerned about, which party is promising them more ‘bang for their buck’. That is why, on the present showing, Milliband will walk into Number 10 on a landslide at the next election if we get one.

    The Conservatives where on a hiding to nothing after the last election, and should have either carried on with a minority – and short – Government, or pushed the lib/dems into a coalition with Labour. I favoured the latter, as DC failed to get elected when up against a completely ‘dead-in-the-water’ Government, so was unable to pursue any Conservative policies. My left leaning friends were ecstatic when the coalition was formed, as they saw it as the saving of the Labour Party; I think that they were right.



  34. Politicians worldwide seems to be rather like a Blast Furnace…..The dross always floats to the top, while the productive stuff has to be drawn out from much further down !! It seems very rare these days to find any pro-active visionary leaders….rather than those being dragged and bounced along by ‘events’ while trying to convince us all that everything is under control.

    Not that I would fancy Dave’s more immediate prospects…..Like Merkel, he’s painted himself into a bit of a corner….If the Sprouts come up with anything in the ‘Closer Europe’ or ‘New Treaty to join Europe’s Banks at the Hip’ vein in the next few months….he will have little or no choice but to call a UK referendum…which will make CleggyClogs & Co strop off into electoral oblivion and bring on a fall of the UK Government and an early election (that he may very well not win).

    However, if the Eurozone manages to implode all by itself before too long…..then the rest of his premiership will be defined by a very major fire in the engine room of the UK economy. I’m not sure that he is up to dealing with either of these scenarios, but politics aside…I just wish I to hell that I could see a latter-day Churchill or Thatcher waiting in the wings !!


  35. I know nothing about Cameron aside from what I see, hear and read from him and about him. Purely on the basis of that material I have concluded he is probably on the way to being the third worst PM ever, Brown being the occupier of the first slot and Blair the second.

    If he had done anything that suggested he was a Conservative as distinct from saying it. If he had not lied about trivial issues like a referendum on the EU, but rather had spoken the truth. If he had not displayed repeatedly awful judgement about important matters such as fixed selection criteria for his mates and employment of same, but had shown real vision and integrity. If he had done anything to indicate he had a backbone, like for instance refusing to do a deal with the LibDems just to get his hands on the title of PM.

    If he had done any or all of those things I for one would have probably accepted some of the other stuff. He hasn’t and therefore has earned my contempt about as quickly as did both Brown and Blair.

    As to what can be done to break the cycle, first we have to get a lot further along the road towards genuine depair. Then and only then, will an opportunity both arise and be recognised for what it is. Of course I have no idea what the face will look like.


  36. I agree completely. My binoculars are fixed on the horizon but, no sign of a Churchill or Thatcher. I did once think maybe David Davis, given his background and CV, but he seems happy in obscurity


  37. My dear Barbara, you are so prescient. So wise. There is a very poingnant, and alarming, post today called; Television’s Dark Agenda. You will find it at acquariouschannelings. A message from the Galactic Federation of Light. Prepare yourself to be shocked.


  38. Exactly. None of the existing parties have the imagination to see what could be achieved, and all want more central control of their MPs (or better still, make their own lists of clone candidates).
    Call-me-Dave has no power-base, so he repeats whatever he has just been told. He now has that annoying habit of politicians of saying his syllables in a faux-precise manner, because he thinks people have stopped believing…. all the pompous failures do it.
    The existing party system has to be broken, and it will only be broken from the inside. Any free-thinking MP would have to resign the whip, and rally round some focal point -cause or figurehead (is there one?)

    Meantime the state is going to increase its powers to stop it losing control.
    We all thought it was fiction, but it isn’t. The fact that the mainstream media refuse to report major stories * (in case they upset the system when the truth is too ‘terrible’ to bear), means the original safeguard -freedom of the press- is now lost. If they get to control the Internet, there will be no dissent.

    * any number of stories; RBS last week, the paedophile rings, the truth about the Euro-debts, Credit-Default swaps and the like, the upcoming pensions debacle, Govt. fraud, the Iraq WMD, the full extent of sanctioned MP expenses, the Lords get-out-of-jail cards.


  39. Over the years my political ideas have slowly evolved into what I now think is an English Nationalist mould; “define English !” I will almost certainly hear shouted at me. Simple; an English person is a native born English child having two native born English parents and at least one native born English grandparent on both sides. That will not take us back to the homogeneous England of the 1950’s, but it will restore us much closer to that ideal.

    Those English people, as defined, would live in a British Federal Republic in which the four federated nations were overwhelmingly the most powerful and important source of innovation and legislation within their respective national boundaries; each would have a single-chamber legislature of elected representatives. About the only things decided centrally (Britishly) would be defence and fiscal transfers, by the responsible Ministers of the federated nations conferring together.

    Back to a self-governing England. In that context ALL benefits, grants, allowances, and state pensions would be swept away. In their place would be a single ‘National Income’ of 15K a month (18K a Year) payable to every English citizen, as defined, from the age of twenty (a new age of majority) for life, subject to conditions. Those conditions would be (i) a mother with children (for as long as those children were in education) or (ii) everyone else in employment/education/or training for at least 48 weeks in every year. If those conditions were not met then citizens would lose 50 quid a day (work it out) untill they did meet the conditions. Sickness absence would also forfeit the 50 quid a day; in the case of in-patients, it would be paid to the hospital.

    The other federated nations could make their own arrangements as they thought best.

    Among other things I believe this change would make it possible for England to be competitive with ANY other country in the world. It would also be both cheaper and more beneficial to the nation and the citizen than the money which has already been squandered on the banksters, and is being squandered in existing benefits, allowances and grants.

    There is a great deal more to a British Federal Republic, but that will do to be going on with, but my principal concern is for England and English people, as defined.

    NB When I write ‘a mother with children’ I mean ALL mothers, whether married, partnered, divorced, or single; I am concerned with national efficiency, not individual morality


  40. It’s difficult to work out which of Brown or Blair was the more ruinous of our national wellbeing. Both of them worked tirelessly to bring about changes to our society that their personal visions saw to be steps forward, and both of them were also so incapable of accepting that they may be mistaken that they saw nothing wrong in working equally tirelessly to construct the most difficult obstacles possible to reversing the measures they had put in place.

    Blair, I think, wins by a short distance, because he could have done it all without Brown’s help, whereas without Blair, Brown would never have been given the opportunity to put his depressing stamp on the nation.

    A hundred years from now, historians will identify Tony Blair as being the person who finally removed from the United Kingdom any chance we had of keeping ourselves out of the world’s dustbin of nations deserving to be treated as also-rans.


  41. Let’s face it John, whatever happens now there isn’t time to reform our political system before the current cesspit overflows and pollutes everywhere.

    I agree with your opinion about the bankers and being in the EU, essentially they are sheep and can’t think outside their comfort blanket of doing what everyone else does and trying to grab market share in whatever toxic financial instruments are doing the rounds this month.

    Leaving the EU is almost certainly inevitable, it’s a question of when. The longer we wait before biting the bullet, the more painful the result of that decision will be. It would be great to rebuild our engineering sector and the only way of doing that is to be in a position where real people want to buy real widgets in the shops. It could be done, but it would take commitment and tax incentives from those in power. That’s the real problem, getting them to understand industries where payback can be measured in decades rather than months.


  42. What motivates Cameron? Cameron is a banker from a banking family, he will therefore do whatever his banking tribe/clan want him to do. The bankers want the EU, so Cam will do as he is told. Just my humble opinion……..


  43. Bentley = Volkswagen
    Rolls Royce = BMW
    Aston Martin = Recently returned to mainly British Ownership although some cars are being built by the Austrians
    Jaguar / Land Rover = Indian
    Noble = Very low production numbers; ditto Morgan
    TVR = Owned by a Russian
    Lotus = Malaysian owned
    McLaren = Very low production numbers

    There are no volume car producers who are british owned.

    In general I agree with your premise but we are not well placed to compete in many of these markets. For example did you know that there are no televisions built in the UK anymore.

    I live in rural France and at least 70% of the cars that I see (including my own) are French. I have just returned from 2 weeks in Germany and the same proportion of home built cars exists. I realise that some models of French cars are built outside France and the same is true for Germany. However where this happens it is because they have bought either the entire company or a substantial proportion of it Renault (Nissan and Dacia), VW (Skoda).

    Unfortunately British industries have always suffered from poor management and very low investment and, when the easy profits began to fall due to competition from superior products we either closed the industry or sold it off. Classic examples are the motorcycle industry, the car industry and the computer industry to name but a few.

    It is clear that good management, investment and first class technical expertise can create world beating products. The dominance of British engineering in Formula 1 proves this. But to create a range of top end, world beating proucts requires more vision and entrepreneurship than seems to be on offer in the UK.


  44. I really hoped at the time that David Davis would win the conservative leadership ( although, I don’t align myself with any political party).
    David Cameron = Chancer


  45. The trouble with Cameron is that he is trying to operate consensus politics, not just because of the Coalition, but also because that is how he thinks. He hates to be in leadership mode. He does not like upsetting people by radical suggestions, and is visibly uncomfortable when he occasionally does. Also he can’t choose sensible colleagues to save his life, just look at them!

    The UK needs radical change. You would not think so to hear DC’s utterances, but the cash is running out fast. Not too long hence, our international rating will be downgraded, with further impacts on our rather splendid interest bill. By endlessly talking about change while seeking consensus but doing virtually nothing DC is driving the UK into a hole. OK, a bigger hole. For goodness sake, let’s get on with the required changes, ignore twisted Ed Balls and pre-programmed Millibrain and sort out our underlying problems. Endless sycophantic waffle won’t cut it, Dave. Appropriate action will.


  46. I buy that explanation :-) Consensus politics will be his downfall. LibDems will then team up with Labour…..


  47. I’m not sure what’s going on with our Dave – probably the Lib-Lot doing his head in – but I find it very hard to believe that a cousin of our current monarch would be working against the best interests of the UK. HM seems to like him too, which is more than she did either of the last 2 PMs. That’s good enough for me – for now.


  48. Agree with your points 1 – 5.

    To me otherwise known as allow people to compete, no longer hamstrung to earn an income and sort the debt out. It is ordered you got to earn an income to pay debt or for those to get off benefits that is the debt also.

    As for just high – margin goods, need some of the low margin ones too and if we are really competative this is possible.


  49. Slightly OT, but did anybody read this?

    The UN’s migration chief Peter Sutherland (who is also a non-executive chairman of Goldman Sachs) calls for the EU to “do its best to undermine the homogeneity of its member states”. Just when you thought it couldn’t get any more bizarre…

    A bit interesting, I thought, that the Beeb made a point of mentioning that Sutherland’s been to Bilderberg meetings. I thought no one in the MSM paid any attention to that group.


  50. Your observations on car nationality are valid but it is always the case that base-load is created by the high-volume government and utility purchasers (gas, electric, water, mail etc.) – if they buy only the local brands, that creates the critical mass which private buyers then follow.

    Somehow, despite all the EU Procurement Directives (stringently observed and enforced here), it always works out that French government and its agencies buy Peugeot/Citroen or Renault, German ones always buy VW/Audi/Mercedes/Opel and the Italian ones (no surprises here !) always buy products from the questionable Fiat conglomerate.

    Contrarily, it seems quite amazing that, whenever any vehicle purchase tenders are raised by UK government and agencies, our native or transplant manufacturers never seem to win any of them. Funny that.

    A cynic might think that, whereas we always play a straight bat, our honourable EU ‘colleagues’ fiddle it every time for their own firms and their own pals – perish the thought !


  51. Good ! Here you describe that those persons act on behalf of the agenda of somebody elsewhere…
    Else B&B must be rendered stupid, which we do not believe…


  52. He’s the leader of the blue Labour party and his parties policies appear to be pretty much based on continuity Brown as regards the economy. Gordon Brown could join this Government tomorrow as Chancellor taking back his old job and feel completely at home. After all nothing much has changed since he left.

    David Cameron (just like Blair) appears to be one of these vile modern politicians who believes in absolutely nothing other then being in power.
    If you want an even more extreme version of this I present to you Nick Clegg. The men who hunger for power but have no beliefs and as a result have no idea where they want to take the country.

    As a result we have the grotesque prospect of Labour (even with a
    Lib-Lab pact) returning to power in 2015.


  53. In nature, money is not a factor to accomplish great things, but a response to labor as credit to you. In that sense labor is a factor to produce responses and then money is one of those.
    So politics & power have a lot of “backasswards”, cart before the horse reasoning.


  54. The BBC only tells you what it wants you to know. The BBC does not like David Cameron. I don’t like the BBC on account of them deliberatly and systematically covering up institutional child abuse.


  55. Its worth pointing out that as regards motorcycles the no.1 imported European brand into the US is the British Triumph. A remarkable achievement since its re-emergence in 1991, although I must admit I personally prefer BMW with their wonderful shaft drives.


  56. He could also get us out of Labours stupid and pointless Afghan war and refuse to become involved in any other stupid war that comes along.


  57. http://www.google.co.uk/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&frm=1&source=web&cd=1&sqi=2&ved=0CFIQFjAA&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.dailymail.co.uk%2Fnews%2Farticle-1198824%2FCameron.html&ei=NdHpT8COLOzY0QXUv5GqAQ&usg=AFQjCNEAo-270wt_nZIMop-NYYUxxK6msw&sig2=Vg97Ap92jCOHorN4MetA1A
    Wether its true or not, I don’t know, but what I do know is that Moses was a brave champion for the underdog. If Dave wants to come anywhere near him as a great historical figure then he really is going to have to grow a pair and start attacking the mighty oppressors instead of the poor and needy!


  58. I completely agree with that Zirp and quantitative easing are wreaking utter destruction on economy. In an attempt to cure the cancer the patient is being walloped with utterly excessive amounts of radiation which is in itself killing the patient.


  59. The Lib Dems teaming up with Labour following the 2015 election is exactly what Call Me Dave’s Conservatives are being sleepwalked towards. In the lead up to the next election the Lib Dems are going to be increasingly positioning themselves for this very scenario.


  60. Dear Elizabeth, I only found out today. Another wise/smart lady.The Dark’s agenda is mind-boggling. Guess who won’t be watching the Olympics all day long!


  61. There is a sense here that corruption in British political life is a recent thing. Bullshit. Britain has always been run by the rich for the rich. When my grandfather died after a lifetime of work and fighting in WWI all he left was a spirit level. My parents will leave a house to their children when they die because they stuck two fingers up to British politics and took control of their own situation. The only PM that ever helped the British people was Thatcher, because she went along with the zeitgeist and gave even more people the roof over their heads. Apart from that the country is run by public schoolboys desparately standing in the way of the ordinary person and cheered on by the BBC and Daily Mail who have formed their own agenda.

    Screw the politicians and screw the people that vote for them too. Take control of your own situation and forge ahead despite them all. Learn what the world is really like and not what people tell you it is like. Their lies will be exposed by time.


  62. Iain: Are you for real buddy? Thatcher? The family tree of this entire shit-fest can be traced back to her. And Reagan too.


  63. I used to think that British manufacturing decline was due to poor management and over-zealous unions, but I don’t now.
    The number of really smart guys I know in all levels of industry, from shop-floor to boardroom in the UK (apart from accountants ha-ha) , suggests something else caused the exhaustion that stops you doing things.
    I suspect the root cause is at least 60 years of crap government. Complete lack of experience in the private sector, writers of bad legislation, easily lobbied by loony left and right wing, devoid of any positive imagination, permanently tax-obsessed, generators of never-endng red tape, and worst of all interfering and mistrustful (and now corrupt to boot), I propose UK government of all hues to be -on balance- the worst in all of the world.
    If they would just trust people like me, we could create hundreds of thousands of innovative and hi-tech jobs. Leave us enough profit to invest in R+D and training, allow us to kick out or re-assign dead wood, leave us with some money for our kids and widows, get the lawyers out of the way (..this coffee may be hot!!?!..) & watch this country country grow.


  64. Why should anyone think Cameron a genius? You get a first at PPE by regurgitating the prejudices of your examiners. In a similar way, he made his mark in politics by imitating Yo Blair. Now that he and Osborne belatedly understand how bad the economic situation is in the UK and how redundant as a model New Labour are, he’s flailing around for someone else to imitate.

    As for why Cameron trusts bankers, they’re the people Cameron grew up to believe were ‘one of us’. They are the people, with whom Camewrong feels comfortable. It’s the tragedy of the segregated educational system in this country. Cameron will alway side with bankers, private equity fund managers running PFI contracts, Whitehall mandarins and Guardian columnists. He will never side with middle income taxpayers and people who have built up businesses through hard work, because they are ‘the great unwashed’.


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