At the End of the Day

There was a classic TV moment half an hour before the Diamond Jubilee race at Ascot this afternoon, when Clare Balding inadvertently suggested that Her Majesty the Queen was one of the world’s leading racehorse mares. I collapsed laughing, but what else was one to extrapolate from this commentary:

“And yes, there’s her Majesty in her new box, from which she can see both the paddock and the final stretch. And what a record – twenty one wins in succession”.

Poor Clare was getting overexcited about the world’s most amazing filly, Black Caviar: she did win the Jubilee, by the way. (The horse, not Clare).

However, assigning 22 wins to the Queen is if anything a massive understatement, because Elizabeth II has had 60 winning years in a row. I’m not sure even Lester Piggot could’ve ridden Elizabeth Windsor to 21 (or 22) wins on the trot (even less at a gallop) but one thing is for sure: the Monarch’s regal victory is entirely her own. Typically, she has always given massive credit to a husband for whom I don’t care that much – frankly, he is unpardonably rude at times – but this modesy and steadfast loyalty is what has endeared Her Majesty to Brits of all ages and classes since 1952.

Oddly enough, this setting of astronomically high personal standards was perfectly reflected in the remarks of winning Aussie jockey Luke Nolan. Having made it 22 victories in a row for hot favourite Black Caviar, Nolan apologised for “overshadowing” the day by misjudging the final few yards. Here we have a guy who, with this amazing nag, has travelled halfway round the world and still pulled off a great victory – albeit only by a short head. Yet he still felt “I could’ve done better”. We need more of this. Not for the money, but for the personal satisfaction of having fully deserved one’s day in the sun. Good on yer Luke cobber, you’re a bonzer bloke.

I’m not really a Royalist, but I am a Lizzyist. My admiration for this woman knows no bounds, but for the life of me I still cannot grasp why a lachrymose press pack continues to see the Royal Family as being in good shape. I think it is in terrible shape.

One of my criticisms of rampant feminism is that it tries (and fails) to interfere with human chemical mechanisms going back a good 1.5m years at least. That Elizabeth II’s children are prime examples of an absent mother and elephant-skinned father is difficult to deny. Charles’s rebellion against his Dad consists of talking to plants, developing a massive organic foods business, and designing things in a half-arty fashion. Andrew has meekly accepted his father’s values by shagging everything available on legs and being a studied anti-intellectual. And Edward is a needy, spoilt late addition from head to foot. Only Princess Anne gets my vote – for turning her father’s rudeness to good use, and being a bloody good horsewoman and mother.

The Queen is far too traditional to ever disinherit her son in favour of William – probably the firm’s best hope – and so like it or not we are going to get Charles III. I fully expect him to go the same way as numbers I and II.

But I digress. My main point tonight is this: all over the planet, there are people prepared to be honest with themselves, to do what’s expected of them, to forego any and all excuses, and take easily-ridiculed concepts like duty, service, loyalty and standards seriously in the best sense of that word. Very few of them are heads of State, politicians, bankers, lawyers, accountants or footballers. But the examples are there for anyone willing to see them. A solid and creative anthropological study of why and how they happen is long overdue.

But before saying goodnight, let me say that while watching Royal Ascot this afternoon I was astonished to discover that the 1950s BBC sports commentator Peter Dimmock is still alive. Not only alive, but at the age of 91 still in full control of his faculties and as entertaining as ever. A solid and creative genetic study of how and why he happened is equally overdue.

40 thoughts on “At the End of the Day

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  2. The Royal Family. Nope. Not for me, cannot understand why they think they are better than anybody else. To be fair, Lizzie might the last of them that have any decency but, for the rest of them they are having a laugh at our expense, literally.


  3. The mare is exceptionally heavy and will have been sinking into the Ascot turf in a way she has never experienced before. Nevertheless Luke almost lost it for her because he stopped riding before the post! Black Caviar is so honest that when he panicked and asked h for more in the final stride, she found it. She is a wonderful, loyal, honest, bold mare.
    As a royalist I wish I could say the same for Liz who signed all the treaties which made her a Suzerine and a common citizen of the EU!
    By a long way the worst Monarch ever!


  4. With Queen Elizabeth, one cannot forget that she allowed, and authorised, and declined to stop, the last hangings of people in Britain – which were not only via a brutal method of execution, by strangulation at the end of a rope (even if the person is put into a merciful coma by neck-breaking in an uncertain-success drop) …

    But your dear Queen ‘Lizzy’ also put to death people in quite ambiguous circumstances, like Ruth Ellis, the last woman hanged in Britain, and Derek Bentley, who did not kill anyone, but happened to be a person over 18 present but not active, when a juvenile companion killed someone … See the films ‘Dance With a Stranger’ and ‘Let Him Have It’, about these hangings, to feel the awfulness of Elizabeth II …

    Can’t see Elizabeth II now without thinking of the people she hanged, and other head of state executioners and murderers, like that killer of other black people, Barack Obama. Queen Elizabeth II will be forever shamed in history by the people she strangled at the end of a rope. She should abdicate right now in shame over her past.


  5. “all over the planet, there are people prepared to be honest with themselves, to do what’s expected of them, to forego any and all excuses, and take easily-ridiculed concepts like duty, service, loyalty and standards seriously in the best sense of that word.”

    Thank you for saying this out, because it is absolutely true. I’d go further and say they account for our standards & keep our societies functioning, despite the wreckers & cheats.

    Teachers as a group have my vote!


  6. I have only ever really known the reign of Elizabeth II. I do have a vague recollection of crawling under a neighbours table..aged 2ish, and seeing this strange monochrome fuzzy moving image on a small dark box in the corner of the room …later identified as the TV of the Coronation of HM Elizabeth II

    In my perfect world we would dump the Euro Sprouts and any countries who wanted anything other than to be the good friends and trading partners that we originally agreed by refendum in 1975. I would also give HM Elizabeth the ultimate accolade of really making the (her) Commonwealth back into somthing with all the special arrangments and trading, educational and development links that we had in the 1980s

    Can anyone show me another European ex empire where the so called ‘supressed’ actually want …(buy popular vote rather than political faciasm) …to remain part of the country that once subjugated them? …rather than resort to bloody wars or independance? ( mau mau aside mebbe but that was a matter of when ?)

    We need our friends in Europe very much indeed……but unlike any of them, we have something else in the UK that is so much more, it is global and they generally still want to work with us without any nasty stupid unelected financial agendas….and yet that we tend to neglect them, but surely we should value and embrace our Commonweath so much more in the post Euro world to come. Frankly without an Elizabeth II who has demonstrated on most occasions to be far more politically astute than the PM’s who visited her once a week …..the Commonweath would not still exist. While she remains with us, and pagents, weddings and pomp aside, I am a very great supporter and admirer of hers.


  7. @ GrahamD

    I totally agree with your comments, Trade with Europe, Yes. Retain the Commonwealth for its Trade. The UK as always been an outward looking European Country.

    Edward Heath, was either V Stupid and did not understand what he was taking us into. Or he was lieing through his teeth? The choice is yours.

    Regards Elizabeth II, with a bit of luck she might out live Charles. Or Charles might do the decent thing and say he does not want to be King and pass the title to William.

    Still only time will tell


  8. @GrahamD: I totally agree. The Commonwealth has been an amazing evolution from colonised subjects to loose but somehow close cousins. Global politics has marginalised this relationship; mainly because nobody except HM has tried to champion the concept of this entity as a mutual cultural and trading bloc. For a country that over the past three centuries has taken its chances to create huge wealth from sometimes marginal opportunity, I’m amazed that GB is not hammering this for all it’s worth! Maybe those capable of such entrepreneurship have other fertile fields – a pity…


  9. there is a very, very good reason to keep the royals. Whatever replacement system is designed by any of the current political parties will be an unmitigated disaster and definitely make our constitution even more unworkable. The Lords is a ridiculous place now, but if they do get round to reform is any one expecting an improvement?
    We have enough problems. Our economy, our democracy, the E.U., and the general deterioration of our society. The royals are doing no damage in comparison. Charles is an grade a twat but he is the least of our problems


  10. In the other side of the coin, it was abolished under her reign.

    Don’t forget, although she is nominally Head of State and has to sign Acts into law, she follows the will of Parliament and for very good reason – id she ever refuses to sign it would lead to the abolition of the Monarchy.


  11. @BruBank-Guy: “But your dear Queen ‘Lizzy’” suggests that you are either actually or emotionally not of these islands. Whatever. HM did not actually pull the lever. The monarch has no actual legislative powers. Her name is used constitutionally to enable laws so that the nation can do its stuff. And as the constitutional signatory she abolished hanging. The problem is?


  12. KitG: “Please show how they think they are “better than anybody else”.

    Because they, namely she, the Queen, feel perfectly fine in passing on the title of Head of State and Commonwealth, a title she never earned by ability or effort but through birthright alone, to one of her offspring, most likely Charles, who also never earned that position, purely on the basis that he is HER SON. No other qualification needed.

    That reason to be conferred head of state may have held water 600 years ago, as did heaven, hell and purgatory and a flat earth, but in this day and age, frankly it’s, well, archaic.

    And don’t give me that “she is a lovely old woman, never insulted anyone…” lark. So is my mother, and so was my Grandmother, but they never got sole discretion on who became a head of state.


  13. SmcT: “Whatever replacement system is designed by any of the current political parties will be an unmitigated disaster”

    How about democracy. Not the “I get to vote every 5 years, then the person whom I vote for ignores my wishes” type democracy, but actual citizen participation democracy.


  14. Really why don’t you use google and search guardian and secret law I think edward 1 and duchy of cornwall. I think you will find that there has been a secret law that has been in place since the 12 century that allows prince of wales to get laws he doesn’t like stopped. Guardian did a piece on it about 9 months ago and story got buried. made you wonder what other secret pacts there are that our PM’s etc know about and do not tell the public.

    It amazes me JW can write this site and still like lizzie I guess years of brainwashing run deep and some can not be removed.

    As for me I can tell you I had the odd experience of working from the age of 14 at St James Palace, Buckingham Palace, 10 downing Street, and parties etc thrown by the likes of clarrisa eden and co. Even then it was obvious they were a bunch of elitists snobs who saw themselves as different from us. Apart from the fact it was our money that funded their lavish lifestyle, a fact that seemed to escape them, being around them was like being in some BBC mini drama where truth was stranger than fiction. Their understanding of how life was like for us was minimal and what seemed important to them was who was in or out within their social rank. They would talk about who was now sitting at x table and did you hear about y, as they indulged on copious amounts of champagne, G&T, and danced like tone death freaks to the music.

    Back then security was non existent and you could wander through many rooms in St James Palace. I did not know enough about art then, but I knew enough to know what was on the walls and floors etc made the Tate or the Met etc, look like some cheap theme park.

    Yep but thank God we have lizzie and her spawn be it charles or william to carry on this great tradition. How else would we manage in a time of crises without them to walk among us and shake hands, or throw a big pagent so we can all wave flags. Think how depressed we would all be without them and something to rally and smile about.


  15. supafeck, yes sounds great, but do you think that would be the result of any reform undertaken by our current political class? As kit points out any reform will simply be an excuse to give more power and privilege to the blood suckers that pass for career politicians.


  16. Throughout history barring wars the monarchy popularity has fallen and risen depending on the standing of politicians and clergy , today the monarchy has never been so popular because the politicians have never been so despised


  17. “If Charles III goes the way of Charles I that should make a few headlines…”

    or at least a few lines…


  18. Some teachers – no doubt. However, there are many teachers who see their primary purpose as perpetuating a left-wing egalitarian agenda, and perpetuating the system which encourages them to do so.

    I recommend you study Pournelle’s Iron Law of Bureaucracy.

    Pournelle’s Iron Law of Bureaucracy states that in any bureaucratic organization there will be two kinds of people”:

    First, there will be those who are devoted to the goals of the organization. Examples are dedicated classroom teachers in an educational bureaucracy, many of the engineers and launch technicians and scientists at NASA, even some agricultural scientists and advisors in the former Soviet Union collective farming administration.

    Secondly, there will be those dedicated to the organization itself. Examples are many of the administrators in the education system, many professors of education, many teachers union officials, much of the NASA headquarters staff, etc.

    The Iron Law states that in every case the second group will gain and keep control of the organization. It will write the rules, and control promotions within the organization.


  19. Just back from the pub so I cannot be certain my thoughts make sense.

    like JW I am a supporter of Elizabeth II and in my dotage have become a supporter of monarchy as it works in the UK today. It is always difficult when a long serving monarch leaves as I fear Thailand could experience when Bhumipol departs the scene – he has been reigning since 1945.

    The Queen has a good shot at lasting another 15 years or so that would make Charles 80 when he assumes office. His reign could be short or non existant. Regardless, some countries, especially Australia, will cut their ties but some will not. The Commonwealth cannot become a new economic power and bail us out – much as I might like it – the members have moved on and we are a mere appendage for them but we can do more with them than we do now as we can with the BRICS and other emerging economies.


  20. i’m just watching the film ‘jfk’, and it occurs to me that, in contrast to kennedy’s time, when the american head of state was very popular with members of the african diaspora, nowadays, after all the broken promises on civil-rights, the hypocrisy, and the wars against africa and the middle east, many black people would probably love to shoot obama, but refrain from doing so because, unlike the american president, they recognise, deep in the decency of their hearts, that black people killing black people killing black people simply ain’t sending out the right message to the kids.


  21. “Can anyone show me another European ex empire where the so called ‘supressed’ actually want …(buy popular vote rather than political faciasm) …to remain part of the country that once subjugated them? …rather than resort to bloody wars or independance? ( mau mau aside mebbe but that was a matter of when ?)”

    i hear that the historic handshake between the deputy first minister and the queen will form part of a private meeting conducted ‘au naturel’ in order to preclude the possibility of the concerned parties concealing any offensive weapons.


  22. oh smashing, is he the charming young gentleman we met on ‘swingers in high places’ who said he had a big job?


  23. beware…i already ‘ad the heirs ‘ead…it left me with a succession of gob-related experiences i’d care not to remember thank you darling


  24. @ Pat. Great post, and thats the way to answer the royalist garbage. The whole “I’m not for the royals but she’s just a lovely old lady” idea irks me even more than outright braindead flag waving idiots


  25. …or how about freedom, as in no elected idiots elected by idiots, inbred heredetory nincompoops, or unelected bureaucrats be given any influence over my life liberty or property


  26. @Lynn. I was thinking that just the other day. She has given Royal Assent to each succeeding turn of the EU screw. Previous monarchs would have given the Royal Two Fingers.


  27. Pat,
    yes, entirely agree with your comments. Of course, no matter who our rulers are, elected or not, they all end up believing they are much superior to us (even though they take our money). But if they are elected at least we can turf them out.


  28. Kit
    I think a House of Lords full of apples would be eminently superior to anything else on offer in this surreal Cleggian reform pavanne.


  29. Totally agree with your second paragraph, thank you for mentioning it.
    As a child, I had a scrap book in which I pasted photos cut out of papers & mags of the royal family, but most particularly, the Queen. I suppose because it was around the time of the Coronation, & I was filled with awe at the solemnity & mystery of it all, the crown, the sceptre the annointing spoon,etc. Now, when I think of her at all, I think of how she has betrayed her people, just like all the rest of the oily, self-serving, arrogant scumbags who fester in what used to be our Seat of Government, but which now serves as a charade, with no more ‘power’ than a county council.


  30. @oldasiahand

    I fear that you are right regarding our relationship with the Commonwealth; there is no conceivable way in which we could sucessfully walk out of the EU and straight into a productive and fully functioning business relationship. Such an arrangement would take decades to put in place and would only work if we could bring something exeptional to the table. Because of TPTB’s obsession with all things European our Commonwealth bretheren have been compelled to plough their own furrows, and they are mostly making a decent job of it. I cannot see them looking too kindly on the former mother country muscling in after her failed affair expecting to be the top of the heap again and take up ordering everyone around as though nothing had happened.

    As regards HM, if the late Queen Mum is any guide, then barring accidents, HM stands to run till she clocks 110 at least. In theory, she could outlive Charles. I wonder who would send her the telegram on her hundredth birthday?


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