Sloggers please note – Slog imposter at large

Over at Google Blogspot, there’s a joker near-cloning every good-sized web address he can get hold of. He may work for Google (they being heavily into Doing Good an’ all) but frankly you have me confused with someone who gives a sh*t.

He is using the ‘call sign’, which spookily enough is a meld of my Twitter and WordPress identities. Anyway, it isn’t me. I’m at, and the use of John Ward The Slog in Google search will get me first every time.

Anyone desirous of sending him lots of rude threads should feel free so to do. This is not me encouraging illegality: it must remain entirely a matter for you. This unpleasant cross between a grub and a virus is also doing nothing illegal. For some reason that combo reminds me of Jeremy *unt, but I can’t imagine why.

Closely related: Why David Cameron is a complete see you next Tuesday.

34 thoughts on “Sloggers please note – Slog imposter at large

  1. … and surprisingley enough all those other (wasn’t it Civil Servants) avoiding paying tax by one devious method or another


  2. It’s just a boring spammer trying to push banner ads and surveys. He seems to be grabbing multiple identities, at least I can find multiple copies of the “blogs” content under different names. The content is just generic stuff – so he’s not copying any of the actual content on this site. I traced one of the links through and it looks like the affiliate network he’s trying to use is not paying out at the moment – so hopefully he’s just wasting his time.

    The content is much better here!


  3. 2,000 of them I believe. And they will be civil servants proper, not the wider public sector workforce. Surely there are few better examples of the progressive deterioration in standards of honesty and integrity that is sweeping the political and Establishment elites in recent years.


  4. Google don’t care about impersonators, I complained to them 20 times about the Haut de la garenne murder farce paedophile protection blog posting using my name and self portait, and they did nothing at all.


  5. Agreed. It’s a splog.
    There are lots of them. 1 in 5 of all blogs?
    Splogs have become a major problem on free blog hosts such as Google’s Blogger service. By one estimate, about one in five blogs are spam blogs.[8] These fake blogs waste valuable disk space and bandwidth as well as pollute search engine results, ruining blog search engines and damaging bloggers community networking (e.g. Blogger’s next blog link).

    Splogs sometimes choose a name similar to a popular blog in order to benefit from the occasional incoming link from careless bloggers, who think they are linking to the popular site.


  6. Take it as a compliment John, your web traffic has reached a point that someone thinks it’s worthwhile to poach a few visitors.


  7. Interesting. I remember a lot of stuff about how difficult it was to determine who was and who was not the actual Gemz. Justified or not, you lost a lot of standing in my opinion through not taking any action.

    It was, after all, my own trolling that put that little nasty to flight down some sewer.


  8. If it makes you feel any better John, after the solids hit the fan there’ll be a lot less demand for the rubbish on his banner ads.

    Buddha says: “stop wanting s**t you don’t need!”


  9. @zoompad: You’re right. Over on Usenet Groups, there are looney Googlers who post garbage, libelous trash and off topic drivel using other peoples’ posting names (ie forgeries). Victims send thousands of complaints to GoogleGroups but Google takes no action. Google’s run by a bunch of misfits determined to make money at any cost. They’re worse than Microsoft – if that’s possible. All IMHO :-)


  10. It was, after all, my own trolling that put that little nasty to flight down some sewer.
    Ohhhh, really….????
    Less of the nonsense please luvvy.


  11. Bit like all those ‘striking’ doctors – operating as self-employed for tax purposes, yet still enjoying the NHS Golden Pension Scheme. Time someone put a stop to that scam too.


  12. Well it certainly stopped you in your tracks, whatever sewer cover you appeared from under.

    This unpleasant cross between a grub and a virus is also doing nothing illegal

    But it remains immoral.

    Think, and reflect on your actions. Are they genuine and in an open and honest manner, or underhand and dirty? You know the answer well enough. JW himself now feels the spite in your forked tongue, the foul breath you spread. Perhaps next time he will do something about the Trolls who abuse the openness of his site?

    Speak with your own tongue, be yourself. Be honest. Cower not under the mask of a Troll.


  13. @BT: ‘Google’s run by a bunch of misfits determined to make money at any cost. They’re worse than Microsoft’
    I’m not sure there is anything to choose between them, Oh, wait a minute, I was wrong, there is nothing to choose between them. Greedy scumbags, there. That sums them up.


  14. @TB: When it comes to bailout money there is always enough, there has to be otherwise the caboodle comes crashing down, doesn’t it?
    So, one way or another there will always be enough bailout money.


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