Over at Google Blogspot, there’s a joker near-cloning every good-sized web address he can get hold of. He may work for Google (they being heavily into Doing Good an’ all) but frankly you have me confused with someone who gives a sh*t.

He is using the ‘call sign’ nbyslog.blogspot.com, which spookily enough is a meld of my Twitter and WordPress identities. Anyway, it isn’t me. I’m at hat4uk.wordpress.com, and the use of John Ward The Slog in Google search will get me first every time.

Anyone desirous of sending him lots of rude threads should feel free so to do. This is not me encouraging illegality: it must remain entirely a matter for you. This unpleasant cross between a grub and a virus is also doing nothing illegal. For some reason that combo reminds me of Jeremy *unt, but I can’t imagine why.

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