Dog bites Scam

Last Friday most of Wall Street and the City were convinced that Greece would bite the hand that feeds it. But instead, Greek voters bit the bullet, and, having been given a second bite at the cherry, in a nail-biting finish New Democracy ‘won’.

Once again, Brussels and Berlin seemed to have the bit between their teeth. But the markets decided the EU had bitten off more than it could chew: they were once bitten, twice shy – and the bounce lasted all of three hours. This is a bite in the bum for Sprout & Kraut, Flower Arrangers, Rue de Remarques, Brussels, and it won’t be long before Greece realises that the mad dog’s bark is far worse than its bite.

Meanwhile, does anyone other than me wish David Cameron would bite his lip just this once, and leave the Greeks to do their own Coalition-forming…given he made such a balls of his two years ago?