Return of the Angela of Death: previously sabotaged Slog post restored…


EUROBLOWN: Merkel the Merciful offers Athens a clear choice….

by John Ward

The Angela of Death

…stay in the eurozone and die, or leave the eurozone and be poor.

I wonder if ‘choice’ is perhaps the most twisted reinvention of a word in the history of language. Jeremy *unt is a great choice driveller: choice of 56 Murdoch Channels all showing braindead soft-porn sh*te. Lansley is another one: choice in the health services available to all. Bollocks: the choice is between having money and getting some service, or the opposite of that.

Angela Merkel, however, has topped everyone for utterly crass, inflexible neo-Nazi hypocrisy this weekend. This is a direct quote from a speech she made yesterday:

“What we have always said is that we want Greece to remain a member of the eurozone. The precondition for that to succeed is that the future Greek government sticks to the memorandum that was agreed with the International Monetary Fund, European Central Bank and the European Commission.”

Or, put another way:

“In order to stay in the eurozone you must freeze all your old people, make everyone unemployed, empty the hospital budgets, bad-debt the pharmacies, and starve all the mental patients”.

Personally, I wouldn’t give the Sprout-Kraut axis of granite stupidity four plastic buttons with no holes in to be in the eurozone, let alone stay there. What is it about our materialistic West these days that even the emptiest threat involving money-loss is enough to convince people to join a dying empire busy shooting itself in every important body part?

One is reminded about the PoW camp joke, when the Kommandant announces to the chaps that “Today izz ze fuhrer’s Birssday, zo every man vill haff a change of clothes. Hut 29 vill change clothes vizz Hut  42….”

Just to reiterate for one last time before moving on from this mercifully brief visit to Bedlam: the Greek elite borrowed too much and embezzled a fair proportion of the money; both the ECB and US banks hard-sold them those loans at cheap rates; the French and Germans sold the Greeks €165bn of arms they did not need, insisted they stick to the purchase, and sprayed corrupt backhanders everywhere in order to speed the deal through; Goldman Sachs were paid by the Greek elite to teach them how to cheat Brussels; the French and Germans bottled on the original highly unwise decision to let the ClubMeds into the euro, because they were in love with their poxy toytown currency; the austerity ‘strategy’ is killing every economy to which it has been applied; and the Spaniards have been just as lax (and mendacious), but they will face few if any of the punishments shouldered by Greece.

The people of Greece are being bullied by Sprout cowards, blamed by neurotic Kraut tabloids, lectured by the French whose banks lent money more recklessly than anyone else – and punished both for the dishonesty of their own politicians, and megalomania of the Franco-German europhile madhouse.

But nil desperandum fellow Island Racers, because Big Brother Scameron is going to protect us from the ickid-wicked nasty smelly bogey men he is so and he’s bigger than Mrs Merkel and he will bash her up and he will become our hero and then we will all eat cake for ever and ever we will too because my mum told me so.

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47 thoughts on “Return of the Angela of Death: previously sabotaged Slog post restored…

  1. I’m actually surprised that the slog hasn’t been the victim of a hack before this. The truth is a dangerous thing. Hilarious that they resort to this kind of thing.

    And in the meantime, Spain has caved to the IMF. Olé!!


  2. I can’t completely disagree with some readers who find the tone of this article a bit too aggressive for its own good. The trouble is that John is SO RIGHT!


  3. lol. ZH has gone to town in that article!
    I’m now waiting for Italy to keel over…it’ll all be done. Enter: Big Reset!


  4. Wasn’t Spain going to be the “one” the mother of all bailouts that couldn’t be done? Too big to save? Now, apparently it’s Italy. There is truly no end to this farce.


  5. Ok, system doesn’t like gmail it seems.

    Hacked John huh? – they’re scared. Let me paraphrase the rather wonderful Donald Sutherland in ‘JFK’:
    ‘…………………..I’m not going to name names, or tell you who or what I represent. Except to say – you’re close, you’re closer than you think …

    ………………………….Remember, fundamentally people are suckers for the truth, and the truth is on your side, ‘bubba. I hope you get a break’.


  6. People are also suckers for conspiracy theories as JFK so comprehensively demonstrates. The fact that the job was done by an ex marine with a cheap mail order rifle even after 50 years despite endless research, documentaries, and the Warren Commission is still difficult for people to accept. Still why spoil a good but a little over long film.


  7. Yeah but it’s still a good bit of dialogue, however you view the film.
    ps I agree it was Lee. It’s the human condition to ‘tell’ and someone woulda by now….anyhoo, we digress.


  8. A few weeks ago I cleared a patch of scrubland on a mound, seeded it and, with two hot weeks and no hosepipe ban, then two wet weeks, it’s now a lush and solid green. I call it ‘The Grassy Knoll’.

    Everyone, even those under 60, seems to get the reference. Maybe that’s a measure of the impact of the ongoing JFK conspiracy theories.


  9. While he was in the Marines he was regularly hitting targets at twice that distance. Although he wasn’t quite a marksmen he was nonetheless a very good shot and way above average.


  10. In the beginning (2009-10), there was a difference between Greece and Spain (also between Greece and Ireland):
    In Greece it’s the state that failed, not the banks. It was a public spending bubble, not a bank one. In Spain and Ireland it started as a bank bubble – is that right?
    Seems that today, 3 years after, those differences are not there any more. The Greek sovereign bond haircut (and the capital withdrawal to safer havens) destroyed the Greek banks, so now Greece is totally failed (state and banks altogether).
    But i see another similarity – between Spain and Ireland. In both countries it all started as a bank bubble issue, right?
    So how come Ireland has been put to 3 years of austerity measures (and who knows how many more), while Spain gets away with it?
    Seems like size counts after all…no matter what….
    And the Irish ‘ve had it like suckers – even voted in favor of the fiscal pact (Spain has not ratified it yet).
    Are we gonna see the next Irish rebellion on this?


  11. Only 125 Billion. Not much for some stability actually. I think it was a wise move (after too much dawdling to put it mildly) and should be cause for optimism.


  12. Excellent post, John.

    Whilst any of the soi disant élite are perfectly capable of, and undoubtedly guilty of, underhand & illegal skullduggery, I do think that in many instances it is appropriate to apply Hanlon’s razor:-

    “Never attribute to malice that which can be adequately explained by stupidity”.


  13. Actually my favourite take on the JFK assassination mythos is the Red Dwarf episode, Where Lister convinces JFK to shoot himself from the grassy knoll. With the the brilliant line “But think about it Mr President, it will drive the conspiracy nut’s wild” Genius :-)


  14. Really? Why? More taxpayer money into a brand new black hole?

    And the price is not yet decided. IMF said 40 billion which has now miraculously become 100 billion. I’m going to suggest it may be a good deal north of that in the end if the Irish bank bailout history is any kind of blueprint.

    So again I have to ask why I should feel optimistic that yet another boatload of euro taxpayer money had gone into the hands of politicians who are blind and financial institutions who can’t count?

    All that this will do is lead to other weakened euro banks seeing this as a blueprint and shorting themselves to get on the bailout wagon. This dumbass currency has 4-5 weeks left, if that.


  15. Reblogged this on Machholz's Blog and commented:
    An excellent piece of work and I hope all the dopes in Ireland who voted for the treaty last week will now go down to the Dail and demand the same treatment the Spanish got or are they going to continue to all Berlin to treat us the Irish like third class citizens in our own country ???


  16. @Geo: If you think 125 billion will bring stability, please think again,
    Spain hasn’t got started. Have we finished with Greece yet? Then there’s Italy waiting in the wings for a share.


  17. It’s not widely known that taxation in Spain (as well as being optional, especially where VAT is concerned) is still quite low. VAT is at 4/8/18%, though they do tax some foodstuffs. There is still a generous income tax deduction for your mortgage interest and the tax on diesel fuel is far less than in the UK or France. A litre of diesel currently costs about €1.31 or about £1,1 of your devalued pounds. So there is plenty of scope for tax rises to the levels that are equal to those already borne by many people around the EU. I’m unconvinced by Spanish austerity though of course there are many people who are, in a formal sense, unemployed. Oh, and did I mention that prescriptions are free for everyone? The government is toying with charging €1 for each prescription, as the present system is demonstrably wasteful and results in the highest prescription rates in the EU. Needless to say, that charge is being strongly resisted.


  18. Poor old George, if it wasn’t for Johnny foreigner messing up his cunning plan the UK would be the land of milk & honey, according to him anyway.

    There’s talk of a Spanish bank bailout of a 100 billion, is that a realistic figure, considering the size of their economy & their property bubble ? I mean Ireland’s pint sized economy has already received more than that & the UK bank bailout without such a gigantic burst property bubble needed upward of 850 billion.

    I wonder what it would now be like if we had adopted the euro & had to get that tidy little sum, not counting the further QE from the Troika.


  19. Makes one pine for the unalloyed Truth of the Rivers of Blood Speech, does it not?

    Anyway, the alternative was to win the War but leave Jerry in control of Grease, er, Greece.

    BTW, what’s all this about Angela and Erich Honecker? Lies I tell you, all lies!


  20. You know, Steve, thank God 1940 went the way it did, otherwise not only would Britain have no Jews today but also Angela Merkel would be Gauleiter of the UK.

    Oh, wait….


  21. Not at all, old chap.

    However, it IS true to say that many actions have been implemented which might have been tio my SHORT-TERM benefit, but because I believe them to be detrimental in the long term to both my country and society in general, I believe them to be stupid.

    I accept that many do not think further than tomorrow, or their immediate gratification (bread & circuses, anyone?) and some of these “bread & circus” bribes/gestures/distractions might be immediately pleasant to me, but that still doesn’t mean I can’t disapprove of them, or rate them as stupid.


  22. My definition of actual Spanish Bank Debt: (with apologies to Donald R)

    There are known knowns. These are things we know that we know. There are known unknowns. That is to say, there are things that we know we don’t know. But there are also unknown unknowns. There are things we don’t know we don’t know.

    …it would also seem to apply to the inner workings of Merkel’s Mind ! ;)


  23. Public spending was the case in Greece indeed, but you neglect how the banking sector shorted using sovereign bonds, charging the government with 6-7% or higher rates.


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  26. Should be compulsory viewing for all the current crop of so-called ‘correct’ comedians.

    Unfortunately Spike would be imprisoned for that sketch today.


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