JUBILEE SLAVE LABOUR: When is someone senior from the Right going to condemn this appalling atrocity?

As if it wasn’t bad enough to hand the Hard Left a gift from Heaven, the Right in this country is compounding the crime by maintaining an embarrassed silence on the subject of Jubilee Celebration Stewards being blackmailed into working for nothing, and being offered drippy-damp arches as their ‘accommodation’ during the proceedings.

I’ve asked around today, checked the facts, and spoken to witnesses, but the conclusion is simple: the story is true, and it is inexcusable that any employer feels able to behave like this in my country.

The ‘security’ company concerned, Close Protection UK, will hopefully be hounded from business for its inability to understand the difference between deregulated employment and taking the piss.

But it behoves politicians who disagree with Leftist bollocks to get out there and condemn this sort of under-a-stone behaviour. To read the Daily Sarkograph today, you’d think the entire episode had never happened. And of course, the BBC (which the Left thinks is Right and the Right think is Left and I think is wrong) has also inexplicably failed to cover the story.

Closed-ranks silence on this issue simply won’t do. Sorry, but it won’t: decency demands it.

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  1. You are correct JW, but I fear it’s just the thin end of the wedge, what with the recent fraud involving A4e as well.


    This isn’t about making crime not pay, this is purely about exploiting a literally captive workforce, what next workhouse’s for non-payment of Poll-tax, Debtor’s prisons? This is slavery in all but name, the deprivation of liberty is the punishment for crime, regardless of any attitude with prisons being soft.

    I can’t help but feel this sort of thing is simply open to too much abuse, it’s the sort of thing I’d expect from a banana republic. By keeping quiet it’s almost giving tacit approval.



  2. Also see:

    Close Protection UK has apologised and blamed a “misunderstanding”. (Blames coach driver)

    The charity Tomorrow’s People, which set up some of the placements at Close Protection UK under the work programme, said it did not approve of unpaid work but in this case believed that it was valid work experience.


  3. Government p[olicy ‘encouraged’ the idea of job-seekers working for their benefits. Now the chickens are coming home to roost. Reports also today about expanding the use of prisoners by the private sector as cheap labour and the damage that will do to the job prospects of non-criminals on the outside.

    Two cornerstones of the tory right – make prisoners pay, make the jobless work. So far Cameron has hit the sick, the poor, the disabled, children, the elderly, the unemployed and the homeless whiklst at the same time pouring money into the pockets of his chums in the City.

    Next up will be scrapping the minimum wage, work houses and the return of Prima Nocte.

    Prime Minister-in-waiting Milliband must be pissing himself with laughter. Cameron will be the last tory PM for 30 years if he continues as he is. At this rate the tories will be praying Salmond wins his referendum so that the Labour party is hobbled that way because the tories sure as hell stand no chance of winning the next election if things remain as they are.



  4. Out sourcing Security? Did I miss something? It is one thing to give people a chance who have been unemployed for a while the chance to learn new skills. It is quite another to force slave labour, with Government approved threats and blackmail.Yes Indeed the Government issued these ‘policies’ to Jobcentres who in turn briefed the ‘private jobseekers clubs’. If employers are really keen to take on workers, and give them a chance then they should fork out the money and not make profits from ‘slave labour’. This has been discussed and the fear was people being used as slave labour without the onus on the Employer regardless if they are unscrupuless or not. So how many trainee Lawyers/Dentists are in worl placements? Hmm. So Tony apologised for the slaves in the last millenium who shall stand up and apologise now for today’s slaves?… and ALL because of what? Jubilee My ass. I would wager some of these shady companies do not take on paid staff and include a ‘fresh meat supply’ from the ‘two bit job clubs’ to increase their profits – they can provide a cheap service. I wonder how much it cost for this charade?


  5. You just can’t make this stuff up. In preparation to view your billionaire Queen row down the Thames in the Royal Barge some unpaid “Stewards/Serfs” sleep under a bridge. Do you know how ridiculous this looks from afar? It reminds me of “Dear Leader” and his followers in North Korea.


  6. HAhahahahahahahaha! Seriously? Hahahahahahahahhahaha

    I wonder who owns and runs the UK protection. they sound like Gangstas, Mafiosa in the UK


  7. IMO should Alex the Salmon win his referendum, it will take the lid off the pressure cooker that is English political sentiment. It will be the end of the Conservative Party as we’ve known it. This is all to be hoped for.


  8. OK. It looks like the arrangements were screwed up by the contractor – perhaps knowingly – but I’m not against such things in principle providing it’s properly organised and not under threat. I wouldn’t call it slave labour.


  9. Well, what else can you expect in a country where the politicians have connived to import the third world in great numbers? Did you really believe that the end result would be any different? That indigenous Brits would be allowed to continue getting paid proper wages, with decent working conditions, while the newcomers were treated like slaves? Did nobody see it coming? Well, it’s here.
    Welcome to third world Britain.


  10. Making people sleep under a bridge, with no cleaning, toilet or changing facilities, then doing a 15 hour un-paid work shift or, they lose their benefits.
    Wow. I always knew the tories liked to screw the poor, but I didn’t imagine things would get that bad, this quickly. Even Thatcher during a mouth foaming period wouldn’t have gone as far a s this.


  11. http://www.close-protectionuk.co.uk/html/services_filmandtv.htm

    Obviously the misunderstanding was that close-protectionuk.co.uk was actually partaking in outside location sets for Film & TV:

    “A specialist supplier to film and television production companies, we are already one of the UK’s leading service providers in this field.
    As well as providing on-set security for big budget international movies, we have established a growing reputation for our outside location studio sets and other high profile entertainment productions.”


  12. Sounds like some of the jobs I’ve had to do in the past – its called the real world and the lesson it teaches to those involved is priceless.

    Hysterical politicking stoking the emotions of the non thinking for a cheap win that comes at a ridiculously high cost in the long run is exactly what’s not needed in Britain 2012.


  13. What makes this worse if that was even possible is that a spokesperson for the company said it was a mix up and they should have been allowed to sleep on the bus. Like that is normal and so okay. Bus in a bunch of people, pay them nothing, pretend it will help them get a job, but you never need to prove that, get them to work 14 hours with no proper breaks, and the night before offer them, if they are lucky, a bus seat to sleep on.

    Meanwhile the other half who also have never had a job, but get paid millions by the taxpayer, sail down the Thames to waves and cheers, as the overworked serf having had no sleep tries to forget that they have needed to pee for quite sometime, but can’t as they need to make sure the sheeple don’t get carried away with all the waving and cheering and celebrating our great country.


  14. It seems as though the health & safety Gestapo should be involved in this. I would say that the conditions suffered by these desperate people is more likely to be dangerous to their health than say for example postmen’s bikes, which were banned last year for being deemed dangerous. An idea for a modern Postman Pat episode could be these eejits banning his cat.

    I expect they are too busy taking the fun out of life & as for the unfortunates, most people will not care much, but I think we are coming to the: ” There but for the grace of God go I ” stage.


  15. We’ve all done some crappy shifts in our time, but sleeping under a bridge,, followed by a 15 hour shift, with no access to loos, for no pay? After a 4 hour coach journey?

    And then thery’re told to keep quiet or they’ll lose their benefits. Very nasty. And not normal.


  16. Bit harsh, Prince Philip couldn’t pee either on that boat, and look what happened to him. Both doing a tremendous service for their country. *tongue in cheek*

    Mum’s birthday coming up, thinking about getting a load of boats, right, and sailing up the Mersey, she is gonna be well impressed


  17. Andy & Luther. They’re both the same thing, no difference between them. In some local cooncils in Scotland I believe they’ve joined forces. They’re on the same platform regarding Scottish Independence too.


  18. I agree, I used to work offshore 2 and 2 with 12 hour shifts, I have also done voluntary work for even longer hours. But at the end of the day it was my choice.

    This just smacks of exploitation, not exactly our finest hour.
    In fact it’s the sort of thing I’d expect from North Korea.


  19. We are all inclined to attack the ‘elf ‘n safety Gestapo, mainly because many of their stances fail the ‘reasonableness test’. For example, is it reasonable to insist that rescue workers cannot wade into a two-foot deep pond if they have not been on the appropriate H&S course ? Of course it’s not, especially if someone’s life is at stake.

    But the Jubilee example of so-called ‘work experience’ also fails the ‘reasonableness test’ – is it reasonable to send aspirant staff on an assignment without basic necessities, yet impose a confidentiality clause ? Of course it’s not.

    Both examples are cases where the ‘management’ fail to apply the common-sense of reason, but for different motives – the H&S to further enhance their over-elevated position/empires, the workforce contractors to optimise cheap labour for greater profit. Both are wrong, both deserve condemnation.


  20. Life for those outside of the debt bubble cocooning the West is tough and when it pops as it surely must, we will then see if a night spent under a bridge constitutes an atrocity.

    Get ready to compete with the $ a day crowd for your daily bread.


  21. @Bereshit9
    That’s always been the problem with globalisation it’s a race to the bottom, the only problem with that is it’s hard to sell a product when 99% can’t afford it. Even Henry Ford wasn’t that crazy, the other issue is that the entire global economy would collapse well before that.

    On a darker note, I think there would be civil war long before that and possibly world war.


  22. Yes there would be and if we’re getting outraged over something as insignificant as sleeping under a brige, there’s going to be the Mother of all shortage in superlatives when the time you describe is in full flow.


  23. @BT: Well spotted. It seems that no animals – human or otherwise – were harmed in this production. IF the explanation is truly a logistical cock up and in no way deliberate or intended , then maybe the heat/light balance has been tipped in favour of the former.


  24. Then you would be considered as one of the one percenters – not sure that is a good thing in the new world some on ZH aspire for WFD ;)


  25. Hard left? What hard left? The remaining three people who read the Socialist Worker? Surely to God, you are not referring to Ed Milliband and New Labour?


  26. It won’t be the end of either of them, it is not going to happen. David Cameron will, however, make the Tories unelectable for another generation.


  27. @H…..b: I don’t think many people would want to see welfare folks abused or misused, and if this contractor is guilty of that it should be sanctioned. But there sure are a lot of people who believe that capable claimants should be asked to do something in return for their cheques until they find a job. They need to learn there is no free lunch.
    For some, it would be genuine work experience, for others it would simply be a way repaying the taxpayer who funds their cheques. The Left has created a society where people believe they have a right not to stand on their own feet, without admitting that it’s their fellow taxpayers picking up the tab.

    As @Andy says below…if it was managed well it could destroy Labour. win-win :-)


  28. The left (liberals in the US) keep mum on the fact that regulations which impose capital requirements for banks based on perceived risk, causing banks to overdose on perceived risk, creates an extraordinary bias for bank lending to those officially perceived as not risky and an extraordinary bias against bank lending to those officially perceived as risky, and which introduces a discriminatory wedge between the risky and the not risky, and which is increasing the gap of inequality.

    The right (conservatives in the US), keep mum on the fact that regulations which impose capital requirements for banks based on perceived risks, risks which have already been cleared for by the banks with interest rates, amounts lent and other terms, signifies an intervention in the markets which creates extraordinary distortions.

    And so when it comes to bank regulations at least, I do not have much to say in favor of either left or right… but then again I am just a radical middle or an extremist of the center.

    A bit more on it, explained in red and blue http://bit.ly/mQIHoi


  29. It may have escaped your notice but the Left is alive and well in Britain.
    In fact it never went away; it just changed tactics. It has infested every nook and cranny of the Establishment, Civil Service and Government and has a strong following across society from those who want something for nothing or an easy life at taxpayers expense. I don’t know how many people read the Socialist Worker slime but it is alive and well: http://flyto.zapto.org/Images/37719423.jpg Nice people eh?


  30. Well there is not much bollocks deconstruction here. From the links I have read, these guys were driven in to volunteer as stewards. They were meant to be dropped off at 5 am but the bus was early and dropped them off at 3am so there was no one to meet them. They were all doing it as part of a work programme working towards an nvq in stewardship, which requires work experience, some were paid apprentice wages, some refused them because they did not want the money to affect their benefits.
    Because this company appears to be crap they were left outside in the cold after being delivered two hours early and they did not have proper facilities. That is wrong.But a headline of slave labour? Atrocity? Simply No. Now if the slog has further information which was not provided in the links I have followed then surely it should have put it in the article? Otherwise it just looks like a sun headline, which is pretty unsubstantiated.


  31. Was the short guy not very nice to you at one of your strange cellar parties? Not knowing him myself I find it difficult to judge


  32. An easy life at taxpayers’ expense? oh right, so we’re onto the bankers again, are we? Funny, I wouldn’t have had them down for avid readership of the SWP.

    Speaking about public servants though, I was reading about an inquest the other day of an unfortunate chap who took his own life jumping from a high building. It took evidence from a policewoman and her colleagues who had done their damndest to talk him down over 26 hours, and then he jumped. And the waiting emergency services had to scrape him off the pavement below and cart the pieces away. An easy life, eh?

    I also knew a young police officer who as a matter of course had to excavate the festering, running, filthy interior cavities of junkie prostitutes after they had been arrested. It fair knocked him sick every time. Nice work if you can get it, eh?

    Slime, these people, wanting an easy life at taxpayers’ expense, whiling away the hours to their pension.

    I work in the private sector myself but I wouldn’t do what some of these people do for all the tea in China, and as for the rest, have you seen what they get paid? It’s hardly generous.


  33. Dunno what a cellar party is. But I believe the short guy with the provocative placard is a Scotchman! :-)


  34. @BT: Yeah but, I’ve an uncomfortable feeling that the bigger picture of political dichotomy in terms of the present incumbents of left vs right may have us heading for lose-lose;-/


  35. @Sugarybubble: What’s your point? The people I refer to as wanting something for nothing were those who do not work and draw welfare (not all of them of course)…perhaps that wasn’t clear :-)


  36. I don’t know what you’re on about- this is the perfect model for a deregulated labour market, apart from the fact that they complained, which is, I admit, bad PR. However, this could be sorted out with a contractual clause about bringing one’s employer into disrepute, with stiff penalties up to and including prison, whereupon said ne’er do wells can continue their careers under the auspices of Ken Clarke’s ‘Workhouse’ scheme employing prisoners to manufacture goods for export to the Chinese prison system (shackles and such)… Collective bargaining ha!? Way too democratic -and inconsistant with the demands of the market. Bring on the chain gangs of post-graduates I say!


  37. @H…..b: Aye. We need a new intake of political wannabes who actually have some vision and a little bit of competence and honesty. Ditto every member state of the EU. But it looks like the political class has descended into a cesspit of corruption and decadence.


  38. Absolutely! The Reds are under our beds alright! We ought to hold public investigations to determine people’s political allegiances, and have them dis-barred from their professions, especially if they are working in sensitive areas like Defence, the Foreign Office, the Monarchy and News International! Alternatively we could put them all in camps for re-education through hard labour- You know, like what happened to Oscar Wilde. Punish the wrongthinker!


  39. I knew we could rely on you to defend the indefensible; but you popped up a lot quicker than I expected.


  40. It was a national disgrace don’t try to paint it any other way. The msm’s guardian has an interesting report this morning, and the commentariat
    are absolutely seething which is good to see.


  41. …and why were they there?

    Because the fool of a coach driver arrived two hours earlier than planned, wanted to get HIS head down and turffed them off the coach.

    He should be taken to court for negligence of care and duty and have his public vehicle licience removed.


  42. @Mukoshi: If you read my above comment, I wasn’t actually defending anything; I was simply asking John for more details of this incident which he describes as an “atrocity” and “slave labour”. No response!

    I suspect the detail is a lot of hot air cooked up by Lefty attention-seeking journos _or_ the company involved screwed it and should be reprimanded. I do not believe it was an intentionally planned incident forming part of some bizarre Right wing conspiracy as JW seems to imply and which all the Lefty luvvies have climbed on board. And no evidence has been produced to support that theory.

    Even if it was intentional, history teaches us that it’s the Left who go in for “atrocities” and “slave labour”, not the Right. Check: Hitler’s banning of trade unions, then his labour camps. And check out the Soviet gulags.

    Isn’t it amazing how those on the Left love to project…


  43. @John: …just saying.
    I don’t know if you posted this thread before checking the facts or if you wanted to start another anti-Right rant. But it seems the Jubilee incident was not planned (see comments by @soap and @John Melle) and was not part of some bizarre Right wing conspiracy cooked up by the Cameron govt as you obliquely imply. Using “atrocity” and “slave labour” are way off the mark IMO. It smacks of The Sun, The Mirror or NOTW. But the facts have not stopped Labour luvvies coming out in force …perhaps that was the intention. {shrug}


  44. Tax dude, Presumably a scotchman is something you treat yourself to at these cellar parties after polishing off the single malts. I guess when you “move on to shorts” people know you mean business


  45. You obviously never worked on a shop floor in your life, Every day, every minute Management bullies workers into breaking the law to get the job done, if they wish to work next week they have too, And when it goes wrong it was the worker taking short cuts,never management
    I have seen.management cut result in the death of two workers and nothing was done except apportion blame on the workers
    You are out of touch mate, it is the right that is breeding lefties and greed and arrogance like yours, means it is growing faster than ever
    ps i am not left wing, and neither are many of my friends in fact i have more right wing friends than left, and many like me have lost confidence in the Tory regime that does not condemn,all such actions should be condemned by all good people ,what ever your political views


  46. @the ghost: Your rant appears to be based on the false assumption that anybody in management is automatically from the Right. It is not so. It’s a lie spread around by the Left.
    You mght wish to check the facts of the incident…and also read my other post further up where I said that IF the company did what it did knowingly, it should be penalised. And I mean that.
    Apart from having a rant about things which you obviously know little, do you have anything constructive to add?

    HAND :-)


  47. @the ghost: What would you do us Right folks? Send us off to one of your concentration camps or gulags for re-education, run by your comrades? Why would that be? Because we have the guts to expose the Left for what it is: a corrupt political ‘ideology’ that consistently fails, causes misery and poverty throughout the world and is directly responsible for slaughtering millions? It’s now in the process of destroying Europe and threatening the world economy. It never learns.
    Isn’t it time to move on from all that after wasting the last century at it?


  48. Bankrupt taxpayer, many of those friends of mine are in management,it is you who is so bigoted that you do not see common sense,punishing the company should be a given, the fact that this can happen and not condemned by all righteous free think humans is scary, Economically speaking i without real income from their labour how can these people contribute to the stimulus of the economy ii How does it socially include these people to the work ethic
    I have long since given up trying to teach people like you anything, I will let you do your worst ,before i have to do my best, that is based on a left wingers words


  49. @the ghost: “I have long since given up trying to teach people like you anything” Gratuitous insults will get you nowhere. HAND :-)


  50. This simple answer would be that this crap security company pays those involved some compensation for its stupid careless blunder.
    How about £100 each?
    I accept this was not some evil right wing conspiracy just a very careless and stupid blunder by a greedy and exploitative company that clearly couldn’t give a toss for its workers. They might also like to apologise to the Queen as this tawdry story has gone global and left a rather bad after taste to her Jubilee beano.


  51. If the company has jobs then employ them FFS! AND train them within the company. Sorry that came across to cheeky, let me think about this…. Ah yes, The company get cheap/free labour and charge for their services of steward provision. nup, I am confuzzled. Do the company pass on these great savings (cheap and free labour) to the customer. I would like a break down of cost because I feel rather uneasy about people job seeking and being used as slaves. work for nothing is my INTERPRETATION. So why are these poor unfortunates not getting work experience as Lawyers-medical practitioners-Dentists- accountants? just Tesco,(other sooperdoopermarkets) fast food chains, and stewards and telesales?

    The left are not dead, they now live in another Body!


  52. Instead of flooding the alleged victims with wads of cash in line with the modern phenomenon behind everything going wrong in the world today, why dont we: –

    Sack the coach driver for his inhuman treatment of out of towners by dropping them off early in a big scary City underneath an even scarier bridge.

    Or drag said driver up before the beaks in Nuremburg so he can explain his part in this appalling atrocity and establish if he was just acting under orders.

    Shoot the Northern bird who runs this travelling workhouse.

    Or should we maybe accept that media reports egged on by vested interests took an unfortunate occurrence and made it in to oh so much more than it was knowing that there were plenty of fish wanting any excuse to bite and as you say Mark, embarrassing the Queen along with the country including that prick Prescott although he’s too thick to ever realise.

    Patience is a virtue and waiting to find out what actually happened would have been the virtuous course.


  53. No comment on any of the contents within the post other than my rebuke to your rantings on a previous post,deceive yourself that this is not common practice, believe me honest hard working people have had enough, who knows what will spark it off but this government is uniting the people against it
    Why because it is so blatantly biased, And we are renound for our fair play
    I am no teacher and you are not a listener


  54. @the ghost: I’m not an agony aunt but I do come to this blog to listen (actually to read, and learn). I have my views as you do. That is life.
    I have no idea if incidents like the Jubilee one are commonplace as you claim, but I do not agree with such things; I’ve said that several times. As I also said, it looks like a cock-up brought about by sloppy planning, so common nowadays…the “it’s good enough” syndrome. @Marks suggestion of paying compensation to the individuals affected would be a good thing and hopefully the coach driver (or his employers) would learn a lesson. But a few people are picking this incident up and distorting it out of all proportion for political reasons, including the author of this blog!

    On people having had enough…me too! In the past three years I’ve seen my savings income slashed by half, my pension fund shot to pieces and my savings devalued by inflation. And the taxman never stops whining. But I’m awake enough to know that the present govt did not create this unholy mess, so I can’t blame them for it. I can only blame them for not taking more effective actions to mitigate it. And I do that regularly. But anybody who thinks that throwing them out office and wheeling in Mr Miliband and his shabby crew will solve the mess – of their making – is living on another planet. His puppet masters have other ideas and they most certainly don’t include the likes of you or me as beneficiaries.


  55. I was at the talk at the LSE. It was hilarious, because Mason, master of ceremonies, couldn’t get anyone in the audience to cheer in support of economic orthodoxy. He was obviously worried because it was going to sound like “BBC bias” – but genuinely no one in the audience seemed to want to put their head above the parapet. At the end, there were a few tidy-ups to do, and that section was re-recorded, and a few souls by then had taken pity on Mason, and shouted out “fully clothed”!


  56. Nothing will be done, because this is the whole intent behind the handing-over of £5bn* to private companies/vampires such as Close Protection – delivery of the ConDems’ “flagship” Work Programme. (Simply put, Dodgy Dave has never knowingly stood in the way of the private sector being bailed out/subsidised for providing very old rope.)

    Pity the “flagship” wasn’t a little boat in the Jubilee flotilla – instead of dully hiding its light under a bushel at London Bridge, it could’ve been proudly furrowing the Thames, with a selection of picturesque, shivering drudges on deck, drawn from among those (2.5m unemployed right now) trying to scrape by on £60-a-week Jobseeker’s. Just to cement the impression that the current global financial crisis is the fault of those at the bottom, and nothing, nothing whatsoever to do with Ponzi banksters in Wall St or that wholly-owned subsidiary of Wall St, the City of London. And all during Dickens’ anniversary year, LOL.

    There is $5bn more of the same coming down the pipe. Rule Britannia!

    (*The £5bn figure for the Work Programme is drawn from this May 2012 interview with A4E’s Andrew Dutton: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/newsbysector/supportservices/9277212/The-Sunday-interview-A4e-chief-Andrew-Dutton.html)


  57. Bankrupt Taxpayer the answer to our problems are to build massive infrastructure, this does not have to be payed for by QE,The quickest way is to invest in Africa, South America and other poor areas(not charity), where do i get my inspiration for this idea Adam Smith give it away and it will come back three fold,The cheapest and most efficient way to re distribute and create growth is by emancipating the poor and destitute.
    This i know will create howls of derision from some,but just apply simple economics and you will hopefully see some merit in what i will call a brave call.
    I too have lost much but my view is that what i gained was in a imbalance economy and the great your loss the greater you benefited from this imbalance
    Economics does not lie, it can not take imbalance for long,whether by incompetence or corruption
    So i see investing in the poor and not the abuse of the poorhas the best way for me to keep most of my ill gotten gains which i worked hard for
    All the best and i wish you long life and happiness and prosperity


  58. As you all read the rest of the comments posted here… you might want to consider this from The Ludwig von Mises of Canada via Zerohedge today:
    Submitted by James E. Miller of the Ludwig von Mises Institute Of Canada:

    “Crowds Cheer Queen On Last Day of Jubilee”

    So ran the headline from Time. Yesterday marked the end of the “Diamond Jubilee” of Queen Elizabeth II of the British monarchy. The four day celebration was is honor of her ascendancy to the throne sixty years ago. On the closing day, crowds of well-wishers gathered to cheer on her majesty by chanting “God Save the Queen!” as she addressed the nation. While the Queen holds little political power today, she and the royal family remain incredibly popular. Throughout the festivities, an estimated 1.5 million people paid their respects to the royal dynasty.

    Is there something wrong with this picture?

    Monarchies are supposed to be antithetical to freedom. Under feudalistic monarchism, the notion of personal liberty took a backseat to loyalty to the king. Those who weren’t part of or close to the nobility were referred to as subjects. These peasants were to serve without question. Their happiness was supposed to be derived directly from the happiness of their rulers. The class system was rigid as the ruling coalition, that is the king, royal family, nobles, and feudal lords, eagerly held onto power to secure their systematic exploitation.

    So why is the Queen of England still so highly regarded today? Does her position not represent a time in the past where men and women were explicitly in the forced servitude of others?

    Under close observation, it turns out that monarchs and their close associates were no more despotic than current government structures which are frequently referred to as democratic. The state, being that “its primary intention is to enable the economic exploitation of one class by another” as Albert Jay Nock defined it, is no different than monarchical rule. The goal of the ruling elite within both monarchy and the democratic nation-state has always been to instill a widespread sense of collective reverence to those in charge.

    Starting from the very first years of compulsory public education, also known as child imprisonment, the state is romanticized as a positive force in everyday life. History is taught by emphasizing specific periods of governance. Those heads of government who centralized power and enlarged the state apparatus are regarded as brilliant and courageous leaders. The few who did little in terms of taxing more, waging bloody war, or extending Leviathan’s thieving grasp over the public are neglected and subtly referenced as inadequate. Brutal atrocities carried out by those glorified heads of state are overlooked for the sake of extolling their wondrous achievements of broadening the scope of domination on private life by the ruling class. Under their leadership, murder is labeled necessary, theft becomes “giving to the greater good,” and conscription is called doing one’s “duty.”

    The end goal of such a twisted version of history is to indoctrinate the masses into subservience to the mother state. As long as Joe Public remains infatuated with his respective nation-state, he is much more of a ripe target for legalized pick pocketing.

    Yet these brainwashing tactics hardly differed from those employed during the time of kings. As famed American founding father Thomas Paine commented on the nature of kingship:

    We should find the first of them [kings] nothing better than the principal ruffian of some restless gang; whose savage manners or pre-eminence in subtilty obtained him the title of chief among plunderers; and who by increasing in power and extending his depredations, overawed the quiet and defenseless

    During the service at St. Paul’s Cathedral on the last day of the Jubilee celebration, Rowan Williams, the Archbishop of Canterbury, praised Queen Elizabeth for serving as “living proof that public service is possible and that it is a place where happiness can be found.” He continued his collectivist preaching by stressing the Queen’s six decade ruling streak should serve as a monument to “the rebirth of an generous spirit of dedication to the common good and the public service, the rebirth of a recognition that we live less than human lives if we think just of our own individual good.”

    Just as flag waving and the national anthem are purposefully used as rituals to state power, the rhetoric of collectivism is a tool to condition unquestioned subordination.

    They are all just rallying calls for citizens to bow down and pay tribute.

    But of course the idea of a “common good” is a complete fabrication. Only individuals determine what their subjective preferences are. This is the reality kings, dictators, presidents, prime ministers, and politicians never want spreading. It would undermine their ability to keep the flow of societal resources draining into their iron fist. They can’t let the truth get out; that the state and monarchy have been governing structures of predation since time immemorial.

    Given the authoritarianism monarchy used to represent, celebrating the continued rule of the Queen of England should be regarded as absurd. But millions are still fooled into believing they are spiritually connected to those who reside within the same arbitrarily constructed nation-state boundaries as themselves. They remain prepared to make the sacrifice of life and property to those who would never do the same.

    Meanwhile, actual dissenters to the idea of total obedience to those of the political class often find themselves demonized in public, locked in cages, physically assaulted, or, at worst, killed. One such outspoken critic of state imposed slavery was Michael Gaines who had the audacity of challenging his thirteen year prison sentence for allegedly spitting on prison guards back in 2008. Gaines, who is HIV positive, was accused of instilling the fear of death in the guards despite the fact that HIV can’t be spread through saliva. As District Judge Rebecca Pilshaw readied a long prison sentence for “battery of a law enforcement officer” based on the victim’s accusations alone, Gaines challenged the idea that one person is owed the respect and loyalty of another because they are enforcers of government. When Pilshaw asserted “you’re not respecting my authority,” Gaines shot back with “You’re not respecting me…respect goes both ways. You’re just a woman with a robe on – just a woman, a human being just like I am.” Pilshaw, who was given a total of three reprimands for ethical violations during her tenure as judge and later lost her place at the bench, was shocked at the blatant disrespect someone had for her state-sanctioned authority. Gaines received a long prison sentence for not acknowledging the sanctity of the police state.

    Instead of blindly chanting “God Saved the Queen,” those who regard liberty as precious should chant “God Save Michael Gaines.”

    To the end, Judge Pilshaw was convinced that her supremacy as a government official should be observed by all. It is the same vein of thinking of all who hold public office, including kings of the past.

    Today, the only difference between the systematic malfeasance and plunder that existed under the rule of monarchs and that which defines the state is the ballot box. Voters in a sense get to choose a small portion of their rulers. This gives them the mirage of freedom when the nation-state they inhabit is no less than a contemporary field of serfdom lorded over by kings. Too much of the public still behaves with the mindset of servants. They are pathetically docile to those who hold the keys of their shackles. What the celebration of Queen Elizabeth’s sixty year rule showed is that the people of Great Britain never really escaped from monarchy


  59. Fortunately I’ve been away working over the last few days and have therefore missed (thankfully) most of the bollocks arising from this cockup. 16 hour days but I hope to get paid, slept in a boat bunk that was less comfortable than some bridges I’ve slept under. Bllody hell, many of you posters, get a life. The government has a few charges higher up the indictment list than this one.

    BT is right that we need to get people off benefits and into work of some kind, anything that breaks the cycle of dependency and despair. I’ve slept under a few bridges in my time, and it sounds like those folks had a grand day out and a story to tell their mates down the pub. I wonder if any of them had the sense to blag a few quid from the journos about the story, thats the only compensation they deserve. If this event is sufficient to break the cycle I suspect this company may be onto a winner. Get some management consultants down there. How many people can you get under London Bridge for one night? I believe there are even more bridges than that in London. Give that coach driver a nightly gig. Surely those bankers could do with some regularly stewarding even more then her maj?


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