As if it wasn’t bad enough to hand the Hard Left a gift from Heaven, the Right in this country is compounding the crime by maintaining an embarrassed silence on the subject of Jubilee Celebration Stewards being blackmailed into working for nothing, and being offered drippy-damp arches as their ‘accommodation’ during the proceedings.

I’ve asked around today, checked the facts, and spoken to witnesses, but the conclusion is simple: the story is true, and it is inexcusable that any employer feels able to behave like this in my country.

The ‘security’ company concerned, Close Protection UK, will hopefully be hounded from business for its inability to understand the difference between deregulated employment and taking the piss.

But it behoves politicians who disagree with Leftist bollocks to get out there and condemn this sort of under-a-stone behaviour. To read the Daily Sarkograph today, you’d think the entire episode had never happened. And of course, the BBC (which the Left thinks is Right and the Right think is Left and I think is wrong) has also inexplicably failed to cover the story.

Closed-ranks silence on this issue simply won’t do. Sorry, but it won’t: decency demands it.