CRASH 2: Panic in the markets, but the Gold price falls 1.5%. Why?



‘The global economy’s foundations are weakening, one by one. Already hobbled by Europe’s debt crisis, the world now risks being hurt by slowdowns in its economic powerhouses. The U.S. economy, the world’s largest, had a third straight month of feeble job growth in May. High-flying economies in China, India and Brazil are slowing, too.’


CRASH 2: Bad news spreads to Asia, South America…and Australia

It’s been a long time coming, but Crash 2 is now very close indeed. And it looks as though the Eurozone collapse will both accelerate and speed up that crash. 

But the AP report (only four days behind The Slog) makes this odd observation:

‘Fears of a global economic downturn have sent investors rushing toward the safest possible investments: U.S. and German government bonds.’

They have indeed….but there’s a rather big elephant in that observation: why isn’t gold rising in price? The Gold price fell 1.47% in May, but the U.S. Mint’s sales of American Eagle gold bullion coins in May rose 158% over the total number purchased in April.

Long-term Sloggers will know we’ve been here before. Be it paper trackers, coins or bullion, the gold price is being systematically capped.

American Eagle silver bullion sales for May 2012 were reported at 2,875,000 coins, up nearly 89% from the 1,520,000 silver bullions coins sold in April 2012. But the silver price declined for the third consecutive month in May.

To those who still doubt the reality of manipulation, let me pose a simple question: after 3,000 years of the immutable law of supply and demand, why are gold and silver striking out on their own in defiance of that law?

The answer is mulivariate, but can be summed up in two words: sovereign fraud. Everyone except the Chinese right now has a vested interest in keeping the price of gold down. If allowed to rise naturally, Gold would be at $4000, and the Dow would be struggling at 4000. 

The Gold Rush must be stopped, the central banks believe. But they are mere courtiers to King Canute. I’m going to buy some more bullion this week. Nobody and nothing is big enough to keep the price of precious metals down.

Funny how markets must decide…until they decide against The Markets. Explain that one, Milt baby.

96 thoughts on “CRASH 2: Panic in the markets, but the Gold price falls 1.5%. Why?

  1. Who, and what with is keeping the metals prices low
    At what point will they not have enough of whatever left to continue


  2. Whatever you do,don’t use CHARD in Blackpool,they take forever to fill orders and have the most bureaucratic ordering mechanism possible-part of the incompetence I suppose.


  3. The metals will be held low until JPM’s strangle hold on the market is broken, come the upcoming quarterly results. As well as the court case being brought against MF Global, Corzine and JPM.

    Can’t wait to see all those folks holding paper gold realising 500 people have a claim to the same bar.

    Unfortunately all my physical got lost in a sailing accident months ago. :-)


  4. I mean, clearly there is monkeying – whatever happened to that whistleblower bloke from JPM who nearly got hit-and-run-down in Clapham?

    Gold was up massively on Friday tho.


  5. Gold was UP on Friday $70 over 4 per cent from 0830 NY time when the employment figures came out. Today is a slow consolidation day after that monster.

    Mining shares are the buy of the century and have turned in the last month. Brilliant gains possible there in the next 12-24 months.


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  7. If central banks are buying gold in preparation for the introduction of a new monetary system partly backed by gold, is that not a good reason for them to be manipulating the price down?


  8. January 1980.Gold peaks at $850 per ounce,post the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan.32 years later,with no income in the interim,somebody thinks I should buy this stuff?


  9. Ditto, but a gardening accident in my case.
    Remember,more than 18″ deep to defeat metal
    Not sure that JW is right about the meeting point of
    Dow and Gold at 4000.Think it will be higher but
    if he’s talking pounds maybe ,but only as a way station,
    on the road to total fiat collapse..


  10. I’ve been doing a huge amount of reading on this. The points I have taken away are –

    1. Liquidity. The funds and entities that control the huge amounts, simply just can’t switch into metal, even if they wanted to. Most gold is paper gold.

    2. The manipulation thing was just a theory a year ago. Now that it’s mainstream folk are running scared. Because ….

    3. The PM market is small compared with the trillions sloshing about. So its quite easy to manipulate – it’s almost a sideshow.

    No doubt gold will pop, all the traditional well respected sources are screaming buy, and that the correction is over. But I can’t help but think that point 3 is the kicker……the global mess is just so huge that gold doesn’t really matter anymore. I read somewhere that for gold to revert to its traditional standard it would have to be $20,000 / oz.

    I’m not pushing a viewpoint here – just my recent thoughts.

    I’m pretty scared!


  11. Same here! Tragic. Come in number 7, your time is up.

    Paper gold/silver is how they keep the price down(untold more of paper than physical) as the saying goes, if you don’t hold it in your hand you don’t own it.
    Don’t forget sovereigns and gold/silver Britannias are CGT free although silver has 20% vat on it.
    All other coins and bars are subject to CGT.


  12. Gold is just working off its overbought condition for last year. Anyone who buys into this “manipulation” game I think watches a few too many movies. If its manipulated, why can you buy it, tonnes of it, at the spot price? If it was manipulated down to a better deal, why doesn’t someone just buy it all up? I’ll put it another way: imagine someone managed to manipulate iphone prices down buy 30%, for a few weeks…do you think there would be any left on the shelves?? No! The reason eagles might be selling like hotcakes but the prices has come down is because the prices is set in the futures market – where there were, and maybe still are, far too many weak hands, overleveraged…it still needs to work this off, and will be doing so for a while in my opinion…


  13. It should be safe, unless the banking system collapses, in which case you simply won’t be able to sell it. Or the govt brings in crazy new laws. You should be able to see this coming and take delivery. That’s why my BV metal is in their London vaults, not Swiss. Swiss might be safer, but how do you get there if TSHTF.


  14. JPM have massive short positions on precious metals, which they couldn’t actually fulfill if they needed to. So they manipulate prices downward, by selling paper PMs.
    All part of the global ponzi.


  15. If you can get access.If its not nationalized.
    If its not re-hypoed like MF Gobal.
    If you want to share an unknown counter party risk.
    Take up gardening.


  16. Plus China is the worlds largest gold miner.
    If they are under reporting their production,they could already
    be sitting on the worlds biggest holding already.
    But bankers and commies never lie…….


  17. nothing is 100% safe…you just need to spread the risk around. Do you really want say a million £ worth of gold buried in your garden?? What if someone finds out about it and tells you at gunpoint to dig it up for them…

    in every scenario its always what if what if what if…


  18. Why…??
    Answer: Cash Flow needs and Profit Taking. (markets aren’t buttering the turnips)
    More quantity sellers than quality buyers.
    Gold will fly October. Only Physical is safe.


  19. @Maxipsycho
    My name is not Winston Smith anymore than yours is
    Maxi.My gold purchases are untraceable and I do not talk
    to anyone except my wife about them.
    Also I am armed and still remember how to use my weapons..
    Am I more concerned about defending our water and food
    when TSHTF,which I am beginning to think think is going
    to very soon now.


  20. I went for outside the UK because I trust the UK govt less than nearly any govt. My concerns are not a mad max scenario but rather further financial repression in the form of additional capital gains taxes or “one off” harvests. Most assets are prone to this, eg housing taxes – only the debtors are safe!


  21. First, I wouldn’t sell the house or go all in. I am not hoping for $10,000 gold and I am not a weak hand (as such).
    Having said that my time line is about the next five years or so. I personally have 25% of my fortune(haha) in gold/silver. I don’t get jack in the backs as such. Issa and sipp 50% and 10% £cash at hand and 15% non issa shares( as I don’t really trust the stock market, but like a gamble on some penny shares).
    The thing about insurance is you hope not to need it but it’s there if things go wrong.
    I maybe wrong but, hey that’s life ;-)>
    I could go on and on, so I wont!


  22. Oh I might re-add I lost all my PM’s in a boating accident!


  23. @winston smith…I’m just saying nothing is 100% safe in where to keep your gold, or in life. I think bullionvault is a good company and a safe operation, but yes if we go towards absolute totalitarianism they would be a target for governments – though I expect lots of other things to happen before gold confiscation – like banning all short selling etc. Gold confiscation is basically an overt admission that we are not in a free market and the country is in no way a fiduciary – the uks economy rests on these principals – even if they are false ones. But in an outright collapse where the lights go out who knows what might happen…thats why I spread the risk around; I have gold in Britannias and sovereigns well hidden, I have some mining shares, and I have allocated (vat free) silver in Hong Kong and London


  24. If this vision of imminent doom is even close to correct, law and order would break down within 24 hours (remember the petrol strike that wasn’t?) What good would gold be in that scenario?


  25. I completely agree that the gold and silver markets are purely sideshows regarding market cap, one only has to look at the Hunt Brothers attempted silver manipulation, Zuckerburg could own it all himself.

    But what if it was the only game in town?

    In historical crashes physical assets are always stores of wealth, one only has to look at the Wiemar Republic or Zimbabwe for that.

    I think the ensuing rush to the exit’s by the folks in the stocks and bond markets looking for a safe haven would do for the price of the barbaric metals :-) That’s without the derivatives market trying to cash out.

    As much as physical gold and silver can be a store of wealth, it’s completely dependent on you being able to hold onto it, and getting a fair price for it some day. Unfortunately for the little people I can see a reissue of Executive order 6102 being brought in again to deny you any chance of partaking in this.

    I’d value a practical trade, with the experience and knowledge to back it up over any asset, as well as an extensive library to learn the practical skills you may lack.

    If the powers that be play extend and pretend for as long as possible, your quality of life will decline if it hasn’t already, through QE and increased taxation. If it goes pop, you may be in a situation like Greece where barter is becoming the new norm, there’s an article in today’s ekathimerini about it, skills and knowledge become more valuable than currency, again :-).

    There’s a lovely feeling in growing your own food and becoming as self sufficient as you can, a polite way of saying thanks, but no thanks I really don’t need your shit anymore, to the powers that be.


  26. Why you say. Well, most gold is held by sovereigns (reserves), and many sovereigns are going bust. Their first act is to call on ‘reserves’, i.e. sell gold reserves, liquidate, pay dues and stay solvent. Under these conditions the price of gold is doomed!


  27. Gold is for after a new system is established.
    Gold has been money for 6000 years,fiat has always
    failed,and homo sapiens always revert to gold.
    “Gold is money,everything else is credit. “.J.P.Morgan.
    To get you to that other side you need;
    water, food,fuels,weapons,silver,spices and anything
    barterable.Add in toilet paper,medicines etc etc..


  28. If gold is used as collateral for debts, it won’t be sold, just swapped…but you’re right, thats one possible reason for downward pressure


  29. You might have a plot for a screen play here, a nautical remake of The Treasure of the Sierra Madre, looks like a possible winner from here.


  30. @WfD: Thanks, some good advice there for me to think on.

    Yeah…I read about your boating loss of PMs and the mind boggles!
    Is it worth me learning to dive? ;-)


  31. Gold is up about 600% since 2000. Are you really suggesting that we’ve had or will shortly have had enough inflation to justify such a huge increase and much more beside?

    If the Dow were at 4000 I’d certainly buy it in preference to gold, since it offers real assets plus income. With a PE at half the 1930’s low the implied total return would be 20%.

    It’s difficult not to conclude that gold bugs are ghouls, looking forward to the destruction of the economy so they can pick up assets at ten cents on the dollar.


  32. It’s always fun to tease my goldbug/prepper friends by mentioning that my preparations are modest and include 5 gallons of petrol, a AR15 rifle and night vision goggles. When they inevitably ask what I going to use them for I reply that I’m coming for their gold. That sets them off, which of course is the point.


  33. Short term maybe.
    Have a feeling the BRICS will take all that
    those CBs want to sell.
    Gold will win in the end,always does.
    Tulips,South Sea bubble ,the list goes on and on.
    Fiat is fraud.


  34. Funkyronster old mate, I am pretty scared too. Infact I am terrified.
    I am in no position to buy gold/silver. I am living, in France, on a fixed pension from UK. I have a part-time job which pays peanuts. I am growing veggies (and that is going really well, thank you for asking!) and I keep chickens – because I love chickens. I own my house. My 2 daughters are independent (ha! they still need occasional help…) My main expense is visiting said daughters in the UK.
    I sometimes worry myself sick about what is going to happen. We hear apocolyptic tales, but nobody seems to know.
    Then I go out to work in my veggie patch in the sunshine, or I go to a wonderful jubilee tea party, and I think it CANT possibly be all that bad…..
    can it????


  35. Oh Mr Smith, there you go again terrifying me. OK, to get to the other side you need: water (check) food (check) fuels (check) weapons (check) silver (non-check) spices (non-check, and why exactly?) barterable stuff (check, I suppose) toilet paper (check) medicines (not really…)
    I am off on a MAJOR shopping spree tomorrow…..toilet paper, canned goods, rice etc.
    Luckily I live in a very rural area, but what happens when the starving hordes arrive from the towns, and steal my chickens and my veg? Am I supposed to shoot them? Am I supposed to stay awake all night to protect my veggies?
    Sigh….. I suppose I am.


  36. Some would have you believe they can see into the future they answer so authoritatively.

    Gold is like God, just with an extra letter, unless you view it as I God then you could be mistaken into thinking they look almost the same, both being idols requiring blind faith in their future value for something assigned importance thousands of years ago.

    Clutching trinkets when the financial system is laying in ruins at your feet is as useful as applying factor 50 upon catching sight of a distant Lazarus from your new riverbank location, unless you’re hoping the elites allow only a partial collapse, thus facilitating your entry into their hallowed halls as an elitist yourself.

    Shame on you for thinking only of yourselves when many will suffer and are suffering now in a place not far away. Any sane person would not be seeking the nearest moneylenders gold store to protect them from the apocolpyse, but instead demanding a default on a global scale to bring this nonsense to zero in the shortest of timelines.

    Is it not obvious that a default is needed, for it surely can’t be paid back not with the figures involved, not with austerity, nor with printing or the illusive destructive growth option. A default, leaving those owed the most with the thanks of the many and maybe10 virgins courtesy of a higher being if there is such a thing, along with a new constitution where the first rule forbids borrowing by Government any money that should only be raised by taxation, a rule underpinned with the banning of any amendment allowing a politician to underwrite his promises with the future wealth of your grandchildren.

    Gold is good, God is better, forgiveness best of all, assuming you believe in God of course…………


  37. Forget Gold. If you want to survive the impending depths of depression, then massively simplify your life, and get skilled in something that is useful. Make sure your car is a popular model that is simple and cheap to maintain. And forget about retiring and preserving wealth… it will be wiped out. Everyone will need to keep their health and keep a means of generating income. And we will need to learn how to look out for our neighbours as there will be many totally unprepared, whose life will implode before them.


  38. Just listened to Prof Steve Keen on Radio 4’s Analysis. Excellent as usual. He predicts a Lehman type event for the UK this year.


  39. @CanSpeccy: Haven’t seen you around these parts for a while…

    While you’re here…I read the Sherlock Holmes story about the GCHQ guy who was murdered and found it almost impossible to disagree with his conclusions as to who killed him. Looking back, it should have been pretty clear to me. It’s rather frightening that Britain resorts to this.
    You may have noticed that the whole story’s now gone totally quiet since the inquest, despite the toxicology results being due soon after it and the police assuring people that they would continue to investigate.


  40. My sentiments exactly, treat the gold as gift for your grandkids. An investment in skills or a trade makes you far more valuable. Whether a huge crash happens the way we think it’s going to or not, a simpler lifestyle and higher self sufficiency is a reward all of it’s own, and will pay back dividends regardless of what the future holds.


  41. So, what would you do if you were a civil servant with no savings to buy gold, no garden to bury it in even if you had, or even to grow vegetables in, a four year old child to maintain and a granny with dementia and a pile of rapidly diminishing savings to pay for her care? I realise that civil servants are the scum of the earth to many who post on here, since we do not ‘create wealth’ although I do have a skilled and useful job which costs the taxpayer very little, but since I realise that the house of cards is probably about to fall, I feel it incumbent upon me to a least be prepared to survive an initial period of upheaval.


  42. Only extremists think you are that Erstwhile, unless you’re a civil servant in a highly paid position looking after the BoE pension, in which case your are:)

    You are in the same position that millions of other people are in and that is why a default is best, though not necessarily for the UK given it’s reliance on what used to be known as its invisible earnings sector. If only they had remained invisible enough that no one could see them. Ever!


  43. Seems to me that any new economy that arises after TSHTF will need a reliable, worldwide, or at least countrywide,non counterfeit-able benchmark to facilitate trade and barter. Something easily checked and divided, transportable and that doesn’t deteriorate. Lets see, turnips?, IOU’s?, iPads? acorns? Diamonds would fit the bill except they are too difficult to evaluate for the average person. Maybe gold and silver? But gold and silver held by ANYONE else is no good to you, you need the physical stuff, keep it quiet and bury it until needed. Doesn’t seem too difficult to me.


  44. @Erstwhileagent
    My sons are grown and flown otherwise I would be
    tearing my hair out as well.
    As to any advice.Depends on which country
    you live in ?


  45. I live in the UK and I am a lower ranking civil servant looking after the quality of your drinking water.


  46. @Erstwhileagent
    Is Granny at home.or a nursing home ?
    Not prying.My mother in law just passed(92) in the
    UK ,after 5 years of dementia.Kept her in her own home
    till the end.As was her wish.
    My sons are in the UK,I am not ,they will not leave,
    youthful invincibility syndrome.Will not listen to the
    voice of experience.I lived in the third world for many years
    so I know whats coming and hopefully how to survive it.
    But maybe I’m just an opinionated old fart.


  47. Granny is in a care home as we have to work to pay mortgage and to be honest she is happier and far better off there. Her home was full of the ghosts of her past and they were driving her mad. They faded away when she went to the home.

    Thanks for replying.


  48. No. Live your life in the sun, love and be happy. We only have the moments. Don’t let the bastards get you down. ;-)>
    Fresh veg. and eggs, lovely.


  49. Petrol doesn’t store well for long, diesel stores much better.
    As for a mad max scenario, I don’t think so, more like a disruption, maybe and some tight times.


  50. @Erstwhileagent.

    First, don’t become despondent, a good mental attitude is THE most important of them all.
    You can grow sprouts indoors,and whether the shtf or not they are good for your body, is one website you may want to look at and not expensive either also you could have a window box maybe? and involve your four year old?
    I very much sympathize with your situation with your nan, there are some great websites for others in a similar situation and emotional support.
    You have friends? you know your neighbours? any neighbourhood groups/clubs in your area?

    As for the “scum of the earth” I don’t think that you should take any of these comments to heart/personal. Don’t forget to keep your chin up and laugh/smile once in a while, live is never all bad.

    Silver can be bought for around £30 an oz, it is a gamble but no one knows. ( silver is used in industry far more than gold, solar panels etc. do some research)

    Wishing you well. :-)


  51. @BT, can I be cheeky and ask for the web link to the Sherlock Holmes story,no problem if not. I did look in the previous bloggs (honest) but just can’t find it. By the way that other site you posted recently is shocking!


  52. @Bereshit9
    I agree with your sentiments, more people need to wake up as well. If there is a God then you will meet after life maybe, in the meantime you can only try to be the best a person you can.
    know thy self. Choose love and reject fear, all things will flow from there.


  53. Hey, BT:

    Yes, WP’s account of the GW murder is ingenious and convincing. It will be interesting to see if he continues with the sequel, once he has digested the info from the inquest.


  54. “I feel it incumbent upon me to a least be prepared to survive”

    EWA, definitely plan to survive!

    And do not be despondent about being merely scum of the earth. The condition is not terminal.

    I suffered from it for several years, holding successive appointments with three governments, before switching to a classier branch of public employment: academia, where I held appointments at three universities, briefly all of them at the same time. But after that I became self employed. When that seemed like Hell, I reflected on what it had been like working for a dysfunctional government agency, or a politically controlled academic establishment, then I felt fortunate.

    It’s probably true, not everyone’s cut out for washing windows or whatever, but if you have imagination and are not bothered at the thought that as a very small-time (to begin with anyhow) entrepreneur it’ll be your job to vacuum the office carpet and fix the toilet if it’s blocked, you might not find it a bad life.

    But it’s true not every would be tycoon finds it possible to hang on until income exceeds outgo. I had a great uncle who three times started a business and each time went bankrupt. Between times he worked in the factory until he’d paid off his creditors. One project was to publish a magazine, but people didn’t think much of it: they said the paper was too shiny to use as arse-wipe. Eventually he made good doing public recitations of the works of Charles Dickens (that was before WW1).


  55. @WfD:
    Sure, here’s Chapter 1/Page 1
    Successive chapters accessed on the right-hand-side.
    Enjoy :-)

    Sherlock Holmes reputedly investigated using the logic of “when you eliminate all the unlikely or improbable culprits (for reasons of logistics and access etc), you are left with the culprit.” That is what convinced me it was not a foreign power. The only uncertainty is precisely when the order was given; this determines who actually gave it…


  56. A scary report indeed.

    Yet spoilt somewhat by the advice to short bank stocks towards the latter part as though making profits in a collapsing financial environment is of any significant benefit to the profiteer in the scenario Mr Summers describes.

    Have faith, something always turns up to solve the problem, look what it was like 46 years ago (46 chosen as it was allegedly the same time it took to build the temple where the moneylenders so enraged Jesus).

    Unfunded liabilities can easily become unpaid liabilities along with anything else that falls due where the will not to pay prevails, look past any religious fervour, it’s the moneylenders who suffer, let us cast them out of our temples.


  57. Very nicely put Mr bereshit9. I applaud and respect everything you say, but until the people that got us into this mess publicly avow to the same sentiments, then why should I turn the other cheek? Jesus’ only violent act was to upend the moneychangers tables …… buying gold is almost the same thing. It’s railing against the system. It’s not just a matter of profiting from mayhem, it’s nervewracking as anything to put up and shut up.


  58. Agree totally @Winston Smith.Gold should be used to preserve wealth until AFTER the event(whatever that may be) when new financial systems are in place. use your preps and trade these to see you through the crisis.


  59. Each to their own of course Funk, the thin veneer of goodness in my written sentiments conceals a much anticipated opportunity the ruination offers to a repressed zealot like myself.

    My harsh inner city upbringing will serve me well I think as I stroll the streets of Hades ;-)


  60. @ WFD
    You have friends? you know your neighbours? any neighbourhood groups/clubs in your area?
    That will be the answer the all else fails, Family, Friends and neighbours.

    That is why in most authoritarian countries the first thing to do is destroy the family and then try to get people to spy on their friends and neighbours.
    Divide and rule.

    Get involved in your local community
    Find out who your neighbours are.
    How many people don’t even know the name of the family 3 or 4 doors along.

    Do all these things NOW, then when the crunch comes you can work together on alotments, open land, back gardens and communual cookins at the village hall.

    Share your resources and work together, westminster will be of no use, just your F,F & N.

    @ Erstwhileagent we are all part of society, we cannot function alone.


  61. Despite all the negative posts about gold and silver investment, I agree with JW that “nobody and nothing is big enough to keep the price of precious metals down”.

    The banks are in bad shape making losses everywhere. They have to keep their Tier 1 assets at about 9% to avoid some degree of nationalisation. Tier 1 assets consist of shares but the stock markets are falling.

    Gold and silver are NOT Tier 1 assets, but they are SO easy for the banks to sell. So, to keep their Tier 1 assets up to the percentage of total assets required by the regulators under Basle 111, what do they do? They sell gold and silver.

    The price of precious metals is falling at the moment because of banks failing. However, the price of these precious metals will reach a level, say, £15 or £10 or £5 per ounce when every Tom, Dick and Harry of an investor will buy.

    Besides, the banks will presumably run out of gold etc to sell to replace their losses on the stock and bond markets.

    Also, when the US Treasuries bubble bursts and investors realise that they are losing money by holding them, there will be NO other safe haven for investors than gold and silver.

    Buy now, like JW, so that you’ll be at the bottom of the price range as it goes up to between $10,000 – $20,000 per ounce. There’s no counterparty risk so you can’t have a bond haircut or lose the value of your shares and, therefore, your investment.


  62. Precious metals will fall to, say, £15 or £10 or £5 per ounce of SILVER, for example, when every Tom, Dick and Harry of an investor will buy.


  63. @Lupulco, Indeed. The elite’s motto, Divide and rule. The people’s motto, United we stand, divided we fall.


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