GETTING BY: Cheap, excellent wine alert

I’m not a huge fan of most Aussie wines. I find the vast majority overpriced and too high in alcohol. However, there’s a McGuigan 2010 Bin 736 red at Tesco right now, and it’s terrific.

And more importantly, it’s on offer.

Shiraz Viognier is not a blend with which I’m familiar. But unlike Merlot, what you gain in smoothness you don’t lose in character. And at 13% abv, it’s still a sane wine.

It’s down from £9.99 to £4.99 until 19th June, so Big T must be losing money on it. All the more reason to stock up.

30 thoughts on “GETTING BY: Cheap, excellent wine alert

  1. I read today:
    “Britons should drink no more than three small glasses of wine a week, scientists have said” Oxford University.


  2. That’s ok, their French equivalents are ‘insisting’ on at least one large glass of red per day with the full fat cheese as well….


  3. Testing out a red from the Languedoc, that I got from Sainsbo’s. Usual 8.99 per bottle, now on 2 for 12. It’s not as good as your screamer, but it’s not bad and the wine itself is going down quite well right now…..


  4. Bad luck Brit’s. All the good stuff stays in Australia – this good stuff is too expensive to export. Its too expensive at retailers in Australia as well.
    I would hasten to say that the Aussie wine you receive over their lands there courtesy of the French. The French having moved into Australian wine producers in a big way.


  5. @Bon Idle: Err…the good stuff IS available at home (Oz) cheaply, and in NZ. They just bottle it as ‘Cleanskin” or the like so as not to taint the brand. Wolf Blass President Label 2004 Shiraz was $39.99 a bottle last year, and to move the aging stock on Cleanskin marketed it at $9.99. It’s who and what you know!


  6. June first is the opening day of “Wine World” in this local, I will let you know how it compares to Tesco


  7. The Great Barry McGuigan’s grandfather planted the vines in the 1800’s.
    The boy was suckled on this juice, and his mother noticed that he became irritable after every feed with a tendency to lash out at the nearest person.
    Eventually, it became the great boxers aperitif before every bout.


  8. shiraz-viognier is a blend of red and white grapes. its pretty nasty stuff imo with the viognier used to save a bad shiraz.
    too bad you dont get much of the good Australian wine in the UK, just the cheap/tacky mass produced export stuff.


  9. …LOL…
    best not let the wife have a drop or you’ll be in for a weekend of <b. biffo .
    We go to M&S for our French Whites and Reds (best in world)…
    Less stress at M&S


  10. Went to a winemakers dinner at the Brisbane Polo Club a few weeks ago. Winemaker from Bridgewater Mill South Australia recalled being carried on his uncle’s shoulders as a small boy while his uncle inspected the fruit, and remembering his uncle saying: “Remember son – if every grape could be red it would be” .


  11. I was also wondering about this as an idea- mystifying! I am sick and tired of “advice” on health matters- it is obvious that any “research” on what people eat and their resultant state of health must be flawed, given that you cannot control such an “experiment” for any length of time, thus people’s entire lifestyle will have an effect that will taint the “result”. As in breastfeeding producing consistently healthier babies- the breastfeeding mother typically being of a different socioeconomic group with better nutrition, health care , education and arguably, genes. I am also waiting for the day when the terrifying sounding chemicals in sun lotion are found to be causing skin cancer- from hence would flow that people who sunbathe more were getting more cancer!


  12. My favourite recent red is Hardys Nottage Hill Cabernet Sauvignon Shiraz. Despite the 14% ABV it’s quite soft and fruity. Most places it’s 7 or 8 quid a bottle but Asda have been flogging it for £4.98.

    Buy now while stocks last at this price.


  13. Someone needs to tell these scientists that if everyone follows their guidelines and cuts down on their drinking – they will all just die of something else !


  14. I have arrived late to this thread.

    Wines are becoming stronger in alcohol as the growing season lengthens and the average temperature rises. Spanish wines are often up to 16% and this trend is now manifesting itself in SE France.

    What effect does this have on the wine. Well essentially all the constituent flavour moieties are still there but in their original configuration and not enhanced. The difference is in the sugar content and ergo the alcohol thus produced.

    What in practical terms is the wine becomes disequilibriated (maybe I just made that word up) from the standard. Alcohol actually gives a sort of false sweetness and burns the gullet upon swallowing. It tends to reduce the perception of the fruit.

    I am puzzled too about the use of red and white grapes to make a red wine.

    I don’t know if you will read this; the moving finger having writ then moves on, and all that.


  15. Sounds like a good price. Except I wouldnt have it if it was free. I’d put pins in my eyes before I’d touch Aussie wine. Won’t have it in the house


  16. Interesting, although I think it is the drinker who becomes disequilibriated over time, esp if 16%. I am extremely fond of a wine grown in Banyuls which I am told is so delicious on account of the concentration of sugars etc produced by the hot dry climate, and no doubt the soil, and the urine of the Catalan goats.


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