CYPRUS: Erdoganism on the march yet again.

Recep Erdogan…cuddling up to the military

If Recep Erdogan’s expansionist aims are to be realised, then he can’t alienate the military completely. Over the last three weeks he has been dropping hints and giving signals that show-trials and purges in the army should now come to an end. He’s the best person to decide such a thing, as he’s run it since Day One.

But of course if you want sabres to rattle at Israel, then you need committed officers to hold them. And it’s hard to invade Cyprus without officers to lead the troops.

Seven days ago, the north Cyprus Cabinet changed the name of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (unrecognised by almost every UN nation except Turkey)  to the Turkish Republic of Cyprus – ie, dropping the all important ‘northern’ descriptor. The decision was issued on May 23, and is to befollowed by the issuance of new biometric passports for all the citizens of what remains, in reality, a rogue State.

The north-Cypriot Government decision hopes to neutralise and undermine the current UN Security Council Resolution, which states clearly that the international community does not recognize the TRNC (now the TRC) as an official state.The Turkish-Cypriot citizens will be identified as “Cypriot Turks” in their new passports, something which is expected to allow them to travel more easily in different European and Islamic countries, such as Pakistan.

The problem remains, however, that the whole of  Cypus is, technically, an EU member. So if Edogetyergun decides to award himself the Turkish Republic of Cyprus, in order to remain a member and comply with its rules he will have no alternative, poor chap, but to invade the entire island. And if he then makes the TRC a province of Turkey, why, then of course the Sprouts will be forced to recognise Turkey as a whole.

They could get together an invasion force and chuck Erdogan out of Cyprus, but there are two problems with that scenario. One, it would take them about thirty years to raise the army, and another thirty to organise the invasion; and two, they don’t want to annoy Mr Erdogan any more than David Cameron does.

This is all academic anyway, as within five years at most, there won’t be an EU. All I can say is, thank goodness the Greeks bought €150bn of arms from EU founders Francogermany. Otherwise, where would we be now?


30 thoughts on “CYPRUS: Erdoganism on the march yet again.

  1. Got it! A conspiracy theorist might say that theTurks are being encouraged by the EU elites to make noises for the purpose of driving Greece back into the EU’s arms in the run up to another election…..

  2. jeez… you find some oil off the coast and everybody wants to invade again… my theory is that Turkey is working in secret with Germany (history of that) to scare Greece into wanting to stay in the EU for security reasons… ultimately it won’t matter as you say because the Euro will not last, but the framework for an Otto-Germanic post war occupation of the new oil supply (Greece) must be established early if no one is going to notice…

  3. Or to the cousins’ arms at the other side of the Atlantic.
    It could be also that if chaos exists in Greece, Turkey sees a window of opportunity and acts on it’s own – like in 1974 in Cyprus.

    There has been rumour in the past week that:
    – Berlin is in favor of a center-right coalition (ND-PASOK), as these guys have a long under-the-table relationship with EU (especially Germany).
    – D.C. prefers a leftist gov (Syriza), thinking the can make a fresh start and negotiate with somebody that has no strings attached to Berlin.
    That could explain Laguarde’s blunt statements. – She is IMF – IMF is one of the many arms of Kali-USA…bingo!

  4. It’s a win win… if they keep us in the EU they drain all the oil for our “debts”… if we don’t… Turkey invades and having been fast tracked to EU membership a “compromise” is made (like in Cyprus) and although the world does not recognize the new Greek Republic of Turkey… they don’t do anything about it… like Cyprus… same old same old for Greece…

  5. There is alot of conflicting news coming out of Greece and from my friends in Russia (after reading the comments…). Syriza has moved to align itself to Russia as it does not only belong to the West…are some of the comments being made? Is this confirmable from people that read the slog? If the scenarios bandied about Coalition NS/PASOK being EU vs Syriza being US is this out right lies being touted? If so why is no one calling this out?

    IMO Greece is about to declare neutrality and have Russia vs EU vs America. Therefore where does Anglia/Turkey/Israel fit into this picture? China? Is NATO dead and are we witnessing the rise of Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO) vs NATO with other allies… Interseting to Note where the rest of the Brics fit in. It seems the term “its all greek to me” is now starting to be unraveled/translated.

  6. If the EU has ambitions to admit Turkey at some stage, surely they must wait until the human rights issues have been resolved.
    And then after that, the EU must find a way to integrate a Muslim state with all its cultural and spiritual mores into a nominally Christian, but de facto atheist, group of countries. Good luck with that.
    Given the evidence of the incompetence of the Eurocrats, we can be sure they will fall into one or the other of these bear pits, and drop Europe into chaos and anarchy, however the current Greece tragedy gets resolved.

  7. Merkel would rather chew her right leg off before she accepts the Turks in the EU. The was happy to shelve these discussions years ago.
    The left on the other hand could very well lie with it…would be hard to communicate, though…lets not forget that in large parts of Turkey they still ride donkeys on their way to work (e.g. herding sheep).

    Not gonna happen.

  8. @Terp.. Thanks for the correction. Merkel’s left leg is not my preferred image this morning.

  9. …while in large parts of Greece (could say the whole country) we vote for donkeys that don’t have a clue how to make it work.

  10. O/T sorry. When I look at images of Draghi, Lagarde and Venezelos I see cold, dead, hooded eyes. Were they born that way or did years of callous, ruthless behaviour turn their souls to ice? Nasty, nasty people.

  11. @NM:/@John: Yep, it looks like there are three external parties who want to get their hands on Greece’s fossil fuels/minerals (or at least some level of influence/control) if they’re confirmed in large quantities.
    So far we’ve only seen noise from Ankrara and I think it would be foolish of Turkey to take any actions without the nod from the US or EU (depending on who’s pulling its strings) as this could have consequences.
    We already know Murky is almost obsessed with keeping Greece inside the EZ so Germany could be the puppet master. OTOH we also know the US has a long vested interest in oil, so it could also be the puppet master.
    It’s not clear which one of them is favoured by the likes of Venalzelos or ND. I presume the puppet master will become apparent in due course.

  12. Dear James E,
    Situation is so fluid that it;s all Greek to me too!
    Syriza approach to Russia confirmed. But…
    we are in election campaign period now. After elections party leaders usually soften angles and face the realities.
    Also: Syriza has no past as a governing party. If they rise in power it will be the first time.
    My personal opinion: they will try to find a balance between EU, US, CIS, China. And if hard decisions have to be taken, they will follow the money.

  13. Naw, I think the sheep are safe. But seriously, this discussion was gladly put on the backburner back in economically way sweeter times.
    No way the EU will put up with a country whos asian half basically lives like 200 years ago while lacking the funds to even keep the developed (kinda) countries on the wagon.
    Not to mention the problems with the religious folks.

  14. You mean there would have been morally upright, reasonable people available? No way!
    At least that has never happened up here, they are all clueless scum.

  15. O/T This from Seeking Alpha: European Commisson retreats from bank plan. “We do not see (the) possibility of direct recapitalization of banks from the eurozone’s permanent bailout fund,” the European Commission said today. It seems to suggest that the EC is furiously backpedalling from its proposal of just the opposite yesterday, which prompted a major 30 minute rally in Europe.

  16. Maybe Murky walked into the EC an gave Barreloso and the Garden Gnome a thorough bitch-slapping?

  17. Max
    ‘surely they must wait until the human rights issues have been resolved.’
    You’d think so, but human rights are just part of gesture politics for the Sprouts. Neither they nor Merkel the Osti give a flying f**k about human rights,
    Even if such a thing exists…

  18. Which is odd in some ways, because without Turkish gastarbeiters, the German car industry would be on its arse.

  19. Matt-a-Max
    Once upon a time there were lots of nasty maggots called Hunt, Murdoch, Brooks, Coulson, Venizelos, Blankfein and Blair. They all lived in a very cold place called Undrastone.
    Then a Fairy Witch came along and let them out.

  20. Images of Murky in dominatrix outfit…… Oh my god where’s the number for the therapist

  21. That times have long passed my friend.
    But you are correct, the first generation of Turks coming here have helped the country a lot, and its a shame that the governments and the industry did them such a poor service the way the programs were set up. Today, many of the offspring of these first generation turks are paying the price for the 70s and 80s indifference to their parents by being a paralell society trapped by low education and dependent on handouts.

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