HACKGATE DAY 506: Noose tightens on Camerlot as Sheridan cops nab Coulson


Andy Coulson

The 44-year-old former Number Ten mediacomms boss reporting direct to Prime Minister David Cameron was detained in London this morning by officers from Strathclyde Police. He will shortly be arriving in Glasgow to undergo interrogation on suspicion of committing perjury during the infamous Tommy Sheridan trial. The case relates to allegedly false accusations made by Andy Coulson against the Scottish MP while he (Coulson) was editor of now defunct Murdoch newspaper The News of the World.

This is not exclusive news, but as ever The Slog’s interpretation adds value: just 24 hours before a Minister appointed by Cameron to handle the Newscorp bid for BSkyB faces his accusers in front of the Leveson enquiry, another paid Camerlot liar is up before the Beak….with the same media mogul Murdoch involved.

And things couldn’t be worse for David Cameron in this specific case: Coulson is known to be bitter about the way both Newscorp and Number Ten have hung him out to dry. Allegedly, he is depressed – and drinking heavily.

There are very few substances more likely to make a man sing than alcoholic drink.

Stay tuned.



36 thoughts on “HACKGATE DAY 506: Noose tightens on Camerlot as Sheridan cops nab Coulson

  1. could the Cable sting have been set up by those other than the media in order to change the person making the judgement about the takeover


  2. Commiting perjury (“allegedly”) during a perjury trial is not a classy thing to do. Even if you are working for the PM at the time. He was always looking at some serious bird. Hope he doesn’t drop that mobile in the shower……


  3. Don’t you worry none John, it’s finally been revealed that Cameron has v/cordial relations with Mr Blair, who provides regular phone advice to him. This ought to confirm peoples’ opinion that Cameron is not a real Tory.

    Is Blair preparing the ground to join the Blue Labour Party? hhmmm. Stranger things have happened. Or is he easing his way back into UK politics as a stepping stone to become the EU Super-Duper-Supremo President?


  4. Your second option is favourite. Blair is currently on a smarm-offensive to get on-side all those who might otherwise scupper his chances of El Presidente Mk2.

    Gotta hand it to him, he plays a good game. Watch and learn, Wavy-Davy, watch and learn.


  5. According to reports he was “detained by seven officers from Strathclyde Police at his home in the Dulwich area of London”.
    One to make the the arrest and six to carry the bags presumably


  6. “This ought to confirm peoples’ opinion that Cameron is not a real Tory.”

    or that Phony Tony was not a real socialist.. hard to tell.

    “Or is he easing his way back into UK politics as a stepping stone to become the EU Super-Duper-Supremo President?”
    @BT Aha Now you’re talking! the snake is sidewinding it’s way to every avaliable snake pitt


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  8. I have no love of Sheridan. can’t stand the man. But, to be imprisioned on the say so of a sleazy editor and his paymaster Murdoch really is a crime! that in itself should be automatic jail time. I hope he squeals like a …

    Seven officers? they were not taking any chances just in case NSY got hold of any loose, incriminating evidence against them.
    Eenie meenie manny mo.. catch the Liar by the toe, if he squeals let him go…eenie meenie manny mo.


  9. @BT: What a quandry, would I prefer Blair to the two steaming heaps of parrots droppings Barroso and Van Rompuy that we have now?
    I’ll have to get back to you on that one……


  10. Tomorrows news;
    Committed suicide in his cell with six
    self inflicted shots to the back of his head.
    Move along…..


  11. @Jwoo” Oh, indeed but, I feel that Blair is headed for the top job. Frying pans and fires and all that.
    He will be unstoppable. The difference is that he has more intellect in his big toe than Barrosso and Van Rompuy have collectively, that’s why he is wanted for the top job.


  12. Glasgow you say? With any luck they’ll welcome him with a special kiss.. At the risk of repeating myself, and several thousand others, this man is as bent as a genetically modified extremely bent thing on steroids. The name Coulson is derived from the French words cul and son; he sounds like an arse because he is an arse (the first o was added in recognition that he has a ring at both ends). That he should have been employed by a serving PM speaks volumes about the state of general decay in our political settlement – not to mention a total lack of talent for consequential thinking. I’m sorry to go on about this but the bowel loosening indecency of it all is provoking beyond my ability to describe it. I hope his mother (if it was indeed a natural birth) can sew. Mind you, if she could she would have sewn his gob shut at birth – or, better still, sewn her knees together. Anyway,time for my xanax – I find that it restores palindromic equilibrium and adds some symmetry to my life. Librium, now that’s another useful compound…


  13. According to Allan Massie in the Spectator, Coulson appeared for the DEFENCE, not the prosecution. I don’t know if this is true-but if it is it does rather cast a different light on things.
    In connection with the main “point” in the whole Hackgate saga, I am heartily sick of politicians whinging that they were “bullied” by Newscorp (Cable being the latest to cry “poor little me”). In reality, they couldn’t wait to get their heads up Newscorp a**e, and the media couldn’t stand up to Alistair Campbell-so all in all they deserved each other.
    However what we, the people who pay these useless yeps deserve, is honest and principled politicians (preferably who don’t desert their friends when they are in trouble-gutless ba***rds), a media which presents the arguments properly, judges who can run an enquiry properly and not be so pompous and starstruck (for god’s sake, Leveson, grow up-or are you stringing it out for the fees and trying to protect your pension?-yes, probably) and police who are nice to the nice people and nasty to the nasty people (and know and understand the difference).
    And guess what? We are further away than we ever have been from getting any of this!
    Rant over!


  14. @BT In my usual roundabout way I was trying to express a modicum of displeasure at the very existence of this piece of human (?) ordure. I realise that I may not have succeeded in being quite frank enough but, as ever, shrunk from saying anything that could be construed as being in any way offensive.



  15. @kfc: All things being equal I think Blair would have at least two major hurdles to overcome: (a) Britian is not in the EZ – but he could promise to drag Britain in through his Labour luvvies, and (b) he’s a Brit – plenty of Europeans, especially the French, don’t like Britain running the show because we’re Anglo-Saxon and too close to the US.


  16. BT. What makes you think Blair is a Brit ? Checked his passport recently ? All the rest of his family use Irish passports – bit of a clue there ? He’s Irish, he’s conveniently Catholic and he’s the best bullshitter in the game. No contest.


  17. Makes you wonder about the alleged impact of the ‘vicious cuts’ our esteemed Plod are facing. If they can still send 7 MacPlods to collect one meek, mild and lightly inebriated bloke from London, it rather demolishes their case against further cuts in funding. Go to it Mrs May.

    Unless, of course, the other six were carrying their emergency rations of deep-fried Curly-Wurlies for the journey……..that counts as a cultural necessity around Glasgow apparently.


  18. Many a true word…..

    If Coulson is as fragile as is suggested, he may not need any assistance – unlike Dr David Kelly.


  19. Nothing adrift with the Wiki data. The same ancestry qualification which entitled all his children suddenly to adopt Irish nationality also applies to Blair himself, except in his case it’s one generation stronger.

    He has never (yet) admitted his Irish status publicly but, whenever it starts to work to his advantage, he will play the ‘Shamrock Card’ with his usual flair and flourish.

    A class act – with the emphasis on the ‘act’.


  20. @H……………b: Oh! I thought I’d not put enough …. between the H and b in your name when I responded ;-)


  21. @Mudplugger: He’s certainly a political act. Although I have it on v/good authority that he wasn’t too good in his earlier legal profession. He was described as mediocre, but still way ahead of most buffoon MPs in Westminster.


  22. @Muddyone.. How very,very dare you insult us with your cheap plastic curley wurley jibe…Some of us prefer smooth Galaxy OR Milk Tray….Tsk. I don’t know if there were 7 officers could be a mis print argh! missprint never!, papers always tell the truth.

    He has now been charged with perjury.. he may be sent to cells over night wow, how scarie would that be. I bet the damnedcam is wringing his hands.. Oh dear, oh Dear did he just fall on his sword…I wonder who he can blame for this. John any idea? names floating around? You wrote about it so you must take some responsibility…:-)


  23. If he’s drinking and his heart is full of woe, then why’d he miss his chance to tattle when he was up before Leveson? You’d think if he was planning to turn on his masters he would appreciate an audience.


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