POLITICIANS: A new valuation game, The Antics Roadshow

Cabinet is worth £70million(Today’s Daily Telegraph)

You have to laugh at the use of that verb ‘worth’. My valuation of Camerlot would be roughly 13p, but only in a specialist auction where someone weird might see the novelty value in collecting waste products.

But it does raise the question of relative worth on an international comparison basis. This from Forex today:

‘EU findings reportedly praise Mario Monti’s government for the progress it’s made in reforming Italy’s economy, although criticizes it for not doing enough to tackle tax evasion and the rather large black economy. The report, which is due on Wednesday, also warns that austerity “may depress domestic demand and growth”.

Yes…but apart from being on the wrong strategy and not bringing in much in the way of taxes Monti my boy, how’s it going?

My valuation of the Brussels bigwigs would be 4 eurocents….or rather, what that would be worth in about three months time.

As for Mario….he’s priceless. If you know what I mean.

Across the Pond now to the US of A, and Rudolf Giuliani said this to the media yesterday:

“We have found out what a president who has no experience is going to give us,” the former New York City Mayor  said. “He’s going to give us tremendous failure, the largest debt we’ve ever had, and the highest levels of sustained long-term unemployment since the depression.”

You have to believe he was talking about Obama, but if he’s pointing us at Oven-Fresh Mitt’s ‘experience’, we should remember that he was the founder of a corporate raider (Bain) that seemed perilously close to the Gordon Gecko view on putting profits ahead of employees.

I’d give both candidates a minus 73 bucks I think.


45 thoughts on “POLITICIANS: A new valuation game, The Antics Roadshow

  1. I think John Hemming MP is worth a £100,000, for someone to take him away and put him somewhere where no-one has to listen to his two faced bleating any more.


  2. @JW: “My valuation of Camerlot would be roughly 13p”

    What value would you place on Ed Milipede? and Nick Clugg?


  3. As for Rudolf Guiliani, the best advice is never to vote for or do business with anyone whose name ends in i or o.


  4. If a billionaire comes to me, and explains how he’d lost his right arm in an accident, and that mine was an exact match, and offered me £100 million for my right arm…. well, I would refuse. So what of real worth can they actually buy with their £70 million ???


  5. And what valuation in terms of ‘pieces of silver’ from J P Morgan for Tony B.Liar for taking us into an unjustified war against Iraq for having Weapons of Mass Destruction which did not exist.

    !,000,000 people killed, orphaned, widowed, dissabled, lives destroyed, home destroyed, employment destroyed and all of Iraq’s oil stolen by the Zionist controlled USA.

    Tony B.Liar ….War Criminal and receiving $2,000,000 a year from the Military-Industrial- Bangsters complex for services rendered.

    May he rot in hell.


  6. Sadly, there’s an all too common disconnect between the meanings of ‘worth’, ‘cost’ and ‘value’ these days.

    By way of illustration; my lad just bought some fancy scooter (the stand on it and push yourself along with one foot type, not an actual motor vehicle) for a considerable sum of money. Bear in mind that he’s 15 and you may get my point…

    He leant said waste of valuable aluminium on the side of the kitchen counter while he was getting a drink (one of mine, btw!) from the fridge. I don’t see it, so I trip over it. His response, “Hey watch it! That’s worth 350 quid!”

    A discussion now ensues where I try to explain that it’s NOT worth £350, it’s worth the 8 quid or so in materials and labour it took to put together in some Far East sweatshop, plus about another quid or so to ship to the UK. Maybe I’ll allow one more pound for internal transportation costs. And that’s your lot. Maybe a tenner.

    It’s COST might have been £350 but it’s WORTH is about £10. It’s VALUE is obviously whatever that happens to be to him. Since he’ll have broken it in a couple of months and parts will prove elusively difficult to source, that value will of course depreciate rapidly.

    Kinda reminds me of taxpayer-funded bailouts for TBTF organisations…. Ok, sure, there IS a lasting value in that case, but it ain’t to Mr. Theophilus P Taxpayer.


  7. At least Judas felt the guilt after the deed and went on to hang himself.
    Seems Mr Liar is going to hang on to his silver with no guilt.


  8. Influence and Power, some can work without use of limbs. They would sacrifice anyone and anything for Power!


  9. May he rot in hell.

    I Believe Satan has already mentioned there is no place even in Hell for such a beast! I also believe that Hitler had more scruples than Blair: due to the fact He never mislead anyone about his evil deeds or intentions.. say’s something doesn’t it… BOTH responsible for mass murder and crimes against humanity.


  10. You’ve got a fifteen year old playing with a scooter, no wonder the country is going down the swannee (at that age I was in the cadets and had just signed on the dotted line for the Navy, went in jsut after I was sixteen)


  11. BT, this one’s for you – especially the last line! Found at the Direkt Democracy site, it’s a precis of this one:


    which itself is far too long for a buckshee translation!

    “Euro bailout madness and Humanism
    May 27, 2012

    In his latest post Peter Boehringer has worked out something very important:

    The ESM, the whole idea of saving the euro at any cost, is the opposite of humanism. Humanism is the fortification of people. Humanism is to give humans rights and freedom and security. Humanism is the enabling of opportunity for survival.

    The ESM and the ideology behind it, the euro central government, is the opposite of all that. It is the disenfranchisement of the people, the deprivation of their liberty, their property, the loss of their opportunity for survival. To say yes to the ESM is to say no to humans. Those who affirm humans, they must reject the ESM.

    And lastly Peter Boehringer has made a call to attend the demonstration in Munich on 2 June – a call which we can only follow.

    We would like to add: It does not matter from which perspective you look at the ESM – economically, politically, philosophically, financially and, as we have now learned, theologically – it has to be rejected, because it destroys economic strength, leads to dictatorship, degrades the people, ruins us all (except the 0.1% of the politico-banker mafia) and is the incarnation of a series of deadly sins (greed, arrogance, laziness). The ideology behind the ESM is the fascism of our time.”


  12. MBH
    Spin drs today on Adolf: ‘Chancellor Hitler: what you see is what you get’.
    I like it. It’s a good line. Or how about, ‘Vote Adolf and cut the journey time to Paris in half’.
    There’s always an upside.


  13. Dear All
    There is a creepy feeling to the world at present. I remember reading Dennis Wheatley occult novels aged about 12, and getting the same slight prickling in the nape of the neck, the same vague sense of unease.
    I watched Blair again today and thought to myself, “This man doesn’t have the psycho’s excuse. He has feelings, but chooses to do the wrong thing – and then convinces himself he is a saint”.
    The bloody planet’s covered in them.


  14. Are you seriously suggesting that Hitler was a better person than Tony Blair!

    Jeez, I thought Stoddart seeing Zionist’s behind every petty plot was left field, but Hitler!

    What next?

    Pol Pot outdid Mother Theresa on the acts of kindness count?


  15. Nothing wrong with a 15 year old playing with a scooter provided there not being an anti social nuisance with it (which of course many of them are).
    I once did the same thing myself before joining the Navy as a 16 year old Air Engineering Artificer Apprentice. Unfortunately we don’t seem to have much of a Navy left more of a coastal defence squadron hence no Diamond Jubilee Fleet Review (it would simply be too embarrassing compared to years gone by).
    What little of the navy that actually still exists has made a right fool of itself of the coast of Somalia and Iran. How could they stand by and watch that elderly couple being kidnapped by pirates then later try and pretend they were never there? What a shameful embarrassment. As for that idiot who cried when the Iranians confiscated his iPod words completely fail me.
    Lord Jellicoe must be turning in his grave at what a complete joke his beloved navy has morphed into.


  16. ‘Mr.Blair said that there was no truth in the allegation that he had been paid off by the US banking giant J.P.Morgan for the Iraq War.’
    Well, he would say that, wouldn’t he?


  17. Im not generally in the “the illuminati are running the world into the ground for their own personal benefit” crowed, but when it comes to Blair and Brown I can really really see them in the freemasons hall undergoing rituals and pledging allegiance to some strange deity; somehow believing themselves to be humanities savior and that humanity needed to be destroyed in order to save it…


  18. So was Tony B.Liar’s payoff for services rendered calculated at $2 a year per human death by J P Morgue?


  19. There’s no such quantitative state as a better taste in music and they both would have to paint in similar styles to facilitate comparison, which as far as I’m aware they didn’t unless Adolf painted the bunker door socialist red too.


  20. But Bliar changed his religion, had 1-1 with the Pope where he booked his allotment in history – when the time comes for him to expire, it will be a full state funeral


  21. @Jason. Better getting out on a scooter than being stuck in a dark room glued to some virtual reality game, becoming brainwashed into accepting it’s ok to kill and maim.


  22. @JW: Ah, The Devil Rides Out etc – I remember them well! Completely agree about the creepy feeling, it has been building for some time and is now palpable; might be something to do with the fact that we’re being practised upon by a bunch of creeps? Time for a chalk circle and some pentacles… but don’t want to upset Incubus. As for the Blair Witch Project, one can only hope that he has a nasty accident with his broomstick one of these days.


  23. @Romford Dave

    I thought this following paragraph was just priceless ……..!!!

    “In fact, the one nation that seems to care the most about Arab lives is Israel. Israel spends enormous effort and money to minimize civilian deaths in its operations, and the ratio of civilians to militants killed in Cast Lead, about 1:1, is far lower than in any war ever waged by Arabs – and indeed lower than any war waged by Western nations as well. Israel literally spends millions on smart bombs that they can and do divert at the last second if they see a civilian, rather than just aiming and firing and hoping for the best. In Jenin, Israel recklessly risked its own soldiers lives to minimize Arab civilian deaths. Israel continued to provide medical services to Palestinian Arabs even after their terror leaders in Gaza took advantage of that fact by sending a female suicide bomber to blow up the hospital she was being treated at. Israel spends thousands of man-hours painstakingly investigating the deaths of Arab civilians killed during conflict, and punishes soldiers who are reckless with the lives of Arabs – something you simply will not see on the Arab side of the conflict.”


  24. Blair is a fascist and highly manipulative archetypal psychopath who sees himself as The New Messiah sent here to protect us from ourselves. With a belief like that embedded in his skull he can justify anything, without a conscience. Recall how easily he assaulted our ancient liberties with his anti-terror laws which had little to do with fighting terror and everything to do with turning Britain into a fascist police state. He’s the modern day equivalent of Stalin, Hitler and most other 20th century madmen, dressed in Armani suits. He’s obviously unfit for any public office in a liberal democracy, but worryingly is revered by so many like-minded wannabes at home and abroad.

    ”The Economist” from August 1999:


  25. @VJ: Thanks for this interesting piece. It won’t surprise you to hear that I totally agree with Peter Boehringer :-) He’s absolutely right and should be complimented for exposing the ESM nonsense for what it is. *It* and some other EU examples collectively represent a new 21c fascism that’s consuming Europe, step-by-step.
    Any member of the EU political elites – whichever Party and side of the political axis they claim to represent – cannot be Right-minded if they also support this growing monster called The EU and its other organs. No sane person on the Right side of politics could possibly agree with its agenda of destroying democracy, freedom and prosperity. I include many people in the British Conservative Party who’ve rolled over to keep the peace.


  26. I didn’t say it was good propaganda, just propaganda, but hopefully the futility lesson wasn’t lost on you as you tried to comprehend the nonsense and turn it into something you could reciprocate with. Spin is spin whoever is doing the turning and endless repetition of the same incantation doesn’t make it true just more in tune with those who chose not to think.


  27. Bliar ain’t fooling anyone but himself and not doing too good a job of that at all.

    Just a hope that one of his terrorists tops him quite soon for the benefit of mankind.


  28. @ Mark, “What little of the navy that actually still exists has made a right fool of itself of the coast of Somalia and Iran” Truly, something die that day for “Great Britain”, for me at least.


  29. Just be careful, guys. When B-liar becomes El Presidente of EU Mk2, all this stuff will still be on the servers at GCHQ, available for analysis and follow-up.

    Big Blair Bro is already watching us……..


  30. @Mudplugger. The name of David Icke isn’t mentioned any more. Lost among the mayhem and madness were little nuggets of truth which are coming to pass today. I think the powers that be left him alone as he did a good enough job of destroying his own credibility without them having to do it. Pity. We might have all listened up sooner.


  31. John, I read Dennis Wheatley as well, and know exactly what you mean. I hope it’s not just wishful thinking, but I did wonder if the man who called Blair a war criminal yesterday got a warm reception from the police who had to arrest him, as I like to think that the police are also sick and tired of the rich and mighty getting away with henious crimes.


  32. There might well be individual policemen who are “sick and tired of seeing the rch and mighty getting away with heinous crimes”, but it seems to me that the police force bossmen in general rather likes the role of being State Enforcers. Witness the huge resources they deploy to manage and (unlawfully?) kettle demonstrators. Never before have the police had so many powers granted to them as in the last 15 years. IMO they have become instruments of government policy.


  33. Phoney Tony is a catholic he would not be allowed to be a Mason. but if he was to be a member of a secret society it would be The Knights of St Columbus.. catholic equivilent to Masons, well not really the same, catholics are not free to be free thinking!


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