Cabinet is worth £70million(Today’s Daily Telegraph)

You have to laugh at the use of that verb ‘worth’. My valuation of Camerlot would be roughly 13p, but only in a specialist auction where someone weird might see the novelty value in collecting waste products.

But it does raise the question of relative worth on an international comparison basis. This from Forex today:

‘EU findings reportedly praise Mario Monti’s government for the progress it’s made in reforming Italy’s economy, although criticizes it for not doing enough to tackle tax evasion and the rather large black economy. The report, which is due on Wednesday, also warns that austerity “may depress domestic demand and growth”.

Yes…but apart from being on the wrong strategy and not bringing in much in the way of taxes Monti my boy, how’s it going?

My valuation of the Brussels bigwigs would be 4 eurocents….or rather, what that would be worth in about three months time.

As for Mario….he’s priceless. If you know what I mean.

Across the Pond now to the US of A, and Rudolf Giuliani said this to the media yesterday:

“We have found out what a president who has no experience is going to give us,” the former New York City Mayor  said. “He’s going to give us tremendous failure, the largest debt we’ve ever had, and the highest levels of sustained long-term unemployment since the depression.”

You have to believe he was talking about Obama, but if he’s pointing us at Oven-Fresh Mitt’s ‘experience’, we should remember that he was the founder of a corporate raider (Bain) that seemed perilously close to the Gordon Gecko view on putting profits ahead of employees.

I’d give both candidates a minus 73 bucks I think.