I’m still at it. Raping the multiple supermarkets’ margins, that is. Bargains picked up in the last four days include:

– 4 packs of Fetta cheese reduced from £1.97 to 19p

– Lamb Shanks from £6.99 to £2.50

– Vegetarian Chicken from £6.00 to £3.00

Any time mid to late afternoon – and especially on Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, or any day after a Bank Holiday – can unearth this kind of treasure at the Reduced to Clear counters. These sort of bargains are the only good thing ever to come out of mad Health & Safety, so “Il faut profiter” as the French say.

Finding a block of fine Fetta at a price of 19p means you can turn a small, cheap rolled part-shoulder of lamb (they can be as little as £2.97) into a fabulous supper-party starter for four people. This is what yer do:

Snip the string and unroll the shoulder fragment. Crumble the fetta into bits and add a small nob of butter to form a paste. Now add to the paste some mint sauce concentrate (Colmans is still the best) and then coat the upside of the unrolled meat in that mixture.

Roll it up again, restring it, and cook slowly (at around 150C). There’s no point giving you a time, as these rolled-up bargains come in all the shapes and size. But when you take it out swimming in naughtiness and it melts under the knife, it’s ready: take a very sharp blade, slice the log into four Swiss rolls, and Bob’s yer uncle. It doesn’t look that pretty on the plate, but it smells like rapture might, and you could very easily expire from the pleasure of eating it.

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