Doooerrh…what’s up Dave?

You have to hand it to David Cameron, he’s not a hoarder: no Party leader in British history has thrown away quite as much as he.

With only a mentally-torpedoed, half-blind Caledonian failure to beat in May 2010, he threw away what had been a clear lead in Opposition, and saddled Britain with a more confused (and confusing) Government than I for one have ever experienced.

Now in the two years since, his Government has become unpopular for mucking up an austerity policy which was never going to make any difference in the first place….and for harbouring criminal lowlife in the face of overwhelming evidence of their guilt.

Sixteen days after The Slog pointed out that, in context, Osborne’s austerity drive was largely irrelevant, the Maily Telegraph has caught on. Bond Trading firm Tullett Prebon said that “public expenditures have hardly been reduced at all” and that claims of a “big cut in public spending is bare-faced deception”. But being also The Sarkist, the Telegraph omits to mention that the reason a £13bn saving is irrelevant is the £95bn thrown at bank stability aka QE by Mervyn King over the same period.

But then we know the Barclays are for Boris, not Dave. I’ve often wondered: are the playing fields of Eton level?

The Osborne Austerititor was a political showboat from day one, and now it’s sinking. Don’t ask about a Plan B, there isn’t one. Labour, of course, wants us all to think that the recovery has been damaged over last 2 yrs by “The Cuts”. In fact, the seeds of it were laid by Gordon Blown – then fertilised by massive ‘uncertainty’ in the euroblown…and the soil was rich in the first place because we all went Big Bang for 30 years and neglected the manufacturing sector.

It’s all about blowing and banging, really.

Whether the public has spotted much of this is doubtful, but what they do seem to have cottoned onto at last is that Lord Cameroid and his Pals tell gweat big fibs so there. And telling gweat big fibs while being cwap at spin does not a big poll lead produce.

So it shouldn’t really be a surprise that the latest Daily Mirror/YouGov poll shows the Ed Miller Band storming into a 14-point lead – the biggest for ten years. The depressing numbers for Camerlot are Labour on 45%, Tories on 31%, UKIP on 8% (if they remember to register) and the Cleggerons on 7%.

Under the revised ‘fewer-seats’ boundaries, Labour would have 368, the Conservatives 203, the LibDems 6, and of course UKIP -31.

The YouGov government disapproval figure at almost two-thirds is a new all-comers record, something of which the Prime Minister should feel justly proud in this, our Olympics year.

As I’ve yet to see any focus group research on the reasons behind this temporary collapse of stout Party, what follows has to be conjecture. There might seem to be a few clues here and there – over 43% of those interviewed in the latest Daily Telegraph Poll think welfare reform is an attack on the disabled, and thousands are to be removed from the educational Special Needs lists – but I doubt if this has a lot to do with it: the NHS at hospital level is about to be first starved and then raped, but nobody seems to give two fifths of a flying f**k about that – so why would they get worked up enough about anti-scrounger reforms?

No, I think the main things to have happened since the last dipstick poll (“Are you a dipstick?” “No”) are the Hunt BSkyB scandal, the wider Leveson enquiry, and the accelerating eurozone demise. All of these have shown for near-certain what many people – even Tory voters – have been thinking for several months: that the Kinghts of Camerlot are playing for the Dark Side, have neither morals nor ethics in the way they deny the obvious, and lack the guts to turn their professed euro-scepticism into practical policy.

British voters as a whole will forgive serial mendacity and corruption if a government seems to know what it’s doing, and tells Johnny Foreigner where to get off. But when a government seems muddled, stupid, nefarious – and spineless against Berlin-on-Brussels – all at the same time, the voters desert it in droves.

This is what’s happening. And it’s coming from inside the Tory Party as well as from outside in the real world.

The Met Office says that the new cold snap is going to last until mid June. There’s a very chilly feeling emenating for the Tory Right at the moment. Whether it will snap the Party remains to be seen: being behind in the polls vindicates the doubts of the 1922ers…but it also makes government-breaking a potentially suicidal act.

Whether that YouGov 45% would actually be mad enough to vote for the Balls ‘borrow more to save more’ oxymoronic policy is another matter. But the outrageously illiberal ‘5 year term’ act passed by the ConDemned the minute they got their feet under the table two years ago may well come back to bite them. It is now far easier than it used to be for a sitting Prime Minister to be put out in the rain without an election. And some form of more right-wing Government might be cobbled together with the help of one or two principled players from elsewhere in the House – even perhaps a minority Tory Government surviving because the LibDems were scared of destabilising it.

Either way, whether the 1922, or Newscorp, or Hunt, or euromeltdown does for Camerlot, its inhabitants are now doomed. If the loudmouths behind Graham Brady have either bottle or strategic sense, they will get rid of him now rather than wait for events to crucify the bloke.