Anti-Troika swing among young voters

The Slog has received details of two secret opinion polls in Greece, both of which suggest that, as young voters finally make their minds up, PASOK in particular has seen a major fall in its share of the vote. There are rumours in Athens itself that at least one poll has also been conducted by EU officials working out of the Troika offices there.

As The Slog predicted recently, Antonis Samaras of New Democracy has his sights on a coalition without the Pasok Party of Evangelo Venizelos. Not only does Samaras believe that the Pasok leader is too unpopular to be anything other than a liability, he also feels that Venizelos would block any attempt to renege on the Brussels bailout Accord signed in March….and leak Government intentions to the Troika.

Samaras is now openly reaching out to Right-wing voters who are leaving his Conservative party ahead of the May 6 elections,  observes the Greek Reporter. While that’s true, in private he is also keen to reach out the the Far Right’s leaders, and put the slavishly pro-bailout Pasok out of power. To do so, Samaras yesterday focused on his Rightist credentials, saying he would get tough on crime, repeal laws giving citizenship to second generation immigrants born in Greece, and allow police to use water cannons to break up protests. Nationalism is a rapidly growing political force in Greece – especially among the country’s youth.

Older traditional voters seem to have made up their minds to vote either ND or Pasok early on, largely ignoring the growing number of fringe Parties. But in the last eight days, there is polling evidence (it cannot be published in Greece as it is after the two-week pre-Election deadline) that not only are young voters firming up their intentions, a sizeable minority are ignoring the more pro-EU mainstream Parties.

One national poll – allegedly commissioned by Brussels – shows the New Democracy Party of Antonis Samaras holding onto its share of the vote, while Pasok has dropped from 19.8% to 15.5%. The Nationalist schism Golden Dawn was also seen to have enoyed a slight increase in popularity. If Pasok leader Venizelos has had sight of this poll, it would explain his desperate call, earlier in the week, for a ‘Grand’ Coalition….naturally, including him. In fact, I’m told that both main Party leaders know they are unlikely (based on the current numbers) to make up a majority of the votes cast. (The survey was leaked by a foreign Embassy in Athens, widely though to be Spain’s).

But a new poll revealed exclusively here by The Slog shows that, in the key voting areas in and around Athens – where the percentage youth demographic is higher –  the mainstream Party share of vote is collapsing.

The area polled is enormous, and electorally important: about 1.5m electors, running across 34 municipalities and accounting for roughly 42 seats in the Greek Parliament. The topline results are as follows:

New Democracy 14% (Conservative)
PASOK 12% (Socialist)
 Independent Greeks 11% (Hard Right)
SYRIZA 11% (Hard Left)
KKE 9% (Communist)
Golden Dawn 9% (Neo-Nazi)
Democratic Left 8%
With the support of less than 3 in 10 of voters, there is no way that the pro-bailout Coalition could have any validity. But equally, based on this study it looks as though neither the Left (32%) nor the Right (34%) could put a government together either.
There are, however, three other important factors. First, the Leftist Parties are violently opposed to the bailout terms and thus could never join in a Pasok Coalition without catastrophic loss of face. Second, as the above stats show, 28% of voters (mainly young) are still undecided – although many may abstain. And last but not least, the minority Parties themselves are now reaching out right across the Left-Right spectrum.
Alexis Tsipras, the leader of the Radical Left SYRIZA group, yesterday (Friday) said his Party would be prepared to join forces with the newly-formed nationalist Independent Greeks led by Panos Kammenos. This in turn firmed up a more general statement earlier that a left-wing alliance “would see votes for IG as support for, or at least tolerance of, such an anti-bailout formation.

The situation now becomes intriguing. For starters, there is a clear majority here against the bailout terms. If one adds on Antonis Samaras’s obvious doubts about it, the Troika is seen to have the support of just one in eight voters. Brussels will thus be forced to accept that its bailout scheme, timings and terms are unacceptable to the vast majority of Greeks. Based on their track-record, this won’t worry them for more than a second or two, but if made clear enough to the eurozone’s more apathetic voters, it might serve to point out what they (and that includes the UK) might well be in for one day.

Further, if we work on the assumption – not at all outlandish – that a quarter of the remaining 28% abstain, a quarter vote for the bailout Parties, and half vote for the minority groupings, that would take the anti-bailout protest to 42% Left and 42% Right. Pasok would be unacceptable to both wings of the opposition to Troika plans, so it would take only SYRIZA to join with Independent Greeks and New Democracy to form a majority anti-Brussels coalition Government.

How welcome would that be to the social democrat fluffies and control freaks of the EU? Not at all. More to the point, it would be an unmitigated disaster for the ECB and French banks; the beginning of the end, in fact, of the euro – were the outcome to emerge just as the markets give up on Spain….as they assuredly will do sooner rather than later.

As Dan Hannan would probably say, “That’s another fine mess the EU control freaks have got us into”. But bearing in mind the revelations discussed throughout this week here, one wonders what illiberal, anti-democratic trick they will now dream up to declare the vote null and void?

But for the Americans – a different story? This is, after all, exactly the outcome they wanted in March. But would they still want it in May, with Mario Draghi trying in vain to wrestle a Spanish meltdown to the ground? At the moment I have no idea. But I’d be willing to bet Lloyd Blankfein does.

Once again, The Slog is indebted to those who leaked and tipped off across the spectrum of Greek opposition

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  1. Great stuff, I appreciate your effort.
    Status quo is clearly the worst option for the EU. Someone must happen and the collapse of the euro would be a nice start to a better world – IMO.
    Sadly in situations like these anti-freedom parties do well, but that’s a risk that’s difficult to avoid.


  2. The Nationalist [party] schism Golden Dawn

    Hell, this sounds uncannily like Pol Pot’s been disinterred to run a Year Zero party! Will they force the rich Athenians out into the countryside?
    Maybe this guy will be parachuted in:

    I am puzzled by: “the Leftist Parties are violently opposed to the bailout terms and thus could never join in a Pasok Coalition

    Am I to conclude that the Leftish parties disagree with Pasok, the socialist party? The Left has a long record of fighting among its different factions.
    … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … …

    Whilst I agree there’s a multitude of parties each with headline policies to capture votes, this is to be expected in a country where democracy has broken down and been replaced by naked political corruption. Nevetheless, I don’t think it helps to sort out the confusion by attaching bogus labels of Left & Right to these parties. Greece is overwhelmingly a socialist nation and most of these parties will be of the Left once their headline policies are peeled back. And that probably means leaning towards fascism.


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  4. I,too, greatly appreciate what you are doing by enlightening us on THE TRUTH of the ghastly EU. My regret is Daniel Hannan. It appears to me that he is just a self publicist filling the Youtube airwaves with his speeches-which are generally excellent-m BUT when is he going to do something positive like creating a row within the Tory party, or leaving it to be a major voice within a new Real Tory Party. But the politicians who say they are anti the EU are absolutely cowardly when they should be giving the lead. Their first move has to be sacking Cameron and Co.


  5. I am afraid that Samaras is not as brave as he is acting , he will not go against the europeans , i doubt it if he has a clear plan in his mind , he belongs to the same old , never-held-a-job , geek generation of politicians .
    He has his narcissistic outbreaks from time to time but with no substance . I wish he proves me wrong and brushes Benizelos aside . I am afraid he will try to form a government with him and please God save Greece .Greece needs new people . I hope the greeks that will vote soon haven’t lost their memory or allow fear to determine their choices .Even if i leave far away at the moment i fear and i bleed for my country .Isn’t only about the money and the jobs .Is about this terrible sense of loss , sadness , the disappointment .Is very hard to get sympathy from the rest of the world and i feel grateful for the amount of sympathy we get in the slog .The ones with historical memory know what greece had offered to the world. These things are not just dead and gone .Our history , our arts , our music ,our poetry , our philosophical ideas ,our culture is our greatest assets .They haven’t vanished into nothing .Remain indigenously greek .Some of the highest points of our human civilization .What the greeks are good at there is no one else better than them .Sorry for the outburst but we can do with a bit of pride right now .


  6. the Greek military will express its views just on time.

    before that though, we will all witness the noble views of the Turkish military, around Kastelorizo !!!..

    coming soon to a cinema near you…. :) :) :)


  7. A very thorough and fine analysis. What will scare the politicos throughout the EU and UK, is the fracture of voting trends. All will find the middle ground has been lost to more extreme parties on the left or right. And that will terrify them. It would come as no surprise at all if we don’t see some incident or efforts to postpone the Greek elections at the last minute.


  8. Being as the overriding issue of the day is finance, you could very well see a temporary unholy marriage of convenience between the extreme leftist parties and the extreme rightist parties in order to torpedo the EU.


  9. It would be pointless for Hannan to do what you suggest until the British people are ready to face the truth. I do not believe they are and maybe never will be. His public image thus far is simply to let people know where he’s coming from and to judge the response.


  10. ND and Samaras is in the pocket of the EU, and the Centre Left counterpart of Venizelos and PASOK. What he says about ‘adjustments’ to the ‘mnymonio’ and the agreements is for internal consumption and for votes. A goverment led by Samaras will be most welcome to the EU.

    A coalition between Samaras and Tsipras is as likely as hell freezing over…


  11. Why is anyone, taking anything, any Greek politician says to get elected… seriously? These are pathological liars that have always and will always say ANYTHING it takes to get into office. Once WHOEVER gets into office, they will do whatever the biggest EU bribe tells them to do.


  12. @Expat Greek: So, what you’re saying is that Venalzelos and Samaris will both stick with the EU. IE: Venalzelos is in cahoots with the EU & the Troika and Samaris is hiding his support for it to get votes.

    That raises the question of why Samaris will never ever join a coalition that includes Pasok.


  13. Well,
    I think, that for the sake of slaying the EU Pig, left and right should temporarily forget the differences and sit down to workout common plan for the sake of saving (freeing) the country.


  14. Perfectly agree here. These two parties are the ones that drove Greece into this mess (in turns of course). And no matter what Samaras tells people, nobody but the naive will believe him. And Greeks are anything but that. Except the ones on the take.


  15. Lets hope that both parties will take our balls in the end of the election day,it’s time for the dumb rug of Brussels mr Rompouy to undrestand that Greeks are not going to be slaves to his dream of World Goverment,with him all other beaurocrats will understand that Europe’s name is Greek and does not belong to them or is not for sale.


  16. Alexis Tsipras was on Σκαι Νεα tv news last night, saying if a hard-left coalition is formed, he wants Akela Papariga (the communist mad woman) as PM!
    Very strange situation on the ground here. I’ve been in Greece for the last two elections, and this time it’s very, very quiet. No local rallies, no banners across the streets, no loudspeaker vans. PASOK office is shut and covered in graffiti, suspect they’ve quietly moved for their own safety. Only activity I’ve seen is around the KKE offices.
    TV coverage of the stage-managed big rallies for Samaras and Veni looks uncomfortably like films from Germany in the late 1930’s. Some media reports (and massive blogging photos/videos) of politicians being seriously hassled, even attacked in the streets.
    We’ll see what May 6th (or 13th, or 20th, or…) will bring.

    Keep Slogging!


  17. ps forgot to add, have heard a surprising amount of talk in the village about voting λευκο (white – blank paper). Alternative is to draw a hand on the paper, palm view with fingers spread, equivalent to a UK V-sign.


  18. JW: “First, the Leftist Parties are violently opposed to the bailout terms and thus could never join in a Pasok Coalition without catastrophic loss of face”

    Sorry John, but I think you are again giving far too much advanced credibility to Greek politicians based on what they say.It is after all Greek pols that got Greece into this mess. Catastrophic loss of face is perfectly fine if it’s exchanged for a shot at the levers of power. As an example, just look at our Government here in Ireland. Eamonn Gilmore said this before the general election last yea”r: “Is it Labour’s way or Frankfurt’s way?” regarding repaying, in full, holders of unsecured bonds in Ireland’s zombie banks on the insistence of the ECB and Merkozy. (Source:

    Everyone knew what he meant. He knew exactly what he was signalling to the Irish electorate. The moment Labour became part of the government, they carried on exactly the same policies as the previous administration.

    These people are scoundrels. Every last one of them. They’ll say whatever they think needs to be said, give every signal they think will help them tap into voter’s sense of desperation for change. Then they’ll do whatever suits themselves when in office, regardless of loss of face.


  19. @Alan: Indeed, eerily quiet! What’s the collective unconscious up to?
    As for Tsipras’ proposal to Mrs. Papariga and the IG (Independent Greeks) party, I think there’s more than meets the eye.
    That a left party would openly suggest a collaboration with a right-wing party before the election breaks a taboo: to take an analogy from the German politics, it would be akin to Die Linke contemplating a collaboration with Die Piraten and the CSU (which had previously broke up with CDU), to prevent CDU and SPD from forming a grand coalition and pursue bailouts.

    This makes sense only if Mr Tsipras has reasons to believe that a grand coalition of PASOK/ND would not have the majority.
    In turn, due to the electoral law, this is only possible if:
    1. ND is not the first party.
    2. PASOK is in the 3rd position and below.

    According to most commentators, undecided voters (30%) and those who refuse to take part to polls (80% of those asked) would either abstain or vote for “responsible” parties—that means ND/PASOK.
    I believe this assumption is wrong and we’re in for a surprise.
    In (pseudo) freudian terms, these elections are increasingly becoming a perfect occasion for ejaculating the wrath, injustice, disgust and contempt of shock doctrines that are applied the last 2 years.
    This means that few will abstain (this opportunity really cannot be missed) and voters will tend to vote the unthinkable.
    You see, yoghurts thrown at politicians, calls for revolution, rallies and demonstrations might make good headlines and provide some action, but they are limited to what they can achieve, they are prone to agent provocateurs and can be easily discounted as undemocratic:
    For the silent majority, these elections were what they were waiting for to express themselves and they won’t miss the chance.
    Do they care if they are discounted as “irresponsible”?
    —Only if one seriously believes that what we’re experiencing right now is the “responsible” governance (LOL).
    Do they care if leftists are accused of opportunism for cooperating with rightists against the memorandum?
    —Well, if Venizelos can cooperate with Samaras to rip off the country, I guess others who disagree with that course are allowed cooperate as well and with good conscience.

    Mr Tsipras no longer acts as a leader of a small leftist party unlikely to ever take part in a government, but as a serious contender to power.
    And he doesn’t receive a condescending smile anymore, but (along with Mr Kammenos of IG) vicious attacks.
    That’s weird: ND fights not PASOK (its usual contender to power) but IG and “the communists”.
    Obviously they know where the danger comes from.

    By the way, regardless of results, I believe that Samaras will not be a prime minister and he’s already finished as a party leader.

    One week left, let’s see!


  20. “Lets hope that both parties will take our balls…”

    They will, and your pants too! And your money.


  21. I’m wondering if Greece will end up in a Spanish civil war replay…with willing supporters from Europe going over to fight against the fascists?


  22. I agree. I have a high regard for Daniel Hannan. He writes well and makes good speeches. But at the end of the day we the People have to be willing to listen and understand what is being done, and we have to want to change it. I hope that day is drawing nearer and I hope Dan Hannan will then join national politics.


  23. Lot of truth there Atreides. I’m sorry to say that most people I’ve met who claim to have an understanding of Greek politics don’t have much of a clue. I was brought up meeting politicians, but I have to say those Greek politicians I have met, while superficially charming, have been pretty ghastly characters. Part of the problems you see in Greece today reflect that. But I also think – harsh thing to say I know – that in many ways a people get the political leaders they deserve. That too is true of Greece. They elected a bunch of liars, sycophants and thieves, but have been only too happy to play along with the farce themselves. Most Greeks I know are almost revolutionary about the austerity measures, and yet when you point out that the cause of all of this is the Euro and how the Euro has worked in practise (as the Eurosceptics predicted) none of them want to leave the Euro and reestablish the Drachma. They don’t do the joining up. Pity really. Eventually they will, but it will probably be too late then.


  24. Amen to that. I also think that, at a personal level, DH is a fairly shy person, so the more exposure he gets to the TV cameras and the public will prepare him for a more public role in national politics where MSM will attempt to crucify him, such is their hatred of anybody who isn’t from the Left.


  25. @jcl
    You’re right about anti-EU MP’s.Cameron say’s he a sceptic but he certainly doesn’t act like one.


  26. if as you say Brussels is aware, then the Greeks will have to be on their guard for some dirty tricks during this election especially during the counts.


  27. Destroy your ballot paper?? Does not compute.
    Unless you renounce your citizenship, which is what you should do of course, failing to register a vote -a specific, positive vote- in perhaps the one time you have the momentum for change, is beyond my ken.
    Fair enough, we live in the era of the spectator who wants to be entertained at no risk to himself; but we cannot surely have traded our freedom for a mere satellite dish and a pre-scripted end to freedom.


  28. The argumentation of a collective guilt and peoples “deserving” punishment for the policies of their elected representatives is irrational and deeply fascist: It was used as an excuse by the NSDAP, as a reeducation propaganda brainwashing in postwar Germany by the Allies and of course as an excuse for mass terrorism against civilians (from Dresden to 9/11).
    After the victorious Arginouses battle in 406 B.C, some politicians convinced the Athenian Demos that the winning admirals had to be executed because they failed in their duty to collect the bodies of dead Athenians (a grave sin).
    Obviously, they wanted to take out their rivals and their personal agenda lead to a catastrophic decision for the state.
    When the Athenians realised that after the executions, they didn’t lose time accusing themselves, but they immediately condemned and executed the perpetrators for “misleading the people”.

    Any genuine policy error should have as a consequence the resignation of the politician who suggested it.
    Conspiracies masquerading as “policy errors” must bear much more serious consequences for those responsible, who are not “the people” in general, but a very small minority of enablers with known names and addresses.
    How the conspirators (and their helpers abroad) dare to accuse the voters and insist on saving “their people” from their mistakes, I cannot explain.
    Even more inexplicable is the willingness of many voters in western countries to accept that perverted thinking.
    I thought that we had raised ourselves above the level where a girl must be stoned to death because she caused a man to rape her.


  29. I just repeat a comment left in an other post of the blog yesterday.

    I am an almost daily reader of this excellent blog. And I am from Greece, but the first time replying with a comment here.
    A politically concerned person, but not active in any party as a member or whatsoever. I am just posting this to remind you ’bout some comments here and in other blogs and sites as well….that posts and comments, just had one question…. about all this: ”what are the Greeks doing? Why don’t they react??” Have ‘’patience’’ my dear friends, why are you in a hurry?? Don’t be hectic and stressed!! It isn’t healthy.
    On the 6th of May, everybody will receive his answer on the question ”what are the Greeks doing?’’…..plenty of explanations and analysis will be available on all media worldwide for quite a time as I do believe, but everyone will ‘’translate’’ and comment on any result again & again, according to …..”His Masters Voice” and materialistic influence in his poor, shallow and shitty life!!!
    The point is the following:
    Ordinary people in Greece, are simply fed up with the political elite (mainly from Pasok and New Democracy parties) ruling for about 2 generations the country….and while the Greeks are not people which like to react ”spasmodic” in the community, nor the media ( I would rather describe them as very well educated and organized as well as disciplined) …..Plans, propaganda and acts have been analyzed and re-analyzed, organized and re-organized and managed by all parties (old fellows and new ‘’fruits’’) in private, as it has to be…. with some good wine and some tasty snacks on a round table with good friends and company, so the brain and the tongue ”sings” – don’t you ever forget, what we have offered you (free of charge as well!!): democracy, philosophy, theater, drama, comedy, psychology, politics, mathematics, and many other interesting ….. Science.
    BUT that’s how we are….enjoying our life and very often just laughing on all others who try to play complicated games and present too complicated analysis of un-important to us details …that we just don’t bother!!

    The conclusion among the majority of the Greek population was indeed very simple:
    We are all aware that our elite, was and is corrupted (we have been the customers, and sponsors by the way), we are as well aware, that they (cheating the population, by stealing its votes giving away shiny little mirrors) brought new blood (friends & family) into the business, just to continue the job…..the only problem is, that they (the elite) have forgotten the history of the Greeks….. and how they have organized revolutions and rise-ups against Ottomans, Nazis and other Bollocks.
    Well, if you are not aware ’bout your own history… will be thrown off the train, definitely! And this f***king train is fast …..Nowadays!
    So the rest of the ‘’passengers’’ had to make a decision….. and on 6th of May, you will be informed of this as well.
    As an ordinary (still) suffering Greek taxpayer (paying for a debt, that is not mine at all – you can be sure that I have full awareness of what I am noting here – , some Eurocrats just added it to my account, by socializing it!) I have to thank you all, about your concerns (because you are afraid ….to be hit yourself) and for your interest and we all do hope, that we will be able once more as historically proved several times (and in a gentle and democratic way as well, at this present time) to show you all…..what’s all about…. to have the ‘’bollocks’’ in the right place….. in our pants and not…… in our minds!!
    Change….is on the way! And its fu**king fast approaching!
    Take care yourself! We will survive, one way…or the other, due to a big and unexpected for the system mistake of the markets……….they have unified THE GREEKS!!
    Btw…my deepest regards to ‘’Sir’’ John!! I do always enjoy your posts!


  30. Anti-Troika parties are getting more and more public support.
    The two former big parties have no other way to get votes other than scaring pensioners and public servants.

    I hope that this pattern continues and have the two tradiotional big parties (ND and PASOK) get the hell out of the goverment bussiness.

    Troika wont tolerate that.
    My guess is that if things get more dark for ND and PASOK, the Troika will trigger a war-incident with Turkey in order to postpone elections.

    Turks will gladly play this shameful game…

    Today (unfortunately) I became more certain after hearing that Turkey,out of the blue, gave permission to Shell to search for oil inside Greek sea territory (Rodos and Kastelorizo)!!!

    Keep that in the back of your mind…


  31. Ρε παλικάρι
    Έχω φύγει από την πατρίδα κοντά 20 χρόνια . Γεννήθηκα από φτωχή οικογένεια και δουλεύω κ σπουδαζω όσο είμαι εδώ
    Αυτός ο λόγος σου βγαλμενος απο την καρδιά κ τα σπλάχνα της ιστορίας μας; ήταν το καλύτερο τονοτικο
    Οι γενναίοι πεθαίνουν μια φορά
    Οι δειλοί κάθε μέρα

    Να είσαι πάντα καλά.
    Μην ξεχνάς ότι πολλοί αναγκαστηκαμε να ξενιτευτουμε από απόγνωση. Όμως η καρδιά ακόμα χτυπά ελληνικά. Έχουμε ένα ρόλο να παίξουμε. Βοηθηστε μας στο να τον βρούμε και να ξαναενωθουμε
    ‘Η ισχύς εν τη Ένωση’


  32. Well i feel that i need to set a couple of things in order…I am a Greek residing in Athens although i lived most of my life abroad (UK and AUS mostly). To understand the absolute mess of the Greek political stage you need to understand what actually happened. Since 1979-80 the governing powers (PASOK – Nea Dimokratia) have been “vote – fishing” by giving away money that were not produced from the country it self. That fact happened so many times in so many sectors of the public life that people now days just can not accept that this thing need to stop. So add to that the injury to the national pride by having everybody going on about being control by foreign power (like we were not controlled before the memorandum) and you have your self a recipe for a political disaster. The leftist parties (new and old) capitalize on the frustration of the people for the austerity measures. RIght and extreme right wing parties capitalize on the frustration of the people on the crime rates in the historical center of Athens + the massive unemployment rates (easily but stupidly blamed on immigrants). This leaves PASOK and ND that have nothing to capitalize upon and just hold on to their traditional voters. What bugs me and baffles me is the golden dawn…They were not a political party rather a gang of neo – nazi thugs operating in places with high immigrant numbers. They have zero political ideas. They have no face and representation in the political life of the country. In general i want to say that as a Greek and a European citizen i am very worried about what 7th of May will bring for the country and its prospects. Right now things just look bleak. I am just hoping that the polls show the frustration of the people of this battered country rather than the actual voting result…Kostas


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  34. @Neonblack: Thanks for your views on Greece…

    If you read my own comments further up the thread, I believe what’s happening in Greece is inevitable following a complete breakdown of the democractic process and the exposure of all main political parties as virtually 100% corrupt. The really painful issue is that these corrupt slimeballs have committed the Greek people to years of penury which nobody can see a way out of which does not itself involve a lot of pain.
    Extreme political parties with radical (aka bloody-minded) solutions will always appear on the streets in such situations and they will certainly collect votes. There are solutions but they involve pain and determination to hold the criminals to account…Shouting and screaming at the political criminals is ineffective, rounding them up is a far better idea.


  35. When you have many parties, 32 to be exact IN THE GREEK ELECTIONS, you will listen to endless stupid theories, and offcourse there will be national interest from other European nations that will try to take advantage of the Euro and the country itself! We all know how much debt UK is in, if chaos persist in Greek elections and the Euro, wouldn’t UK capitalize with their Sterling?


  36. very good analysis, when people can’t think cause of anger, they usually do stupit things.question is, will they be that stupit to accept and vote extremeties where the rest of the world with the exeption of Afganistan, North Korea are voting to more moderate goverments? including Ireland, Portugal, Spain, Italy, France.Latin America, China etc


  37. On Greece’s exclusive secret vote, it looks like no party will be able to get
    majority in Parliament..It will create confusion, Unfortunately, Greece has many internal enemies that have caused this chaos using the working parties and brainless Greeks to support the chaos.The results will be devastating for the European economy, as Greece will be falling, East will be advancing more and more towards Europe.


  38. @NUS
    ( I would prefare you would post your reply in a common understandable language here, so that more readers could understand it)
    On the other hand, you bloody well know what you have to do NUS!!
    Ride the next available plane and come ”home” to VOTE!!
    Vote for your country, it’s heritage, it’s history, it’s society (the whole of it), it’s freedom, it’s peace, it’s pride…..the majority of the Greeks is not as the MSM is trying to convince their followers!!
    Lot’s of things, have to be done (all of you abroad can help)…. and only UNITED we can walk on!!
    Especially the EUROPEANS (people) are hoping, that we will react against the measures……as they are not enough open minded to follow the details (nor educated to do so). They just need to be leaded and after the Greek election , all of them will react as well stoping to believe any bullshit they have been told.
    The scenario and the plan of ”make the population afraid” never passed into the majority of the Greeks, we are fighters, you can not press the Greeks, with bul**it like that……as they have been the only humans in the world history, they even talked to their gods while they where standing!


  39. @kouros
    Sorry couldn’t reply to your reply

    Vote is one thing and it had been taken care of. However if you follow Johns blog like you say; you may acknowledge that apart from analysis an initiative to work on a solution is beginning to form
    Now here is a thought;
    Anything from this initiative to form an interdependent & constructive synergy?
    Humanity & Society is at stake. You sound well educated so have a look at Maslows pyramid and then comprehend current evident behavioural patterns
    You will find that all of us are confused, cloudy, intense and tired. Too busy surviving & no time to think. The only silver lining independent blogs & initiatives helping to deconstruct lies from facts.
    The point is how & where from here?


  40. @ NUD
    What is required and I do believe the great majority of Greeks also yearn for this, is a total reconstruction of the political landscape in Greece. Fresh political positions with clear policies for a better ”tomorrow”, not the same old twisted positions simply rebadged, that have brought us to this critical crossroad. I pray that the 6th May becomes ‘’more’’ than simply an election day, but rather a day of reckoning and judgment for those that have tortured the nation for so many years and a clear message is sent, that ”none” of them are fit to lead…..
    Their political campaigns and speeches still smell of the dirty garbage that they have fed the Hellenic world for over 60 years and in essence take the people to be……………. fools! Well enough, it is up to each voting Hellene to send a very clear message on the 6th May…. I hope, we do not waste this opportunity…. Racist, fascist and Neo Nazi political groups cannot be the answer to the current crisis engulfing Greece. They have no place in the Greek parliament, nor in our society! We must not respond to the ills of the moment by abandoning rationality in favor of hate politics.

    And (sorry for that) I do have to continue in Greek … this following thoughts are more likely to be considered among ”Hellenes”……
    Αυτές οι εκλογές θα αποτελέσουν ταυτόχρονα και μια “έρευνα” για την κατάσταση πολιτικοποίησης των Ελλήνων, για το πόσο ψηλά στην συνείδηση τους έχουν την ΔΗΜΟΚΡΑΤΙΑ και την ΠΑΤΡΙΔΑ, πόσο αγαπούν τα παιδιά τους, πόσο φοβισμένοι είναι, πόσο τολμηροί και αγωνιστές κλπ. Είμαστε όλοι με κομμένη την ανάσα για να δούμε αν είμαστε αντάξιοι των προγόνων μας σε θάρρος και τόλμη που απαιτεί η ελευθερία.
    Kαι κάτι ακόμα: Όλος ο κόσμος περιμένει να δει τι θα κάνουν οι Έλληνες!! Έχουμε στην πλάτη (και στα χέρια μας) μας όχι μόνο την δίκη μας τύχη, αλλά έχουμε και στο μυαλό μας και την τύχη όλων των άλλων πολιτών του κόσμου που σήμερα βρίσκονται στο στόχαστρο, γιατί κανείς δεν εξαιρείται, απλά δεν ήρθε η σειρά τους ακόμα.
    Από την στιγμή που άρχισε ο πόλεμος δεν πρόκειται να σταματήσει παρά μόνο όταν η έκβαση του κριθεί ολοκληρωτικά. Κάποιος από τους δυο θα νικήσει και αυτοί θα πρέπει να είναι ΟΙ ΠΟΛΙΤΕΣ ΤΟΥ ΠΛΑΝΗΤΗ, η ΑΝΘΡΩΠΟΤΗΤΑ και όχι αυτοί που δεν έχουν ακόμα ολοκληρώσει την μετάβαση τους από την κατάσταση του ζώου σε αυτή του ΑΝΘΡΩΠΟΥ.
    (Sorry dear readers,I know…….the last part….. it’s all Greek to you)


  41. K-krekt. Greek-style politicians are legendary for their skills at espousing any ideology it takes to get themselves into office and themselves and their supporters a seat at the trough, only to abandon those ideologies the moment they become inconvenient.

    The trumpeting of certain ideologues “it was socialism wot dun it!” (or “it was the right wing Nea Demokratia wot dun it!”) even though PASOK isn’t really socialist by Eurostandards and ND not really free market by anyone’s standards – simply shows that some people are trying to score cheap points and not understand the very real problems.


  42. SF: If i’m reading your response correctly, (and I admit I may not be) you’re suggesting that Obama is the worst of them all with respect to traits I attributed to pols in my previous comment, i.e. lying two faced scoundrels. Agreed.


  43. @Kouros

    Sorry for typo Nud instead of Nus
    Work 16 hrs per day and know what means to fight for survival

    Regardless finally you realised or very conscious of the fact that things have to change.
    It was the cushy Greek elite & the ND & papandreu era that send us down the river without paddle stick
    We – here the απόδημοι & ξένοι have always worked hard to make sure that;
    1) communities acknowledge Hellines as warm and diligent people
    2) never attempt to compromise their system
    3) educate ντόπιους that Hellas is a way of thinking & life. Hellas is a human oriented enrich by ideals like; Άμιλλα, φιλότιμο & τιμή
    4) finally been what we are we have managed to manifestate that. The elite may know the price of everything but the value for nothing; for what value you put on human livelihood ? We have the solutions, the technology & the abundance of energy to do it.
    Sadly they are so insecure and perverted that they have brought our civilisation to it’s knees.
    Let be 6th May the beginning of something new, fresh & human oriented.

    An eternal disenfrachised & commoditised hard working romantic.
    To my mind you are more Hellinas than many that leave there (pretentious or floroi). You are tirelessly fighting for your ideals & a more fair society. We are indebted to you sir.
    BTW; Nus is Νους κ ο νοών νοήτο ;-)


  44. Interesting article. A few things to note though. One, there is no chance for Samara’s New Democracy to form coalition with anti-memorandum radical left SYRIZA or any other anti-memorandum party, right or left wing. Samaras has eventually taken a steady pro-memorandum turn, and it was the right thing to do, in my opinion. I wish he had done it in the first place, things would be better now. Second, i object the common allegation that the coalition government of Papademos was an anti-democratic or illiberal one, an accusation promptly supported by the left here in Greece. This government was formed strictly by the rules of the Constitution. The Parliament can withdraw a vote of confidence, and the Parliament can offer a vote of confidence to whomever it chooses within its term. Papademos had 255 votes in favour and 38 against. Third, it is the imminent anti-bailout victory that will bring the total chaos, not the other way round. If Greece gives up the effort, she will be left with a violently grounded deficit. Of course a new currency will then be needed, as there will not be any bank liquidity supplied by the tricks of the ECB and money circulation will stagnate, having left with no domestic goods production after years of soviet demoralisation. But will that deficit be the same after introducing this new currency? I know, Greece should have never adopted the Euro. It is like if she wanted to go to Australia, but she got aboard the ship to America by mistake. But realising the mistake, should she get off in mid-ocean? She ‘d better do what it takes to stay on the ship and decide what’s next after she sets foot on land. Else, the rapidly devalued currency will not be able to buy petrol, will not be able to supply the food which depends on imports by 87%. The salaries of this gigantic soviet public sector will be violently cut at first to match the zeroed deficit, but in conjunction with the devaluation, the food shortage, the market stagnation, all tax paying private sector will be violently shattered at once. Zero salaries. The end of state within days. The start of looting and bloodshed of thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands. Turkey has also meticulously packed to Greece a total of more than 2.5 million total illegal immigrants over the recent years, mostly muslims, wandering jobless, just for this moment. And yes, as noted in the recent article, Turkey will play its card then. There ‘s a chance that a major international conflict would start then, as not all powers would agree to this geopolitical overturn.


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