Dominic Strauss-Kahn, the one time boss of the IMF, told the Guardian yesterday that forces close to Sarkozy and the UMP party maximised the damning nature of the scandal involving Nafissatou Diallo.

From the very start of the saga, The Slog led the field in believing that DSK was the largely innocent victim of a sting.

Strauss-Kahn said yesterday that although his encounter with the Sofitel maid probably wasn’t a set-up, he believes his arrest on May 14 2011 was “shaped by those with a political agenda…more was involved here than mere coincidence”.

DSK now alleges that French intelligence had been eavesdropping on him weeks before he was arrested on suspicion of sexually assaulting Miss Diallo. On November 28th last year, The Slog alone put forward the evidence that the episode was in fact a French intelligence caper to get rid of DSK’s mobile phone, as very clear evidence of hacking was contained on it. (Hence the phone’s permanent disappearance).

And when he returned to France, The Slog alone averred that Strauss-Kahn’s entourage would be painstakingly putting together a case to demonstrate Sarkozy/Intelligence forces complicity in the orchestration.

Revenge is a dish best served cold. DSK has served this one up with impeccable timing.

Study the full Dominic Strauss-Kahn Waltz here


  1. A much more flattering photo JW, than the last one posted of him..
    He looked totally shagged..

    Never the less.. Keep up the good work


  2. Good for DSK. I note Hollande is now above 90 percent chance of winning on intrade.

    Sent from the bar of the Foreign Correspondents Club in Hong Kong, the same place I first heard about DSK’s arrest last year.


  3. What a load of bollocks, JW. I thought you were supposed to deconstruct the stuff, not add to it.

    Where’s your evidence? It’s no more than speculation – and no more than many many others thought at the time, either, so no credit for leading any pack – and what do you think DSK is going to say now anyway? “It was a fair cop, gov, I fell for the blackmail attempt by the blackmaid?” Not likely.

    With his friend Hollande about to become the next French President, what this is really about is the first shot at ‘rehabilitiation’ (public manipulation, in other words) so he can secure another highly paid trougher’s appointment soon after the election result is announuced.

    The short answer is this: he was hoist by his own petard. A long (self-admitted) period of predatory sexual conduct resulted in his falling to a sting by a group of scammers. It happens every day in one form or another. Call it as it is, not as an imagined conspiracy theory, pre- or post- coital. Probably every G7 country in the world was hacking his telephone calls, emails, etc. etc.


  4. @MarkyMark:
    “…what this is really about is the first shot at ‘rehabilitiation’ (public manipulation, in other words) so he can secure another highly paid trougher’s appointment soon after the election result is announuced.”

    Excellent point.


  5. Thanks, BT.

    Odds on, DSK will get Lagarde’s old government job in due course. Will be interesting to see if there is any change in EU / IMF policy with the two of them having swapped jobs.

    I’d love to know if they are really chummy mates in the same global élite club or are they ‘daggers drawn’ most of the time?

    Let’s hope the clown from Kirkcaldy doesn’t try a similar stunt over here…..


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  7. where’s the evidence he did it? dna? hotel footage? eyewitnesses? Nope, just the mainstream media saying it happened doesn’t constitute evidence. Remember that for next time.

    Call me a whakjob conspiracy theorist, but I’d say the reason he himself claims to not believe he was the victim of a sting is because he’s been shown what can be done to him and now obviously fears further acts – or even being suicided…anyway, here in france you won’t find anyone who believes he raped that maid


  8. I believe bigger forces were at play than mere
    French politics.Though I’m sure Sarkozy was a willing party
    to the dicredititing of DSK.
    DSK through his actions as IMF head in his dealing with Iraq.Libya
    and Iran was actively undermining US hegemony via the
    Petro dollar.
    That’s why he was forced to resign.He should count himself
    a very lucky man. to still be alive, and not an “accident” or
    “suicide” statistic.


  9. @Winston Smith…Yes, while i agree perhaps I should look at the details of the case in a bit more depth, in order to be sure it was a set up, its still is pretty obvious. As fake as Osamas “death” and “burial at sea” last year. With DSK they took him out of the picture without any mess, but any clamoring from his part for a proper investigation or justice and I think he would be offed a la Dr Kelly


  10. Bog standard every day dirty tricks from Washington. But, I do believe we have not had the whole story, and I’m not sure we ever will, and that will depend on, as stated above what “highly paid trougher’s appointment” he can secure, I’m sure that armed with the necessary goods on whoever, he will get a nice little earner. Maybe a “missing” mobile phone might turn up?

    Oh, as per previous post, I would imagine that the EU know the result of the Greek elections already, wouldn’t you?


  11. Oh yes you will…I can’t do a poll but the view among my friends and their circle is that he’ll mistreat any female he perceives to be ‘available’ and the thought that Hollande will give him a job is yet another sickener…let alone that a Hollande victory will mean a complete cover up of the corruption in the PS.
    My friends, by the way, are all PS.


  12. What is so difficult to understand about this case?

    Wealthy and prominent sex-mad Frenchman gets offered a service by room service, accepts and then departs in a hurry for the airport, a little late after some unscheduled Ugandan discussions. (When DSK says it was ‘consensual’, I believe him, but only in the same way as a kerb-crawler has ‘consensual’ relations with his pick-up; his encounter should more accurately be described as ‘commercial’). Following [pre-arranged?] instructions from her man (who is in prison), the maid claims ‘rape’.

    What everyone in the UK, and the Western world generally nowadays must surely know, is that any claim of ‘rape’ by a woman results in immediate action by the agents of the state. The wimmin’s agenda that has shaped the anti-male political ideology for more than two decades demands that the full force of the law is used against men whenever possible. THIS is where the real conspiracy theories should be focussed.

    DSK’s treatment by the police in NY is very much par for the course in such circumstances, both in the UK and in the USA. Thankfully, an independent court and an effective defence legal team is still a fairly reliable safeguard for the ordinary citizen against the excesses of the apparatchiks, although for how much longer I wouldn’t like to say.

    Personally I don’t buy ANY conspiracy theories of the ‘get DSK’ kind, either before or after the event. Why does there need to be a conspiracy theory when the sequence of events makes perfect and explainable sense without the need for invoking ‘dark forces’?


  13. @Mr Maxi Pysco
    On a different matter.I am also an engineer and petitioner at
    My family business was as engineers(three generations) with
    extensive contacts within various alphabet soup Govt.agencies,
    and have first hand knowledge of their modes of operations.
    I was on the ground in Teheran for the fall of the Shah.Also in
    Kabul as the MIGs straffed the presidential palace.Along the way
    I met with ‘Carlos the Jackal” and Osama. bin Laden.
    I have been in “recovery” for 25 years now.
    Draw your own conclusions.


  14. Agree 100% MM. IF he knew he was a target, why give them an opportunity? Because he’s a ‘man’ who cannot control himself, simple as that. If he had kept his ‘manhood’ (as DSK likes to call it) in his pants, none of this would have happened. Do we want someone who can’t control themselves running anything, never mind a country???


  15. @MM;
    I believe it was a bit of both, good fortune for Washington and bad fortune for DSK. I think there were “dark forces” at work but, as you say, they didn’t need to act, as as he was hoist by his own petard.
    I think that because DSK did it all for them that they were a bit confused as how to act, hence all the confusion surrounding the events


  16. Is this off topic.. not sure as its all connected.. but wonder if any1 saw this max keiser report from thursday last week i think..

    whole prog worth watching imo.. shows jp morgans cds exposure at 70 trillion !!! but especially from 13min when max interviews the economist m hudson.. he talks about all the corruption debt austerity..greece germany etc and how greece could stop the troika going ahead with its plans.. my fear is who ever gets elected in greece won’t even try to follow m hudsons advice but wish they would



  17. Precisely, Patricia.

    Another point not yet mentioned is that if they wanted rid of him, they didn’t really have long to wait – he was a known front-runner for the French presidency at that time and would almost certainly have had to step down from the IMF well in advance in order to arrange and run his campaign.

    What I find most worrying about the whole affair is that had it been any ‘ordinary’ person and not a high-profile guy like DSK, and without the resources to hire a top-class legal team, he would almost certainly have been remanded in custody pending trial and quite possibly found guilty on the evidence of the maid.


  18. DSK was being watched by the Lille police from February 2011 when they began investigating a call girl ring based on the Carlton Hotel in Lille. It has since been reported that a high ranking officer in the Lille police and employees from a Northern French company specialising in motorway maintenance were at ‘parties’ where DSK was supplied with call girls. On the evening before the events at the Sofitel in New York, these people met DSK in Washington for another ‘party’ where DSK was supplied with another call girl who had been flown in from Lille specially for the event.
    The investigation is ongoing. DSK has been questioned by the police.


  19. just to put jp morgans 70 trillion derivatives exposure into context.. the global economies gdp comes in @70 trillion


  20. I personally don’t give a damn if there was a conspiracy or not. These rats ( my apologies to rats ) will increasingly turn on one another as the situation gets worse, which it obviously will, barring a Euro Loo Lah land miracle.

    Sit back and enjoy, as the masks increasingly slip, exposing them as the power crazed junkies they really are, as they scramble to hold on to power at any cost. It’s just a shame that these turds will probably take everyone else down with them.

    Anyway DSK thanks for at least giving Sarko the equivalent of a good kick in the balls. The slimy one ties with Venizelous, AKA The Turk, for No1 space in my most hated list. I hope to see these pair soon fall into oblivion, but unfortunately they are sure to be very soon replaced by another in the top spot & there are plenty of No.2’s out there, as we all know.


  21. First of all, congratulation to John Ward! Brilliant work investigating this case and raising questions since the very beginning.

    There’s absolutely no way Diallo’s appearance in DSK’s suite is not connected to the missing blackberry. She went into that suite with a mission. It’s also strange how quickly DSK and his lawyers accepted that a sexual encounter with Diallo had happened, even though none of his DNA was ever found in her body/face, but just on her clothing. DSK’s team has been very vague about it. Could the DNA had been planted? Is DSK protecting the identity of the person who had spent the night with him? And what was he doing in NYC for approximately 24 hours between two major meetings in Europe about Greece?


  22. @Moinhos;
    If that’s the case, and I do think it’s a credible theory, is it possible that that person who’s identity is being protected has the Blackberry? Wouldn’t that makes things interesting?


  23. kfc
    I do indeed, pity there is a need for such a list. My list used to be quite small & parochial, but since 2008 it has become very cosmopolitan & a lot longer. A sign perhaps of how small & intertwined the world has become & how we are effected by decisions, people & events from far & wide.


  24. @Moinhos:
    “In the end, the expectation is that Germany’s commitment to the European project will prove so unbreakable that it will swallow its doubts about fiscal transfers, eurobonds and direct lending to troubled banks. ”

    That might be the view that Merkel takes but, I think that there might be others that see it otherwise.


  25. That’s a good article because there certainly are ways to bypass state snooping, TOR being the most well known. However, Skype is now owned by Microsoft and I think the state possibly has an open door to that outfit. Users should bear that in mind…


  26. Hopefully all the non-conformist tech wizards will keep coming up with ways to by-pass the un-invited intrusions into our private lives.


  27. Yes, indeed. You’re very clever and might be onto something. He’s also the type of man who’d never expose his lovers, no matter what. And I think the same applies to women who have been romantically (not just sexually) involved with him. And let’s not forget DSK is a master chess player. ;-)


  28. Utter cobblers, Dear Boy. Aside from the fevered imaginings of his sex-crazed brain, there is nothing to suggest that DSK was laid low by anything more than his inability to Keep It In His Trousers. Like any other spoilt child he seeks to place the blame anywhere except upon his ample shoulders. While I appreciate that the DGSE, along with the MOSSAD, is one of the very few intelligence services capable of finding their arses with both hands, I doubt very much that even they could take such rapid advantage of this most golden of opportunities. As for the ‘phone, a recce of the NYC sewers is more likely to bear fruit than anything else: Mr Toad probably flushed it as soon as he’d finished wiping his dick on the curtains.


  29. @Rui Ventura: Apologies if you already know most of this …..

    Like so many things, privacy/security is really horses for courses. What you’re always aiming to do is to hide your identity and IP Address.

    – If someone only wants to get access to a web forum or blog after being banned then one of the many free web proxies is good enough and can be changed frequently to fool the site owner. There’s also the program ‘Ultrasurf’ which bounces you through their servers etc.
    – Accessing sites which might have social, criminal or job security consequences if exposed, needs something more serious like TOR or a foreign based VPN (Virtual Private Network, eg: Cotse). If posting to Usenet, use an anonymous remailer like Frell or Mixmin etc. None of these keep logs. There are programs available which help their usage.
    – Private e-mails can be kept private by wrapping them up with encryption and using an anonymous e-mail service which doesn’t keep logs.

    All of the above require extra effort but many find it worth it judging by the popularity of those services.


  30. Yes dirty game politics.
    What we need are people who are not “dirty” and not into politics.
    Difficult one.
    The old saying.
    Their are four types of people in this world.
    People with ambition and a lot of skill.
    People with skill and no ambition.
    People with ambition and no skill.
    People with no skill and no ambition.

    Politicians are in the third group.
    The first group are rare.
    The second group is the most common followed ever more closely by the fourth.


  31. DSK was certainly set up by Sarkozy & co for the drop, but DSK can’t come out & say so. However, its taken for granted!!


  32. Smoke and Mirrors:

    The mirror is the story that DSK raped a chamber maid; a mirror because his sexual habits are his known, predisposed, weakness. (No doubt all those in such positions of power have dark secrets, known before their appointments, which then can be used to control and ruin them if they start to trample upon the labyrinth).

    The smoke is, once it becomes transparent he has been set-up, a diversion is presented for why. Certainly Sarkozy would be happy to kiss DSK adieu and even help to put him down for reasons of his own political motivation. But it goes deeper than that. After all France knows well that Sarkozy is more pro-Americal than the Statue of Liberty.

    DSK did not ‘forget’ his phone. He left his phone because he was told intelligence services were planning to arrest him and were tracking him via this phone. He subsequently called the hotel from the aircraft to ask for the phone to be sent-on and was so then found and arrested.

    DSK’s sins may be many but that for which he is paying the price is more likely to do with the threat to the hegemony of US dollar he posed than spoiling Sarkozy’s election prospects.

    DSK was a strong advocate of launching an IMF Special Drawing Rights (SDR) based currency to replace the US Dollar an the primary global means of exchange. And DSK was highly critical of US economic policy and deeply questions of the resilience behind the Dollar; especially demanding an audit of the Federal Reserve and questioning if indeed any gold actually remains in Fort Knox.

    The globalist’s agenda may well include the formation of a single world currency but that does not mean that those who are enjoying the control of the US Dollar are ready for that yet or were sufficiently in control of a new global SDR based currency to be prepared to yield to that just yet.


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