A new word is invented: the OXYMERKEL

   This from the Berlin Chancellery this morning, on the subject of the Fiscal Pact. Mrs Merkel speaking:


The fiscal pact is negotiated, it was signed by 25 government leaders and has already been ratified by Portugal and Greece. Parliaments across Europe are on the verge of passing it. Ireland is having a referendum at the end of May. It is not open to new negotiations.”



Ze diskussion iss closst. But Ireland is having a referendum on it. So 25 government leaders could become 24. Indeed, the latest poll says that this will probably happen.

Ze diskussion iss closst. But that means one of the signatories will have negotiated an exit from the Union. So the discussion clearly isn’t closed.

Ze diskussion iss closst. But Greece looks set to elect a majority of Parties against the Troika bailout. And they’ve ratified the Union pact. So the Greek people are negotiating to unratify it – because they can’t accept the bailout AND join the Union.

Ze diskussion iss closst. And Spain has already told you where to stick your austerity targets. So it is negotiating about the ability to negotiate with the Union.

Ze diskussion iss closst. And Monsieur Hollande in France says he won’t join the Union unless you set growth targets as well as austerity targets. So he will be negotiating about what the Union is about.

Ze diskussion iss closst. Ze diskussion iss closst. Ze diskussion iss closst. Ze diskussion iss closst. Ze diskussion iss closst. Ze diskussion iss closst. Ze disk…..

TODAY’S OXYMERKEL WAS: “We’re having a discussion, and it is closed”.

47 thoughts on “A new word is invented: the OXYMERKEL

  1. Anyone else here about this:

    Today there will be a press conference in Paris, held by Michel Robatel (86), Murer , the Spethmann battle group and others.

    They will present the paper that has been put together by the top French and German decision makers for France to exit the EURO.

    ‘We’ do not agree 100% with the entirety of the paper’s content since it would be more prudent to deal with the debt on a case by case basis instead of in a ‘blanket’ fashion as the French prefer.

    Whatever, the cat is out of the sack and an event driven scenario is being triggered.

    This press conference puts a maga fire under the two candidates chairs.

    In the end it will be cold hard facts that will sink the current EURO system, and it is irrelevant how high the other countries jump. Decisions of importance are being made in Germany,Russia and China.

    France is not looking to leave the Euro

    in order to begin the grand shakeup

    France is being kicked out, for too much debt, too much Italy Bond debt

    the final straw was Italian debt, too big

    and the Spanish debt only doubles the effect

    PIGS might not be permitted to remain in the Euro soon, all kicked out

    then when the dust clears, GERMANY IS RUNNING THE NEW NORDIC EURO

    look for Spain and Italy to each get kicked out of the Euro about 2 weeks to 2 months after France

    they are tied together by the same toxic paper rope


  2. It’s a silent ‘d’ John, one of a host of silent letters that causes the most difficulty for our European cousins with English and vice versa it would seem.

    Remove the mark of ‘d’ (or ‘d’ mark if you prefer as we are in England) and it merely means near, as in nearer the end, which by default must mean it’s still open.

    Quite prophetic taken from a Germanic currency perspective……..


  3. Btw was that you or a doppleganger in the audience on ‘Question Time’ last night?

    If so welcome to Romford :)

    Who ever it was certainly embarrassed Diane Abbott with a live TV bollocks deconstruction – she couldn’t backtrack quick enough!

    It’s a little under 32 minutes into the show if you want to see “John Doe” in action on the BBC pod cast.


  4. I see nothing in the German artcle link you posted below which says any of this. Do you have some other information about France being kicked out of the EZ???


  5. She talks like this because she thinks that all EU populations are like Germans, who respond to and respect authoritarian leaders.She’s wrong of course ,but she can’t stop the dictator in her coming out.


  6. If the ECB printed enough or manipulated EUR to drive EUR:USD to parity… or even less, more of the problems of the south would go away…

    I don’t know which side France would stand…


  7. Further to the “Handelsblatt” article submitted earlier about the looming tiff between Hollande and Merkel, some of the readers comments:


    The drama of the French economy is not known to the people in France. As everyone, since the storming of the Bastille, knows how easily French people take to the streets, the politicians have always been very conservative as to how much they can come clean with the people. The French are rightly very proud of their protest culture, they were in the forefront of freeing us all from the bigotry of the aristocracy. So be it. One thing is certain: fiscally, a lot is still in the dark in France, simply because of the elections. Hollande is either behaving very clumsily or he is desperate. The truth dormant in the dark is explosive enough to bring all of France onto the streets, if you are looking for effective solutions. But he ratches it up one. He goes on the offensive, and who has he selected for this: of course, the Germans. There, France differs little from England.

    That he is so confrontational allows the hypothesis that he is desperate and, in the case of his election, he sees no way out. In good German: There will be a shyte ruling period, with a lot of clouds, storms and hurricanes. Not a Sun-King time. There is one indicator of the true extent of the economic situation in France: in the first quarter of 2012, car registrations fell by 21.6%.”


    There Merkel needs to watch out, when only 25 states have signed, then this is not all of them.
    And thus it could be, from a purely legal point of view, that this fiscal pact is not valid, cannot be valid.
    And ever more states are turning away from Merkel, they have no wish “to recover on the German approach.”
    Merkel is increasingly pushing Germany into the sidelines and again promoting a strong resentment towards Germany.
    It is time that this woman was shown the red card”

    “Anonymous User: Kante
    The Fiscal Pact has been signed by 25 heads of government and has in part been ratified.
    The most crazy part is that Merkel, who adorns herself with the fiscal “doggy bag”*, has no chance of getting through in her own country, on account of the majorities. ;-))”

    *Orig. = “Fiskalpacketchen”. “-packetchen” = a wordplay on “pact”. “packetchen” – a very small packet.

    “Anonymous User: MIRO

    Undo and re-negotiate the Stability Pact? Even this demand by Hollande shows his naiveté in real workaday politics. His slogans, such as “promote growth”, mean in French, “Invent work and finance it with new debt”. Naturally, the dimwitted Germans can guarantee it, and be put into joint liability for it. (Eurobonds)
    Hollande is the typical socialist in his thinking
    Spend money that you don’t have, and let the others pay for it. This thinking is typical of France.
    No balanced budget for decades, even their current pensions have been financed with continuous credits for 30 years. That says it all. Or?
    Whilst we in Germany have accepted no real wage and pension increases, their salaries and pensions are raised by law, annually on 1.4., in line with inflation. This is called inflation balancing. In addition, there then come the wage and pension increases. All financed on credit. No, if a President Hollande rules France, then he can also not avoid implementing reforms that will hurt the French.
    Then the euphoria is very quickly over for Hollande.
    Indeed, Sarkozy is a “Jumping Jack”, one who changes his mind faster than many people can actually think. But he has understood that France can only survive with appropriate reforms. Hollande has this learning process before him. To date he has been sitting in a golden cage in the offices of the Socialists and acting like a minor official, not as a visionary thinking about how France can be made more politically mature. It will certainly be fun and I will calmly watch as the EU and EURO are completely eliminated. Hurrah, long live France!”


  8. John
    Slightly off track but thought you and other sloggers would appreciate the following: –

    Angela Merkel arrives at Passport Control at Paris airport.
    “Nationality?” asks the immigration officer.
    “German,” she replies.
    “No, just here for a few days.”

    Boom Boom!


  9. I have been re-watching the 2007 3hr. documentary from Adam Curtis called ” The Trap “. Fascinating to see how much further we have moved from the state of play at that date. It serves as a potent reminder on how we got to where we were then & where we are now. In 3 parts, well worth watching,

    It meant little to me in 2007, but because the chickens have since come home to roost, it is very pertinent as to the how & why of our present situation in all aspects of life & current affairs.

    Seemingly it has been scientifically proven that the big efforts the Soviets put in to keep the USSR together were the very things that assured it would fall apart, kinda reminds me of a certain other collection of disparate states with a dodgy periphery.


  10. I read the people of Berlin like to amuse themselves by tormenting tourists, give duff directions, bad advice, throw things at tour coaches. It might be true as it wasnt in the Daily Mail it was in a Newspaper. Did you know they wanted to call the Daily Mail the ‘Xenophobes Digest’, but it sounded foreign


  11. @VJ Good stuff, thanks. Clearly, there are plenty of Germans who are paying attention (of course) and are not fooled by Merkel’s mantras.


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  13. Send in the Clowns has suggested Sociopathy or Personality Disorder here and has given us a useful link.

    What amazes me in the Anders Breivik trial is that the adult psychiatrists do not seem to have told the court that Breivik has a Psychopathic Personality Disorder but not Paranoid Schizophrenia. His psychopathy can also be understood as Moral Insanity.

    It is in the realm of morality, ie distinguishing between what is right and wrong consistent with the culture of Norway, that he is insane. Not in his reasoning generally.

    But then Adult Psychiatrists know nothing about Conduct Disorder, which Clowns’ link says must be present for a diagnosis of Psychopathy to be made.

    These clowns of psychiatrists do not know that Conduct Disorder arises out of Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder in a small percentage of sufferers. No one has studied his school reports which would have shown poor concentration, impulsiveness, poor motivation particularly towards keeping rules and some fidgettiness, if not down-right hyperactivity, in primary school.

    Breivik’s psychopathy is treatable with a combination of Ritalin and Risperidone, so that admission to a psychiatric unit would be totally justifiable.


  14. Agree, we had a lovely weekend there. Everyone very nice. Even had Schumachers Dad drive us across town in his Taxi. Mercedes with 600,000 km’s on the clock


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  16. Sandy
    I’ll counter that. The last time I was there back in 2001 I was asked for directions by a non-Belinese German. I’m British but have that Germanic / Scandanavian look so perhaps the mistake is allowed


  17. that isn’t quite what was perhaps implied
    What sentiment says and what the result of the vote say are not guaranteed to always be the same thing


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  19. At which point of this play of events, the biggest financial con in history, do the great unwashed, take to the streets? We have seen the way it played out with the Arab Spring, the utter confusion and resulting shuffle of power to yet another, loosely put, armed gangsters, parading as being of the people, but in effect the next crop of thugsters. So called democracy will take years to evolve, if ever.
    What will be the tipping point, spark that ignites such actions in member countries of the EU? I imagine the planning is well advanced?


  20. The brilliant “Jim Willie” also confirmed in his latest article which can be viewed on Hatrick letters or 24hr gold presse de review two days ago that France will leave the euro first and probably after an dramatic event!! This guy tends to be first and usually correct.
    I guess that way Germany wont get all the blame.
    The nightmare is in its endgame and TPTB have lost !
    Total bad guy takedown commences in May, should be very interesting to say the least !


  21. Moral insanity — this is a fine descrition. I have been dealing with a total sociopath and perhaps three during a long term journalistic investigation. Despite reminding the victims time and time again – and ‘victims’ is exactly what they are – none have truly understood that a true sociopath has absolutely no capacity to understand morality or empathy. A sociopath also has no capacity to consider, or recognise that his ideas or actions might be wrong if judged by what might be described as normal behavioural standards. http://buckleysparrowsealeyinvestmentscam.com/


  22. Recognised world expert on psychopathy Prof Hare: tell-tale traits:

    -superficial charm
    -pathological lying
    -need for stimulation & prone to boredom
    -self-centered & self-important
    -cunning and manipulative
    -deceptive behavior & lying
    -blaming others for their actions (projection)
    -lack of remorse or guilt
    -shallow emotional responsiveness
    -callousness and lack of empathy
    -poor self-control
    -failure to accept responsibility for own actions


  23. Send in the Clowns, Unfortunately the psychiatric profession dispensed with this diagnostic category of Moral Insanity many decades ago. Perhaps, if it was called Psychomoral Psychosis (PMP), it might be more acceptable to them.

    But, it’s all a bit late since Armageddon is upon us, is it not?


  24. Bankrupt Taxpayer, I think your list fits Breivik very well! Even so, because there are no psychiatrists of childhood sitting in the court room eyeballing Breivik, they will neither dare to diagnose Psychopathy (since they deem it to be untreatable) nor will they consider Conduct Disorder from ADHD in the life of this Psychopath.

    Instead, they will go on and on trying to squeeze him into a box called Paranoid Schizophrenia and, for ever, leave the majority of ordinary intelligent citizens totally unconvinced.

    His rationality in the courtroom, his powers of reasoning, are NOT those of schizophrenia.


  25. @John Mark: I can’t say if Breivik fits these symptoms as I haven’t followed him closely. However I can see a fair number of politicians with all/most of these personal traits and Gordon Brown has almost every one. And from my own research, most despots in the 20th century were psychopaths. I also read a while back that in the US, about 25% of prison inmates are clinical psychopaths on the Hare scale, scoring over 20.

    Many people will know that of the all mental diseases/illnesses, psychopathy is one of the most dangerous because people suffering from it are usually very sharp-minded and intelligent and can easily appear to be very nice, friendly and normal to other people, but they don’t realise they’re being manipulated.


  26. Unbelievable! Have you seen this?
    «No joke: the European Central Bank accepts a Portuguese bond from the year 1943 as collateral due for repayment on Dec. 31, 9999. The ECB has turned into the dumping ground for European banks’ junk bonds. The practice could harm the central bank’s reputation as well as the Euro. The ECB issues Euros for almost everything.»


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