Four out of five Greek voters against Troika puppet Venizelos


Under Greek Law, the publication of electoral opinion polls is illegal from two weeks before General Election dates. So between now and polling day, the views of the Greek electorate will be going behind the dark side of the moon. But The Slog has been told by Brussels sources that both there and in Berlin, there is mounting concern about an anti-Troika majority winding up as the Government.

“For the first time in 40 years, people are not voting left versus right but pro-bailout versus anti-bailout,” ALCO pollster Costas Panagopoulos said three days ago, “We cannot exclude any scenario.” The figures support Panagopoulus, although this is rarely appreciated in the MSM.

On Saturday 14th April last, a poll by the MRB company revealed a majority of Greeks rejecting an economic recovery plan imposed in return for EU-IMF loans. Thus, although only 26.2% of respondents said they’d vote for a party opposed to the EU-IMF rescue, 66% said Greece should stay in the eurozone but adopt an alternative recovery plan.

The key point being missed here is that – while New Democracy has cooperated with the Troika – its leadership is known to have major doubts about the austerity plan. New Democracy leader Antonis Samaras is widely distrusted in Brussels for this very reason; and as The Slog predicted over a fortnight ago, PASOK leader Venizelos has been leading calls for a compromise PM….unelected. Venizelos knows he’s going to be the big loser on May 6th, but being in the Troika’s pocket, he hopes to convince ND – and the voters – that an anti-Troika majority would be bad news. I wrote at the time:

‘Samaras has also said he would reject a coalition administration, but has nevertheless been a bit yes and no about it. In many ways he is right to be equivocal: with perhaps nine Parties likely to win seats in the new Parliament, it is impossible at the moment to foresee all the possibilities. But I understand that Samaris would welcome a Coalition without PASOK.’

Venizelos fears this, and is still mouthing off in an attempt to cling onto power. He said there would be a “huge problem” if the next government — most likely to be a coalition — does not have at least 50 percent of the vote following next month’s elections. (PASOK and ND together had 35.5% last Monday).

Sources in Athens are repeating what they alleged two weeks ago: that the PASOK leader is hinting at direct action from outside Greece were a Coalition without him and against the Troika to emerge after May 6th.

Now The Slog’s longstanding Brussels mole offers some support for their fears….and suggests that the Troikanauts might force the issue.

“It’s an open secret here that [the Commission], the IMF and Berlin believe there may well be a volte-face and tearing up of the bailout deal after May 6th,” he tells me, “I think they’d start twisting arms about stopping the cash-flow, and try and bring a new Government to heel. In my view, all the Greeks would have to do is resist that, and the eurozone would immediately be in big trouble.”

What most foreign observers have also failed to spot is just how much PASOK support has fallen: there has been some recovery during April, but their last poll rating was still poor at 17.8%. Just under two-thirds of all Greeks don’t intend to vote for either ‘main’ Party….and looking at PASOK alone, we can see that four out of five won’t vote for Venizelos. That’s more than enough for ND’s Samaras to form a solid Coalition government.

Samaras has often criticised the terms of the bailout, and said he would spend 550 million euros on social relief if elected. He became more specific about his plans yesterday, saying corporate tax should be cut back to 15% from 23% (as a stimulant to economic growth) but also that the top VAT rate should be cut to 19% from 23% – and the top income tax rate to 32% from 45% (to stimulate consumption).

This is clearly a spend more and stay on austerity track sum of the kind often dished out during elections. In real terms, it’s a fantasy. In Troika circles, it represents dangerous anti-matter.

Bearing in mind what the Greek economy is doing at the minute, however, the Samaris plan is marginally more sane than the bailout terms. Real incomes in Greece dropped by a massive 25.3% during 2011, according to an annual report by the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) which uses data forwarded by the Greek Finance Ministry.

Meanwhile, further out on the Right, hard-nationalist Party doyen Panos Kammenos declared yesterday that he would nationalise the Bank of Greece , and drive IMF representative Poul Thomsen out of the country.

The leader of the fast-rising Party ‘Independent Greeks’ told Skai TV that Greece must reject the terms of the new bailout it agreed with the IMF, the European Central Bank and the European Commission in February. He added  that Greece’s new bonds written under UK law would lead to public and private Greek assets being seized as and when things go pear-shaped.

“If during the next month we do not get rid of Thomsen and his employees, the repossessions of homes will begin because of UK law,” said Kammenos, who earlier this week drew fire from Greek shipowners for suggesting that their vessels could be seized by Greece’s creditors.

Alarmist stuff? Probably. But there are two factors that every good psephologist (electoral researcher) knows only too well. Even if a Party (like ND) doesn’t openly say it will reject the recent past, many of its voters will expect it to. And respondents in research always underclaim their willingness to vote for extreme Parties.

This is why the awful Evangelo Venizelos may find himself out in the cold after May 6th. And why the EU may suddenly find itself with two rebellious ClubMed States to handle.

All of which brings us back to the original Geithner plan for Greece…and the geo-political aims of the Pentagon and the oil business in the Greek theatre. Might they be already opening communication lines with the Rightists in Athens? I don’t know. But if any Greeks think they do know, the email address remains

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  1. JW, does this mean that when it all goes tits up that the Greeks will turn their
    anger on the UK as the new bonds are written under UK law ?

    Was that the EZ plan all along to drag us into the mess ?


  2. America and right/fascist leaning peoples in Greece have ALWAYS colluded as evidenced by the way the US backed the dictatorship instantly in 1967/68… furthermore this is what a Henry Kissinger had to say in 1974 about Greeks after they had upset Americas puppet dictatorship and returned to Democracy (the Junta ended in 1974)…

    ” The Greek people are anarchic and difficult to tame. For this reason we must strike deep into their cultural roots: Perhaps then we can force them to conform. I mean, of course, to strike at their language, their religion, their cultural and historical reserves, so that we can neutralize their ability to develop, to distinguish themselves, or to prevail; thereby removing them as an obstacle to our strategically vital plans in the Balkans, the Mediterranean, and the Middle East.”

    (As reported in the popular Greek magazine, Oikonomikos Tachydromos on 14 Aug. l997, Henry Kissinger, while addressing a group of Washington, D.C. businessmen in Sept.1974)


  3. Shame is how Germany and America have struck at Greek defiance… at this moment Greeks are so busy blaming themselves for trusting their politicians and in the EU, that they don’t see the external influences at work against them all along… looks like it worked.


  4. Best hope that Venizelos does lose power along with Immunity from Prosecution.

    I would like to see his head roll down from the Parthenon hill… and plop into the sea…

    If only…


  5. I’m living in a former PASOK constituency, but it’s interesting to see that party keeping an extremely low profile locally. The PASOK office in the nearby “county town” (Nomos) has been firmly shut, while the smaller parties on both sides have been drumming up all the support they can. We’re getting visits from minority party leaders and higher-ups who wouldn’t normally bother around here. Commonest name for both ND and PASOK in the village is “kleftes” (thieves). I await the results with interest.


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  7. @send. All three. Turkey is sabre rattling; The Greek / Turkish border is a Christian / Muslim border; Greece could be a handy aircraft carrier for the USA; there is talk of oil; and the German and French governments have loaned Greece the money to buy military hardware. Oh, and the Chinese own some Greek ports. I also suspect the Russians are in there somewhere too. This is a very complex situation and major players are involved, so major that the EU is nothing but a flea bite. I don’t like it one little bit.


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  9. Timmy Geithner the Greek Hornet.

    “I [God] will send the hornet ahead of you to drive the Hivites, Canaanites, Germans and Hittites out of your way.
    Exodus 23:28
    Note the “Germans” are not in the oldest manuscripts.


  10. We note that the French and Germans are preparing to suspend the Schengen Agreement – anticipating a flood of Club Med refugees ?

    Time to pull up the drawbridge at Dover methinks.


  11. David, in Greece our ministry of defence clowns been upset about the article in the Guardian claiming that Greece spent 216 billion euro the last 30 years buying arms, defended themselves saying that the amount was spent not only for arms but for general army expences including training officers and creating the whole infrastructure for the use of the arms , go figure ….Acting ” strategically” they ordered arms from various countries including Russia , Israel and US , with very little transparency and unknown secret budgets too . In 2007-2010 we were 5th in the world in arms spending and 3rd in the NATO and from the world-wide army cake we had a nice slice of 4% .This from the Greek papers and not the daily mail.


  12. Hanger, that is the obvious inference, particularly if the hot-blooded Greeks find inspiration in the sang-froid of Icelanders. Watch for Venizelos to clamber on a one-way banana boat to Venezualas shortly.


  13. Re the headline, I would suggest maybe it’s not the result that they fear – after all, a hung parliament would give them the excuse to extend the term of office of the Troika. It’s the aftermath of the elections out there on the streets. You ain’t seen nothin’ yet.


  14. @John and @Laurence.
    Have you not heard that the eu do not approve of WWI, WWII and I assume WWIII. Their preferred term for WWII is the ‘European Civil War’.
    This is absolutely true. They are planning a hugely expensive ‘eu museum’ to indoctrinate future generations into believing this crap.
    Ho, hum. Although they are perhaps getting nearer to the mark with ‘European Civil War number III’


  15. If you read the text it’s also OK for a wife to have sex with a dead husband. That’s OK then. Albeit more problematic I suspect.


  16. @VJ

    The Arabic words for death and boredom are very similar. Anyway, it would be pretty cold comfort… (even in late autumn)


  17. …the PASOK leader is hinting at direct action from outside Greece were a Coalition without him and against the Troika to emerge after May 6th.

    I don’t know what your sources in Greece are suggesting is being hinted at by PASOK’s corrupt, fascist, fat slug: Venizelos, but I’d be surprised if *outside* forces invade Greece as it seems is being suggested (except perhaps Turkey seizing an opportine moment). What might happen is a Greek military coup politically backed by outside forces (US/Germany/France etc). That could make sense to some people if Greece descends into civil strife/chaos soon after the elections with nobody pleased by the fragmented outcome.
    Another possibility is that the fat slug may declare a ‘national emergency’ and seize power, backed by the military and outside political forces. Other possible permutations exist I guess…

    As for who’s on the Left and who’s on the Right, I’ll leave that alone because I don’t believe there is anybody in Greece on the true Right. They only have various quasi-life forms of socialism and fascism. That’s it.


  18. If Venizelos goes somewhere, it will most likely be NY. Otherwise god knows, where he will end up.
    As for WWII, as long as people like me are still alive, whose family members laid their lives fighting for the freedom of their fatherland, EU may not be so lucky. And with little bit of push EU may end up off the cliff all together.


  19. @Bernard

    I hadn’t heard about the ‘European Civil War ‘ museum,but the fact that the euro zealots are creating one and trying to rewrite history does not surprise me at all.Boy, are they going to be surprised when this lot comes back and bites them on the arse.


  20. Well I hope the election brings about the complete destruction of Pasok. And I hope it will end any involvement in public life for any member of the Papandreou family. They have been nothing but a disaster for Greece.

    Maybe if there is a hung parliament and Greece will become very unstable. That might bring about a Coup just as it did in the late 1960s. But I also think that in many ways it is time the Greek people faced up to reality – you can’t stay in the Euro without accepting the consequences – and began to accept that they were willing partners in the lies and blatant dishonesty that has characterised Greek public life for 40 years. They wont of course and it is easy to blame the politicians for everything and anything. Wont wash.


  21. @Tony: That isn’t what I wrote. I wrote: “if Greece descends into civil strife/chaos soon after the elections with nobody pleased by the fragmented outcome.” This is possible given the number of different parties with very different solutions for Greece. Meaning that the elections produce a very fragmented result…


  22. Right you Sloggers, get an eyeful of this! Berlusconi’s ‘Kapo’ resp. Nigel Farages’s ‘adversary’* has perhaps seen the writing on the wall:


    EU President Schulz: “State leaders are increasingly arrogant”

    DMN / German SME News | Published: 04/26/12, 15:56 | Last updated: 4/26/12, 16:16 |

    Martin Schulz laments: Member States are increasingly reclaiming their powers, the leaders are increasingly arrogant and the fiscal pact would create a parliamentary-free zone – all of this makes a collapse of the EU very realistic, criticised the EU parliament president.

    “In recent months we have experience a worrying trend towards nationalisticism and ‘summitisation’ (permanent summits),” European Parliament President Martin Schulz told the College of Commissioners on Wednesday. “The state and government leaders are increasingly arrogant and are making more decisions for themselves, they debate and make decisions behind closed doors and in disregard of the Community methods.” But these must be defended with great determination. In addition, with the help of the ‘fiscal pact’, an attempt is being made to create a fiscal union beyond the control of the parliamentarians, by bypassing the Commission.”

    The collapse of the European Union is a ‘realistic scenario’, given the increasing xenophobia, the ever-growing demands of the Member States for the restoration of powers to them and the calls for the reintroduction of border controls, emphasised Martin Schulz. With this the EU Parliament President was above all playing on the Franco-German demands for border controls. This is an ‘extremely dangerous development.’ Because “any attack on the freedom of movement is an attack on the foundations of the European Union,” he said.”

    This turn of phrase, ‘control of the parliamentarians’ – which parliamentarians is he talking about?

    *I have here a .pdf of an interview given by Nigel to the German magazin “Zuerst”. A couple of choice quotes:

    Q. – Is someone like Schulz imaginable as a parliamentary president in a normal state?”

    NF – Absolutely not! I see absolutely no chance. For me it is totally unimaginable that the German Bundestag or the British Parliament would make such a man to Speaker. As I have already said: only in the EU or in a third world state could such a thing happen. But I don’t want to only speak negatives. The election of Schulz has its good side.

    Q – “What then?”

    NF – The citizens of Europe will see how the EU really looks.

    Q – “Martin Schulz as the ‘face’ of the European Parliament?”

    NF – “Naturally! He will be my ‘Poster Boy’. Perhaps I’ll use a picture of him for my election campaign in 2014. I will ask the people, “That is the face of the EU. Is that what you want?”.


  23. @VJ
    And Schulz said:
    “The state and government leaders are increasingly arrogant and are making more decisions for themselves”
    How very f***ing dare they ! They’ve only been bloody well elected by their own people. What the hell is the EU turning into. A democracy?


  24. BT

    Slugs, fat or otherwise compared to that particular person are honest, law abiding, sincere & probably better company.The creature Venizelos is supposedly a higher life form possessing morals, free will, intelligence, empathy & the ability to love. A slug has unlike a man, none of these virtues & is totally controlled by instinct, so therefore is totally blameless of doing sluggy stuff. In calling Venizelos a fat slug you are in effect, complimenting him & insulting the slug.


  25. “This turn of phrase, ‘control of the parliamentarians’ – which parliamentarians is he talking about?”

    I think he’s referring to the EU parliamentarians, not national parliamentarians. Remember: Schulz is talking with his EU hat on. But he’s obviously a complete EU monkey and unfit for any useful purpose. So he’s in the best place for him and among likeminded friends.


  26. Fragmentation after the election is to the benefit of the Greek people, as it would be so much harder for the gangsters outside to ‘turn’ a select few in the government, and so have their agendas promoted instead.


  27. @Luther: Fragmentation may be as you describe. Nevertheless, it might create civil strife and social chaos due to a lack of a clearly elected government with any sort of mandate.


  28. Laurence: “What the hell is the EU turning into. A democracy?”

    Fat chance. I genuinely see a day in the not too distant future, that “bailouts” are publicly withheld in order to prevent Sovereign European nations from holding elections……oh hand on, that’s already happened hasn’t it?


  29. There are many ways of eliminating the opposition; have better policies, tell more believable lies, have them arrested, kidnapped, murdered – the choices are manyfold. But the Greeks seem to have hit on a novel one – so don’t write PASOK & ND off just yet!

    “Paper Jam – Greeks missing ballot sheets for the election

    Athens is bringing itself into distress with intricate arrangements: Shortly before the election the state cannot make enough paper available to the parties for ballot sheets. Conspiracy theories are now flourishing.

    Over the past few months Greece has brought us a lot of bizarre realisations. There are the many people who have apparently lived for a very long time, have cashed a pension for a very long time and, on closer inspection, turn out to have been dead for a very long time.

    At that the rest of Europe collectively shook its head. The same goes for the absurd story of the ballot sheets, now being reported on by “Focus Online”. It also shows how complicated state regulations have led the country into a paralysis.

    The State cannot provide enough paper

    On 6 May there are elections in Greece. Normally, the state prints ballot sheets and delivers them to the polling stations.

    Athens does it differently. Here, the state agencies allocate the paper to the parties. Each party then arranges to print their own ballot sheets. By 27 April they must be at the collection points, from there they are forwarded on.

    The effort is not only enormous, the Greeks must also carry a lot of paper into the ballot box – there is also a problem at a very crucial point.

    The state cannot currently provide enough paper, about a third is missing. No one knows why, after all, the date has been set for some time. And the 700,000 Euro contract should have been sent on the long road to approval on 19 April,

    Government parties have plenty of money

    Where it currently is, no one really knows. The parties must buy the paper themselves. For the smaller parties partaking in the election this is difficult. Already the conspiracy theories are flourishing. The Greens and the Left Autonomous parties are complaining that they are being excluded from the election.

    Because, strangely enough, the ruling parties, Nea Dimokratia und PASOK (who jointly led the country into this deep crisis) received an election-costs advance of 30 million euros. And once again, not only the Greeks were amazed but also the rest of Europe.

    While German parties receive between 70-85 cents per year and per vote cast for them, in Greece it is ten euros per year and vote.”


  30. This is another illegal Turkish move, blatantly violating the UN Security Council resolutions that call on all countries to respect the sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity of the Republic of Cyprus. As it stands America wants to use Greece as it’s middle east naval firewall base, germany it’s Muslim Euro invasion firewall, Russians want to run an oil and gas pipeline all the way down and also own the oil, gas, and energy companies, and China has pretty much wrapped up it’s ownership of Greek shipping ports, soon the railways will be up for sale… the Russians and Chinese are already vying for the only open railway from our boats all the way up through the developing Balkans and into easter Europe and Russia. Interesting times folks.


  31. A reasonable defence has always been available that you didn’t notice she had died. But this defence has time limits – usually until around the time the ironing piles up.


  32. @marcjf: Looks like it.
    I wonder if people can see what Schulz is really whining about?

    He’s saying that EU MEPs are being sidelined by a) member states increasingly taking back their sovereignty and b) the Fiskal Pact which is driven by Brussels & northen EU member states political elites, so Strasbourg will have no involvement.

    What he almost certainly has not spotted because he’s dumb is that sidelining Strasbourg was always part of the long term plan when the fascist coup consolidates its power. No democracy = MEPs not required.

    The sovereign/banking financial crises has disrupted the timetable and is forcing the hands of the coup leaders.


  33. [OT]
    Good article and charts here about Spain, Italy, Bundesbank etc

    If anyone can point me to ONE single piece of good news in any of these charts, please go ahead.
    From the article:
    “This is wealth destruction pure and simple, implemented by RADICAL SOCIALISTS who are in power throughout the developed world. As Norman Thomas prophesized in 1944, it is now all true:
    … … …
    This prophecy is NOW OCCURRING as socialism’s “MISERY SPREAD WIDELY” is in full bloom throughout the developed world. Furthermore, the ECONOMIC and SOCIETAL collapse from socialist policies and UNSOUND money is accelerating!”


  34. At david . From Nation Master World Statistics most recent one we stand 3rd.
    And because i think we are slitting hairs here , here is our detail ranking for arms expences since 2000:
    2000 : 5th, 2001 : 4th , 2002 : 6th , 2003 2nd , 2004 : 3rd , 2005 : 9th , 2006 : 5th , 2007 : 2nd , 2008 : 9th , 2009 : 3rd , 2010 : 7th
    for the over all 2003-2007 period we came 4th after China , India and UAE . Keep in mind that all these is based on our kind national statistics and data and transparency for which we rank 60th in the world somewhere between El salvador and Colombia . If you are interested in our performance in other important areas here are some : we rank first for sexual frequency and first in operations for penis enlargements ( courtecy of Send in the clowns ) , first in europe in Phd holders – since we buy them cheaply and freely in the internet – and i think i will stop here as i will be accused of been ” anthellinas ” which i am not , i only happen to believe that denying , blaming others and lying strip us of any power and chance to change , and with no doubt we are in need of many changes .


  35. ”…reposession of homes…”
    When property as TAX DONKEY can no longer bear the load,
    the EU governments’ mandate is simple.


  36. Nope,
    Greeks are now furious with their own political scum bags and the Germans for constantly insulting the country with their collective blaming that Europe hasn’t experienced since Hitler’s anti-Jewish campaign.

    But, Greeks know that their problems are self-inflicted (although this is no 100% accurate)




  39. @Viking. I was going to make the off-the-wall suggestion that one way to galvanise the Greek people would be to print thousands of copies of this blog, hire a plane, and do a leaflet drop over Athens. But not enough paper to go round.
    OK, here’s another off-the-wall. Get a toilet roll manufacturer to print Venezelos’ face on every sheet. The Slug would be an overnight laughing stock. Any Greek readers up for that?


  40. Yana the link you give above is from the 2005 sipri report!

    The latest Stockholm sipri report states…… ” Greece’s arms imports decreased by 18 per cent between 2002–2006 and 2007–11. In 2007–11 it was the 10th largest arms importer, down from being the 4th largest in 2002–2006. Greece placed no new order for major conventional weapons in 2011″


  41. David i am sorry to tell you that you are wrong and Greece HAS placed orders in 2011 , to various exporters ranging from ships from France to bombs from Israel , we had recent scandals with the outgoing minister Panos Beglitis who signed them on his last day at the ministry 11/11/2011( now , how cool is that ? ) . There have been rows between Germany and France over the 2011 orders and the way the French tried to win over by spreading the payments over a 5 year period .We obviously read different papers. If you read greek i can give you links of the greek army news and you will surprised .


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