HACKGATE DAY 469: James Murdoch admits Cameron misled Parliament, Secretary Hunt was enthusiastic facilitator of Newscorp’s BSkyB bid.


The inestimably ghastly Jeremy *unt

Astonishing “shame we didn’t record him” admission

James Murdoch is being questioned by the Leveson Media Enquiry this morning GMT, but Newscorp Director of Public Affairs Frederic Michel is also turning into a central figure, the main context being in relation to Michel’s uncomfortably cosy relationship with the oleaginous Culture Secretary Jeremy *unt.

From the Leveson enquiry in the last hour:

QC Peter Jay says: “It’s pretty clear you were receiving information on the lines the UK government on the whole would be supportive of News Corp.”

James Murdoch: “I think Mr Hunt had said personally he didn’t see any issues … there’s no special information in there.”

Jay raises a conference call between James Murdoch, Michel and Vince Cable on 15 June 2010. Michel says in one email that the call went well and “we should have recorded him”. (!)

Michel says in another email that he had a note from Jeremy Hunt’s advisor, Adam Smith, that “the UK government would be supportive throughout the process (despite what the Standard is reporting this evening)”.

The general tenor throughout is that of a mendacious line being put out by the Cameron Government to suggest that all was rigorously above board – when it clearly wasn’t. Jay asked about a meeting between James M and David Cameron at The George in Mayfair, where James told Cameron that The Sun would support the Conservatives. “This must have been welcome news to Cameron, wasn’t it?” says Jay. “Seemed that way,” acknowledges James.

But an earlier bombshell then confirmed what 99.9% of viewers felt that afternoon last year when David Cameron refused 18 times in the House of Commons to give a straight answer to the obvious question about his Newscorp Christmas lunch with James Murdoch and Rebekah Brooks: Did you discuss the Newscorp BSkyB bid?

James Murdoch now says yes, they did. His testimony:

“This [conversation] was on Dec 23, 2010, at a dinner hosted by Rebekah and Charlie Brooks and attended by a number of other people. It took place two days after responsibility for the matter had passed to the Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport, Jeremy Hunt, (from Vince Cable).”

In particular, Murdoch Jr admitted asking for ‘assurances’ that Hunt would be ‘more objective’ than Cable. The Prime Minister stood widely accused last year of breaking Parliament’s ministerial code of conduct by failing to avoid a possible conflict of interest in attending the Christmas dinner, and blocked an inquiry by the Cabinet Secretary which would surely have discovered what Leveson has been told today.

Cameron has repeatedly fended off questions about whether he and James Murdoch talked about BSkyB at the dinner, but in refusing to deny the conversation 18 times in the Commons he must be guilty of at least misleading MPs, and probably of contempt.

Mind you, that was in a more decent age.

I remind Sloggers what I predicted a long time ago about this sleazy cover-up: in the end, it will do for David Cameron’s Premiership.



44 thoughts on “HACKGATE DAY 469: James Murdoch admits Cameron misled Parliament, Secretary Hunt was enthusiastic facilitator of Newscorp’s BSkyB bid.

  1. I’ve been watching this too.

    Murdoch is an extremely coy and disingenuous witness.

    It’s a shame The Telegraph bugged Vince Cable.


  2. What is that old phrase we used to use in the playground Mr Cameron…?

    Oh yes it was….
    …..Liar Liar Pants on Fire !!!!! (Again !!!!!)

    Apologies for overuse of exclaimation marks – no offence meant :)


  3. So Murdoch contacted Hunt despite being warned it would inappropriate during a judicial review ?

    Anyone, is that where we are ?


  4. Reposted due to problems threading the needle:

    The latest official directive to all government departments and the MSM regarding the release of information was, apparently, drafted by an Oxbridge graduate with a double first in Classics and a blue in Modern Language (sic); the full text appears below:

    “It don’t matter a fu*k what you tell ‘em, but for fu*k sake tell ‘em fu*k all.”

    Earlier reports of a new era in straight talking have been described as “utter bollocks and decidedly bent”.

    Apologies for the double entry and lack of exclamation marks.


  5. ‘… it will do for David Cameron’s premiership.’

    Maybe, but eliminating the third worst PM this century does not necessarily solve any problems. We could find ourselves with the very high spend, very high tax and grotesque borrowings party back again (see Warner’s horrendous debt projections in the DT today) or worse, the make more than trivial cuts party. Perhaps in the delicate financial circumstances of our country we should try not to make things any worse than they are. Cameron’s judgement is no better than Blair’s, which is not saying a lot.


  6. I’d love to see the full text of the email which said something like “Vince Cable to be blackmailed” as Murdoch’s explanation was very weak and did not time well as the Telegraph had plainly already published the ‘War on Murdoch’ extracts otherwise why would Clegg have been angry about it (in the same email.)


  7. All this is about are we being listened to or bugged/hacked/phished for information by private sources not government.Meanwhile,our brave Oxbridge heroes of GCHQ and their cohorts of companies like Narus,who data mine,of Israel and Kiev,collect and perhaps collate electronic data like Stasi work horses.Reality is somewhat less palatable.
    When the Jews of the USSR were kicked out during the 80s and 90s they fled to Israel.They were as welcome as herpes in a convent.It was not unusual to be served in a shop by academics in such fields as genetic engineering or cryptography.This group were shafted.
    Many still keeping their friendships and lines of communications open to their old universities,where young “undergrads”employed these old stalwarts on such lucrative work as cracking encryption with a pen and paper,how last century!They were successful and went on to live comfortable lives between St.Petersburg and a number of other former USSR universites.
    The encryption techniques,now reside in our phones,computers and banks all broken by a group of five academics on paper.But of course GCHQ and the NSA know this !


  8. “….in refusing to deny the conversation 18 times in the Commons he must be guilty of at least misleading MPs, and probably of contempt.” Not within the world of the politician, John, as I am sure you know. Only ordinary people find this kind of mendacious posturing despicable, politicians see only kudos in their being good at it. Indeed it seems very much to be the case that they now seek to sidestep answering any question as their first reaction, just a facet of their apparent knee-jerk reaction to always lie first, whatever the situation.

    And they wonder why they are despised, or perhaps not.


  9. @Peter C. “And they wonder why they are despised”. Being sociopaths, such a thought wouldn’t cross their minds.


  10. “He must be guilty of at least misleading MPs, and probably of contempt.”
    As said before: He has the hide of a rhino and the morals of a whore.
    But I do think this will finish Cameron, wouldn’t mind betting a lot more will come out soon.


  11. I wonder if the bookies have a line on JW’s prediction Re. Cameron’s Premiership?

    If I had to venture a guess about your PM’s chances I would say they are pretty good, though what matters more than my opinion would center around what is to be made of the recent quite prominent noise in US publications of note as to how ‘austerity is not working’ in Europe and the UK. This is getting a lot of print. Frankly I think it has more to do with getting the Eurozone to fix it’s mess than anything much to do with Britain.

    It just sounds more like politics to me, this Murdoch tempest, as revolting as it may be on the surface. Accustomed to US pols here, I can only reason by analogy and thereby cannot see how your Labour party and others could possibly resist smearing Cameron or anyone in his place in these circumstances. Confessing profound ignorance on these affairs, I simply don’t see who is around as a viable option for Cameron. I’m not saying I would vote for him, it’s just more the way populations look at leadership. Despite whatever you can throw at some people, their perceived ‘leadership’ qualities can often trump it. Somewhat like Clinton I suppose.

    If you think about what this means in general for the human race (and has always meant) then you see here a sketch of a prognosis even more dire than JW’s.


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  13. This analysis is flawed.Relatively impoverished politicians and seriously rich businessmen have been meeting each other for centuries.However,an Australian by birth,now a US citizen,with a dual nationality US/ UK son,controlling a US company with non voting shares,giving the family control of the group’s assets,which include, legally,a large chunk of Fleet Street and a TV company with an important position in the UK,even though they are miles away from owning even 30 percent of the share capital.The issue is as follows: Why has the NYSE not threatened to delist Newscorp unless it enfranchises it’s non voters,AND why has the Department of Health, Culture, Media ,Sports,Environment and Rural Affairs,Business and Equal Opportunities( and save Chris Huhne’s career) not threatened to remove all of NI and BSkyB’s licences to operate,whilst effective control remains with a minority family,whose conduct may be deemed to be against the MAJORITY SHAREHOLDERS, who are ,if you have missed the point,are not called Murdoch.


  14. So, despite claims of ‘editorial independence’, today we see James M. confirming to Cameron in a meeting that The Sun will support the Conservatives [at the general election]. Hunt’s later support for the BSkyB bid has all the hallmarks of payback for that support.

    This blatant corruption and Cameron’s/Osborne’s gross mismanagement of the economy since taking office (see the excellent report from HSBC) have virtually destroyed any provisional support I had for them May/2010.

    My great concern is that if they lose the next election, we will be faced with the Hard Left mindless moron, Red Ed Milipede as PM…then we will see what Vampire Economics is all about. Britain is going down the path of ruin, the vultures are circling.


  15. Is he a UK rather than US citizen? The US gets a bit upset when its citizens are deprived of their passports by foreign countries-and rightly so!


  16. A criminal state requires a criminal media. The UK’s corporate oligarchy have become rather used to having their way – illegal wars, cuts in corporation tax, corporate welfare via the DTI, open season on pension funds for private equity vultures, etc.
    All of this on the back of the vulgar ‘free enterprise’ propaganda provided by the Murdochs. The end of Murdoch’s empire means the end of privitiz
    ation, tax cuts and war.


  17. It matters not in the slightest who forms the next government. None of them have interests other than there own in mind. We have now reached the stage where the voters vote AGAINST someone, not for someone. I will be voting against Cameron, who I always thought would be useless despite the “bulling up” (or is that Bullingdon?) he got from the media.
    I do not think this Hackgate will finish Cameron-unfortunately, any more than any of the scandals finished Blair. All the evidence is entirely circumstancial-and no worse than Blair/Brown engaged in. That latter point is not advanced as justification-merely as evidence of how corrupt the system is, and thus how we are inured to it.


  18. So where does Tony B.Liar feature in all this. With so much sleaze he’s got to be involved somewhere. If not can we implicate him?
    PS Talking of NWO Bankster Tony B. Liar WMD, whatever happened to the Chilcot (Iraq) inquiry?


  19. @BT,fear not,my mole in no.11 says GO’s man has read the HSBC clinical destruction of MarK’s record breaking 64 failed months,and the next Governor will not be a sleeper, connected to the infamous ‘Havana 3’


  20. If it IS the beginning of the end for Camerlot, perhaps we should all start tweeting/emailing Jamie Oliver, Jeremy Clarkson and Simon Cowell and asking them to set up a party we can vote for….at least they call a spade a spade, and they’d wake up the Sun readers etc to vote…..I can dream!


  21. I agree with you but there are several things which the coalition have not done yet but which I would expect a moronic Milipede govt to do:

    1. intro a wealth tax (ie to skim peoples’ savings every year).
    2. capital controls.
    3. create even higher inflation.
    4. create a new banking quango with powers to override bank non-lending decisions, with taxpayers acting as the guarantee. (ie to feed money to fraudulent Labour-supporting borrowers).


  22. I hope you’re right. But ISTM that Osborne must be a net winner from these vampire policies…in that he can release the pedal on austerity.

    I’m hoping that Hannan has read it too…he would agree with it!


  23. OK, I searched through the evidence which is now online and this is the email I was refering to above. (can’t copy and paste as original is pdf)

    To: JRM
    From: Michel Frederic
    Sent: Tue 21/12/2010 PM
    Subject: Clegg Confidential

    Just spoke. He is absolutely furious. Said Cable’s comment unacceptable. I ran through role of Telegraph, Cable about to be blackmailed, demands made by Oakeshott and co, need to question the integrity of the entire process. There are other reasons for Cable to be kept in ……

    Michel Frederic

    Quite interesting don’t you think ? The sstory with the Murdoch bit was published on the morning of the 21st Dec. This email was sent in the early evening of that day. So what were the Telegraph about to blackmail Cable with and what were the other reasons for keeping Cable in ??????


  24. “In particular, Murdoch Jr admitted asking for ‘assurances’ that Hunt would be ‘more objective’ than Cable.”

    Did Murdoch give Cameron’s answer?


  25. Uh oh! Labour’s whiter than white Dear Leader Red Ed Milipede and Hattie Hatemen have rushed to the TV News cameras demanding that Hunt MUST RESIGN. Hattie casually mentioned a “point of principle is at stake.” Right, her being an expert on principles and all that.


  26. Rupert Murdoch is a trinational. Citizen of Oz, US AND Israel. He is number two on Netanyahu’s list of billionaires to call for campaign contributions. I see no real problem with foreigners owning a controlling interest in the print media but that does NOT apply to the broadcast media. You ca’t do it in the US< Canada, Oz, France etc…. so why here? because we are a bunch of mugs following 'principles' rather than real[politick.


  27. I’m opposed to the idea of democracy, as it inevitable leads to more and more welfare, which in turn leads to greater and greater deficits, inflation, taxation, which in turn leads us to, er, now. However, if we have to have some kind of representative government, why not just randomly pick 100 or so taxpayers from the national data base…I’d vote for that any day over any of the other options…


  28. If that were true he would have to eat humble pie and apologise to the ‘House’ – there are no other legal implications because in the House of Commons you can say what you like without fear of prosecution .If he said it in a Tv studio, that is different .
    I don’t think it was discussed as such between the two listening to the evidence today, it was more of a one line comment


  29. No, I think they were just being too clever by half.
    The Telegraph was heavilly gunning for the libdems at the time, and they left the bit where Cable said he was at war with Murdoch out of their original story.
    I cant remember his name off hand, but a big cheese at the Tele left their employ at this moment, joined the Times, and took ther Cable transcipts with him.


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