MARCH 2012: Siemens pays Greece 170m euros for bribery crimes

APRIL 2012: Siemens wins 41m euro Athens metro project


Former Nazi Makis Voridis….brokered Siemens deal

The Greek people will never, ever have a straight and above-board political system until all the current mob have been thrown out.This is the conclusion many observers have now reached: and allied to that conclusion is the blatant amorality of a Brussels elite that not only has no interest in throwing them out: it would rather deal with corrupt fascists….just so long as they keep saying yes to the madness.

Behind the bland MSM headlines about today’s award of a 41m euro Athens metro contract to Siemens lies the usual complex trail of hands in pockets and easy non-competitive appointments that perpetuates the Greek political elite. There are so many deals in this story, it is at times bewildering. I will therefore stick to enumeration: it’ll make it so much easier for me to get down, and you to follow.

1. There was much wrangling during 2011 between Athens and Siemens about how much compensatiom they should pay for three decades of bribing Greek officials. Evangelo Venizelos was personally involved in the negotiation, and keen to get it settled: he had almost certainly been one of the bribees. But things were getting stuck.

2. November 2011: enter Makis Voridis, new recruit to New Democracy (having ratted on his former fascist colleagues in LAOS) who gets the Transport portfolio…in return for sticking with Papademos on the bailout terms. Voridis is a big wheel in the area surrounding Athens, known as Attica. He’s particularly friendly with the taxi drivers there, who are basically a glorified mafia. So the Transport portfolio offers him all kinds of ‘opportunities’.

3. At the turn of the year, a deal is done. Voridis has a metro contract in the pipeline: if Siemens accept what their lawyers tell them are onerous compensation terms of 170m euros, Voridis will award them the Metro project of 41m euros.

4. Just three weeks later, Makis Voridis is foolish (or brazen) enough to tell the Jan 13 issue of Greek Reporter that ‘ratification of a major contract with the German multinational Siemens for a signalling system along the extensions of the metro would be discussed in Parliament next week, followed by its signature for the completion of the work.’

The tender is supposed to be still open. No other bidders are involved.

5. But by now, his taxi driver friends are upset: subway transport is bad for business. Fear not, the Minister says, I will look after you.

6. This is what I posted at The Slog on March 10th this year:

‘Earlier this week, the German company Siemens agreed to pay 170 million euros compensation and create 700 new jobs in Greece in order to avoid a long-running bribery scandal going to Court. That’s a big price to pay, so the mind boggles at just how smelly the whole process must’ve been. Personally negotiating the compensation was – guess who? – Evangelos Venizelos. The bribery concerned bungs that Siemens gave to Greek politicians and senior civil servants over several decades to secure public contracts…’

But it appears that Voridis’s contribution finally broke the deadlock. Now for the taxi-drivers.

7. On 23rd March – just as Greece becomes legally insolvent completes the bond-swap, Makis Voridis finds himself embroiled in a row with a fellow Papademos Minister, Yiannis Ragousis (PASOK). Himself a former Transportation Minister, Ragousis argues that the proposed Voridis taxi reforms protect the interests  of taxi owners in Athens – who had already strongly reacted against more cab licences in the Greek capital. Ragousis, you see, has been tipped off about Makis’s little plan. But the bill passes.

Originally designed to ‘liberalise’ taxi licence ownership, the Voridis Bill effectively blocks any extension of it. Breathtaking hypocrisy….but now everyone’s happy.

8. Yesterday, April 11th 2012, Handelsblatt readers wake up to discover that Siemens will recoup 25% of the fine in 2013 alone…having been awarded the contract to extend the Athens subway.

On the same day, former Greek Defence Minister Akis Tsochatzopoulos was arrested in connection with the purchase of German submarines. He is accused of accepting bribes in the Greek purchase of four submarines worth €2.85 billion in 2000.  Siemens was also a major supplier at the time. But it gets worse.

Our lad Makis Voridis has a bit of a chequered past. That is, he once followed not so much a chequered flag, as a swastika.

As a student, Voridis was known as ‘Hammer’ on accout of his penchant for using one to beat out the brains of left-wing students opposed to the Greek Colonels regime. Makis was, naturally, an enthusiastic supporter of it.

In 1994 – his time as a Leftie-bashing student over – he helped found the The Hellenic Front. In 2004’s elections, the HF formed a bloc with the neo-Nazi “Front Party” headed by Greece’s most notorious Holocaust denier, Konstantinos Plevis. His rambling volume, “Jews: The Whole Truth,” praised Hitler, and called for the extermination of any Jews sein geliebter Fuhrer might have missed. Plevis was charged and found guilty of “inciting racial hatred” in 2007, but his sentence was overturned on appeal in 2009. He appears to have known all the right people.

By that time, Makis “Hammer” Voridis had furthered his political career, merging the Hellenic Front Party into the far-right LAOS party, an umbrella party for all sorts of neo-Nazi and nutcase political organizations. That’s how he got to be Transport Minister – once Germany decided against the bailout referendum on behalf of the Greek electorate.

Doesn’t this all make you so proud to be part of the European Project? Well hang about, there’s yet more.

70% of the Metro project is being financed by Brussels. With our money. For a country in a depression and facing cuts in every service known to man. From a company once described by a Munich judge as ‘probably the most corrupt company in German history’. Who were chosen by a corrupt former fascist upstart following a sleazy deal involving Troika support and the Athenian taxi mafia.

I’m going to go for a walk now in what’s left of Britain’s green and pleasant land…before Cameron and his developer chums tarmac it over in return for a £3.6m Conservative Party bribe contribution. For company, I’m going to have my 100% ethical wife, and three terriers. I’ll feel better when I get back.

Mark my words: we are on the way to becoming Greece. The whole f**king world is on the way to becoming Greece. But the poor electors of Greece are the ones living under this Greek coalition. A coalition that is nothing more than a turd under the Brussels jackboot.

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  1. Surely it is not just the Greek politicians that are corrupt?
    Nobody pays taxes in Greece. The black market and ‘doing deals’ is a way of life there.
    The people are friendly and it is a lovely place to holiday, but they are not like the Northern European people.


  2. plenty of people pay taxes in Greece, saying nobody does is obviously wrong, although some elements of the press would have you believe different. There is obviously a big issue with tax avoidance, and tax cheating in Greece though. Let me ask you a question. If you knew that by paying tax you were essentially funding the retirement funds of an entirely corrupt political class, if you knew you were funding massive bribes paid by neo nazi’s to wholly corrupt multinationals. If you knew that by paying into the system all you were doing was funding the rape and destruction of your own country. How would you feel about paying tax?


  3. I feel like that in the UK at the moment (most of the tax I pay which is considerable is wasted on public sector/wekfare parasites and the poloticians, time to go ‘off-grid’)


  4. I’m going for a walk as well. If I don’t, I’ll just sit here thinking “FFS! How do these people get away with it?”, and then thinking “because we let them” and then “but how do we stop this sh*t happening over and over?” I am, as ever, unable to answer the last part with any legal solution. Walk it is, then.


  5. ‘a big issue with tax avoidance’ is what I meant. And the tax collectors and civil servants are ‘corrupt’ as well. Though the sense of ‘corrupt’ is different in Greece (& Italy) at the lower levels. It is more like ‘doing favours’. You scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours.
    “If you knew that by paying tax you were essentially funding the retirement funds of an entirely corrupt political class, if you knew you were funding massive bribes paid by neo nazi’s to wholly corrupt multinationals. If you knew that by paying into the system all you were doing was funding the rape and destruction of your own country.”
    Is that the UK you are talking about now?
    Replace ‘neo-nazis’ with ‘bankers’ and it could just as well be the UK.


  6. Could this be the same Siemens that landed the biggest recent UK order for trains rather than it going to Bombardier who would have built them here. Something was said about better financial terms. I think we should be told


  7. Bill K, and Jason, I fully agree with you there. I think that’s one of the reasons I sympathise with many of the Greeks, I watch what happens with our government and just find the fact I fund it truly sad. The start of the last paragraph in this slog, “we are all becoming Greece”. Only too true.


  8. Soap… I am Greek, and I could not have put it better. Paying taxes here is like throwing money into an incinerator. Your roads won’t get fixed, your pension will be stolen to pay for bank investors to keep getting returns, your police will want money to investigate crimes they could have prevented (if only you had paid for protection in the first place), etc, etc.
    IF… you are fortunate enough to be making ANY money in Greece, smart people have known for over 50 years that the LAST place to put that is in the hands of the government… as the world is now seeing… our government is a fascist kleptocracy whose only purpose is to find and steal as much revenue from society as possible. Every one with half a brain has known this from childhood.


  9. I think it’s got way past that. And it’s not possible to negotiate with these slimeballs. A better solution is to engage a team of snipers…


  10. Let us not be too unkind to our Greek friends. It is well known that the propensity to corruption is in inverse proportion to the degrees of latitude away from the equator.
    Hence the Med group of the EUSSR generally display the most evidence of natural corruption, the upper Scandanavians the least. A quick scan of the map will demonstrate that Southern Italy, that hot-bed of fiscal rectitude – not, amply confirms this pattern, along with Spain & Portugal etc. (You can’t expect Ireland to adhere to this pattern, as you cannot expect Ireland to adhere to any pattern known to rational mankind, so the theory stands.)
    The deeper sadness is that a form of ‘continental morality drift’ is apparently dragging hitherto respectable states, such as Britain and Germany, closer to the equitorial environment, with consequences we can both now see in our governing elites with every passing day.


  11. Some Sloggers might enjoy this piece in the latest London Review of Books (and on their blog online):

    Human Revenue Stream

    by James Meek for his thoughts on privitisation, amking an analogy to the Skye bridge, nationaised after a long struggle. Short and to the point.

    Lanchester’s “Marx at 193” is free on their main site and quite interesting. He sees, for example, customers supplying ‘surplus value’ of their own labour whenever they have to navigate the robotic phone menus of modern times.


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  13. I think a great example of this was the recent Costa Concordia mishap where there where dozens of ghost passengers travelling apparently without any knowledge of the Costa line. They seemed to have no idea how many people were actually on the ship but the official passenger list appeared to be considerable fewer then the actual list which was a nightmare for the maritime authorities. Lots of off book travellers with no one knowing how many had actually been lost. .


  14. I just want to check my maths.

    Siemans give Greece 170m Euros.
    Greece gives Siemans 41m Euros
    BUT then the EU then gives Greece 28.7m Euros (70%) back.
    So Greece is 157.3m Euros up on the deal ?
    (This doesn’t include the bribes)

    Anyway, the only way to change all this will be a massive Europe wide non-violent peaceful revolution. Followed by massive wealth/land/mineral redistribution, wholesale debt forgiveness,an overhaul of our democratic political system, a restructuring of our capitialist economic system, and a re-evatution of societies priorities away from ‘economic growth’ and toward quality of life..

    In evolutionary terms our economic system has become too specialised in an endangered environment and it has no time to evolve and no room to expand. It therefore will become extinct.

    Evolution is always more preferable to revolution but when evolution is impossible there is only revolution left.


  15. Singapore , 1 degree north of the equator and fifth from the top on the world corruption ranking ,the country has one of the cleanest governments i the world , yet 200 km from the equator .


  16. I suspect that Greece is like Italy, only the little people pay taxes, only the little poeple have to obey the law etc.

    It is sickening indeed to see the extent to which these corrupt evil cynical bastards are taking over an entire continent with barely a shot fired (yet)

    However as peaceful change has effectively been denied to us the alternative is now inevitable starting presumably in Greece and accelerating through Spain and then – hopefully Belgium


  17. The order was placed before Dave’s non veto. Siemens would seem to be unfit to be awarded public contracts of the scale of Cross Rail.


  18. There really isn’t any need for violent revolution. The system relies on “the small people” cooperating and it’s far more vulnerable than many “small people” think. Just look at how the markets react every time growth forecasts are revised downwards. No cooperation, no growth, and the system fails.

    Besides, the time of governance we’d get after the shake up will mirror the measures taken to bring it about.


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  20. Snipers are too neat and quick. Think Mussolini instead. That way you leave an impression to encourage the others.


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  22. @yana
    Singapore – an island state run with an iron fist. Current Prime Minister is son of old tyrant Lee Kuan Yew – has been so for 8 years and counting. Any sniff of opposition is slapped down with defamation writs. The whole shooting match is a facade. The only incorruptible thing in Singapore is the Nasi Goreng ans cold Anchor beer at the Cricket Club.


  23. @Evo ,i am surprised that you came to Singapore and only noticed the nasi goreng and the beer .Singapore has offered me an extremely well paid job , high standards of living and top of the world education for my children and all these in safe and unbelievable fair and easy to live environment , something that my own country – Greece – failed to do .All Singapore’s neighbors export their women as maids and their men as foreign workers but Singapore gives them opportunities , education , health , housing and lots to be proud of .The ” tyrant ” that you mentioned , after leaving office is the one statesman that finds every door open anywhere in the world , admired and known for his intellect , political pragmatism, understanding of history and society .He made Singapore a model far beyond Asia .When he took over Singapore the survival of it’s people was the question , a matter of life or death . Singapore is not Australia or Norway , has no recourses , it imports even it’s drinking water , which means one incompetent administration and will vanish . Unlike to the general perception opposition is allowed , they won many seats in the recent elections , what is not allowed is riff-raff opposition , as the whole stability and prosperity is built upon cohesion , merit . determination and planning ahead .Not everything is perfect is Singapore but a hell of a lot is very very good.


  24. The UK is also a country that gives massive orders to Germany perhaps you could check out John what corruption is involved here. The new trains springs to mind!!
    I worked in the IT Training marketplace for years and the government contracts that went to American companies was sickening. The politicians always think the American companies are the best well the last contract we were on the American company won the contract on an eLearning training solution and they presented a powerpoint presentation developed by a graduate who had no idea about business processes – it was a joke and cost millions. The delegates could not believe it my people were ashamed to be involved. We need to start looking after our own people we have very talented people in this country.


  25. Interesting take. Siemens, a hyperborean company puts to shame any club med country when it comes to corruption. They are being investigated in the US too.
    Same with the German defense industry. It’s not that the northerners are not corrupt, they just do it and have been doing it with more finesse.


  26. Not only are most(?) Greek politicians and many(?) Greek civil servants corrupt but the “submarine scam” will have had similar crooked supporters in Germany and amongst the Sprouts.


  27. Mudplugger: You said:”A quick scan of the map will demonstrate that Southern Italy, that hot-bed of fiscal rectitude – not, amply confirms this pattern, along with Spain & Portugal etc. (You can’t expect Ireland to adhere to this pattern, as you cannot expect Ireland to adhere to any pattern known to rational mankind, so the theory stands.)

    Another way of saying the above is ” A quick scan of the map will demonstrate that Southern Italy, that hot-bed of fiscal rectitude – not, amply confirms this pattern, along with Spain & Portugal etc. (You can’t expect Ireland to back up my weak theory combing anthropology and corrupt business practices, so instead I shall throw in a casual slur about the entire nation of Ireland being irrational:.


  28. Gojam: I agree all of what you say is required for our species to survive, but can you see it happening when there’s so much footy on the box most nights……….I mean c’mon, non-violent political and economic cleansing is important but a man must have some priorities.


  29. Our politicians who got in power in last four decades are traitors , they must go to court for treason against our country , Hellas , and then hanged.

    Us ,we will pay the price of our mistakes as well as the results of the New World Order experiment the Game is Geopolitical not Fiscal..


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