Merkel declares Germany a Med-free zone

Aaah, doncha love that smell of Berlin hypocrisy in the morning?

Yes, we will all pull together for you unfortunate Untermenschen living in places where German towels must come first at 5.31 when the sun rises.

The Frankfurter Rundschau newspaper has just published a somewhat embarrassing directive from the BundesRepublik Labour Ministry to the Federal Employment Agency – dated February 23 2012 – which stops those entering Germany from 14 EU countries from claiming the basic unemployment benefit – ‘Hartz IV’.

The European Union countries banned include Greece, Spain and Portugal. Well I never. This has led the German media to interpret the move as an attempt to head off people moving to Germany before they have found work. (No, really?)

Up until now, immigrants from the 17 signatories to the European Convention on Social and Medical Assistance (EFA), signed in 1953, were entitled to claim unemployment benefit in each other’s countries while they looked for work. Germany just unilaterally ended this agreement.

Er, well – not really: Germany never obeyed the EFA in the first place: EU immigrants have only been able to claim benefits in Germany since October 2010 anyway – and only then because a French man used the EFA agreement to claim the right in a federal court. Since then, the German mind has been at work on the problem of ignoring EU legislation it doesn’t like….and this is the result.

The opposition said it was mystified by the ministry’s decision. “The number of immigrants that start claiming Hartz IV as soon as they arrive is almost zero,” Elke Ferner, deputy parliamentary chairwoman of the centre-left Social Democratic Party (SPD) told the Frankfurter Rundschau.

Ach so jah, Elke my little Schnitzel, but we Germans must always think ahead: now our Troika panzers have pauperised the swarthy ones, they must be kept in ze camps. Indeed, the German Employment Office described the Labour Ministry’s move as a “preventative measure.”

In Deutschland ist alles immer klar, nicht?

I’m sorry yet again to resort to cardboard German gags here. I suspect the solution is for Germans to grow a third dimension called ‘reflection’. Or ‘second thoughts’. Or ‘Are we all in the same boat, or is the German version a battleship, and the Greek version a tramp steamer confined to port?’

The trouble with we English is that we moan all the time in the EU, and then obey the rules to the letter. We should adopt to Franco-German approach of zero moaning and then ignoring the Brussels bollocks entirely.

Or, of course, leave the EU entirely. No hang on a minute – we couldn’t do that. That’s what mad people think. The BBC says so, so it must be true. After all, anyone who wants to leave the EU is a rather unpleasant middle England fascist, right? I mean, that’s what it says in the Guardian. And it’s what they say in Camerlot: “Our future is inextricably linked to that of Europe”.

“Suit yourselves,” says the eurocrats every time we opt out of something. Suiting ourselves is precisely what we should’ve been doing for the last thirty years.


  1. Only the dark ones…;-)

    Seriously, this IS preventive action, not so much geared at malicious southerners who deviously want to claim that pittance of Hartz4, as if a few thousand more claims would matter at this point, but more at the simple minded folks who just might start to complain about things like the reckless wealth transfer from them to the likes of Mr Ackermann.
    Nothing better to chill the cattle than with playing some hardball vs “lazy southerners”.
    The usual bullshit…move along


  2. Please bear in mind, John, that under EU law, a country is not required to give unemployment benefit/social security for FIVE YEARS.

    Remember that this is the reason that Britain is so popular with EU foreigners: they get benefits straight out of the blocks. They arrive, they get benefits.

    What Germany is doing is the sort of thing that Britain would love to do! Can you imagine the trumpetings at the Telegraph, the passionate ululating of Roger Bootle and Jeremy Warner in mutual dischord? The fanfare of vuvuzelas outside the houses of commons would be indescribable.

    How is it that Britain can only complain at what Germany does – well this is the point, isn’t it? It is what Britain should be doing – only well, only the Slog puts its oar in.

    Where is Cameron? Flat out in bed and thinking of his banks? Is he aware that he could kick up a fuss and get a slap in the face not from Sarkozy but from Merkel this time? The last time he went home the chastened puppydog that he is. He should have stood like a British lion – sorry – puppydog. Oh, dear. Cameron can’t just mumble these things into his beard – what you didn’t know he has a beard? Well, it seems that he is that sort of man, the sort that lacks other things too like backbones. Whatever happened to Albion? What ever happened to that British spirit? Ah! Someone drank the lot.

    Good. So where do we start? JW? This is as much about Europe as it is about Germany. That is the point of Europe, only that it hasn’t been done until now. It is long past the time when people stepping out of order should be told straight: this is not the idea.

    I will remind you that the Dutch cabinet is struggling, wrangling and disputing the terms of their deficit – which is running at around HALF that of Britain’s. The point is that having imposed these things on the PIGS, they now find that they must too. Why? Because it is precisely what they WOULD do in those circumstances. The Dutch are not British: they don’t mess around.


  3. While I agree its not up to us to fund roaming freeloaders, I´d like to stress again that all this bullshit brought up now is just a smokescreen to distract public outrage from the matters of EU totalitarianism.
    Wake the f*ck up and have a close look at what Merkel and her junta of delusional corpocratists are doing to your (amd my) country.
    Gypsies looking for a free lunch should be the least of our worries at the moment.


  4. ‘The trouble with we English is that we moan all the time in the EU, and then obey the rules to the letter.’

    That Trait has a number of equally applicable and similar flaws exclusive to the British…

    It is the basic root of all failings of the UK Society as a whole.

    It’s the reason why I left…

    It can be applied Domestically to Planning Permissions, Employment and Rules of Work Conditions, VAT and Taxation.

    The Government is the Legislator of the Ridiculous and the Sublime, the Electorate the Victim toujours.

    e.g Budgets….


  5. @Terp

    I presume you live in Germany?

    After all, it is what Britain has been allowing for a generation now, and it isn’t going to stop anytime soon. Yes, the Germans are taking this action for the wrong reasons, but it is interesting that they are doing something. That seems to be the German way. The British way is to wait and see if the problem goes away first, then wonder why they didn’t do anything before and procrastinate about it.


  6. Love the way you completely ignore the rank hypocrisy of Germany, signing the EFA in 1953, but then completely ignoring it until they were actually taken to court in 2010. Is this the legendary Germanic honesty and straightforwardness you endlessly spout about? Or the Dutch wrangling trying to get their deficit down to the agreed level while they are in a growth cycle, while at the same time demanding others manage it while they are in depression? Maybe we should talk about how Germany were the first to break the Maastricht treaty of deficit spending, but that’s ok right they were German?
    Merkel stands on her high horse forcing a scorched earth policy across the E.U. while at the same time ignoring and breaking whatever laws are inconvenient.
    I don’t mind the German’s if they want to stop others taking their money. As you say I wish Britain would do it, but the rank hypocrisy and dishonesty of signing up to an E.U. where they simply ignore the bits they don’t like while at the same time forcing it onto others. The arrogance of German politicians like their foreign minister coming to London to tell us that Europe was our future, is just staggering.


  7. Yes Gemz breaking international law, or in this case E.U. law does seem to be the German way doesn’t it


  8. Does this mean that Britain can look forward to welcoming lots of Greek, Spanish and Portuguese immigrants joining our happy, multicultural country? Oh joy.


  9. I do Gemz, born and raised a saxon, but tired of seeing this lame stunt pulled whenever it seems opportunistic.
    If our government really cared about the structural integrity of our nation, they would have adressed this 20 years ago. They didn´t, because the balkanization of the whole continent is part of the agenda.
    I assume you are familiar with the book of Mr Sarrazin which caused such a stir not too long ago, despite being the utter truth.
    No, the german government has no interest to address the immigration problem, all they want to do is point in a different direction, hoping the dumb sheep that still vote will look long enough to miss the real action.


  10. @soap… thank you, sometimes the sheer, blathering lunacy of what Germans seem to get away with at the same time they punish everyone for their own failings drives me to speechlessness. I appreciate someone that can more eloquently sum it up.

    For example… ” France, with a budget deficit of 3.31 percent of GDP, Spain, with a deficit equal to 3.37 percent of GDP, and Portugal, with a 3.38 percent of GDP deficit in 1997, their evaluation year, violated the EU entrance treaty… even Germany, whose budget deficit stood at 2.64 percent of GDP in 1997, violated the treaty if unification-related debt were included (which they chose to exclude).” The job of hiding debts occurred AFTER Greece entered the EU (at less than 3%) it was only a change in the way that debts were accounted afterwards that showed Greece being over 3%… a change that was never applied to other countries and has since been changed back. Greece never cheated it’s way in… the traitorous actions of allowing the debts to skyrocket occurred after EU entrance (and without the knowledge of Greek people). Now the poorest, oldest, disabled, unemployed, poor and defenseless people in Europe have to pay the bills of the richest, and most corrupt.


  11. @Soapy

    you speak of rank hypocrisy as though it were a bad thing!

    I thought that was what Britain had to offer the EU!

    I think Germany is learning from Britain, you should be proud of yourselves, not ashamed as you seem.


  12. I’ve been saying it for years but no-one took the lightest notice, except to agree wholeheartedly and then add it to their list of moans. Brussels creates preposterous laws to which everyone in the EU agrees and then totally ignores with the exception of the UK. Here we engage another bunch of useless bureaucrats and prosecute whatever crazy law to the letter.


  13. @Terp

    “Saxon” as in Niedersachsen or Sachsen-Anhalt?

    I am not familiar with Mr Sarrazin’s work. A link would be nice. There seems more to this than meets the eye. There always is. Berlin seems to be taking notes from London’s book. Only my opinion of course!


  14. Germans have only coused PAIN and that is their only “contribution” to ALL of us in modern history and they doing it again one way or another.

    Have good memory.

    “The Shroud has not pockets” , people say…


  15. @SITC

    that is about it.

    It is strange how on the one hand, Britain takes everything at face value, implements it. Yet when it comes to others not doing so, ignores it. Speaking out is not a trait of the British it seems.


  16. I don’t think the British are very good at discriminating against people – ‘there but for the grace of God go I’ sort of philosophy – and certainly not against people whom they perceive as having a hard time at home, e.g. Greeks. I don’t think the Germans ever really assimilated Christian attitudes, which have seeped into the fibre of Britain despite everything. You can call it laziness or incompetence but I think it is a nice aspect of national character.


  17. I am quite amazed how fast some old news make it over the channel, where, i am convinced, everyone from any EU member state can claim welfare and dole immediately upon first arrival and can be quite sure on getting those promptly and unbureaucratically.

    The mystified opposition, btw, should just keep their lying dirty mouths shut. They were the ones to axe the german social system to its current sad state between 1998-2006. They were, i might add, also the ones to define down the (before) rather strict german financial laws by allowing hedgefonds and derivatives in Germany in 2004. And they would be the first in line to sell the whole country completely to their paymasters at the “upper” levels of world finance. They would also be exactly the ones to go even further down that sad lane restricting immigrants any rights here. And the public would love them for doing so. We call that crackerbarrel politics here. Create a public mood and then do what the public demands thus keeping the silly sheeple calm.

    But i am sure politicians in *any* other country except, for sure, the dictatorial and near-fascist Germany would never, ever dare to even think in such a terrible unsocial and xenophobic fashion, far from it!


  18. In the case of Greeks… we are too smart to go to England, we know it’s pretty much screwed. Everyone I know is going to Australia, Canada, etc. The only thing Greeks are doing in England is hiding their German bribe money in the form of buying London real estate. Last time I checked… something like 60% or more of the capital flight over the last 2 years went to purchasing English income property.


  19. @ John
    I for one remember very well how our socialist-green government wiggled its way out of a deficit-penalty after the dotcom bubble burst. Lots of people back then called that ill-advised because of the obvious credibility problems down the road.
    That Kohl fudged the numbers to meet the requirements of his beloved internationalist club is equally unsuprising, our entire country (and his past elections) were based on cooked numbers back then to hide the missing “flourishing landscapes” promised by his treacherous administration.
    Still I would like to remind fellow sloggers here about keeping their eyes on the ball and not falling for the generalizing bullshit the media feeds us.
    The problem of Europe are neither the Greeks, Portugese, Spaniards or us Germans for that matter.
    The problem that all the people of Europe share is the junta of unelected globalist technocrats residing in Bruxelles who have usurped power in a bloodless coup, hellbent on turning Europe into a faceless totalitarian nightmare.
    Always remember that.


  20. Niedersachsen.
    Mr Sarrazins book “Germany abolishes itself” can be found here:
    (the only working mirror I could find)
    The whine of the pc crowd was deafening, as you may expect, albeit there is nothing unreasonable stated in the book. As you can see even Merkel had her chance to address the issue (the book was published in 2010) in a constructive manner, but she chose not to.


  21. One of the Australian states is already looking for 1000 Greek taxi drivers. The current crop of Indian student drivers are due to pass their engineering degrees this year and there will be a few vacancies coming up.


  22. @Hansi, yes, it can go on. Normally governments would raise taxes to finance this sort of thing but in the UK, we just borrow more and more and cut services and subsidies for the existing population. And we have a very large and growing number of people in this category. Our government has it in the ‘too hard’ box, because there is solid support for immigration among a very large proportion of the Left and many business people of the UK.



  24. Gemma, we live on an island that is well and truly separated from the rest of the EU. And I mean separated, you rarely hear about the EU’s activities, unlike Spain and Portugal where there is always a new high speed train line or beautiful new road plastered with EU symbols. The EU is not exactly top of mind for most British people, it’s just something that exists in the background, fiddling around with cucumbers and currencies. Also, we pay into the EU, making us rather unusual. The other main payers are Germany, France and Holland. If we were a net recipient (which we should be if the accounts in the southern countries included their vast black economies), people would take more interest. It’s much more enjoyable to have the opportunity of an annual bid for a nice juicy grant for your infrastructure than worry about a rather minor budget item being our EU contribution.


  25. @Terp

    interesting that Klaus Kastner also raises this issue – that the EU elite were ignoring the facts of a sensible default. “It couldn’t happen here, things are different, etc, etc”

    I still feel that Britain could – and should – have raised the issue more clearly. It is easy to lack perspective when you are sitting on it; the British from their stand-off would have recognized it.


  26. @Carys

    I am well aware of the geography, and the mentality. I lived there long enough! What is more, you actually have a high-speed line to Europe too – and are building extensions to it what is more.

    I doubt that the EU is much more to any European – and in truth this is part of its problem. Like all good bureaucracies, it doesn’t do marketing properly. Like all good bureaucracies, it looks at a cucumber and wonders what people could possibly want with one. Having ascertained that they do, they then try to define what ought be done with one and in what manner. Only right and proper that these things should be ordered, neatly on paper.

    Looking at Whitehall, there is not that much difference. Save what is written on their pieces of paper.


  27. Merkel is doing the right thing and if only we had the guts to copy the rest of the EU on their silly laws. Since the rule of law is increasingly flouted in the UK these days (and worse in the US) I fail to understand why we cannot get a government that gets in charge of the civil service and tells them where to get off. But it won’t (can’t) happen. Yes Prime Minister is returning to our screens shortly.


  28. Oh dear, without those nasty Germans you would not even type into a computer today let alone drive a car nor being able to read a printed book nor would you have paraffin candles for those nice evening lunches by the sea nor would you have Aspirin for the day after you had too much of that sweet Μαυροδάφνη nor would you have a television set to watch Merkel and get angry on her nor would you be able to listen to mp3-files to calm down again nor would you be able to have those diesel-engine ships to cruise around all those beautiful islands in your country nor would your army have a single jetfighter.

    Scapegoating Germany again. As usual.

    The endless repetition of that lovely old tune of the awful, nasty, ugly, mean, evil, arrogant, aggressive, heartless, ever-guilty hun/nazi responsible for all and every misery of every ever existing living being in the whole universe in all history of existence is really getting most boring.


  29. Hi Phoebe M!
    I have a wierd theory that wherever the Romans went (Spain, Italy, Greece, France, Belgium, England) share one sort of cultural character – a sympathy to & forgiveness of sin, turning the blind eye & a strong cultural breaking point over cruelty – rather Catholic based; and where they didn’t, more patriarchal, law ‘n’ order, rule-based societies. It is even apparent architecturally. People in the non-Roman countries are at heart anti-urban & prefer to live somewhat separated from each other, the Roman countries made great cities and tolerate being squashed together.

    Sounds silly I know, but think about it….


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  31. You say scapegoating Germany !

    I ask , scapegoating Hellas ?

    Every body has contributed to all steps of our civilaztions MORE or less , I believe even Hellas .

    Ja ?



  32. … christian attitudes … i wonder where Luther came from and what i missed in my christian upbringing when i am now told i lack certain attitudes because i am born, raised and living in Germany. Surely the british had far more of those christian values at hand, seeped into their very being, say, in Amritsar when the Jallianwala Bagh massacre took place or in the Battle of Omdurman or at innumerable other occasions when that nice aspect of national character was showing itself in all its glory.

    Could we all please stop that jingoism here and get back to reality?


  33. Again you guys quit it.
    JHM, I have heard the tired nazi routine all my life, most of the time from deluded germans, it is by now water off a ducks back.
    What both of you have to realize, if we want any chance of taking our nations back from the leeches, is that it is THIS VERY PRINCIPLE of divide and conquer that keeps us in check. By telling us and the greeks that the lazy greeks (or the nazi germans respectively) are the problem they keep us distracted from the fact that obviously the ruling class of internationalists is the problem.
    I know its easy to fall for this bullshit, but please…


  34. stop the jingoism? Considering you are the one claiming we all owe a great debt to Germany for all their lovely inventions (most of which they didn’t invent) that is a bit rich.Also your list of supposed British atrocities are pretty thin, considering the Amristar massacre and the Jallianwala Bagh massacre are the same thing, and consisted of Indian soldiers opening fire for ten minutes. You show your lack of education. Would you like to play top trumps with crimes against humanity? That’s one thing the Germans will always win at.


  35. Ah, you have recognised the fundamental difference in French and British and attitudes to the law. In Britain it is to be obeyed to the letter at all times by all people (except politicians, big business executives and the crony class). The French attitude is far more healthy, laws are something to aspire to rather than actually be obeyed.


  36. I am not suggesting that there are no Christians in Germany, but the enthusiasm with which they persecute other people rather indicates that the underlying philosophy has not seeped into the national character. All wars are tragedies but the events at Amritsar and Omdurman pale into insignificance compared to what these respective peoples choose to do to each other today.


  37. @Phoebe

    there are people who are born and live in South Africa and call themselves British. They think of themselves as British. I think of them as British. The British think of them as British. Only people like you discriminate against them – perhaps they do too?


  38. soap mc tavish,

    Please be so kind as to learn to carefully read and understand a posting before replying so hastily and after that tell me about education. Would you like to tell me exactly the non-german inventors of the binary numeral system and later on the first programmable computer, the motor car, the printing press, Paraffin, Aspirin, the direct precursor of todays Television, the mp3 standard, the diesel-engine and the jetfighter, please? Thank you!

    And when it comes to crimes against humanity the only thing preventing certain other nations to not be in the same league as the Germans is that those nations won the war of 1914-1945 and wrote the history books much to their advantage afterwards.

    I do, mind you, not refer to the Holocaust here, that terror is a quite different and absolutely unique matter.


  39. @Peter

    “In Britain it is to be obeyed to the letter at all times by all people” – – – which is of course why you need no speed cameras. Etc, etc.

    To be honest, the Brits have their own way of avoiding laws just like the rest of Europe. The French happen to do it in a manner that is particularly French, the Dutch in a manner that is Dutch, etc. If you do not know the culture well enough, you would not see it.


  40. JHM, people like you truly disgust me. Re wrote the history books? Maybe you would like to look into Germany’s African colonies and the genocides they committed. Plenty you can say about the Brits, but compared to you lot, even excluding ww2, we were saints. Of course the reason we were far more successful colonisers than you was mainly because we never ran to the same excess of blood as the Germans or others. When was the first motor car? It was an evolution that happened in many countries, some German’s help patents, some French, British , American’s and others held patents too. The television was invented by a Scotsman, the British developed a computer in WW2 to break the enigma code, the Americans had a programmable computer in 1946.
    The jet engine was first developed in Britain, the German’s were the first to put it into a fighter. A bad move it diverted essential resources onto something which had little impact on the war, something the Brits realised and carried on with mass production. But essentially this is all bollocks. If the jet engine had not been invented in Cambridge, then someone in Germany would have done. If someone in Germany had not invented the MP3 then someone in Tokyo probably would. Which is the point really, you tell people to stop being jingoistic, while at the same time claiming we should thank you for the bloody ipod, and claiming that the sins of the third reich, or the German empire are only so bad because history was rewritten. I find that worrying.


  41. … but compared to you lot, even excluding ww2, we were saints …

    start learning about history from unbiased many sources. please.


  42. You misunderstand me Gemz, it is the official (not necessarily overtly) attitude to the law that I was referring to, which is precisely why we have more speed cameras and CCTV of public spaces than anywhere else in Europe, probably the world. It is why we in Britain (the authorities ‘we’ that is) agonise for years and at great expense over the deportation of terrorists and supporters of terrorism and in France they take them from the court to the plane and slam the door.


  43. Germany also invented laughter, the moon, mold, sunlight, rainbows, unicorns… JHM, even if I had tried, I could never have come up with as concrete an example of German arrogance as that delusional rant of yours… Germans have the reputation they do because stereotypes are true. No one is perfect, certainly not Greeks… but at least we have the capacity to include ourselves as being imperfect.


  44. Gemz
    That’s not what the 1953 law is about. And anyway, the EU Lisbon Treaty allows for “the complete freedom of economic migration between Member States”.
    It doesn’t say anything about having a job.
    If the Germans didn’t realise that, why on earth would they pass this amendment in the first place?
    My point is simple: it is hypocrisy of the first order.


  45. Hansi
    ‘Merkel had to stop this’.
    We’d all feel a lot better about little Geli if she did these things she ‘has to’ within the law…rather than ignoring Karlsruhe and the Lisbon Treaty when it suits her book.
    Britain has the highest population density of any 1st or 2nd rank EU State…because we stick to the rules.
    Germany used to as well.
    But then Merkel shafted her way to power. And the rest is….


  46. @JHM: “…without those nasty Germans you would not even type into a computer today let alone drive a car…”

    How so? Most people access the Internet using some form of Personal Computer which (for all intents and purposes) was brought to the table by America (IBM) and the motor car was also introduced by America (Ford).
    Germany certainly produces a lot of good stuff especially cars, but…


  47. JHM et al
    Can I just butt in and observe at this point how perfectly this comment thread illustrates the insanity of pretending that 27 cultures can ever be a State?
    Everyone – and I mean EVERYONE – in the EU is now reverting to type…because the Brussels gravy-Tsunami is no longer gushing to their advantage.
    Monti blamed the Franco-German budget laxity last night, Merkel blames ‘lazy’ Greeks, the British sit on the touchline crying foul about everything, the French immediately try and stick a trowel into the EFSF to save their banks, the Greek elite cheats everyone, and the Spaniards tell the Belgians where to stick their crazy economic plans.
    I ADORE Europe, and the vast majority of its peoples. But what the eurotwats and Berlin want would not be Europe any more.
    And no, they wouldn’t divide and conquer: they would try to destroy nationality – and in doing so, evoke uprising, anarchy and very probably conquest by our nearest Eastern neighbour.
    The European nations including the UK and Ireland remember everything and learn nothing. I’m sick of the French moaning that we sank their fleet in 1940, and I’m sick of Germans driveling on about an inflation that took place 90 years ago. I’m sick of wall-to-wall WWII films on UK afternoon telly.
    BUT GET REAL: None of us are ever going to stop doing this. Because we are a pack species, and there is a limited pack size with which we can
    identify. THAT is science. The EU is alchemy: it is doomed.
    I feel better now.


  48. OAH
    I rarely differ from you on anything, but you are plumb wrong on this: Merkel is NOT doing the right thing – she is subverting the law both inside and outside Germany. It comes from her Osti Stalinist background, not from being German, but it’s the same either way: the Rule of Law is like pregnancy: it either exists or it doesn’t.


  49. @JW

    Just one moment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    What about the Scots, Manx, Guernsey, Cornish, English, Welsh … all going to make up a state? Or the Spanish, French, Germans, Dutch, Poles, Sioux, and so on that go to make up the USA?

    No: either it is a union (of the wrong kind, I will admit) or it will revert to your cultural level.

    As to humans being pack animals: that is true as long as you consider them only as “sheeple”. Humans can be free. That includes being free of their culture – but you first have to understand it completely and thoroughly. That is not easy, and less easy for the British because they think themselves more free than anyone else.

    People revert to type when they become less free. They revert to type when they fear the future. It is not hard to see how that has come about.

    Alchemy? Alchemy is a science that includes what we consider as the natural sciences but goes beyond. It will explain to you why it is that the science of Biology cannot get a real grip on the things it studies – that is to say, uses statistics all the time. There are not enough certainties in biology to allow the scientists to grasp its stem. If you want to understand what lies behind the exponentials and fractals you find littered across many academic studies, you need to think like an alchemist. You cannot do it with logical/consecutive thinking.

    BTW when have you heard Germans speak of the inflation? In all my years there, the talk was more of current politics, not what happened in the twenties.


  50. @JW

    Thankyou. Firstly, I agree with you. However your point was not about jobs: it was about unemployment benefit. That is quite another issue.

    Hypocrisy is easily done. I am skilled at is as you know. The real job is to learn from that.


  51. @JW

    “Britain has the highest population density of any 1st or 2nd rank EU State” – – – pardon? The Netherlands has a population density of 404/km² and Britain comes in at 225/km².

    Naturally the figures are a little vague, but when Britain comes in after Belgium …


  52. @Peter

    you should have said that rather than imply it. Implication loses some of its force when fed through the medium of a comment box.

    But even so, there are things that the Brits take more seriously than the French or Germans. There are things you take less seriously (bank regulation being one of them – sorry, couldn’t resist that one!). It is cultural.


  53. @JW “The EU is alchemy”.

    Indeed, and therefore Art or Philosophy (though not a good example of either) it is not a science and therefore an appropriate label.


  54. @Terp: “The problem that all the people of Europe share is the junta of unelected globalist technocrats residing in Bruxelles who have usurped power in a bloodless coup, hellbent on turning Europe into a faceless totalitarian nightmare.

    Well said. That’s exactly what I’ve been saying for a long time now.

    There’s a YouTube video knocking about that shows Nigel Farage (UKIP) giving the unelected venal EU-crat Barroso a thorough bitch-slapping about all this. And what does Barroso do? Why yes, he feigns disinterest in Farage and decides to sit there shuffling his wadge of papers as though he has more important matters on his tiny little mind.


  55. @OAH:
    It would take a very astute and hard working elected politician to take control of the Civil Service; very few like that exist. And the Mandarins know it very well. The power of the unelected Civil Service has become a serious and growing problem in Britain. They are becoming a government within a government.


  56. JHM
    You have a problem, and I think you should go and see someone about it. I think the problem you suffer from is “Why is everyone so horrible about Germany? It’s not fair!”
    Most of us desisted from ‘it’s not fair’ when we left short trousers behind.
    If the German leadership behaves in an insensitive, patronising and hypocritical way towards Southern Europe, then given its history, it can only expect people to become suspicious.
    Now go and lie down somewhere, schlaf gut, and remember to take your medication regularly. Cutting down is just a false economy. Rather like the EU, really.


  57. Germany has gotten so hypocritically patronized by Britain, France, the USA and several others in the last 100 years that it may be that i, as a German, have completely gotten used to such slander on a daily basis that i totally lost any sense for such subtleties.

    I need neither medication, thank you for your kind concern, nor do i live in a childs dreamland. I am but upset by the mere snobbish arrogance and selfrighteousness of not only a few comments here coming from exactly the people stating continually that Germans are an arrogant bunch altogether no matter what. See, i better leave this place and stop trying to understand why i quite often in the last months i feel plunged into times and levels of gloomy nationalism and demagoguery here i believed were located in a dark, past age long gone … it seems better to walk on instead of catching one unobjective and generalised insult after another against my country and its people here.

    You seem to sit quite relaxed on very high moral ground these days, far too high for a smooth fall, in my unneccesary opinion.


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