DEATH IN NEW YORK: Victim, Sarkozy advisor Richard Descoings, was gay

Odd French behaviour in the US, Episode 4,910: Descoings found dead, Lagarde still at large.


Senior Conseil d’Etat member and pro-Sarkozy educational reformer Richard Descoings was found dead in his New York hotel room around 1pm NY time yesterday (Tuesday). Drugs, and evidence of alcohol consumption, were found in his suite. Descoings himself was in the nude.

“We are satisfied that more than one other person was in the room with Mr Descoings,” said a senior NYPD source. The victim – the man chosen by Nicolas Sarkozy in 2009 to reform French lycee education – was openly gay, although he seems to have tried to hide this in 2004 with a heterosexual marriage. A comment thread among students at his college at the time refers to the event, asking “What will now happen to Ritchie’s ex-husband?”, while another comments “Is this a white wedding or a whitewash wedding?” (mariage en blanc ou mariage blanc)

In fact, by September 2009, Descoings felt relaxed enough to write about being gay – «Tout est plus compliqué quand on est un étudiant gay » – he observed. By late Tuesday, the site had been taken down, but around 2007 Descoings became a vaguely controversial figure when he argued for positive discrimination in favour of ‘des jeunes bacheliers’ in the professions.

A quick look at his page on social website Profile Engine shows a selection of friends with similar interests to Richard Descoings, known in homosexual circles as ‘Ritchie D’, a French jeux de mots on the words ‘riches idees’.

His sexuality would be irrelevant were it not for the fact that the state of his hotel room has all the hallmarks of a rough-trade encounter that went wrong. Descoings’ wallet was missing, but his credit cards were found, said the NYPD informant. Doubtless more will emerge shortly.

Still disturbingly alive in America is French person Christine Lagarde, who yesterday gave a speech playing her own little role in the game of hot-potato passing.

The story so far: last week Mario Draghi opined publicly about the need for EU member State exchequers to cough up more firewall bricks. The EU FinMins then cobbled together an amount of building materials and doubled it, but unfortunately the doubling up was in the form of mental arithmetic rather than anything concrete. ‘Mental arithmetic’ as a phrase, in fact, sums up EU financial goings-on rather well.

The FinMins then passed the steaming spud to the IMF – saying it should lend a lot more – so yesterday Chrissie in turn hurled it in the direction of the G20. She told the annual meeting of The Associated Press that last week’s move by eurozone countries to boost their own rescue fund had strengthened her case to ask other large economies to expand the IMF’s financial war chest.”We need more firepower,” she said, desperately.

Part of the problem here is too many parallels in the eurozone’s parallel Universe. Geithner wanted a bazooka, Lagarde started off wanting a war-chest, but the FinMins insisted on a firewall, so now Christine The Guardianette wants ammo for the bazooko. Everyone’s confused, especially as none of the participants wants to part with any of the alleged monetary substances.

It’s been a long day. I’m going to lie down now. I may be some time.

Flouting eurozone law: How Germany is banning job-seekers from migrating to Germany

46 thoughts on “DEATH IN NEW YORK: Victim, Sarkozy advisor Richard Descoings, was gay

  1. Ah! Really interesting: «Aujourd’hui, c’est auprès de François Hollande que M. Descoings reprend, en tant qu’expert, du service. C’est à ce titre qu’il participe aux travaux d’une commission créée par l’entourage du candidat socialiste pour travailler sur les discriminations. Fait-il partie de l’équipe de campagne de M. Hollande ? « L’organigramme de l’équipe a été publié [Richard Descoings n’y figure pas] ; il n’a pas bougé depuis.»


  2. What the hell is Fifi Lagarde doing still going to fancy dos with her begging bowl. Is she no longer on the coal face, doesn’t she know that the sunny uplands are before us?

    “Monti: “The crisis is over”

    German SME News | Posted: 3:04:12, 10:53 | Last updated: 03:04:12, 13:46 |

    The Italian Prime Minister Mario Monti, on his trip to Asia, has asked people not to worry any more about the euro crisis. It is “almost over” – thanks to the good policies of the Italian government.

    “I have flown to Asia to request you to stand back a little from the crisis in the euro zone,” Mario Monti said at the Boao Forum for Asia in Davos. It is “almost over”, and this is so because Italy is now standing on a “more solid economic base.” The Italian Prime Minister underlined the labour market reforms, which are experiencing an unusually broad support from political parties and public opinion. He is hoping for the consent of Parliament.

    But the situation in Italy is, however, a little different from what Mario Monti has described on his Asian trip. The labour market reform is meeting fierce resistance from the Italians themselves, and also with the unions (in this case Mario Monti has even threatened to resign in the event of a failure of the reforms – here). But on a journey that is being used to attract new investors to Italy, these circumstances are, for the Italian prime minister, not worth mentioning.

    Following a meeting with Prime Minister Wen Jiabao and other officials and investors, the Italian prime minister said Italy regarded China as a strategic partner and the Italian team is willing to increase cooperation with China, bilaterally and multilaterally. He hoped his visit will serve to deepen the traditional friendship between the two peoples.

    “I do not want to be too ambitious, but I hope to spark a new enthusiasm in Italy,” the Italian premier added. He is still repeatedly having to make it clear to the Italian people that it will much worse for their families if they end up like the Greeks. Just on Monday it was announced that unemployment in Italy in February, at 9.3 percent, had reached the highest level in ten years (the unemployment rate in the euro zone also rose again – here).”

    Methinks history will record that Marco Polo came back from China with considerably more than Mario Monti ever will!

    If you can understand German humour, the comments are to be found here:

    As for Froggie fudge-packers in NY hotel rooms – not my scene.


  3. Where or not this man was gay is utterly irrelevant. A sordid violent pointless death in an anonymous hotel room thousands of miles from home is a shocking end to a life. We are all prey to our appetites sexual or otherwise. Mostly we keep them under control. A heightened sense of self preservation protects us. What his family must be going through I shudder to think. As a young man, I witnessed countless acts of self destructive behaviour, and I learnt accordingly. Judge not lest ye be judged.
    Take care everyone.



  4. If there is a word I cannot hear anylonger, as not to say I hate it, that is “firewall”.
    All these war terminology is otherwise good in place, we are at war.


  5. In a far away land, long ago, a former Prime Minister of France, Edith Cresson, mocked Britain’s male population as being 25% gay. O tempores, o mores!


  6. my-god. sarkozy’s advisor ! the guy was obvisouly of the moderate left wing party, nothing to do with sarkozy, The guy was also obvisouly gay. But what is the point of this article ? as french and as a student of the school he managed, i can just see that this article do not have any knowledge of what it is talking about. Richard Descoing was before all a man who had a lot of national and international connections. he was one of the most powerful guy of the moderate french left. He renewed sciences-po and was a great innovator, but I have some difficulties to see the link with Christine Lagarde – except the fact that they are both french. Christine Lagarde is from the liberalist right wing party, and worked a long time in US. She has a quite different viewpoint – as long as we can consider that bush had diferent ideas than obama. But, sure, making some efforts to understand about what’ you’re talking about is so dificult.. So simple to make drastic simplifications. Please, just read wikipedia if you can’t go any longer.


  7. “he was one of the most powerful guy of the moderate french left. ”

    Indeed, and it is a great loss when a man of such ability is murdered.

    You are also correct about M. Lagarde: but this is a British site, and you must understand the are cultural differences. To an English person, all French are … French. From the perspective of a French person (I presume) it is less meaningful.

    If I might make a suggestion to allow John his ebullience, and accept that he is English. Comments such as yours act as an important balance and this site would be the poorer without them.


  8. Am I the only one to think there is a strong smell of fish around this ?Richard Descoings might have been Gay, so what, but a ‘rough trade’ encounter that went wrong is the easiest thing to fake. I hope the NYPD and the FBI look at this murder with a fine tooth-comb.


  9. Looks like somehing has gone wrong. Time to find out on Craigslist what post Richard Descoing posted, what guys answered him, who come to his sex party, what drugs… Easy.


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  11. “found dead” is not the same thing as murdered. Perhaps you should wait for the autopsy results.


  12. Monti is deluded…. and a GS trickster

    ‘Why some day I cannot see why Italian Bonds will not have the same spread as German Bonds’…

    Notice the double negative…..

    It was just a pantomime


  13. Gemz,
    what was wrong with Sebastian’s remark? “found dead” does indeed mean what it says-it doesn’t mean “murdered”.
    So the guy was “in the nude”-he probably slept that way in any event.
    It sounds like an accidental OD to me-he may have had company, he may not-his choice surely?
    In other words more “cock-up” than “conspiracy” probably (and without intending any double entendre).


  14. @Mick

    there was nothing wrong with what S said; however his manner is always abrasive and always derogatory.

    What is more, you know as well as I do that the results of any autopsy could be made to reflect whatever the presiding authorities wished it to.
    It would surprise me if Sebastian didn’t know that, he has been around here long enough.


  15. OT but did you see what Sarko said tosomeone in the crowd at La Reunion airport?
    Pauvre con va. On va te faire la mort dans les urnes. Arsehole go. We will see you dead in urns. Nice guy!


  16. What a stupid and incoherent article ! As some people had already said, there is no connection at all between the death of Descoings and Christine Lagarde. Moreover, the autor is incredibly unaware of what he is talking about. If the most interesting thing he can say about a man who has just died is that the dead was gay, he has to stop writing articles.


  17. @Gemz – there is nothing objectionable in what I wrote. As a gentlemen I never insult unintentionally.

    What do we really have here? A middle-aged gay guy indulges in casual (risky?)sex/drugs/drink. Heart attacks and such like in these circs are not incredible. My mind drifts back to an unfortunate episode some years ago when an apparently dull, respectable, uxorious work colleague of unimpeachable character was found dead in a hotel room having been engaging in self-bondage while dressed up in a latex catsuit. He had managed to asphyxiate himself. The black humour at work had it that he w***ed himself to death. It was very shocking for everyone, not least his wife.

    Writing that autopsies can mean whatever “they” want is paranoid. Cock-ups are frequent, conspiracies are not, largely because people cannot keep their mouths shut. I daresay you are seeing what you want to see; evidence of the evil eye or the black hand gang or Masonic/Jesuit/Illuminati conspiracies to run the world. I merely suggest that until some actual evidence appears to support the assertion, you shouldn’t run around shouting ‘murder’.


  18. @Sebastian

    thankyou for your comment.

    It is rare that you actually say something to me, rather than tell me. That is merely an observation of your usual attitude that (to me at least) is usually quite different. That it is not intended to be makes no difference. Perhaps you will realize your abrasiveness in future.

    As to me jumping to conclusions, that is my job. I do so with all expectation that 95% of the time I am wrong. The 5% of the time I am right is where I make my living. In trying then to improve on this is what I do relatively well.

    As to dull gentlemen doing extraordinary things unseen, it is a pity that it must be so. Goodness knows what talents they suppress in order to appear so dull. I am also sorry for your colleague’s wife that he was not able to share these things with her. There are things that are preferable to losing one’s husband.

    As to “evidence” you are the sort of person who needs to be able to read something on paper before you can say that it is evidence. My job is to find such evidence before it gets to the paper stage, and that involves much that never gets that far. If you think of the things that go to make statistics before they become a statistic, that is what I do. Remember that a statistic is a done deed, and will never tell you the future. If you can understand what lies behind the statistic, you have a better chance. But nothing is certain.

    Klaus Kastner speaks of Goldman Sachs and its employing people who know exactly of what I speak, who are used to steer the markets to their own ends. They do so by manipulation where I merely observe and reflect.


  19. BobbyJobby
    Last warning: say what you like, however deranged. But do it without personal insult or obscenity, or you’re banned…and thus reduced to resuming your onanistic existence in the attic of life.
    It’s your call.


  20. Thanks JW. BTW seeing some of the adverse c**p on here, on behalf of us all, thanks as always for all your hard work. You put yourself on the line every day, which is more than your detractors have the b***ls to do.


  21. @Gemz; written on paper doesn’t constitute “evidence”.

    Evidence is tangible proof. What you are describing is opinion. My livelihood depends on dealing with actual facts – I’m a chartered engineer. A lifetime spent dealing with things that will kill people if you get them wrong teaches you to be careful about distinguishing between evidence (that is actual undisputed facts) & opinion. As my old PhD supervisor once said: opinions are like arseholes. Everyone has one and usually they stink. On many occasions in my career I’ve had to deal with the press. I’ve seen how they operate and I don’t trust them. Which is why I like evidence before I shout “murder”.


  22. Before they commit their spurious comments to paper,many of the readers should gain a modicum of literacy in English.The Decoing episode is an an embarrassment for the French Establishment since he was a darling of the media on both ends of the political spectrum.


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