This from today’s FT – it’s a classic (my emphasis)

‘Prominent City figures are bemused at the outrage surrounding the “cash for access” scandal.

For some of those who make up the Conservative party’s most important donors, outside influence on policy is simply a healthy part of the democratic process. But they understand others may not see it that way: none of the people the Financial Times spoke to would talk on the record.

One said: “The fact that politicians are willing to hear views from different people is to be applauded. They should listen to what people – including concerned business people – have to say.” ‘

I love it. Gypsy Dave Camerlot waves his hand over the crystal ball, looks up at major Property Developer Hugh Smoreland, and says “I see a Bill to pave over the countryside….cross my palm with more silver, and I might be able to see more clearly when and how….”

Another belter from Jeremy Warner in the Telegraph today. Jezzer thinks the UK economy is ‘looking up’. Obviously, he needs to look up more figures. See what you think. Not that I want to bias you or anything, but this was my response in the thread:

‘The US provides an encouraging template. Typically about six months to a year
ahead of us in the economic cycle, the US seems now to be quite close to
self-sustaining recovery’.
The naivety of this statement is astonishing.
Man in White House have election to win, Jeremy.
Bernanke in Fed Reserve offer note of caution.
US housing has fallen in value for the third month in a row. Now hear this: the US has NEVER IN HISTORY recovered from recession without a recovery in property values.
Please stop treating this as just another cycle, and see it for what it is – a notional money/QE/Zirp/CDO disaster now almost upon us.
The economy of the UK is indeed looking up: to Heaven, to which it prays “God help us”.