The Slog would like to wish all its readers a Merry Cataclysm

As the eurozone powers bumble on towards another compromise of their already deeply compromising situation, the MSM continues to print what the Elites tell them. I have very little time for Channel Four ‘News’, but they were spot on three years ago when they said, “The internet is for opposition”.

‘Euro zone finance ministers and central bankers will discuss the size of their bailout funds – the temporary European Financial Stability Facility (EFSF) and the permanent European Stability Mechanism (ESM) in Copenhagen on March 30-31…..”Given that the situation is difficult in several countries [he means Germany], it seems to me the easiest option is the least ambitious one,” one senior euro zone official said…..Out of its 440 billion euros of lending power, the EFSF has already committed 192 billion euros to bailouts for Greece, Ireland and Portugal…’

Bollocks. (Reuters)

‘Campaigners against the [the UK 50p rate of] tax have been lobbying politicians hard in their efforts to apply pressure on Mr Osborne. They admit the tax is likely to have raised money this year, but point to figures from the Centre for Economic and Business Research predicting a longer-term fall in revenues as wealthy people do more to avoid paying tax and increasingly move abroad….’

Bollocks. (FT)

‘Sales at restaurants with waiters jumped 8.7 percent last year, a sign in the past that the American economy is improving.’

Bollocks. (New York Times)

‘Goldman Sachs is considering strengthening internal rules on disclosure to clients of bankers’ financial holdings.’

Bollocks. (Wall Street Journal)

‘[Hector Sants] is not going [from the FSA] because of any disillusionment or disenchantment with the new system, but simply because at the age of 56 he wishes to do one more big executive job – and that would not have been possible if he had stayed on much longer.’

Absolute and complete bollocks. (From – who else? – the BBC)

The Slog was founded, and continues, to deconstruct bollocks. This week, the site passed the two million mark on hits since it was founded just over two years ago. 64% of those hits have come in the last eight months. RSS feeds, subscribers, loyalists and international readership are all growing.

My sincere thanks go to those who have stuck with me over that period. I wish you all a bollocks-free weekend.


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  2. ‘My sincere thanks go to those who have stuck with me over that period.’

    No; thank you John, and long may you continue to flourish, as you are helping us all to decipher the Bollox and Bullshit that spews from the MSM.

    Radical Realism is gaining strength.


  3. Dear John
    I love your blog but it does have a flavour of Private Frazer about it. Maybe you could leaven things now and again.


  4. Thanks JW for giving us your bollock free read crunched down to a few paragraphs. My first read as they appear, keep it up.


  5. Re the figures: Well deserved JW; proof, perhaps, that bad news travels fast! I honestly don’t know how you keep it up (none of your business, I hear your lightning reflexes retort) but I hope very much that you do. Nil carborundum, nil desperandum, nil testiculatum. Together we could all make a vas deferens!


  6. Private James Frazer had two stock phrases: “you’re doomed” and “rrubbish”. Neither of these would appear to be in the least out of place in any description of current world events. The Slog, after all, has a declared mission objective of deconstruction and is most assuredly leavened with regular doses of wit by himself. I think that John Laurie would have approved; if it works, don’t fix it.


  7. JW reminds me of Cassandra, William Connor of the Daily Mirror when it was a great newspaper with a daily circulation of 4,500,000 plus – witty, acerbic and as Sir Winston Churchil remarked, sometimes dominated by malevolence. I cannot think of a bunch of Euro cretins and banksters more deserving of a twice, sometimes thrice daily dose of malevolence. Just a touch to go on the circulation figures, but The Slog will get there.


  8. Well done John. Your blog is my first port of call each morning and continues to explain clearly what’s really going on. Your increased and ever diversifying readership contributes to an even broader perspective of world affairs with first hand accounts of their experiences.


  9. JW, along with Shaun Richards economics blogger, the murky world of politics and economics become deconstructed, I have learnt a lot from you both over the last 2 years. Many thanks.


  10. I have just come across some bollockosity better than any of the examples listed in the article. From the telegraph:

    “The FTSE 100 will double in value over the next decade to an all-time high, according to a new research note from Citigroup.”

    I’m unfamiliar with Citigroup’s previous ten year predictions but am sure they predicted their own near death experience in the banking collapse. The FTSE doubling prediction is doubtless based on the introduction of mark-to-unicorn accounting standards for assets held on banks’ balance sheets.


  11. A big German Banker stopped at a local restaurant following a day of property speculating in Spain. While sipping his Bianco, he noticed a sizzling, scrumptious looking platter being served at the next table. Not only did it look good, but the smell was wonderful..
    He asked the waiter, “Vas ist das you just served?”
    The waiter replied, “Ah Senor, you have excellent taste! Those are Bull’s Bollocks from the bullfight this morning. A delicacy!”
    The German, undaunted, said, “Vas ze heck, ich bin on vacation, I’ll have zom!”
    The waiter replied, “I am so sorry Senor. There is only one serving per day because there is only one bullfight each morning. If you place your order now, we will be sure to save you this delicacy for tomorrow”
    The German placed the order and the next evening he was served the one and only special delicacy of the day. After a few bites, and inspecting the contents of his platter, he called to the waiter and said, “Zeez are delicious, but they are much smaller than ze vons I saw you serve yesterday”

    The waiter shrugged his shoulders and replied,
    “Si, Senor … sometimes the bull he wins!


  12. The NY Times has several notables today with essays on the topic of the op-ed piece by a GS exec who resigned.

    I liked the one penned by Robert Reich as well as this one (the only one by psychologists) on greed and the wealthy:

    Somewhat apropos of John’s admiration of the FT piece on cortisol and other stress hormones in the trading room, so I thought I’d leave the link. Quick read. No idea how accurate or not. The Milgram experiments are still debated as to what they may or may not mean.


  13. I suppose like many here, I have been with you from almost the start, and yes, I admit it, I am addicted to reading the Slog each day… it provides for a refreshing alternative to MSM (of which I gave up upon quite years ago).

    I do try to promote your site to friends and family, many of whom sadly think my alternative take to MSM and the Almighty BBC presentation of state propaganda to be almost heresy. However, of that many, some are now starting to take an interest in alternative media – what, with the realization the last few years that what they are told by the MSM is normally utter bollocks, and economic hardships being the only bite that will move them into action; indeed, many are realizing that their increased hardships fuel the maintenance of ease for those that caused them the hardships in the first instance.

    I think, unfortunately, that many – and I include myself here as a non-financially educated person – feel overwhelmed by the, I suspect, deliberately-generated plethora of confusing terms and explanations that emanate from the financial/political sector. This, I believe, leads many to simply give up in trying to make sense of it all (a politician’s dream as they step up to the plate and promise guidance). For some people, the picture before them is simple to understand; yet for many others, it is a confusing abstraction.

    You do a great service to all in breaking things down, and perhaps you could go further and start an Idiots guide to the bollocks… or put a link to a website site or two that give clear explanations of what, say, a treasury, bond, gilt or similar term that many will hear from the MSM, but have no real idea of its function, is.

    Apart from that, I raise a glass of Corsican rose to you John for all that you have so far provided – yep, spent the later part of this afternoon in the garden in my little part of the world as I enjoy the approach of Spring (and the oncoming battle to keep the grass in check) and have continued to sensate my taste buds into the evening – and will no doubt raise many more glasses to you as you inform and entertain me.

    Free of charge, as well…


  14. I would wish that the culture of bollocks would disappear but as that isn’t happening just yet I can only wish for the slog to go from strength to strength in exposing the ridiculous culture at every turn.

    US carrier enterprise arrives in off Iran in 4-5 days, coincidence that this is coinciding with the projected Greek default. False flag attack on the same day as the CDS’s anybody?


  15. Bernard,

    I have found Wikipedia and helpful in deciphering financial posts on blogs and in the newspaper. I have no education in finance or economics but I have learned enough from reading John’s blog,, clicking on the links provided by commenters on these sites, and reading a few select books that the US and Europe (governments and banks) are in deep trouble over the long term due to debt and deficit financing. I have also read a lot of criticism of the use of fiat currencies. It gets confusing but that is because politicians and their bedfellows, the MSM, the financial and corporate establishment do not want to scare the voters/taxpayers.


  16. Probably delusion on my part, but I sense there is a slow awakening which is I think largely down to those who seek the truth & will not shut up, or can’t shut up. John is big part of this. I am amazed at his output in terms of quality, quantity & the scope of the articles.

    Don’t forget the beach though John.


  17. So the useless Hector Sants has decided to quit the equally useless Financial Services Agency

    He was appointed chief executive in July 2007. He left Credit Suisse to join the FSA in 2004.

    The FSA said that Sants “led the radical overhaul of the FSA’s pre-crisis approach to regulation, to a more proactive, intensive and judgment-led approach”.

    Sants said “I am proud of what the FSA has achieved during my time in charge, through what have been incredibly challenging times. I would like to thank all of my colleagues for their dedication, support and hard work. I know I leave the organisation in very capable hands.”

    His equally useless boss, Adair Turner (LORD Turner to you oiks) said “The major reforms made within the FSA since the financial crisis and the progress in delivering the government’s plan would not have been possible without Hector. He is a truly outstanding public servant of great integrity and has provided the FSA with dedicated leadership and focus through extremely turbulent times.”

    Huffington P(r)OST(itute)

    Utter and complete BOLLOCKS



  18. I agree, the 100th monkey is in full effect, and John like so many others is a part of it.
    I for one am very grateful that a fellow poster pointed me here some time ago, keep up the outstanding work good sir…


  19. Thanks for that Mary, but…….I think you were meaning this comment to be for Paul? (the one above mine).


  20. “US carrier enterprise arrives in off Iran in 4-5 days, coincidence that this is coinciding with the projected Greek default. False flag attack on the same day as the CDS’s anybody?”……

    and at the same time US and UK strategic oil reserves are to be tapped?

    Expectation of disruption of the normal supply chain?



  21. Thanks you …
    Couldn’t agree more
    You are one of a kind. You have started this and devoted tremendous time & energy
    Now you have a crowd behind you looking for your next blog & hoping …

    @Animal farm
    What a successful name. My humble opinion is that we are experiencing this story. The end? sad but is it Greece the hoarse that dies? or something else ?


  22. Hi Loafer – would suggest you go on you tube and put in a search for any of the monetary terms/system you do not understand.

    There are plenty of tubes which explain the various terms and mechanisms used on this site – and johns probably busy enough without providing a teaching service.

    Still the Blog of choice for first daily visit ! Been with you since the demise of NBY ! Glad you did not pack it in when you were thinking about it a year or so ago ! Have a good weekend :)

    On the upside – you’ve got a bigger readership (and growing) than the NotW :) :) :)


  23. I totally agree kennyboy. The FSA has to be one of the most useless agencies of State that ever existed, on a par with all the other useless agencies of State. For these people to describe themselves as “public servants” is an insult to the people of this country.


  24. @EleventySix: “Expectation of disruption of the normal supply chain?”

    Yes of course, I’d missed that. That a good explanation.

    With all the heavy hardware floating around The Gulf paddling pool flexing its muscles, summat’s gonna happen. It’s almost unavoidable.


  25. Well done with your numbers, John. And more power to your bow. If only you could keep on-theme without slipping in pc statements from your funding sources you would do much better. Your latest gratuitous example appeared in your last post: “They are more muddled and mentally adrift than any other group I’ve come across with the exception of Islamists”. Yea, right, just an accidental -totally irrelevant but nonetheless subliminal advertising message from your sponsors. Unless you are truly bigoted, please cut it out or make it more subtle.


  26. Politicians never tell anything like the truth to electorates. They know they will be blamed for deliberate mismanagement, and correctly so. The truth is painful and involves self-restraint and return to the living standards of the late 20th C, the level we are actually earning. They will use all possible means, especially devaluation/inflation/QE, to avoid this issue and stealthily reduce standards behind our backs while diminishing the value of state and personal debts. This is a well established trick in modern UK history.


  27. I’d like to add my thanks also, John, for your painstaking research that puts the MSM to shame. As long as you keep slogging, we’ll keep reading.

    Congratulations on the 2 million – WOW! – which is what I often exclaim when I read your blog. Thank you also for the great laughs we get from your gifted wit. Without a doubt you’re my #1 blogger.


  28. Congratulations and thanks to JW….
    always an entertaining read ….. it might contain too much bad news in the words of one poster but unfortunately, its the only way forward


  29. Erika – what on earth are you talking about? I mean this seriously… are saying that the Slog is sponsored by….. who exactly?


  30. I think John is sponsoring this one and I certainly hope he continues to do so. Did I miss the tips jar?
    But how come the guts of Zerohedge’s Israel attack news wasn’t picked up by any news outlets? Not even RT?
    Tehran Bureau @ Frontline is quiet too.
    Duck and cover!


  31. Bellevue
    Just don’t engage. Erika thinks I’m a CIA/MI5 android spawn sent to slag off innocent Islamist bombers who are merely tryng to ply their trade unhindered by the prying eyes of the infidel tabloid blogs.


  32. John, sorry to engage when you tell me not to bother…… but WHY does she think this?
    I realise that she is some sort of troll, but what purpose does it achieve? who does she represent? and why?


  33. Chuck I wondered this as well. I only came across the fact that the Saudis are leasing more oil tankers to begin deliveries to the USA next week,as I have a google alert for the Iranian Kish bourse which offically starts to trade outside the US $ on the 20th of March.


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