The full list of MF Global creditors makes for interesting reading

According to the full MF Global losers list available to view at, former Culture Minister Tessa Jowell’s estranged husband David Mills lost $3.65m investing with the company. While the Nation mourns about that loss, perhaps we should also bear in mind that, since late 2009, Mr Mills has lost most of his money, his wife, several Court appeals, privileged access to the future of Britain’s licensing laws, very privileged access to the Prime Minister of Italy, and such of his credibility as remained. Cheer up David, the only way from here is up.

Asked about the incident, Ms Jowells said she vaguely remembered being married once, but couldn’t be sure.

Mills actually lost a lot more dosh than RBS, but the former Freddie Badloss fiefdom still blew $1.3m of taxpayers’ money. Another spectacular bomb-out was the snooty French banking firm Lazard freres, which mislaid $5.1m.

Gerald Metals SA of Switzerland – a huge raw materials trader with offices throughout the US – came in at No 2 cock-up, losing a whopping $13.2 m.

But the outright winner by many miles was China’s government-owned oil dealer Unipec, which took a punt for $29.6m, and lost the lot.