1. Big deal boring sick and tired of this. John not many really care about this. Its the police and the politicians that we should be after. You are falling into the trap of those at the BBC and the Guardian


  2. Napier
    Not really. I am still applying huge pressure to get the same treatment meted out to Trinity Mirror. And I am still heavily involved in the next place this Hackgate saga is going: national security.
    Remember: some of us have been following this for three years.
    Finally, it is VERY important to establish that nobody is above the law. I really don’t care if not many care: they’re wrong, and I’m right.


  3. And you are falling into the trap of thinking that those who make an inadequate/corrupt response are more to blame than the perp(s).


  4. I fail to see the significants here. So Murdoch has been injured, and is down, but his empire has not been knocked out, and it will be back just make take a few years.

    As for the corruption of the police and the politicians wake me up when high level names start to roll. Cameron, Blair, Brown and so on.

    My sense is that there is some power struggle within TPB and rupert chose the wrong side and now he is paying for it. But he will survive and nobody in his family will see one day in jail.


  5. @JW:
    “And I am still heavily involved in the next place this Hackgate saga is going: national security.”

    It wouldn’t surprise me one jot if avenues of investigation are blocked for that reason. But I agree with @napier and you on this. This matter cannot be concluded until all of those who have a case to answer have been criminally charged. And that must include NI people at all levels, corrupt police, politicians and security muppets if they’ve been involved in any way. But I won’t hold my breath. Akers looked pretty stressed out the other day…I suspect she’s walking a tightrope given to her by people in very high places.


  6. In reply, I care about this!

    As a public sector investigator I would report anyone who tried to pump me for information, or bribe me to alter what I would do.

    Frankly napiersabre your comments are patronsingly offensive to those of us who do our best to put bad people out of business!

    So the next time you get scammed or ripped off, and no one is interested in your problem, because they might have taken a bung or payoff, don’t start bleating about it.

    Or do you think corruption should just be allowed to flourish, because people like you don’t care about it?


  7. Speak for yourself, mate. It’s hardly an either/or deal – we should frankly be going after ALL of them (and, as far as I can see, JW has been doing just that). Furthermore, we should be doing so regardless of whether they happen to conform to whatever our own particular left/right bias is…

    As for Newscorp, there has rarely existed a more rotten, corrupt, pestilent hive of amoral, criminal b*****ds. The world will be a far better place when it has finally passed the u-bend. Keep up the good work, John!


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  9. Absolutely agree. John. Let’s see where this all leads. Also did you see the Channel 4 News reports yesterday and today into accusations that a murder investigation was interfered with by a NOTW reporter? You can also see the full details on Parliament TV from the adjournment debate called by Tom Watson. This was from Westminster Hall at 4pm today. It’s a fascinating half-hour to watch.


  10. Before you all condemn me, the people that allowed this whole sordid affair are not being called to account, the chair leaders in chief, the Guardian and BBC are more interested in seeing off Murdoch than in any sort of justice, the involvement of celebrities is just a distraction and automatically tells you we are doing the wrong thing. Its Tony Blair and his cronies in Nu Labour, plus the highly politicised police force under Ian Blair that should be on trail.

    Anything else is just Bo…cks and will only result in more regulation or curbs on the freedom of speech that will allow public figures to go on lecturing us on how we should live whilst the carry on doing as they please. Nothing of substance has been done so far. Sorry John I share the sentiment and know your heart is in the right place, as is mine, but so far this whole affair has done nothing to restore even a smidgen of faith in the establishment.

    Even the revaluation from the Guardian about deleting voice mails that so enraged the public, and remember before this we didn’t give a toss about the long list of lovies that had been hacked, was a lie. And where did the guardian get this information????? corrupt police maybe. When those charged with protecting us can not be trusted all else is just a load of bollocks


  11. The Murdochs are a horrible nasty bunch, from old Granny Grow-Shus who is about 104, to her ghastly offspring Rupert and his vile bunch of spawn, may they all rot in hell. If there is a worse place than hell may they all end up there suffering the misery and sadness that they have caused others I wouldnt go as far as to say there is a god, but it it is good to know that there are some aspects of society that demand ethical behaviour.. May society either in the US, UK or Australia demand honesty and integrity.


  12. @napiersabre: I agree with you. Whether it’s the financial crises or the hacking saga, MSM and a majority of people are blaming everything on the banks (now called “banksters”) or Murdoch respectively.
    For sure, the banks were the conduit for excessive lending but the people who were on watch and who assumed full control of the nation at the time were the last Labour government…Blair & Brown. I find it rather sickening that Miliband popped up yesterday to pontificate about the resignation of Murdoch’s son and what needs to be done blah blah, whilst conveniently forgetting that it all happened when Labour was in office and he was a member of that government. Exactly the same pattern of Labour re-inventing itself has happened with the financial crises. The reluctance of the Coalition Govt to hold them to account on these issues and the Labour-luvvy MSM will produce another Labour Govt with yet another Lefty agenda to wreck the economy and society.


  13. Corruption in high places must be rooted out ! Keep it up John and expose the whole ediface for what it is !


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