Morgan the wannabe Peer goes down fighting.

Bright beautiful women: why do they marry odious pricks?

Here’s a link to the increasingly desperate brave face being put on by Piers Moron in the light of more catastrophic revelations about the corrupting influence of Newscorp at the Leveson Enquiry. This is a bit of history….an unpleasant pillock fighting for his freedom with the usual mix of chutzpah and bollocks:

So thick is the Romping Arse’s brass neck, he identifies closely with the Murdoch position. Mind you, so he should given that the Newscorp SOS used one of his former victims, Amanda Holden, for its relaunch yesterday.

Update: the Monday Sun is using the same story today. Amanda’s near-death experience in giving birth is, it seems, worth another 3-page spread, following yesterday’s 5-pages of lachrymose tale. Some of the great Screws journalists of the past must be turning in their graves. But then, Murdoch destroys everything. Verily, he is journalistic and social anti-matter.

Major hat-tip to Slogger Simon Jenkins for the link.

14 thoughts on “Morgan the wannabe Peer goes down fighting.

  1. Oh, is he like all the rest of them, just in it for the money and screw everybody else?
    Who’d have known it?
    Greed is the root of all evil and they are the greediest.
    An elitest “tooting Norton” set of greedy scumbags who allow and condone his behaviour because they recognise it in themselves.
    Still, ‘ol Roo will be heading for boot hill soon, can’t come quick enough for me, and who know’s, ‘ol Piss Morethan might have a nasty accident.
    We live in hope…


  2. Rupert Murdoch’s Sun had led the attempted coup with an outburst of the kind of tabloid fist-waving which has itself been part of the distortion of power. The paper’s associate editor, Trevor Kavanagh, reacted to the arrest of 10 of his colleagues by launching a ferocious attack on Scotland Yard. It was full of the rhetorical flourish of great reporting but almost devoid of facts.

    Crucially, Kavanagh’s claim that the Yard was engaged in a witch-hunt against legitimate journalism was based on a bold assumption that, in the Sun’s history of paying sources for stories, “there is nothing disreputable and, as far as we know at this point, nothing illegal”. Never pausing to question that assumption, the Daily Mail joined in, reporting the arrests under the headline “Operation Overkill” and running a column by Richard Littlejohn which compared the police to the Stasi engaging in “a sinister assault on a free press”.

    On the question of alleged favouritism, the Leveson inquiry will surely be interested in the evidence disclosed by Paddick that when police in August 2006 went to search the News of the World, they were physically stopped from entering the accounts department and denied access to the computer and safe of the royal reporter Clive Goodman; and that the police responded by drafting a production order and then failing to use it. Paddick said: “It is not usual that a suspect would be permitted to fob the police off in this way.”

    Hmm so why has Amanda Holden not be summoned by Leveson, to tell us which Mirror Journalist told her in 2003 that her phone was being hacked?

    I think we should be told!

    I also look forward to Mr Littlejohns response to Sue Akers evidence, let alone that of Messers Maguire, Peirce, and Ferrari…

    However I’m not holding my breath…


  3. “Bright beautiful women: why do they marry odious pricks?”
    I’d have to go for the fact that they are not that bright after all…and, hey! beauty is a like a passport, it expires…whereas the odious pricks never change…but the bright and beautiful become old wrinkly and unable to hold an interesting conversation,because after all, most of them never have had to, they have always had an odious prick to do all the talking.


  4. (agonises for a moment, takes deep breath) John, really, sometimes it’s just better to look the other way. I mean, if only enough people did that…

    (australian voice) You’ve tried that mate, never works; anyway, you and whose army?

    (all together) Ok, give me the f*****g gun, I’ll just have to shoot the b*****d.


  5. I clicked on the link and listened to pratface but then noticed another video, this one featured a waiter pouring a few pints of beer (ice cold hopefully) down the back of Mrs Merkels neck!!!!!!!!!! Ho ho ho
    After replaying it a dozen times I couldnt help but wonder if he was Greek and if he isnt he has probably just earned himself a lifetime of free holidays in the med.


  6. Pretty much exactly as I said all along.
    Murdochs an intellectual pygmy beset by intellectual gnats.
    They cant touch him.
    Well, he’s not very bright, has a rather stronger case to answer, and it would suit the coalition no end for The Mirror to be wiped out.

    The public will be sated by the destruction of the NOTW, especialy considering the charges levelled at it were wildly exagerated.

    Not exactly the result you wanted, but it’s the best that can be hoped for.


  7. Yes, the Sun reporters illegally paid for information (insofar as gossip about celebs is information), yes, they should be prosecuted.
    BUT the Torygraph paid for the MP’s expenses information (real information, definitely in the public interest). The Leveson inquiry has been set up to bring about statutory regulation of the press-which it will do. The baby of a free press is going firmly out with the bathwater!
    Oh, and yes Murdoch is to blame for lowering press standards-but so are the buyers of the celeb crap that he publishes. Freedom brings things we don’t like, as well as things we do!


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