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  1. It is not “anthropological ignorance” but rather outright invasion, looting and occupation, i.e. racism against white Christian people. A Culture is a standard to begin with and then it is dichotomously either existent or missing. “Multiculturalism” is thus another word for uncivilized.


  2. JW, we used to be neighbours. For 3 years from 1980 to 1983 I lived in Herne Hill and biked 7 miles each way to work every day along Railton Rd. Never a problem, with the locals, its was always the taxi drivers and lorry drivers I had trouble with. I was at a conference In Holland the weekend of the riots, so missed all the fuss. Those folks hated the police and overcame their fear, 2011s just wanted to nick stuff and had no reason to fear. The police in their over reaction to events like the former didn’t respond quickly enough to the latter for fear of violating some perceived stupid rules like gold plated human rights or health and safety, who knows. Clearly once the rioters were clamped down on they soon changed their minds. There always have been and probably always will be some folk who like a riot. Should we really read too much into it , other than remembering that the price of freedom is eternal vigilance. Though when Jefferson suggested it he probably didn’t have in mind the surveillance society we are moving into.


  3. Both Scarman and Macpherson were the upper class trying to placate the criminal class at the expense of the middle class. It has always been the prerogative of the upper classes to buy off trouble at the expense of others-it is how they survive.


  4. So John, I suspect that you don’t really subscribe to the concept of ‘European Solidarity’ espoused by our beloved leader mannekinpis Von Rumple and that fat Portuguese sidekick of his?


  5. Culture is the problem. Even with blonde and blue-eyed eastern Europeans, we seem to have gone into this with no planning or realistic evaluation of what can create tensions.

    I have family in Poland, I know the state of play. There are many working class young lads there, who want the accoutrements of life in the west, and are prepared to do anything to get it. The UK has a reputation for the state benefits it offers and that the Brits are a push-over in confrontation.

    Yes, most Poles are ok, but there is a higher percentage of ‘fixers’ and Arthur Daily types who border on the criminal edge. You have to realise, that for the last 50yrs in Poland, unless you were prepared to fight to survive you perished in poverty. Their attitudes will change with their increasing standard of living, but not for another 20 years…

    Interestingly, the Poles are responsible for the UK’s recent baby boom. Marginally ahead of the Muslim Community. Interesting times, non?


  6. in twenty years I would suggest most of those Polish migrants kids will consider themselves British as well as Polish, and will assimilate fairly well, as did the ones that came after the war. Islam does not assimilate well.


  7. I totally agree.

    I’ve lived in the UK for 40 years and just witnessing the incompetence of the ruling elite to protect this incredible civilised way of life, just turns me to tears.

    All the minorities need managing. Some more than others. But, up to now it just seems like a ‘multi-kulti’ free for all.


  8. Mmmm, Evolution. We all pine for the values and morals that we were bought up with and would like to instill them on the current generation, as would our parents and the their parents before them and so on.
    But, it isn’t going to be so, and never will be.
    Life goes on.
    We will get over what ever happens, it will be just history as recorded by the historian that records it.


  9. You said in your first note that the British are a pushover in confrontation, in my experience this is fairly true. However when times get tough and people get scared they assert themselves more. Most people I think watch things like these EDL protests, and the people that oppose them and remain fairly detached from it, thinking it’s nothing serious and it will blow over in the end. IMHO the trend is in the other direction. It is a problem that is growing, a crack in our society that grows in size as different communities move further apart due to these insane policies rather than closer together.
    At some point someone will have to put a stop to the free for all you described. Really the question is how bad will things get first.


  10. @SMT
    Islam will be all that matters in 20yrs time. They are like a cancer spreading uncontrollably until they consume the host.
    Eventually the US will be consumed too, if you believe the conspiracy theorists BO is the man who, will preside over the biggest conquest Islam has ever seen.


  11. kfc, I don’t buy the BO stuff. But then there has been a lot of stuff I didn’t buy, and then had to eat my words. I don’t worry for the Americans though. They are armed to the teeth, know how to use them, I think they will be ok.
    Here on the other hand?


  12. Per metre conquered, Europe has to be bloodiest continent in history.

    Islam has not experienced large scale industrialised massacre – something the Europeans excel at doing…when pushed.

    My cards are on the Europeans. When you look at their capacity for inventiveness and survival, no other cultures compare. The Russians face the same problems, but when it comes to survival, they will lead.


  13. [OT]: ZeroHedge expresses serious concern with the recent ECB bond-swap action on Greece:

    “The ECB, on its own and without judicial or parliamentary review, has swapped their Greek debt for new Greek debt that is not subject to any “collective action clause.” They did this unilaterally and without the consent of any other sovereign debt bond owners of Greek debt. They did this without objection of any nation in Europe. They have retroactively changed the indenture, the contract made by Greece with all of the buyers of their bonds, when the debt was issued.”


  14. The Left seemed to be so humiliated with its total lack of an economic model that it instead found it better to try to control thoughts and culture instead.

    Racism was its ‘abracadabra’.

    It’s such a magic accusation. It shuts down debate. Destroys opponents in a single stroke. So for the Left, they will never want to lose that debating currency. It’s their gold.

    The Right haven’t done social conservatism or cultural conservatism, or whatever you want to call it, since the 60s at least.

    They do making money. And that’s all the political power they need. All they have done is found a way to wear politically correct clothes to achieve that end.

    How wonderful to get lots of cheap foreign labour to feed the fat cats’ purses and hide it all under the trump card of ‘racism’, should anyone complain.

    The greatest trick Labour and the Tories play on both their natural voters is pretending that they are on their side.

    Nothing could be further from the truth.

    Meet the new boss. Same as the old boss.


  15. Even though they’re required to sell in kilos (they have spot checks from the weights and measures police), our local street market still double-marks the prices of fruit and veg to include pounds and ounces. And the majority of punters still ask for goods in them. People take pride in drawing that line in the sand and holding it.

    I always figured the more people feel their culture slipping away, the tighter they’ll grasp it. Try and force any two cultures to unite and average and both will cling more doggedly to their own and refuse.

    Had the europe/multicultural thing been allowed to happen at a sensible pace it’s quite possible that we’d all be happily living and sharing the best of all worlds. Like endless exotic holidays without ever having to leave the end of your street.

    I have no beef with the ‘great big melting pot’ vision of us all living together as one happy, tolerant family. But we survived as separate races and nations throughout all of history. Those things still define us, and – rightly or wrongly – they anchor us and give us strength. And comfort.

    We need them.

    Let’s at least take some time with the melting thing. Maybe treat it less like a contact sport and more like sinking into a hot bath. Everything in good time.


  16. So now the norm is that the chocolate bunnies and the milky bar kids are schmoozzing the groove and we are getting a world full of coffee bunnies.

    humm hmm tummm ty hummm tumm
    a better place
    tummty tumm ty tummm


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  18. “Culture is the problem.”

    Can be, but is also racial. Blacks commit disproportionate levels of violent crime wherever they go. 12% of the population in London, responsible for 54% of street crime. Black males 6% of US population, responsible for more than 40% of all rapes. Widespread looting (of TVs) after Hurricane Katrina, compare and contrast to the aftermath of the tsunami in Japan. There is a pattern here.

    The Muslim issue (5% of the UK population yet 12% of the prison population, responsible for at least two thirds of all rapes in Denmark and Norway) is partly cultural (and poltical), but given Europe’s Muslims from the Middle East and North Africa, there is a racial component too.

    Culrure and opportunity matters. So does race. If you want your country to become Africa, import lots of blacks. If you want your country to become the Sub-continent, invite over hordes of Asians. If you want your country to be a Balkanised hell-hole, import millions from the Carribbean, Africa, the Sub-conitinet and the Middle East, so they can fight over your homeland while re-creating the Third World dumps they came from.


  19. Admirable sentiments, h, but the problem is that thanks to insane immigration policies and differential breeding rates, indigenous Brits (and by that I mean those descended from Northern and Western European tribes that arrived thousands of years ago, together with a smattering of subsequent arrivals from Europe) will become a minority in their homeland in about fifty years’ time. History tells us that dispossessed peoples do not fare too well. We can’t take time with the melting pot thing. The melting pot thing will see us cooked.


  20. Rape (Muslim or otherwise) would be easily handled if we opened legitimate brothels but no the Harridan Hatepersons won’t allow that. In their view bettwe to have more laws, police, jails, jailers all jobs for their electorate.


  21. A lot has been said here about the white middle class being dumped on by mass immigration, but nobody has mentioned the white working class, who were never asked if they wanted to see their areas changed ethnically & culturally, who were forced to sell their houses to foreigners or be jailed for racism, & who, in order to preserve their culture have been forced to move out of London. All this has been done to them by people who it was all very well for, & by the traitorous politicians in every party who treated them with contempt. They, more than any other class have been betrayed, as they were betrayed by the very party they had always voted for & trusted.


  22. Thanks ADB.

    The ‘breeding rate’ thing is a *really* good point. To clarify: I don’t care about a person’s genes or race…. the thing that matters to me is what they do. In that regard, skewed sub-population growth cuts across race. I get just as concerned about a state subsidised and growing white ‘sub-class’.

    I lived for a while near Wembley. On some occasions I genuinely was the only white guy on packed streets. But generally the locals were friendly and hospitable to an extent that put most of us the UK to shame. There are values locked up in some of our ‘ghettoes’ that we could really benefit from taking on board. There are also things that we don’t want becoming mainstream. Mainly, I don’t want ghettoes.

    If anyone hasn’t seen it, I’d recommend watching ‘Idiocracy’. It’s fun and daft but there’s a sound premise at the core of it… Responsible civic minded parents hold off on having kids until they can support them. They get outbred. Evolution kicks in. Everything dumbs down and falls apart. To some extent I think we have that now.

    In darwinian terms, the thing that makes the difference to society isn’t the stock that kids come from… it’s the values they’re raised with and pass on. Fortunately those aren’t hard-wired, so at least – in principle – all’s not entirely lost.

    Right now we have a minority of governing people (who don’t live in – and probably wouldn’t recognise – the real world) dictating real world stuff that the rest of us have to live with. The tail’s wagging the dog and it’s wagging it wrong.

    Even the staff in our local council who do care and who try to make a difference often only manage it despite the council and by ignoring rules. Kudos to them that they still try.

    As for politicians ‘connecting’ with the public, please take note: Hanging around a council estate long enough for a photo op does NOT make you one of the masses, any more than sticking round the eiffel tower long enough to have yr photo taken with it makes you a tourist attraction. Do it properly or don’t bloody do it at all.


  23. Spot on, Mo. And the disproportionate effect on the white working class has led to what I call the “Titanic scenario”. When the Titanic began sinking, the people who first became aware of it were (apart from the poor old stokers), the lower-class passengers, bunked down in steerage. By the time the freezing waters reached the upper (and upper-class) decks, the ship was ready to go under.

    Today, Britain is the Titanic. She’s just hit the iceberg of multi-culturalism, and the effects of that collision – increasing crime, Muslim no-go areas, competetion for dwindling resources etc – are now being felt by the lower decks of British society. The higher orders, however, remain largely unaffected, and shouts of panic and warning from the lower decks are treated as the cries of the stupid and ignorant.

    Unfortunately, Britain is still a very class-ridden society, and it is only when the tide of multiculturalism hits the middle and upper decks, that we will see any political recognition of the disaster unfolding. I think the middle classes are waking up now.


  24. It’s time that the British white working class realised that its beloved Labour Party – which they continue to vote for in their droves – has a long history of betraying them – and everybody else. Not just on the multi-culty issue but in most other matters too. It is a political party with hidden agendas and its actions never match the rhetoric it uses to get elected.


  25. ADB
    I think you’re confusing race with culture on this issue. The cultural problem is uselessly feckless Dads, and uselessly stupid Honkeys who refused to recognise the fact for 30 yrs.
    This is where denial leads in the end. Into de Mediterranean. Sorry. Silly.


  26. BV
    Islam is by definition a retrograde, anti-progress belief system. Like the catholic church, it holds back technological development…especially for purely peaceful purposes, ho-ho. It will therefore recruit only the thick. And so – just like the Nazis – they will shun the bright folks.
    That’s why the Europeans will win – if it ever comes to that. Personally, I think the Chinese will take them on in Africa: when that happens, the Mullahs won’t know what bloody hit them.


  27. h
    I agree wholeheartedly with this: ethnicity is a red herring. But…and this is the big butt…..we must all sign up to one CULTURE. Otherwise, there is only chaos. (See: Africa…Botswana a success, most other places a dismal failure).


  28. h again
    Cracking thread, well done sir.
    I want to stand close to Johnny Depp, because that might make me a sex symbol.
    “A likely story,” said PC Dixon.


  29. I believe that the plan of the world elites, as stated by many people who have studied the agenda of various round table groups, is to do away with nation states and cultures, and are to be replaced by internationalism. Names of countries will change over time and national identities will be removed, so that we no longer have a sense of belonging. The immigration policy in this country has been part of that plan and the rewriting of history begins by the evil victors as usual.


  30. @maxter:
    Yeah, I agree with a lot of his sentiments.
    In Britain, I’ve noticed that apart from cancelling ID Cards, the incoming Tory coalition have done virtually nothing to roll back big govt or repeal any of Blair’s/Brown’s anti-liberty laws. Cameron has wasted an opportunity in a lifetime to remodel Britain. What we see is ever bigger govt whichever party we elect. That is why there are people who say Labour = Red Labour and the Tories = Blue Labour.

    I put a lot of this down to the types of people who are attracted into politics. They have a belief that their ideas of how society should be organised and run are better than everybody else’s and they go into politics to implement their ideas: the proverbial interfering busybodies.
    But in Britain, I also put a great deal of the mess down to the out-of-control Civil Service. People simply do not realise how much power and control they exercise. They’re responsible for running the government machine and take it upon themselves to create rules and regulations and the elected politicians don’t exercise adequate oversight over them.

    It is surely very telling that as far back as when John Reid became Home Secretary he said the UKBA was “unfit for purpose”. Teresa May said only yesterday that “the UKBA needed a completely new management culture”. Clearly, little action has been taken since Reid was in the H/O to sort out the UKBA. And I can safely say that exactly the same problems of Civil Service incompetence and hidden political agendas exist in every other agency of the State, whether it be the old HMC&E (caught running an unlawful scam under Brown as Chancellor), HMR&C, Met Police, CPS etc etc. The Civil Service may have been politically neutral a long time ago but today it’s stuffed full of Lefties who want to wear jackboots.

    Don’t get me started….. ;-)


  31. I remember staying in Skakespeare road with a chum in the early ’80s.
    Having lived in N Ireland for many years, I loved the multi-cultural aspect of the neighbourhood
    and as JW said, his street was very quiet. Memorable hospitality!


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