GREEK DEFAULT PLAN: JP Morgan also possesses it.

And Dr Strangelove goes into overdrive

Just to update folks, my first source for today’s earlier posting is now happy for me to name another US bank working to the March 23rd Greek default schedule as JP Morgan. This is based on the reality that dozens of people have now come forward to confirm Morgan the Pirate as one of the recipients.

I have not as yet received any confirmation that eurobanks are in this loop. I must therefore conclude that the ‘default schema’ is US Fed-led, with Mr Timothy Geithner perhaps in a leading role

During the day, emails have dribbled in here supporting the story from a professional standpoint. (For those who don’t already know it, the email address for Slog editorial contact is One such is particularly interesting, I think:

‘Congratulations on getting this out there. You need to look more closely at Deutsche [Bank] and Commerzbank. Key people in Bankfurt are fully aware of this.’

This in turn would suggest joint Washington-Berlin cooperation. At the moment, I’m unable to reach The Slog’s Bankfurt Maulwurf for confirmation or denial of that.

The likelihood, of course, is that these revelations will act as a self-denying prophecy. That is to say, if the story continues to hold up, the Troika-Berlin axis will now have to look for another schedule – purely for the purposes of denial.

Meanwhile, Wolfgang ‘Strangelove’ Schauble (top right) continues to supply the World with hard evidence that he has gone more than slightly off his trolley. The German finance minister is now pressing for Greece’s April elections to be put off for a year – and the replacement of elected politicians with more Montis and Papademoses. I can do no better than commend to you Ambrose Evans-Pritchard’s piece in the Daily Telegraph this afternoon…with this extract in particular:

‘His [Schauble’s] apparent demand that Greece postpone elections scheduled for April, and impose a technocrat junta (a l’Italiana) for another year without PASOK and New Democracy, takes your breath away. Is this really the position of the German government? Greek democracy be damned?’

But while we wait to see what bonkers idea Berlin will come up with next, it is worth noting once again that the Teutonic drive for control over events does fit disturbingly well with Americo-German plans being given to senior investment bank currency traders…perhaps under the assumption (back in mid-January) that a German/EU Gauleiter/Commissioner would be in power by then.

The times may well be interesting, but they are not entirely reassuring.


35 thoughts on “GREEK DEFAULT PLAN: JP Morgan also possesses it.

  1. 204 comments, previously ,says it all.The cognoscenti sense the game is up.We are in the 75th minute,and the score is Europa Barroso 0-Athletico Sparta 3.


  2. CNN (day before yesterday, as I recall) interviewed a Greek economics/business prof based in Athens, who reckons Greece is being given just enough money to keep it together until after the French Presidential election. If so, maybe the March date is a bear trap and the real thing set for May.


  3. If the default plan was hatched in Washington, the Americans might be pressurising Merky, which in turn might explain why she keeps wandering about saying “there will no default”. That raises the question of who runs the Berlin Govt (@Viking Jack unearthed summat on this the other day).

    If the plan is only in the hands of Bankfurt, that again suggests Merky is being sidestepped by the planners and bankers.


  4. “The times may well be interesting, but they are not entirely reassuring”.
    But, still interesting eh?
    IMHO Wolfie is a scumbag but, hey, isn’t that par for the course these days?
    I still maintain that they are “hitting the ground running” They don’t have the luxury of thinking things though, of course, the two Marios are made of different stuff and are more capable of thinking on their feet, they are GS players, as they always say, follow the money…..


  5. I read that from v jack the other day. Not sure I’m buying it. Wasn’t it something set up in 1949? I mean a lot of things were set up after the war, the fact that there was a document then proves nothing now. East/West Germany, Soviet Union, Warsaw Pact, British and French empires have all come and gone since that time. Why would that remain? Especially since re unification


  6. Q1: Did Germany know a dozen years ago that Wall-Street’s account
    of Greek economy was all wrong?
    Q2: Did Germany know a dozen years ago that Wall-Street’s AAA rated
    bonds were all fraud?
    …neither nor I suppose.

    If Greece would like to appease the Germans,
    then it can install a 10 years long betterment tax like in Germany.
    It can also teach German at School and university,
    in order to attract factories and engineering activities.


  7. IIRC the document @VK found was dated 1990 or thereabouts and was a restatement of the earlier treaty which clearly states West Berlin is not considered part of the FRG (presumably because it is essentially owned by the Allies since 1945). And Baubles was heard to say recently “Germany is not a sovereign govt.”, meaning someone’s pulling the strings.

    OTOH, it’s difficult to know how much effect these things have in 2012.


  8. Bt my memory playing up on me by the sound of it, or maybe I misread what he wrote. Like you say difficult to know. I often say Britain is not a sovereign country because of the E.U. Things are so confusing that I suppose anything is possible.


  9. Q1. Yes

    Q2. dunno.

    From what I have seen the Greeks to not look very appeasing. And historically that policy has not worked very well on the Germans.


  10. I sent a link for the previous article to a Greek website I follow. I was told that it was too dodgy to post the article because other people have been arrested for doing a similar thing.. Somewhat ironic as you have been talking about East Germany this evening.


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  12. «Le Carlyle Group, qui gère la fortune des familles Bush et Ben Laden, a décidé de créer un service financier particulier destiné à placer les excédents de pétro-dollars de fonds souverains, principalement ceux du Koweït et de Singapour. Pour diriger ce service, le directeur honoraire de Carlyle, Franck Carlucci, a conseillé le recrutement du 5ème noueur de deals le plus important de Wall Street : Oliver Sarkozy.»


  13. A very small part of the plan is used in an article on one of the major greek websites concerning banking news, indicating that the source of the tip is not yet confirmed.

    in greece a person was arrested more than a year ago but he is not on trial yet nor in jail being accused of spreading bad rumors. At that time the major greek political scene was playing the role “bankruptcy is a myth” while at the same time the greek EU Commisioner and member of the governing party stated the fact that in E.U. they work on “defaulting scenarios” and she was not arrested nor accused.


  14. The answer to Q2 is definitely “no”. They used to joke in the City & on Wall Street that if you had trouble selling a pile of shit in a shiny silver wrapper, a Landesbank would always buy it off you.


  15. @soap:
    I just found the original posts in the thread by @Viking Jack:
    It says the original treaty was drawn up in 1949, but a more recent document dated 1990 reconfirms much of it.

    “Dated: 12. June 1990
    The position of the Allies, “that the connections between the Western sectors of Berlin and the Federal Republic of Germany are maintained and developed, whereby you are to take into account, that these Sectors as before are not a component (a constituent part) of the Federal Republic of Germany and are not governed by it,” remains unchanged.”

    Fascinating stuff…


  16. Hi,
    In the face of so many problems and issues, the markets (indices) have carried on powering ahead, much to the amazement of all the bears out there.
    Now, I am not familiar with the owner of this blog and I certainly do not want to be even remotely suggesting that there is anything underhand going on here (after all, we all read the blog, think about it and then we each make our own mind up, right?) but … maybe just … has someone bothered to consider the alternative?
    Could this story just be a plant, to get the bears, the doommongers …. to pile in huge amounts of short positions ahead of the 23rd March deadline, only for the weekend to pass with no announcement of default at all, followed by the mother-of-all short covering rally sending indices to the stratosphere?
    I have no proof a that either of course, but it’s a thought and it come from the fact that we live in a world where the actual headlines now rarely describe accurately what is happening just below the surface.
    Food for thought, that’s all.


  17. John and @matt, just so you know, the original article got quoted at shtf plan:

    Which was subsequently linked at prison planet (dot) com on the main news page today. You are referenced, but perhaps not enough to your liking (have a look), but at least this is getting out there.

    Did you know that the prison planet site gets more traffic daily than CNBC? Nice!


  18. This article doesn’t say anything new. Greece has been bunkrupt for two years now. There is no way that germany is going to alow any kind of official default. At least not before Greece has enough money of it’s own to print new drachmas. So forget about default any time soon, especially around the indepandance day from the Turks. The 25th is a national holiday and the banks are closed anyway. Any other scenarios?????


  19. and a gift for you.
    Aristotle Quotes



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  21. Solution: Pretend, pretend pretend that there was a devasting war and 90% of infrastructure Greek was lost. Then, reinstate Bretton-Woods and let Greece restart from scratch. With all of the advantages that B-R provides, the Greeks should be able to survive and grow a new economy. But, if they have been socialized for too long – one or two generations – they probably will not survive. Then, the only path to safety and security is to do to a country what corporations do in the market – they merge and gain new leadership. Yes, that leadership that has learned how to survive will have to force the failed corporation to learn the better path to success.


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  23. Whether there is a default or not, there should be. Greece is bankrupt. Playing games just doesn’t change reality. Until Greece eliminates its overblown social agenda and collects taxes from those with the ability to pay, nothing will change.


  24. Zionist mafia is watching every Greek move. Last year, David Harris, executive director of AJC, issued a statement stressing Jewish community’s concern over the inclusion of Georgios Karatzaferis in the new government.

    “We are deeply concerned by the presence in the new unity government of the LAOS party, headed by Georgios Karatzaferis. According to reports, Karatzaferis has a record of outrageous statements about Jews, including, but not limited to, spreading the libel that Jews were implicated in the 9/11 attacks by their alleged absence from work that day, when nothing could have been further from the truth. We urge the new Greek leadership, understandably preoccupied with the economic crisis, not to permit any such expression of outright bigotry or anti-Semitism to emerge from its ranks”.


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