MEDIA MYTHS #2: The strange case of a urologist in two places with two names at once.

At the BNP website at the moment sits an article I cannot describe to you, and must not provide a direct link to. The article suggests that a legal process is being covered up at the moment for ‘liberal fascist’ reasons. The silence is in fact due to a gagging order placed on the case by the main Judge concerned. For once, he has a good reason to do so: he fears that there will be cynical attempts by the Defence counsel(s) to use media publicity to get a mistrial called. The BNP knows this perfectly well, but is running the false version of events anyway…..because it is just one more political Party that sails by the foul wind of spin and propaganda rather than empirical facts.

The very fact that the British National Party continues to run the piece shows an Establishment running scared of it. It is a flagrant breach of the Order, and would result (in an egalitarian legal system) in Nick Griffin et al going to jail unless they took it down. But this is just what the BNP hierarchy wants, because then the media could report that….and more details (suitably twisted) about the legal process would come out. Checkmate.

There exists around Griffin’s Party a perpetual air of being victimised, and while at times this is correct (the drivel being written against Stuart Pearce because his brother once stood for the BNP is a current, disgraceful example) most of the time it is used by the more erudite Party bigwigs to position themselves precisely as the young Nazi Party did after 1924: a patriotic organisation being victimised  by a socialist State. At the time, Hitler’s main ire was aimed at German Jewry, but six million deaths later Griffin has been forced to change sides and support Israel, dead Jews no longer being popular – quelle dommage. Today, Muslims are a far bigger (and more stupid) target.

That has to have been the all-time biggest change-sides sellout since the Nazi-Soviet Pact, but the BNP has been smart in insisting it be awarded an air of purity. This allows it to be the Party keeping faith with Britannia while all the other decadent pols sell Blighty down the river. Here too, Nick Griffin has been extremely fortunate in his choice of enemies, because most of them are doing precisely that. But the BNP’s ideas are about as British as Islamism: for both are, behind the mask, twisting the truth continually in order to gain advantage.

This tendency isn’t restricted to the British National Party. The ‘far’ Right in general (whatever that means) uses the same techniques. As with the legal process described at the start of this piece, the simplest checking of facts usually establishes within ten minutes that the propaganda being pushed is complete bollocks. This is the reason why what the BNP and others choose to display as ‘evidence’ of their gripe very rarely makes it into the MSM. The Guardian, it goes without saying, wouldn’t print the stuff even if it was true (just as the British Muslim Council wanted Blair to put them above criticism, even if it was true) because it is these days little more than a grotesque contemporary caricature of George Orwell’s Ministry of Truth. But the rest won’t touch Griffin’s ‘news’ stories with a forty-foot pole, because on the whole they don’t bear examination.

Inevitably pushed into the minority arenas of extreme Blogosmear sites and email chain stories, unsurprisingly the BNP never misses a trick: the reason they’re forced into this lunatic media fringe, Griffiin asserts, is because wicked media barons and hairy Lefties conspire to keep them out of the major titles. Hmm, let me see – wicked Jew-bosses and Commies….now where have I…oh yes, National Socialism. Stalin too wanted ‘Socialism in one motherland’. The excuses rarely change: Right or Left, these lies are just two sides of one bad penny.

Examples of concocted news pop into my mailbox here at Slogger’s Roost on a regular basis, and 99 times out of 100 I ignore them. But there’s one doing the rounds now I think everyone should know more about. This is the text:

The new breadwinner in the family…

This is preposterous! A doctor told me that a woman in her late 20’s came to the hospital today with her 8th pregnancy
She told the first doctor she saw: “My mum told me that I am the breadwinner for the family.” He asked her to explain. She said that she can make babies and babies get money from the State for the family. It goes like this:
The Grandma calls the Department for work and pensions, and states that the unemployed daughter is not capable of caring for all of her kids. DWP agrees, and tells her the children will need to go into foster care.
The Grandma then volunteers to be the foster parent, and receives a cheque for £700 per child each month.
Total yearly income:
£58,800 soon to become £67200 when the 8th one is born, tax-free and nobody has to go to work!
In fact, they get more if there is no husband/father/man in the home! The brother does not count.
Not to mention free dental treatment, free housing, free council tax free school dinners, free tuition fees at college or Uni, free eye care and glasses, free prescriptions and various other benefits…
Total value of all benefits combined probably approaching £100,000 per annum which would require an income of around £148000 to create. About my salary as a senior consultant with years of experience and surgical skills in a central London teaching hospital
Indeed, Grandma was correct that her fertile daughter is the “breadwinner” for the family.

This is how the liberal politicians spend our taxes. When this generous programme was invented in the ’60s, the Great Society architects forgot to craft an end date… and now we are hopelessly overrun with people who vote only for those who will continue to keep them on the dole…..
No wonder our country is broke! Worse, our Muslim brothers have been paying attention, and by mandating that each Muslim family have eleven children, they will soon replace the voting bloc above and can be running this country. Are we alarmed yet, is anybody listening?
Sebastian J. Ciancino – Urologist,
Guys Hospital trust – London
Don’t forget to pay your taxes!!
There are a lot of “breadwinners”
depending on you!

Neat idea – and, in theory – technically possible to achieve. Except that it would require a degree of rule-ignoring and braindeath not even the DWP could achieve. Briefly:

1. There is a limit to how many children can be fostered at once by one carer. It will vary in different cases, but frankly there is no way Granny could get away with it. I accept there is widespread abuse of the welfare system, but this ‘example’ is patently an invention.

2. The narrator purports to be Sebastian J. Ciancino, a senior urology consultant at Guys. Very impressive – except he doesn’t exist. There is no Sebastian J. Ciancino at Guys. There never has been, and there probably never will be: because Seb J. Ciancio (minus the ‘n’) is very happy in his urology post at a clinic in Danville Illinois, USA. I know this, because he told me so yesterday.

What Seb is pissed off with is Far Right nutjobs inventing stories and using his name. The ‘scam’ described by the fictitious Mr. Ciancino at Guys is word for word the same as the one that appeared in August 2010 at the Genghis Khan Admiration Society site aka Exposing Liberal Lies in Illinois. This time, the ever-busy Sebastian Ciancio was sending incandescent letters to Rush Limbaugh the conservative radio host. Follow the link, and read this early comment threader who asserts:

‘This has all the makings of a bogus internet lie. No mention of this doctor’s letter on Limbaugh’s site… only the ultracrazy Geller and other rightwingnut crazies. No names attached to the ER doc or to the patient. No substantiation of any kind. And the kicker? The kind of thing that pranksters love to play in jokes like this? Geller ripped it off from another rightwingnut blogger:

Now the main reason I’m exposing this particular piece of old tosh in the UK is because it is accompanied by a truly vicious bit of photographic propaganda:

Yes, there they are, seven black kids – and mum pregnant with the eighth. Everything the gullible need to convince themselves that – at a time when Britain’s welfare services are at last being brought under some kind of disciplined system – huge armies of grinning pillocks are taking the mickey. Except that these kids are American (the baby hairstyles are the giveaway) and this same stock photo is being hauled around endless sites in the US too.

Of course, the Left engages in the same sort of cynical manipulation of the truth. The only difference is that it has access to several MSM titles plus the BBC and Channel Four News. Another big difference is that the Left intelligentsia tends to have a higher IQ and social position than the crude Right: it is no less stupid, but it does have the massive advantage of instant credibility. The Far Right really only has the vulnerable, the put-upon, the old, and the tattooed knucklehead army to go at. Johann Hari’s decade of lies, by contrast, went largely believed by the Powers that Be. But Hari has, as we know, become the Unperson not to be mentioned.

However, the Powers that Be are in big trouble. As more and more old, poor and potentially malleable people watch their means of existence being blown away by uncaring fatsos, this kind of pernicious urban myth will gain ground, and become one dangerous shibboleth after another.

The Left could not peddle bollocks without the support of some blind-eye sections of the media. And the Right couldn’t invent bollocks without an Establishment that doesn’t listen. The only people largely blameless in all this cess-pit of mendacity are ordinary citizens of every age, ethnicity and social class who just want a fair chance to rub along with each other.

It’s been a good day today. So far I’ve insulted Islam, Judaism, Christianity, the BNP, the Left, the Right, The Guardian, Channel Four, the BBC, US conservatives, Johann Hari, Hitler, Stalin, David Cameron and Nick Griffin. I must be doing something right.



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  1. “It’s been a good day today. So far I’ve insulted Islam, Judaism, Christianity, the BNP, the Left, the Right, The Guardian, Channel Four, the BBC, US conservatives, Johann Hari, Hitler, Stalin, David Cameron and Nick Griffin. I must be doing something right.”



  2. “It’s been a good day today. So far I’ve insulted Islam, Judaism, Christianity, the BNP, the Left, the Right, The Guardian, Channel Four, the BBC, US conservatives, Johann Hari, Hitler, Stalin, David Cameron and Nick Griffin. I must be doing something right.”

    John you can uncheck christianity off your list, you have done REAL christianity a service today by making people aware of how REAL christians are persecuted


  3. the more that those supposed to check the truth of supposed facts in whatever form they are distributed just can’t be bothered the more such fabrications will become accepted


  4. Certain people keep sending me the sort of rubbish emails you have so well demolished.

    The stories are nearly always obvious badly tweaked US ones that none the less stand out culturally as American ultra right. The clues are always in the grammar and the situation. Cannot the old, poor and potentially malleable people see through the propaganda bollocks when the whole presentation is so un-British?

    If they cannot see through it then we are already doomed by their simple credulity. The old have no excuse as they tell us that they had a proper education!


  5. Here’s a question for all those about to engage in slagging off the BNP.

    1. Britain’s mass Third World immigration policy, and the higher breeding rates of certain ethnic groups, will see Britons reduced to a minority in their own homeland in about fifty years.

    2. History suggests that where one or more large racial or ethnic groups exist on the same territory, conflict follows. Rwanda, ex-Yugoslavia etc.

    3. The new non-white majority will be prominently Muslim. History also suggests that when large numbers of Muslims live on the same territory as non-Muslims, the non-Muslims are subjected to intimidation, violence, and repression. Coptic Christians in Egypt, Christians in the Sudan, Kosovo, Nigera, etc etc.

    4. There is substantial evidence to suggest that certain racial/ethnic groups are more prone to welfare dependancy and violent crime, meaning that if you import enough Somalis, say, into the UK, the UK becomes Somalia, .

    5. Given the above, it is not unreasonable to suggest that future generations of Britons will be a despised and dispossessed minority in a violent, corrupt, Islamicised, poverty-stricken dump.

    6. Only the BNP advocates the policies necesary to stop this future from happening (UKIP won’t cut it, I’m afraid – even with zero further immigration, Brits will be outbred by the incomers).

    7. If you refuse to vote BNP, what are you going to do?


  6. I think they are going to hide behind the curtains & cry.
    Political correctness has succeeded in turning the British into a spineless, docile, supine people.
    Land has always belonged to those who are strong enough to hold it. I see no ‘Cromwell’ coming forward.
    I would like to be wrong, for my grandchildrens’ sake.


  7. Re: “There exists around Griffin’s Party a perpetual air of being victimised, and while at times this is correct…”

    It’s actually correct all the time. That’s what happe when the nation’s media union is officially against you:

    “The NUJ encourages its members to expose the BNP to public scrutiny and to challenge their claims. When you do, you will find the veneer of respectability soon wears off.” (Jeremy Dear, General Secretary, NUJ).

    Here’s an official NUJ statement on Nick Griffin being invited on to the BBC’s Question Time:

    “We believe the BBC is wrong to invite the BNP to appear on Question Time and will support any member who refuses to work on this week’s programme in line with the union’s code of conduct and conscience clause.”

    With this sort of attitude, does anyone seriously think the BNP gets a fair hearing and unbiased reporting?


  8. take that a bit further and we come back to the general case that anybody who doesn’t agree with “the establishment” doesn’t really seem to get a fair hearing or often a fair treatment whatever race, creed, age, colour, nationality, or just about any other case of grouping people you care to devise


  9. I never pay much attention to the BNP, anyone that could walk into a meeting followed by a man in some kind of medieval knights costume carrying a Union Jack deserves to be ridiculed. And if I remember correctly they discriminate heavily on skin colour, which should be enough to put anyone with even limited intelligence off. Some of your points I think have merit. Voting for a racist, divisive party run by an idiot will not help the situation. And no I am not a lefty, I don’t throw those tags out to all and sundry like a guardianista idiot, but Griffin just is.


  10. ADB, just wonder who you class as Britons?
    If you mean white british or whatever box that is asked to be ticked on various forms, then you are not helping the BNP cause at all, as we Britons do not like any form of bigotry.
    Considering most of the white population in the UK can probably trace ancestry back to William the Conqueror and beyond (I myself am from the D’Erle french lineage from around 1000AD, one ancestor of whom was a sheriff of Nottingham in the 1400’s) it is tricky to come up with a finite prescription………I think it fair to say most of us are a mix.
    Being born in Britain should suffice, as long as one remains, and acts according to the laws of the land.
    Re your points; 1) If all these ‘immigrants’ breed as you put it, for 50 years, then they will all be very British at that point, so I can’t see where we become a minority- unless you are talking colour….?
    2)That argument stands for any group of peoples with conflicting beliefs be they religious, financial, inter-galactic or football team based.
    3) Half of my daughter’s friends are Muslim girls who went to grammar school with her- they are no different to any of her non-Muslim friends. They have no problem with wearing burkha’s IF they choose to, are every inch the party girl, and have no intention of obeying Daddy (because he said so !!)……and actually their parents are cool about it too. Not every Muslim is radical. To suggest they have evil intent is quite simply absurd.
    4) Is the Government not trying to reduce dependency on benefit? Perhaps the MSM needs to stop bleating about all the cuts- today the focus has been about the harshness of making people work 24 hours rather than 16, per week, before certain benefits kick in….oh, get real, shifty bosses only OFFER 16 hrs a week/job, so they can limit their outgoings and know it will be picked up by the taxpayer!-
    Some very ‘white’ Britons have multi-generational benefit dependency…
    And for you to suggest that certain ethnic groups are more violent than others is, well, astounding! ( And biased, racist, and actually plain un-educated!)
    5) Your prediction will only see some fruit if all us Britons; a) give in, b) roll over, c) stop having fun at night or whatever, d) lose our backbone or e) let your comments frighten us enough to emigrate…….at which point we will all be possibly part of another country’s third world immigration policy!
    6) I can’t find the words to address your 6th point, as you make us all sound like some Mendel experiment, and the wording about policies somehow seems menacing…
    Finally to the question……you didn’t need to number it!
    I and those with backbone will continue to discern the twaddle from the b******s, offer hospitality to all who seek, talk, share, and learn.
    It’s about time the nations’ families stopped avoiding topics such as race, religion, politics etc and really got stuck in, in family discussion- if you can’t have an entertaining argument with family, who CAN you have it with?
    Don’t recommend comparing the mother-in-laws cooking with ones’ own in such a scenario, though….hell hath no fire than….


  11. Contrary to widespread belief, the NuJ has little or no influence on editorial policy in most media organisations. Its apparent influence is probably down to its getting a free ride on the Gramscian tide washing over much of the country.


  12. “And if I remember correctly they discriminate heavily on skin colour, which should be enough to put anyone with even limited intelligence off.”

    The problem there is, it is becoming increasingly obvious that race matters, and that if you import enough Africans and Pakistanis into the UK (in addition to operating a completely dysgenic welfare system), the UK will cease to be a member of Western civilisation. So – thanks to idiotic liberal Left politicians, the UK is now at a stage where it must discriminate on the grounds of race, if future generations of Brits are not to see their homeland reduced to Pakistan or the Sudan.

    So, we are back to: What are you going to do? Would you rather your grand-daughter lived in a UK described in my point 5, rather than be called “racist”?


  13. The BNP are like the football slobs who happen to support your team; like the loathsome cretin who was recently photographed making monkey gestures to a black player. They besmirch, embarrass and devalue any rational view which you may hold but, after Powell, they seem to be the only outlet available. As FrankS points out, cultural hegemony has killed off the rest.
    These days we should be most wary of them and their ilk for it was not, as often claimed, hyperinflation which gave rise to Hitler but imposed austerity.


  14. It is difficult to understand why reporting that certain named defendants have been charged with certain offences could lead to a succesful attempt to have a mistrial declared. In my view the judge is entirely misguided -it is therefore even more unsurprising that the BNP seek to make capital from his order.
    The recent trial in respect of the Stephen Lawrence murder was not accorded the same consideration. It is this sort of apparent disparity which allows the BNP to garner support.
    For the avoidance of doubt, I do not support the BNP (and consider them utterly irrelevant) and believe that at least some of the “gang” murdered Stephen Lawrence, but I am very uneasy about that trial. The abolition of the “double jeopardy” rule was an abolition of a protection of the individual citizen from the overwhelming power of the state. The fact that one of the results of that abolition is popular does not detract from the fact that an essential liberty has been destroyed-we will come to regret it.


  15. @JOanna:

    1. No they won’t. See my reply to Soap McTavish.

    2. Not all differences lead to civil war and genocide.

    3. Can those Muslim girls marry a non-Muslim? While there are many moderate Muslims, there are many who are not. In the wake of the London bombings, a survey suggested that six per cent of UK Muslims thought the attacks fully justified. That’s 100,000 individuals at 2005 prices. 32 per cent agreed that “Western society is decadent and immoral and Muslims should seek to bring it to an end”. Sharia Law, anyone? Furthermore, because the violent/expansionist suras in the Koran supercede and abrogate the earlier more peaceful ones, moderate Muslims are easliy intimidated by the charge they are not true Muslims, Given that the punishment for apostacy is death, such a charge can be very intimidating, meaning that the moderates go along with the fundamentalists. The upshot is the moderates provide the medium in which the fundamentalists operate and eventually achieve power. It is happening now in Egypt.

    4. On differential rates of crime: from the Telegraph:

    “Just over 12 per cent of London’s 7.5 million population is black, including those of mixed black and white parentage, while 69 per cent is white, according to the Office for National Statistics. They show that among those proceeded against for street crimes, 54 per cent were black; for robbery, 59 per cent; and for gun crimes, 67 per cent. Street crimes include muggings, assault with intent to rob and snatching property.”

    In the US, Afro-Americans are 12% of the population, but commit over 40% or rapes.

    5: “Your prediction will only see some fruit if all us Britons; a) give in, b) roll over….”

    You are, by refusing to face up to the realities described above.


  16. I’ll be the first to say some members of the BNP can be pretty cringe-inducing, but not all are. Tory and Labour councillors have been convicted of peadophilia, but no-one says Tory and Labour are all kiddy-fiddlers.

    There is also the fact that (up to now) it has been working class areas that have been hit by mass Third World immigration. Maybe those people you dismiss as “slobs” and “cretins” know a bit more about the reality of mass immigration on the ground than you do? Being less articulate can lead to more crude and visceral expressions of opposition to immigration, but it does not make the reasons for that opposition less valid.

    As for “…they seem to be the only outlet available” but “we should be most wary of them and their ilk…”, that doesn’t make much sense.


  17. There is some debate over a maximum £25,000 benefit pa. This equates to about £40,000 pre tax. This is about 3X what I personally think the maximum should be. Not blaming people for taking advantage of a poorly designed system. However the people designing the system should be fired with extreme prejudice. Except that is not allowed. So counselled off into early tax-payer funded retirement,

    But seriously – the UK tax and benefits system is badly broken and needs root and branch reform – “that would be a bold, nay brave, step Minister”.

    Nuff said.


  18. Luis Suarez refused to shake Patrice Evra’s hand before the Premier League encounter at Manchester United today.
    (The ref missed an opportunity methinks. He could have called Suarez back and given him the option of shaking hands or leaving the pitch.)
    On the Manchester Evening News website there is a match report with a tag saying there were 12 comments so far but the comments section has now been disabled. Why is it that whenever race issues occur the media reaction is to take the ostrich option?


  19. With regard to plundering the generous welfare budgets, Ms Everopenlegs and her constantly growing brood of brats can rest assured of their income – a new group is arriving to take care of the jobs that Giro Billy and his buddies are too proud to soil their hands with:

    “Mass Exodus: Spaniards emigrating to Great Britain

    DMN | 11:02:12, 01:19

    Within a year almost 25,000 Spaniards have registered with Social Security in the UK. Prime Minister David Cameron is now facing new problems in the fight against unemployment.

    According to the Spanish newspaper Expansión, in the period from April 2010 to April 2011 nearly 25,000 Spanish immigrants have found work in the UK and made registred themselves for Social Security. The British government has raised the alarm, because currently it is the fastest growing immigration group – the increase amounts to 85 percent. Thus, Spain is the country of emigration to the UK with the strongest growth after Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Lithuania and Ireland.

    According to official statistics from the British Ministry of Labour there were 24 370 Spaniards in the British labour market last April. Immigrants who are studying in the UK, have taken on part-time work or have not yet registered with Social Security are not considered here. With that the Spanish nationality has taken sixth placing for migrants into the UK – front runners are Poland and India. A few years ago Spain was not even amongst the top ten.

    The reason for the increase in immigration is the search for work. The British government explains the trend in that so many are fleeing the economic crisis in the southern countries. In addition, the unemployment rate in Britain is not as high as it is in Spain (where it is already more than 5 million – more here), because the economic conditions are better.

    With that, Cameron is facing new challenges. Even the UK is having to deal with rising unemployment – in Liverpool one in three households are already out of work (more here). The British Prime Minister is planning to restrict immigration in order to reduce youth unemployment and the number of welfare recipients.”

    So what happens if & when these jobs are lost? Will they go back to Spain? I don’t think so, not to the Spanish rates of unemployment benefit. But who knows, maybe there’ll eventually be a fair few restaurants serving a half-way decent paella.

    Also rather strange that there seems to be no mention of it in the UK MSM! I wonder if the Moussakas and Spaghettis are also packing their bags.


  20. Don’t worry, the tv is having a field-day! Suarez has done Liverpool a huge disservice but Fergie was completely out of order given his previous ‘protection’ for the likes of Cantona.

    Out of interest, how could the ref have sent him off, refusing to shake hands is not a sending off offence unless your sensibilities have been offended?


  21. ADB, It is not skin colour that matters. It is culture. Because someone has dark skin does not make them a certain way, or reflect what beliefs they have in their head, or reflect their character. There are plenty of different races contributing to this country not least in our armed forces.
    However religion, nationality, upbringing do. If you have a problem with Somali culture being imported here, then I agree. I lived in an area with a large population, they trashed the place. Not being racist just stating a fact. Is that due to the colour of their skin? No it’s due to the way they were raised, and what they had been taught was acceptable. The BNP etc don’t seem to have the intelligence to understand this, which is why I have no time for them. Do we need to wake up and have a serious, intelligent debate about what is going on? Yes IMHO. That is not what the BNP are about though.


  22. 7. If you refuse to vote BNP, what are you going to do?

    Voting for the BNP used to be an ideal protest vote for people against the Government’s policy on immigration but imho, now that they have divided, it might be better to vote for UKIP, as they did have immigration as their second policy and they already have massive backing for getting us OUT of the dictatorial EU.

    We should never forget this:
    ‘Labour wanted mass immigration to make UK more multicultural, says former adviser’


  23. @ADB
    For the record, in the early 1960’s I worked as a labourer in a local cotton mill. At that time there were certain objections raised as to the toilet habits of the new immigrant employees, the same concerns which are reported 40-odd years later in today’s press headlined “Toilet training for 18-YEAR-OLDS: University puts up posters giving foreign students lessons in how to use Western loos”. This is but a matter of cultural knowledge, many parts of the world are not familiar with W C Crapper’s invention. It reminded me of tales from WW2 when children were evacuated to unfamiliar but safer locations with equally unfamiliar families. Some of these innocents tell of their chastisement for desperately peeing in corners of rooms when they had no idea that a WC was available. They were used to outside facilities, as indeed was I in my early life.
    My home is in an area which has some of the country’s highest immigration population and social deprivation. The very working class area as you describe.


  24. Jose,
    I admit I’d make a lousy ref but “ungentlemanly” or unsportsmanlike conduct” gets a yellow, and a second offence the red.
    How a match starts off with a yellow already awarded I know not!


  25. @ Ha’porth

    Reminds me of a tale from the Bradford/Hudderfield bus depots in the late 70’s. There was much consternation amongst the English drivers that the toilet seats were forever being broken. No sooner replaced – broken again!

    The culprit was eventually discovered after much unnecessary expense and inconvenience. At the time Pakistanis made up a goodly number of the drivers/conductors. One day one had to do a jobby – but he forgot to lock the cubicle door. Along came another driver in a hurry, he pushed the door open and – what did he see! A Paki perched on the seat, not sat on it.

    After the merriment had died down management eventually modified a couple of cubicles to ‘holes in the ground’. With that everybody was happy – and the bog seat breakage rate fell back to about 0.


  26. we need the choice of voting for “non of the above” and getting reruns funded by the political party machine. We are suposed to be getting local representation but it just seems a long while arriving at the moment


  27. @Jackkie

    thanks for your various enlightenments from the German presses.

    Why is it that Spaniards are looking for work? Or are the British benefits worse than Spanish ones I wonder. Remember that if you move to Germany, before you can claim any support from the councils or government, you must have been registered in Germany for at least five years.

    Britain has no such measures in place – even for immigrants who would voluntarily sign up. So an EU immigrant gets benefits under EU law as soon as they put a foot on British soil. As MarkJF says: “But seriously – the UK tax and benefits system is badly broken and needs root and branch reform – “that would be a bold, nay brave, step Minister”.” As ever, it is the poor Brit that has to pay.


  28. and I bet soon there will be specially provided and funded English classes no that any indigenous people would likely be considered for any training course that would aid their employment prospects

    A lot of this is down to the way the training providers are funded for “outcomes” in respect of low skill & high througput and nothing what so ever if you have any previous qualification


  29. Yes whatever happend to ‘British jobs, for British workers’?

    However lets face facts, no political party is in a position to end immigration, whether legal or not, as the UK’s border controls are a joke. Even if you did there would still not be enough jobs to go around, and alas so many of the products of our nations education system are unfit for work, it’s going to take drastic measures to improve matters.

    The sort of measures that would entail root and branch reforms that would be opposed by many vested interests vehemently, just look at the furor over tuition fees.

    Whenever I go to London, (or any other major city), it’s like entering another country.

    I have no doubt given the numbers of immigrants all desperate to get into Britain, that at some point, what I knew as Britain will vanish, some may argue that is a good thing.

    However in doing so as ethnic and religious minorities grow in number, and start demanding their ‘rights’, it is going to lead to social unrest, I can only be grateful that by then I will be 6 feet under.

    The irony being that this will destroy all the things that people wanted, tolerance, fairness, and respect.

    However there is no chance of turning this around, as all of the main political parties, media, unions, and the civil service have invested too much into political correctness change things now.

    I speak from experience, being both a TU rep, and a civil servant, I loath going to my unions conference as it is a meeting of the SWP and UAF by any other name, and woe betide you if you dissent from the left wing orthodoxy it espouses.

    So the BNP are the equivalent of farting in a hurricane, they have no chance of taking power, and even if they did, the left would do all they could to destabilise any government that they formed.

    As that nice Mr Himmler said in April 1945 ‘Schellenburg, I dread the future’…


  30. ADB
    Sorry, you need to explain to me why the BBC being rich in berks means that the BNP’s news is ‘right most of the time’.


  31. Oldrightie, blogs like this enable the knowledgable to enlighten the rest of us and enable the rest of us to mouth off!


  32. @Stuart

    “Yes whatever happend to ‘British jobs, for British workers’?” the bosses wanted cheaper ones that would work longer hours. All down to the bottom line as ever.


  33. Coming back to John’s headline ‘ Media Myths’. It is a fact, that I read one thing on our (biased) state broadcasters site, and a totally opposite thing on (bigoted) sites like the BNP. We, the public readers, are stuck between a ‘Rock and a hard pace’. I do visit both of the above sites and I believe the true story to lie somewhere in between. Ten years ago I would have trusted the bbc, but after the WMD affair, I gave up. I guess there is no real answer to “Who can we trust nowadays?”. It strikes me that the bbc are there to ‘Pour oil on troubles waters’, whilst groups like the bnp are there to ‘Stir things up a bit’.
    A Plague on all your houses!
    Except of course yours John. Keep up the good work.


  34. Why the hell should he shake hands if he can’t stand the person? And when will they cart that senile old grump Jock off to the knackers yard? God, I hate football and thank goodness for rugby if we can’t have Christians and lions – but why can’t this one place be a football-free zone?


  35. But I point out that not every British citizen is entitled to benefits. My son has just returned from the US and will have to wait two years to become available for JSA. Hopefully, they won’t be needed since he has found part time work in a warehouse while he looks for amore appropriate work for a geopolitical analyst.


  36. @OAH

    Very interesting point, I guess it is different for those who were resident outside the EU. I am glad that he found some work, warehousing is international business after all, he might get a few interesting insights if he keeps his ears pricked.


  37. Bernard – what do you mean by “the WMD affair” – after which you gave up on the BBC? Do you mean the 99% accurate Gilligan report or the way the BBC caved in Chemical Ali and ultimately to Lord Hutton?
    Some lines from a few years back:

    This judgement came from Lord Hutton,
    (That establishment sheep boiled to mutton)
    “No beans will they spill again,
    Dyke, Davies or Gilligan:
    Tony Blair got it right on the button.”

    For the hearings, all did laud the Lord!
    Even Alistair’s diary was gored.
    “Though it may be a gamble,
    Out Kelly!” said Campbell.
    Hutton knew all the facts he ignored.


  38. @JW: “Isn’t that off-topic?”

    Is that the best you’ve got? How about actually addressing the issues I raised in my post?

    @Joanna: What are you thanking John for? The chance to avoid countering my arguments? How about engaging on my points of black crime or the Muslim survey? Head in the sand time again, is it?

    @Soap McTavish: It is cultural, but it is alo racial. You say the Somalis trashed where you lived in the UK. Africa is also a dump. As are Amercian cities with large black populations, like LA or Detroit. Different places, different cultures, one common common theme.

    There is a vast body of literature that suggests all races are not the same, and that the average IQ (and note I said average) of North Asians (Japanese, Koreans, Chinese) at 103, us at 100, Afro-Americans 85, Sub-Saharan Aricans lower. Tendencies towards impluse control and violence run in the opposite direction.

    You can rail against this all you want, but if you stop and look at the world through the prism of racial difference, a whole lot suddenly makes sense. Things like the fact that blacks are over-represented in crime stats the world over. Things like Africa – supposedly the cradle of civilisation and inhbabited by man for the longest time – being the least developed. Like the way Chinese-dominated former colonies have thrived since independence, while places like Zimbabwe have gone backwards.

    Think about it.


  39. I didn’t say the BNP were right all the time. I said they are victimised all the time. On the topic of the BNP being right, though, here are a few of theri predictions from years ago:

    1. Immigrants were being put ahead of Britons in the public housing queue.
    2. Britons will eventually be reduced to a minority in their own land.
    3. The NUJ has a policy of reporting the BNP in a negative light.
    4. Britain will eventually see “home-grown” Musim terrorists.

    In all cases, the BNP were roundly ridiculed for these views – until they were proven absolutely correct.


  40. I f**king hate facists.
    You argument you present, it’s a choice between us and them, is straight out of Goebbels book of shite for the masses.
    You facists are historically failures at everything, because you’re losers. With unlimited slave labour you couldn’t feed or clothe people and with a huge army you coudn’t win a war. Do you think you’ll do better second time round? You lot are no different from Hitler’s lot, find someone who you think are weak and kick them around. Use it to gain power.
    If I had to vote on the false choice you present, which should I choose? Hand our country over to Facists or Islamists?
    To be honest, I’ll go for Islamist. Get this clear, I’d rather my country be run by Islamists than Fascists.
    And for the rest, never negotiate with a facist. If you accept their diagnosis you’ll accept their solutions.
    I’ve met too many Germans who feel embarrassed to be German, I don’t want future generations of British to be in the same situation.


  41. Again, you don’t engage the points I have made. Address those issues, prove me incorrect. Believe me, I’d love to be wrong. Or is name-calling all you’ve got?

    P.S. I don’t seem to recall ever having unlimited slave labour and losing a huge army.


  42. Indeed – a trial of someone for a crime committed 20 years previous will by default be much less clear in the memories of witnesses, allowing coaching of said witnesses and in the mean time evidence to be tampered with or ‘new evidence’ to conveniently come to light in order to allow a new prosecution.

    Double jeapardy was a safeguard for the citizen against the state – thus the state in its desire for ever more power destroyed it. I always wonder how ‘rules and guidelines’ of parliamentarians are allowed to outstrip the law of the land – when said rules should be in concert with the law and not an addendum for those making it.


  43. Ties in with my note in the growth of Portuguese people shopping in my local Lidl ! Once their benefit limitations come into force – they are coming here where no such limitation exists !

    Survive or starve – or revolt ! It will come to the UK as well in time ! But the Brits have nowhere to go to claim ‘universal’ benefits. As to the USA et al – it is only EU residents (or those with EU negotiated immigration policies) who have unlimited entitlement to UK benefits on arrival. Which is why non EU mandated groups cannot get benefits immediately without contribution.


  44. “an Establishment running scared”

    Scared of the BNP? Come off it. The Establishment owns the BNP. Yer know, anyone of the 70% of the population who oppose mass immigration who might think of voting for an anti-immigration party know that thanks to Nick, Marmite Griffin and his habit of bloodying the nose of Times reporters around election time, they will be labelled an extreme far right wing extremist, racist, fascist, Nazi thug. Same, of course if they wanted to support Tommy, Rotten, Robinson, Yackety-Lennon or whatever.

    Or are we supposed to believe like those nutters over at that it is impossible for anyone to oppose mass immigration to Britain without being a far-right wing extremist blah, blah.

    Christ, is that what you believe, John?


  45. It isn’t often that I read something that gives me hope, but this one does. It isn’t often I read something that makes me really want to meet the writer. This one did. My family is very mixed. Race does not matter. Ideas do. I detest fundamentalism and bullying of every sort. I AM afraid that we shall be submerged by people who would want to kill anyone for NOT believing what they do. I care not what skin colour they have, or what height they are or what they eat. Or how they dress, as long as it doesn’t frighten the horses. Or me. I am uncomfortable with someone whose face I cannot see, who obviously wants to put a barrier between me & them, who does not want me to know what expression they have on their face. That said, if you want a headscarf, no problem, or a mantilla or a hat, it maters not if, you think you need it, wear it. As long as you are not bullied into it. Dressing in a way that suggests you are an escapee from a strip joint also worries me, it is so unladylike. HOWEVER, I can always look away, & it doesn’t threaten me. We need to get sensible, and reject violence, because as has been said many times, if we do not learn to live together, we shall die together.
    As seems to be happening in many places on the small planet we inhabit.


  46. Michael was a very misunderstood entertainer. Although he was troubled in his personal life, as an artist the man was a true genius. He will be missed but fortunately his works have been well documented and achieved on sites like “this” for all to enjoy.


  47. And all that will happen using Brits own money / tax collected from the same Brits :)… isn’t it marvelous plan?! Whoever came up with this one is a genius!


  48. You are so awesome! I do not suppose I have read through something like this before. So good to discover somebody with a few original thoughts on this subject. Seriously.. many thanks for starting this up. This site is one thing that is required on the internet, someone with some originality!


  49. The very next time I read a blog, I hope that it won’t disappoint me just as much as this particular one. After all, I know it was my choice to read, but I actually believed you would probably have something helpful to say. All I hear is a bunch of moaning about something you could possibly fix if you weren’t too busy seeking attention.


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  59. “Of course, the Left engages in the same sort of cynical manipulation of the truth. The only difference is that it has access to several MSM titles plus the BBC and Channel Four News. ”

    Of course the BBC has Tories running the show as well as just about every newspaper printed on the country.
    Is this the same Channel 4 that gave us the exceptionally left wing “Benefits Street”?
    What an objective intelligent piece of television that right wing bullshit was.


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