At the BNP website at the moment sits an article I cannot describe to you, and must not provide a direct link to. The article suggests that a legal process is being covered up at the moment for ‘liberal fascist’ reasons. The silence is in fact due to a gagging order placed on the case by the main Judge concerned. For once, he has a good reason to do so: he fears that there will be cynical attempts by the Defence counsel(s) to use media publicity to get a mistrial called. The BNP knows this perfectly well, but is running the false version of events anyway…..because it is just one more political Party that sails by the foul wind of spin and propaganda rather than empirical facts.

The very fact that the British National Party continues to run the piece shows an Establishment running scared of it. It is a flagrant breach of the Order, and would result (in an egalitarian legal system) in Nick Griffin et al going to jail unless they took it down. But this is just what the BNP hierarchy wants, because then the media could report that….and more details (suitably twisted) about the legal process would come out. Checkmate.

There exists around Griffin’s Party a perpetual air of being victimised, and while at times this is correct (the drivel being written against Stuart Pearce because his brother once stood for the BNP is a current, disgraceful example) most of the time it is used by the more erudite Party bigwigs to position themselves precisely as the young Nazi Party did after 1924: a patriotic organisation being victimised  by a socialist State. At the time, Hitler’s main ire was aimed at German Jewry, but six million deaths later Griffin has been forced to change sides and support Israel, dead Jews no longer being popular – quelle dommage. Today, Muslims are a far bigger (and more stupid) target.

That has to have been the all-time biggest change-sides sellout since the Nazi-Soviet Pact, but the BNP has been smart in insisting it be awarded an air of purity. This allows it to be the Party keeping faith with Britannia while all the other decadent pols sell Blighty down the river. Here too, Nick Griffin has been extremely fortunate in his choice of enemies, because most of them are doing precisely that. But the BNP’s ideas are about as British as Islamism: for both are, behind the mask, twisting the truth continually in order to gain advantage.

This tendency isn’t restricted to the British National Party. The ‘far’ Right in general (whatever that means) uses the same techniques. As with the legal process described at the start of this piece, the simplest checking of facts usually establishes within ten minutes that the propaganda being pushed is complete bollocks. This is the reason why what the BNP and others choose to display as ‘evidence’ of their gripe very rarely makes it into the MSM. The Guardian, it goes without saying, wouldn’t print the stuff even if it was true (just as the British Muslim Council wanted Blair to put them above criticism, even if it was true) because it is these days little more than a grotesque contemporary caricature of George Orwell’s Ministry of Truth. But the rest won’t touch Griffin’s ‘news’ stories with a forty-foot pole, because on the whole they don’t bear examination.

Inevitably pushed into the minority arenas of extreme Blogosmear sites and email chain stories, unsurprisingly the BNP never misses a trick: the reason they’re forced into this lunatic media fringe, Griffiin asserts, is because wicked media barons and hairy Lefties conspire to keep them out of the major titles. Hmm, let me see – wicked Jew-bosses and Commies….now where have I…oh yes, National Socialism. Stalin too wanted ‘Socialism in one motherland’. The excuses rarely change: Right or Left, these lies are just two sides of one bad penny.

Examples of concocted news pop into my mailbox here at Slogger’s Roost on a regular basis, and 99 times out of 100 I ignore them. But there’s one doing the rounds now I think everyone should know more about. This is the text:

The new breadwinner in the family…

This is preposterous! A doctor told me that a woman in her late 20’s came to the hospital today with her 8th pregnancy
She told the first doctor she saw: “My mum told me that I am the breadwinner for the family.” He asked her to explain. She said that she can make babies and babies get money from the State for the family. It goes like this:
The Grandma calls the Department for work and pensions, and states that the unemployed daughter is not capable of caring for all of her kids. DWP agrees, and tells her the children will need to go into foster care.
The Grandma then volunteers to be the foster parent, and receives a cheque for £700 per child each month.
Total yearly income:
£58,800 soon to become £67200 when the 8th one is born, tax-free and nobody has to go to work!
In fact, they get more if there is no husband/father/man in the home! The brother does not count.
Not to mention free dental treatment, free housing, free council tax free school dinners, free tuition fees at college or Uni, free eye care and glasses, free prescriptions and various other benefits…
Total value of all benefits combined probably approaching £100,000 per annum which would require an income of around £148000 to create. About my salary as a senior consultant with years of experience and surgical skills in a central London teaching hospital
Indeed, Grandma was correct that her fertile daughter is the “breadwinner” for the family.

This is how the liberal politicians spend our taxes. When this generous programme was invented in the ’60s, the Great Society architects forgot to craft an end date… and now we are hopelessly overrun with people who vote only for those who will continue to keep them on the dole…..
No wonder our country is broke! Worse, our Muslim brothers have been paying attention, and by mandating that each Muslim family have eleven children, they will soon replace the voting bloc above and can be running this country. Are we alarmed yet, is anybody listening?
Sebastian J. Ciancino – Urologist,
Guys Hospital trust – London
Don’t forget to pay your taxes!!
There are a lot of “breadwinners”
depending on you!

Neat idea – and, in theory – technically possible to achieve. Except that it would require a degree of rule-ignoring and braindeath not even the DWP could achieve. Briefly:

1. There is a limit to how many children can be fostered at once by one carer. It will vary in different cases, but frankly there is no way Granny could get away with it. I accept there is widespread abuse of the welfare system, but this ‘example’ is patently an invention.

2. The narrator purports to be Sebastian J. Ciancino, a senior urology consultant at Guys. Very impressive – except he doesn’t exist. There is no Sebastian J. Ciancino at Guys. There never has been, and there probably never will be: because Seb J. Ciancio (minus the ‘n’) is very happy in his urology post at a clinic in Danville Illinois, USA. I know this, because he told me so yesterday.

What Seb is pissed off with is Far Right nutjobs inventing stories and using his name. The ‘scam’ described by the fictitious Mr. Ciancino at Guys is word for word the same as the one that appeared in August 2010 at the Genghis Khan Admiration Society site aka Exposing Liberal Lies in Illinois. This time, the ever-busy Sebastian Ciancio was sending incandescent letters to Rush Limbaugh the conservative radio host. Follow the link, and read this early comment threader who asserts:

‘This has all the makings of a bogus internet lie. No mention of this doctor’s letter on Limbaugh’s site… only the ultracrazy Geller and other rightwingnut crazies. No names attached to the ER doc or to the patient. No substantiation of any kind. And the kicker? The kind of thing that pranksters love to play in jokes like this? Geller ripped it off from another rightwingnut blogger:

Now the main reason I’m exposing this particular piece of old tosh in the UK is because it is accompanied by a truly vicious bit of photographic propaganda:

Yes, there they are, seven black kids – and mum pregnant with the eighth. Everything the gullible need to convince themselves that – at a time when Britain’s welfare services are at last being brought under some kind of disciplined system – huge armies of grinning pillocks are taking the mickey. Except that these kids are American (the baby hairstyles are the giveaway) and this same stock photo is being hauled around endless sites in the US too.

Of course, the Left engages in the same sort of cynical manipulation of the truth. The only difference is that it has access to several MSM titles plus the BBC and Channel Four News. Another big difference is that the Left intelligentsia tends to have a higher IQ and social position than the crude Right: it is no less stupid, but it does have the massive advantage of instant credibility. The Far Right really only has the vulnerable, the put-upon, the old, and the tattooed knucklehead army to go at. Johann Hari’s decade of lies, by contrast, went largely believed by the Powers that Be. But Hari has, as we know, become the Unperson not to be mentioned.

However, the Powers that Be are in big trouble. As more and more old, poor and potentially malleable people watch their means of existence being blown away by uncaring fatsos, this kind of pernicious urban myth will gain ground, and become one dangerous shibboleth after another.

The Left could not peddle bollocks without the support of some blind-eye sections of the media. And the Right couldn’t invent bollocks without an Establishment that doesn’t listen. The only people largely blameless in all this cess-pit of mendacity are ordinary citizens of every age, ethnicity and social class who just want a fair chance to rub along with each other.

It’s been a good day today. So far I’ve insulted Islam, Judaism, Christianity, the BNP, the Left, the Right, The Guardian, Channel Four, the BBC, US conservatives, Johann Hari, Hitler, Stalin, David Cameron and Nick Griffin. I must be doing something right.