Miss Piggy….to big to fall?

Today’s news about the Elveden Enquiry:

‘Five top journalists, including Geoff Webster, the newspaper’s deputy editor, were detained earlier today on suspicion of making illegal payments to police officers and other officials before being released on bail. On January 28, four current and former senior executives at The Sun who were closely associated with former News International chief executive Rebekah Brooks were held as part of the same inquiry….’

Daily Telegraph website

Sorry to keep banging on about this, but arrests not including Rebekah Brooks as such, who is still swanning about the world on her globetrotting mission to spend all the humungous numbers of Pounds Sterling given to her by Roop as an aid to forgetting everything she knows about the involvement of him and his perjurous son James.

Up to but not including Andy Coulson as such, a man even closer to the Prime Minister than Rebekah Brooks and thus not to be tried or banged up under any circumstances, just in case he spills any beans untidily about the place.

Up to but not including Piers Morgan as such, he who never hacked a phone in his life but did – according to Heather Mills – lie about having her permission to access her voice-mails. And did somewhat muddle up a story involving Paul McCartney’s phone being hacked, about which Paul was going to “talk to the police as soon as I finish my US tour” – but hasn’t done so as yet.

Up to but not including James Murdoch as such, whose ‘evidence’ to the CM&S enquiry has been contradicted by the three other key people involved, ridiculed by the media, and shown to be false by several Leveson witnesses.

Up to but not including senior management at Trinity Mirror as such, whose denials continue to go uninvestigated by anyone in the police or the Labour Party, despite the obvious involvement of some of its journalists, and the testimony of those close to Amanda Holden.

Question: What do Rebekah Brooks, Andy Coulson, Piers Morgan, James Murdoch and the Mirror Management Muppets have in common?

Answer: their testimony could, when put together, damn the senior echelons of the Labour and Tory Parties to a life of ease in Britain’s low security prisons.

The CM&S, Leveson, Elvedon and Weeting are all going about their business concurrently. They are accusing – and/or arresting – bag carriers, sacrificial lambs, one or two largely innocent hacks, a few minor-league cops, and the odd fantasist. This represents an interesting distraction from time to time, but it isn’t the ultimate justice produced by equality before the Law.

There isn’t much point in reporting about it any more until somebody responsible gets nicked.

The full tawdry tale of Hackgate is here.