Cameron’s veto-macho: Tory backbenchers decide it was a flash in the pan.

But why did Sopel butt in just when it got interesting?

I wonder if I was the only person, watching Cameron wriggle and squirm this afternoon in the Commons about what he ‘achieved’ at the EU session yesterday, to spot how – the second a backbench MP mentioned “the German attempt to establish an EU commissioner in Athens” – the BBCNews anchor Jon Sopel abruptly cut short the live broadcast and began to blather about something else.

It was one of those moments when – even though one suspects there probably isn’t a planned conspiracy to keep the Brits unaware of Merkel’s developing madness – it was hard not to blink in disbelief. The equivalent would’ve been ITV cutting away from a football broadcast for the ads just as a penalty was about to be taken.

Anyway, for once it seemed to me that Cameron’s smarm didn’t wash – if smarm washes at all in the real world. Whereas Tory backbenchers usually try to weedle a straight answer out of Dave in these circumstances, my overall impression was that – having decided such a mission was doomed to failure – some of them were trying to wind him up. There was, for example, a distinct lack of either respect or politesse in some of the questions emanating from behind the Prime Minister.

All that said, I won’t hold my breath waiting for a Tory rebellion. The truth is that, if the Tory Right really was principled, it would’ve hijacked UKIP long ago.

25 thoughts on “Cameron’s veto-macho: Tory backbenchers decide it was a flash in the pan.

  1. ‘But why did Sopel butt in just when it got interesting?’
    For the simple reason John,that the BBC – like the rest of the establishment
    are totally wedded to the EU. And nothing ,but nothing, is going to be allowed to interrupt that vision.Not even the destruction of democracy
    in Europe.


  2. “The truth is that, if the Tory Right really was principled, it would’ve hijacked UKIP long ago.”
    Absolutely spot on.
    They wouldn’t know a principle if it bit them in the arse.


  3. “there probably isnt a planned conspiracy”

    Im afraid your wrong and there is and Mr Cameron is a small piece of the Jigsaw. nevermind about a euro fascist state it will be a Western fascist state inc the US and all its neighbours given time. At present I think “they” are playing for time but come March I fear one way or another things will come to a head and we will all be clearer on their global intentions!

    Wheres Superman when you need him??


  4. “Wheres Superman when you need him??”

    The closest I could get to him would be ‘Hancock’, will he do?

    No? Fully understand, forget I asked.


  5. David Cameron: ‘We will sue European countries to protect British interests’.
    What on earth is this w*nker on? How does this take place? How does this happen?
    Right now I feel like a bit part in an Alice in Wonderland production or watching a really, really bad movie with really, really bad actors. I have better nightmares than this


  6. “there probably isnt a planned conspiracy”

    Oh yes there is read UKCOLUMN

    Military being disbanded and chain of command now including the French.
    Politicisation of the Police
    Granting policing powers to the private sector
    Our constitution is under attack Clarke and his Bilderberg Pals want to do away with it and have secret courts with no Jury.

    Removal of the right to redress abrogation of Common Law

    Power being ceded to foreign entities EU WTO NATO

    Neocon led Trotskyist “permanent revolution” using a Marxist methodology and techniques see change agenda vie sustainability community initiatives.

    Re-structuring of govt local & central via public private partnerships.

    Stakeholder theory Claus Schwab WEF imposed on business and public sector.

    Set up in secret Cabinet office behavioural insight team including French and Chinese. Maude Middleton

    Common Purpose infiltrators
    See Media Standards Trust
    Marxist Phllip Blond “red tory” Respublica Big Society
    Marxist Julia Middleton Demos

    Climate change ??? is that political or weather or both ?

    Indoctrination of children with the “right values”

    Political correctness ( critical theory Marxist )


  7. ‘’
    Off topic I know,but if Cameron can do this to ‘The Shred’, why not to Archer
    who has actually spent several year’s in prison and still sit’s in the House of Lords making laws that affect all of us?


  8. You mentioned a bad movie. Google ‘Handcock’. The film of that name qualifies.

    It is of small matter but you have posted under several different ‘labels’ in the last four Blogs, is that beneficial in any way?


  9. There once was a time in bygone days when if backbenchers didn’t hold the PM and members of the cabinet to account, that the public could at least hope to rely on the opposition party to at least redress the balance by a forceful challenge and demands for an explanation of their decision making, could possibly allow you to think that democracy was in progress. Sadly, however, now that they’ve all merged into one, all that the electorate are witness to is theatrics and smoke and mirrors. It wouldn’t surprise me to learn that some west-end impresario puts them through their paces before any televised appearances that they make. I’ve just watched a documentary about Achnacarry, the training base in the Highlands, where my father alongside thousands of other brave men were taught the toughest training skills to become commandos fighting in armed combat in order for us to preserve our freedom. To then observe this succession of excuses for men, who couldn’t lace their boots, making such an arse of purporting to ‘run’ our country is enough to make you weep.


  10. According to an article in the first edition of the Daily Mail last Saturday, it is to enrich ones girlfriend. The article was not in later editions and is not on the internet. Draw your own conclusions.

    I just happen to know more about this than was published and then suppressed.


  11. The extent of Cameron’s duplicity, cynicism and treachery is hard to overstate.

    The silver lining to this cloud is that eventually even the trusting yeomen who form the Great British public (and I actually mean that respectfully – we hear so much about how the country has gone down the toilet – personally I believe that when push comes to shove (I actually wrote putsch comes to shove – how’s that for a freudian!) Joe Bloggs is still a damn good fellow) will now wake up and realise, with extreme anger, the extent to which the government in London (and of course Brussels) has taken us for a ride and are responsible for the disastrous economic collapse that is happening and will clamour for a smaller cheaper and more effective system of government.

    I’d like to see some of the bastards swing as well, but I know that as a good libertarian I must deplore violence deployed for political ends. It’s hard though.


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