A few lines on the abnormally silent UKIP Leader Mr Nigel Farage….and the relentlessly gobby BCG muppet Mr David Buick

Do moral issues end at Dover?

Over the last four days, the EU/ECB/Berlin axis has deliberately undermined the debt talks in Athens, following which the Germans drafted a ‘paper’ suggesting that, as a result of the Greeks being crap at negotiating – and failing to stimulate their sabotaged economy – German-speaking persons should wrest the Sovereignty from Greece’s grasp.

The most surprising silence over the weekend has been that of anti-EU ‘hero’ Nigel Farage. He got very upset about David Cameron rolling over in the light of the Fiscal Union…..but had nothing to say about national self-determination.

Isn’t that what UKIP is supposed to be about? Double standards here Nige….or just not interested, these folks being mere greasy latins? Should you change your forename from Nigel to Neville, hmm?

Nigel is addressing another Union tonight….the Oxford Union. If you want to advise him about your views on his silence, Mr Farage is on Twitter – @nigelfarage. And if you’re going, why not ask him about it?

Being taken for a ride in a Buick

If only silence was something that might occasionally envelop the ghastly David Buick of BCG partners, the world’s most insensitive, privileged and stupid pillock. Asked today on BBCNews about the Government’s decision to explain the concept of ethics to Stephen Hester, Buick the Muppet lookalike declared, “Well, this is the death of commercial democracy”.

So then – just to recap – a fat cat stopped from trousering a million quid for slightly slowing down the imminent death of RBS – a bank still owing the taxpayer 4,900 times that sum – Buick thinks represents the death of commercial democracy. As opposed to the brainless greed of a man whose sole achievement has been to reduce RBS’s balance sheet. Which, given the discount levels at which he flogged most of the assets, has effectively damned the taxpayer to never getting paid, and contributed exactly 0% to struggling UK business.

“There he was, minding his own business at British Land,” observed David the Daft, “and the Treasury tempted him to do this job but now objects to him taking a bonus”. Er…but Hester has missed his lending targets, and paid the taxpayer nothing back. And, um….the bonus was discretionary, not guaranteed. And nobody forced him to take the salary of, ooooer, £1.2 million, and £6.7m in pension payments. But apart from that, David Buick, I suppose you have a point.

Buick even looks daft. He has – as my Auntie Mollie used to say “a gob like a split in a potato pie”. And a potato head to go with it.

31 thoughts on “A few lines on the abnormally silent UKIP Leader Mr Nigel Farage….and the relentlessly gobby BCG muppet Mr David Buick

  1. Well this is one of the rare occasions where I think the slog is off the mark. I have heard your opinions on Farage before and believe some of your points to be well made, he does have his faults. However he has been banging on about Greece and indeed Italy’s Sovereignty issues for months now. In fact he has been incredibly vocal about this situation. Regarding the last four days, well he has been quiet, why? I have no idea, he has not had anything uploaded onto the usual sites about anything for the last week. This does not equate to him being “not interested”, or having no time for “greasy Latins”, as you put it, dig a little john and you will find that he has actually been on Greek and Italian radio shows over the last few months shouting his mouth off about the whole situation, as well as calling the E.U, out on the situation in open parliament.
    It’s obvious there are aspects of him you dislike, and to be honest I agree, but probably don’t feel quite so strongly about it. But with all respect I think your letting that get in the way here. Being quiet for four days, does not add up to the kind of language you just used about him, or put him in dear Neville’s shoes, Cameron is hogging those all to himself. Especially when he has been so incredibly vocal about this very issue endlessly for months preceding it.
    As for that toad who seems to be the voice of the City on the BBC. Quite.


  2. I have never heard so much bollocks spouted by the bonus defenders in my whole bollocks laden life. “It’s the end of commercial banking!”

    Why oh why oh why oh why did the bloody Labour Party of all parties miss the opportunity to turn RBS into something resembling a mutual?

    The very best suggestion I have heard come out of all this crap is for the Remuneration Director of every bank (or come to that every PLC) to be appointed exclusively by the shareholders. That this person to have an absolute say on remuneration. This sort of structure is at last beginning to reduce the absurd levels of executive pay in the USA.


  3. In fact john follow the very feed you link to, and you will see a tweet talking about the Speech he will deliver Wednesday to Barosso on the Greek situation. I’m no farage fan boy, but credit where credit is due.


  4. I think an interesting question is why did the remuneration commitee think Hester deserved a 1.6 million bonus. Apparently he’s already trousered 25 million for his four years service. These are mind boggling sums. I think these commitees must consist of people who think a few million quid is peanuts and so fork over a million quid as if it were a yorkie bar.


  5. Nigel Farage tweeted on Saturday “German plans to turn Greece into a colony are unacceptable. If I were Greek I’d be out on the streets protesting”


  6. Corporate money seems to occupy the stratosphere on some planet other than Earth. What’s a few million here-or-there to these people? Especially when Jack sits on Jill’s Remuneration Committee and vice versa.

    The free marketeer in me says everyone should be free to negotiate whatever pay and perks they can. But when you see massive rewards for doing diddley-squat or for failure, then I’m with the crowd and the tumbrils, and I’ve not spoken to anyone who thinks differently.


  7. John,
    Is it really true that RBS owes the Taxpayer just 49 million? I thought we were all in for a couple of order of magnitudes more than that!


  8. There is an old saying that, “In dangerous times, a wise man is silent.”
    I’m sure that Nigel, is letting Cameroon take ‘centre stage’ at the moment, just to let him show us what a great and trustworthy Prime minister he is!


  9. Angela will be sending her Finanzpolizei to Lisbon soon , Portugese debt getting totally boshed today again .
    The easiest way to try and control bonuses would be to link them to salary , in such a way that in a good year it may be possible to get 100 pct salary , and in a bad year zero . Any State-backed bank should be able to implement this , as well as a clause that says no profits no bonus .


  10. Soapy & FMZ
    Fair do’s, as we used to say in Manchester.
    I think my problem with Farage is he has little or no sense of political aperture. I watched him blow the Bercow election and to be honest he was all over the place.
    He’s a rabble rouser (we need one, probably) but he is not a leader: he had a olden opportunity last weekend to show his concern as a contrast to the rest of them.
    You’re right. I’m being unfair: something about the bloke that just irritates me.


  11. KC
    Ooops should be £49bn
    Don’t get me started….the £49B is merely what we picked up as the hole in the balance sheet. The liabilities are considerably more.


  12. Have to disagree with you on the bankers bonus bollocks. It all smacks of a Daily Mirror campaign to me and I for one find anything the Daily Mirror prints or campaigns on to feel like I’m sucking my next door neighbours bollocks on one side of my mouth and my own on the other.
    In other words it leaves a rather nasty taste in the mouth.
    Hate lynch mobs and this is exactly what it is.
    It’s like the whole of the UK has turned into clones of Max Keiser and that’s not good even with Stacey Herbert stroking my bollocks underneath the studio table.


  13. The bankers deserve all the gyp they get, irrespective of any newspaper campaign. Surely a chap as flexible as you appear to be can see that? Err, surely lynch mobs end up with people hanging from lamp posts, that has not happened…….. yet so don’t see that this is exactly a lynch mob situation. Unless there were photos in the Mirror, don’t read it myself. What do you think Stacey will do for Max when lynchings actually do happen, hope it doesn’t stretch your own flexibility too far.


  14. I watched Mr Farage on youtube last week taking the new Polish commissioner to task which was highly amusing! If looks could have killed, I suspect that Mr Farage might encounter another transport mishap in the not to distant future.
    As for David Buick why single him out?? The BBC early morning business guests all tow the elitist/media party line and Mr Buick although an arse isnt the worse culprit, that goes to the bumbling grey haired “Howard wothisname” closely followed by the smug bitch from HSBC both of whom really tee me off with biased views on Gold, and then of course theres that Indian bloke whos got way too much confidence in his own opinions like Newt Gingrich winning the republican vote instead of the wests only decent hope Ron Paul.
    The BBC have long sold out whatever sole they had left.


  15. Thanks for reminding me about Mr. Buick. ” The end of commercial democracy “, does this statement mean anything ?.

    I used to see a lot of Mr. Buick on the box round about the time of the Lehmann’s collapse. My partner & I used to imagine reasons why he was so miserable. Things like: his dog pissed in his cornflakes, his daughter had announced that she she had married a rastaman, he had lost 10p down the back of the sofa that morning, got his hand stuck, & had to be rescued by the fire brigade. etc etc etc. We called him Mr. Angry, we had a lot of fun at his expense.

    When I saw his face on the blog, I laughed, I only have to look at his face, good job I will never meet him. He is not really a good advertisement for the benefits of being privileged.


  16. @Soapy

    I live in a country where 10% of the vote means 10% of the seats (give or take the odd ½%). The PVV have shown their colours here in Nederland: yet the likes of Farage cannot. Would it not be better for Britain if it were possible for him to show whether he really does have the stuff of leadership?

    The problem in the UK is that with your voting system, one in ten people can vote for him and have no representation for it. That can only lead to frustrations that lead to Farage being pushed to a destiny the like of which he might not be able to handle properly.


  17. I cannot work Farage or UKIP out.

    Am I right in thinking that he hits the public’s G-spot by constantly highlighting the EU’s attacks on social conservatism (good), but that in fact his (and UKIP’s) bigger agenda is that the EU should not be allowed to police the City of London, with its world class ability to turn a blind eye to financial services spivvery?

    That’s how it looks. He gets public support for the former but his purpose is the latter.

    David Buick, oh Jesus!

    I don’t even watch 24 hour news any more but when I did, he was always on it. That XXXX anybody who doesn’t work in the City tone of voice.

    Isn’t it this sort of man that turns people on to Marx rather than the pleasures of Das Capital?


  18. Watch something decent like Al Jazeera! Personally I’m about top drop Virgin for Freesat since thewy refuse to provide Al Jazera, Russia Today, France 24 or CCTV, all of which you can get on Freesat. And the changeover will pay for itself in 6-8 months.


  19. BulloPill,
    I totally agree. What I want to hear is how the RBS renumeration committe justified paying a ‘discretionary bonus’ when the incumbent missed his targets. Maybe their rationale was that he was a lot nicer than the previous bloke and deserved a reward for this, or something…..
    I would also like Mr. Buick to explain why a failure to meet targets warrants a handsome bonus. Given his previous interviews that I have listened to, the answer would be garnished with a series of very impressive sounding non sequiturs.


  20. Another problem is that the BEEB (sadly the most ‘informative’ MSM outlet) in the UK – will only show people like Farage as a loon or extremist. The only time they are given airtime is when they have been set up against the REAL loons where they can rarely make more than a passing point before they are shouted down, interrupted or just ignored if they might be able to make a clearly valid point.
    The BEEBs inpartiality has been so corrupted that it is not fit for purpose and unfortunately are continually given a mandate by those ‘mainstream’ politico’s who like things just the way they are ! thus the ‘news’ is never anything important which is going on in the world – but celeb drivel and shock horror distractions.
    I quite like Farage – though would like to see a better ‘poetential prime minister’ – but as the MSM ridicules anyone who might add something extra to the political discussion in the country – whoever leads any attack on the status quo will be treated in the same way.

    There is a force for evil in this country and they wield all the power, control and opinion forming ability having turned far too many into drones.

    It is not until the masees become starving and homeless and realise that they have been betrayed that things will change. I fear that some left wing loon will get the top role for a long while – promising that which cannot be delivered. However my hope is for a beneficial leader to rise from the ashes of this once great nation and it could – just maybe – happen.


  21. @Morning Star

    I agree with much of what you say: my entire point was that if Farrage got himself a party in parliament people could see how he dealt with situations. On that basis the BEEB – or any other MSM organ for that matter – would have to portray his doings as well as their own agenda. It would take time, but forming an impression of someone’s character is not an easy thing to do through the medium of newspapers or the internet.


  22. Now that the dust has settled, the correct opinion is that Goodwin has been singled out. There are many many more where he came from, and they should be treated to the same destruction of character having accepted reward for failure.
    Buick is part of the economy that creates wealth for the UK and a sector that believes that talent should be rewarded, and correctly so. The City is the lifeblood of the SE of England, and we all benefit.
    Farage is fighting his corner the best he can given his current weighting.
    We put this all down to your bad day at the office, and hope that your headache is better now.
    Have a better day my friend and enjoy the fresh air.


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