Do moral issues end at Dover?

Over the last four days, the EU/ECB/Berlin axis has deliberately undermined the debt talks in Athens, following which the Germans drafted a ‘paper’ suggesting that, as a result of the Greeks being crap at negotiating – and failing to stimulate their sabotaged economy – German-speaking persons should wrest the Sovereignty from Greece’s grasp.

The most surprising silence over the weekend has been that of anti-EU ‘hero’ Nigel Farage. He got very upset about David Cameron rolling over in the light of the Fiscal Union…..but had nothing to say about national self-determination.

Isn’t that what UKIP is supposed to be about? Double standards here Nige….or just not interested, these folks being mere greasy latins? Should you change your forename from Nigel to Neville, hmm?

Nigel is addressing another Union tonight….the Oxford Union. If you want to advise him about your views on his silence, Mr Farage is on Twitter – @nigelfarage. And if you’re going, why not ask him about it?

Being taken for a ride in a Buick

If only silence was something that might occasionally envelop the ghastly David Buick of BCG partners, the world’s most insensitive, privileged and stupid pillock. Asked today on BBCNews about the Government’s decision to explain the concept of ethics to Stephen Hester, Buick the Muppet lookalike declared, “Well, this is the death of commercial democracy”.

So then – just to recap – a fat cat stopped from trousering a million quid for slightly slowing down the imminent death of RBS – a bank still owing the taxpayer 4,900 times that sum – Buick thinks represents the death of commercial democracy. As opposed to the brainless greed of a man whose sole achievement has been to reduce RBS’s balance sheet. Which, given the discount levels at which he flogged most of the assets, has effectively damned the taxpayer to never getting paid, and contributed exactly 0% to struggling UK business.

“There he was, minding his own business at British Land,” observed David the Daft, “and the Treasury tempted him to do this job but now objects to him taking a bonus”. Er…but Hester has missed his lending targets, and paid the taxpayer nothing back. And, um….the bonus was discretionary, not guaranteed. And nobody forced him to take the salary of, ooooer, £1.2 million, and £6.7m in pension payments. But apart from that, David Buick, I suppose you have a point.

Buick even looks daft. He has – as my Auntie Mollie used to say “a gob like a split in a potato pie”. And a potato head to go with it.