Here’s another Tesco belter seen in the Alfreton store:

Special offer – two stone-baked pizzas for £6, one stone-baked pizza for less than half the price of two.

All using official head office stickers.

This is another dimwit staff problem I suppose?


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  1. There was a similar offer on the bacon for ages – we did point it out to one of the staff but I don’t think they could see the problem – the person at the checkout said you will always be charged the cheapest price, I suppose that is true. Shopping at Tesco’s is good for mental arithmetic – better than a gizmo – their other very annoying habit is to run out of special offers – obviously so they don’t have to actually sell them, but if it is a product you want to buy it is very annoying.


  2. I know this looks iffy, but the “Any” in the offer does mean that this could apply to several other pizzas bought with one of those whose cost is more than £3.15. But in the case of buying two of them then it’s a case of seeing what happens at the till. It should charge the lower of the two prices, but I haven’t tried this sort of thing myself.


  3. But if this really was a conscious ripoff from central office, why not just hike the price of a single item to something like £3.15 and back it up by claiming an increase in the cost of manufacture/ingredients (or some such lie)? If they did that then they could put the price back to £2.85 in a few weeks time and claim it as a 10% off offer. It is their own branded product so can they not charge what they please? I’m probably missing something subtle…


  4. Grrrr. You beat me to it. It’s been a source of amusment to my wife and I for a year or so now – who can spot the crap Tesco non-bargain first. I’ve been desperately trying to find exactly what you’ve found but you got there first. Well done. Maybe we should be happy that its harder to find than it used to be?


  5. ” the person at the checkout said you will always be charged the cheapest price,”

    You are tendering, to the checkout, two pizzas clearly marked with a price of “2 for £6”, and on the shelf, the single pizza is clearly marked at £2.85.

    This pizza has obviously two different prices shown which presumably are both legally correct. If you were to take Tesco to court for overcharging you I would presume Tesco would get off.

    Or you are relying on Tesco’s electronic checkout system, which can be changed one assumes at a push of a button.


  6. Why shop at Tesco’s or any other supermarket for that matter. Bake your own. For £6 you could could make at least four and they will not have all the harmful preservatives in them
    But like most things now everyone wan’t the quick fix and that has it’s price.


  7. If you have 4 hours free to bake your own then go ahead (including going to Tesco or anywhere else to buy the ingredients). In those 3 hours I earn £100 (of which the government takes £50)


  8. Why are you surprised that if everyone wants to buy something, it is the first to run out? Just find out when they restock the shelves and do your shopping then.


  9. John
    Good for you working a 40 hour week for £1.3333 minus taxes. But were you not talking about the less fortunate in society, in one of your previous blogs.
    Give it a go John. Be creative, make your own toppings. You will be surprised how little time it takes.



    we’ve been truly SHAFTED


  11. Just called into our Tesco branch last night, my wife, who I have finally got to look at the unit cost, won’t hear anything said against them, and once again one of the items we regularly buy had seen an almost 50% price hike. Even my better half was astounded when I put it into percentage terms.
    This is the second time this has happened recently, last time an item had gone from 48p to 75p and this time 57p to 97p, seemingly overnight. OK it is the prerogative of any business to implement its own pricing policy and even after these increases the prices were still competitive with other same type product on the shelves but can Tesco claim to be keeping costs down for consumers?
    Given the recent results it might be that they are ramping up any price discrepancy where their own brand is significantly below whatever else is on the same shelf space in an effort to gain extra profitability. Nothing wrong with that really (although given their market share?) just don’t try and claim any moral high ground!


  12. I find this morally repugnant. That a mostly unelected set of career bureaucrats will be able to control the purse-strings on any country is inherently wrong, especially so given that they have yet to have their own accounts ratified.

    This is unfortunately the ‘drip, drip, drip’ process of investing more powers in Brussels whilst the sheeple believe what they are told, should they be even remotely interested.

    But what to do? “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.”

    Where are the leaders of men to take us away from this all-encompassing Orwellian situation?


  13. I don’t shop at Tescos any more because it’s just too much hassle trying to work out how much things cost, who has the time to jump through all these mental mathematic hurdles?


  14. i had a similar complaint in my local tesco here in westport co mayo. one pack of digestives 1 euro, value pack[2 packets] 3 euro. i had a whinge but the staff tell me the pricing and ticketing is all done in india and emailed and interwebbed back to the store, with the consequent communication headache. to be fair the staff here in mayo are outstandingly friendly especially the poles. just check your receipt and get your money back when they cock up, plus keep the goods!


  15. Seems to me there is scope for a management reshuffle/swap between Tesco,the ECB,the Greek treasury and the GS greek team.Two of them,at least,are expert in window dressing the financial truth.Two of them ,also, are masters at borrowing when you shouldn’t,and refusing to lend when you should.


  16. I’m a bit worried about these Tesco offer’s. The Eurocrats may follow their example and buy one get one free. Buy Greece and get Ireland and Portugal free. Aren’t they devious?


  17. We like to shop at M&S…
    hmmm hmm hmmm hmmmty hmmmm
    …”and all because hmmm hmm hmmty hmmm less stress.”


  18. Beyounce
    You will be wanting to see my etchings next.
    Leaving out the recurring .333333p. If John works for 3 hours and is paid £100 @ £33.33 per hour x 40 hours = £1.333.


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