This shot of Buxted free-range chicken was taken in Tesco yesterday. The pack price of these chickens is uniformly £6: what could be easier?

Well, the problem is that all the chickens are of different weight: the one on the right (which I bought, because it was the cheapest in the cabinet) cost £3.21 per kilo. The one on the left cost £3.70 per kilo. That’s a massive price difference.

And I’m afraid the truth is that the vast majority of birds were up in the £3.60 – £3.90 per kilo range.

I’m not saying this is illegal. I’m merely pointing out that it’s complex and confusing…although it is worth nothing that two weeks from now, Tesco will be able to use this as the precedent for a ‘price-drop’ example – thus allowing them to claim a reduction on the higher price per kilo.

But it isn’t just the misleading price/value thing. Tesco’s price marking is sloppy at best. Two beer offers will give a clear price per litre, the next three won’t. Two slices of salmon will have a cost per 100 grams, another will show it by 300 grams or the kilo. At least half the tickets I surveyed yesterday lacked the standard per litre or kilogram comparison UK supermarkets are supposed to provide for all shoppers.

On Tesco till receipts these days, there’s a rhetorical question at the bottom asking ‘How did we do?” The site address is I suggest all those fed up of less than transparent Tesco pricing should tell them.