1. YES please John
    BTW I visited a Tesco today but alas couldn’t find anything, but I’m not giving up.
    Although friends told me that they bought an item which turned out to be more when they checked their receipt!


  2. @Joanna

    I think you are onto something here. It is not just Tesco (though they may be the worst, I don’t have one in the locality, so I don’t know), but all supermarkets.

    Now: how much choice is there outside of Tesco/Asda/Sainsbury etc in the UK these days? Do you have a local butcher’s shop, or bookshop that you can frequent instead of these supermarkets?


  3. I have a choice of shops in my village, and my vote is to use these instead of my local supermarket, and have done for some time now. Indeed this has been my choice since arriving in my new home.

    This has been my response to JW’s campaign: go local!

    Yes, I do use my local supermarket for general stuff – Assam tea, filter-ground coffee and a few other things (our village does not have a specialist tea shop, nor cheeseshop, nor a tailors, but the local council does regard our village as being underprovided in terms of shopping). It is also useful for the occasional forgotten thing – and since it is five minute’s walk from my back door, pretty convenient too.

    However, I do have one complaint: it does not serve free filter coffee as the local Albert Heijns do, the nearest ones are in Doorn or Woudenberg (5km). It must be said that the manager of my local Plus is a nice man who always has a cheery hello for everyone. The many staff are friendly and helpful, even late at night there are always three or four on hand to help – this for a supermarket that is around 250m² floorarea (= tiny: smaller than a Tesco Metro thingummy).

    A question: how many staff are around to help in your local supermarket? Should it not be part of this campaign to get more staff working in places like Tescos? It would help everyone after all.

    One final note: pricing. For most of last year, the price of Organic full cream milk was 79ct. The price of standard (full cream) milk was 85cts. Why? Because the packaging must have cost more? When the old supermarket closed, and re-opened on the Buntplein, I expected some prices to move upwards. But no, the 200g bar of chocolate that in the AHs of this world shot up to €1,69 remained steady at €1,35 in my local Plus. The supermarket just trots along as it always has, just in a different spot whilst their new one is being built (they are digging the foundations this week).


  4. Slog. I’m a lurker. I ‘nearly’ posted countless times. But your recent capitulation has goaded me into comment. You had a mission and a vision. But then you let Tesc* divert you…



  5. As to DVD’s and thus probably books
    The last time I was in HMV they even suggested buying from their online as it was cheaper than in store


  6. @Richard

    thankfully our local bookshop still regards itself as providing a service worth paying for. There are enough of us villagers for it to remain open too.


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