Roughly 65% of the 142 commenters on The Slog’s plan for putting pressure on Tesco (for its obviously misleading pack-size price guidance instore) were in favour of taking things to the next stage.

Of those against further action, the main rationales were:

1. Tesco is too big to be affected

2. Tesco is too small a target to change the culture

3. Other supermarkets are just as bad

4. The Slog is a middle-class tosser

5. This is all part of natural free-market economics, and a jolly good thing.

We all have our opinions and our reasons for holding them, so let’s accept that and move on.

The final title to this action is ‘STOP TESCO’S PRICE TRICKS’

I will immediately effect the following:

a. A new dedicated section on the Home page devoted to complaints against Tesco’s abuse of the terms ‘offer’ and ‘value’.

b. Informing the site Tescopoly about what we’re up to, and asking for help in any way they feel fit.

What I’m asking all of YOU to do from 9 am tomorrow is:

i. Send the email to Tesco Customer Services as previously laid out:

‘We, the concerned citizens of the UK, hereby announce our intention of pointing out every example we find in your stores of dishonestly misleading prices, in particular the heinous practice of deliberately pointing customers at poor-value alternatives between small and large pack sizes.

‘We shall report these instances to local MPs, the DIIS&R, local TSOs, consumer watchdogs, the BBC, and any other medium available until you stop doing it.’

ii. On receipt of the standard robotic reply, I would ask you to send this message to your local MP:

‘I sent this worried message to Tesco today, and got this pathetic reply. What are you going to do about it?’

Copy it to your local Trading Standards Office, the BBC programme Watchdog at , and also

iii. Tweet this page link to everyone following you on Twitter, and also to all your Facebook friends, asking them to do the same if they are so inclined. Let’s get this trending on Twitter.

iv. Send appropriate links or comment thread on any sites you know that would be sympathetic to this campaign.

Let’s review Wednesday am what the effect has been, and take it from there.

And by the way: ignore the cynical detractors. As I’ve said before, cynicism is the new naivety: it is exactly what these corporates want you to think  – that the situation is hopeless, and you must obey. That’s complete bollocks, and they know it. What we need to do is call their bluff.