Garnering the Unaware Majority.

Awareness of our parlous state is the only thing not at record levels.

On the Friday before Christmas, a record 412bn euros were deposited at the EU’s central bank, the ECB. Some of this will be money from cheap loans given to the eurobanks last week by Mario Draghi. Take taxpayer money at 1% Tuesday, deposit with ECB at 3% Friday – result, happiness.

Hollywood released a record 28 film sequels this year.This is because short-term Bourse based capitalism demands returns above any other factor, including new ideas and doing something ground-breaking. It’s also the reason why ‘cross-over’ formats from another medium dominate the London stage.

In the face of record levels of alcohol-related illness and abuse, the prime minister wants a 40-50p minimum price per unit of alcohol in shops and supermarkets. Dave calls it his “big bang” approach to tackle Britain’s boozy culture. The evidence gathered in recent years from 13 EU States shows clearly that while price can affect purchase levels temporarily in some instances, it does not tackle an existing binge problem. There is in fact no correlation at all between absolute price and having a binge culture….as Britain demonstrates by having one of the most expensive price structures already.

However, there is a clue in that the extra tax revenue as a result of this move will go to the NHS. So then, thanks to idiotic fiscal policies, undermined cuts, bank bailouts, and the preference for gesture politics over studying data, Britain is once more doing the wrong thing in relation to alcohol.

This year, a record number of parents lied about postcodes in order to get their children into better State schools. This is a failure of teaching, and ethics. It may even be a failure of teachers to teach ethics to the adults who are now lying because those teachers are crap at teaching.

I could start at 9 am and surf the Web finding such examples until 11.30 pm tonight, but there would still be hundreds more instances to go at afterwards. I found the four above in twelve minutes this morning after waking up. What they respectively demonstrate is that the euro is doomed, but our money continues to be thrown at saving it; neocon capitalism discourages creativity in favour of money; politicians prefer votes to solutions; and their policies have delivered us a morally and materially bankrupt culture in which parents quite rightly want State education to be better – but lying is the only way to get it.

It is a sorry situation, is it not? The Left in particular would have us believe that things are as good as they ever were, but are about to be ruined by cuts. However, their news media are in dire financial straits, and at least part of the reason is that, just below the surface, fewer and fewer Brits believe the warped nonsense they churn out.

The rest of the Establishment continues to want to stay in a bankrupt EU, continues to do nothing substantive about immigration, and continues to follow social, foreign and economic policies that can only be ruinous for Britain. It gives us all phony websites where we can Have Our Say – and thinks that this solves the problem of a populace slowly realising that we need something far more radical than anything they have to offer.

There was a time when the media talked about The Silent Majority. I believe that we now have The Unaware Majority. By this, I do not mean ‘braindead’. That still remains around roughly 25% of the electorate. What I mean is the majority of people who are either apathetic (“It makes no difference”) or still going with the flow (“Something will turn up”). Together, they represent just under 65% of the total electorate, although roughly three-fifths of them don’t vote at all currently.

It isn’t a homogenous group. They variously (and mainly) think themselves to be Tory, Labour or uninterested. A minority sub-group are 45+ and middle to upmarket. A bigger sub-group are 18-30, middle to downmarket, and struggling to find employment. What they have in common is that, if made aware of the possibility of a radical approach to improving Britain’s culture, they would be in favour of it to various degrees.

The missing links at the moment are:
1. For folks to realise this is what they think, and work up the energy to move away from pc-think, the mainstream media and the major Parties.
2. Getting those people to believe that, via the internet – not individual bloggers – they can with organisation and minimal effort stop the mad folks in their tracks.

In the past, that has been an impossible ask. But if they don’t get some hope that people with influence somewhere have a real alternative to more of the same, they will become The Angry Majority. And that road leads to nothing nice at all.

Please, spare me the ‘nice dream John, but it’ll never work’ comments. If that’s what you think, then we’ll never get anywhere….and you’re just as big a *anker as David Cameron.

17 thoughts on “Garnering the Unaware Majority.

  1. I’d love a quick count up of those north of Watford who vote based on what the future holds against those who vote as their parents did. That would make an interesting statistic or maybe just a profoundly depressing one.


  2. I propose a ‘UK-total-debt-to-GDP-including-private-public-and-corporate-at-close-to-1000%’ Awareness Day.

    On a lighter note I know how John loves his Vino, I have found an excellent supplier of wines kits that produce a superb result every time for around £2 a bottle.

    My favourites are White Burgundy, Rioja and Cabernet Shiraz. I would say that the quality is equivalent to what I would normally pay £8-£10 a bottle. All you need is a Demijohn, airlock and an airing cupboard around 21 degrees C.


  3. Too true…P W De Klerk had some interesting things to say on ‘leadership’ this BBC am…he’d known for a while that apartheid was morally bankrupt but it was only when he realised South Afica was on the brink of civil war that he reckoned the time was right to go all the way with Mandela. So we keep getting back to what ever is the tipping point…not yet arrived at here or elsewhere in most of the EU… and anyway as far as ‘here’ is concerned, no obvious high profile
    equivalent of De Klerk capable of over-riding the tribal and vested interests which prevent the delivery of what he considered essential to any renaissance, a healthy self governing nation state. And of course we live in hope, but ‘the darkest hour just before dawn’ syndrome means faith, and love are as important.

    as important

    equivalent to De Klerk. Until some one here emerges capable of deliviering
    equivalent to delerk


  4. Unfortunately, for the radical solution that you propose to get underway, & to succeed, a lot of very unpleasant actions would have to be taken. There are still an awful lot of people who are still quite comfortably off, & who would be squeamish when push came to shove.
    I do believe now, that the ‘angry majority’ would have to be facing actual ruin & starvation for any kind of radical solution to have any chance.
    While the scoundrels in government can continue to borrow money to appease the supine & apathetic, that just won’t happen.


  5. What the UK needs is a leader of the stature of my mate Bob, He wants something done – it gets done. Perhaps he’s not too hot on the Economy, but hey! no-one’s perfect.


  6. JW – what do you mean by neo-con capitalism? – surely you’re not laying the blame for Hollywood’s lack of creativity on G.W.Bush? Neo-con for me means interventionism fuelled by greed and an expectation of cleaning up on Defense contracts such as we saw in Iraq. It is a modernised version of the military industrial complex in which even more money can be made and human life is valued even cheaper.

    By contrast Hollywood is a victim of changing times – the great films of the past were a product of their time – there were few alternative media and so a vast productive energy went on them. Nowadays the studios are dinosaurs unable to react properly to the growth of new media, and most of the fasntastic energy that went on the great films now goes on other things -which are generally technology-based. There is still money because by exerted considerable commercial clout, cross marketing etc money can still be made but it is not a beautiful phenomenon I agree, but neither is it a big deal because in general coercion is not involved (just some errors of judgement or an abandonment of refined good taste)

    I personally am far more exercised by the legalised dispossession of multiple generations of working families which is the consequence of the abandonment of moral hazard in the, now effectively, state-run banking system where profits are privatised and losses are nationalised and by the systematic erosion of rights and guarantees built up over centuries of sacrifice, at the altar of making government efficient and convenient.

    In fact these things make me very angry as I know they do you as you have cronicled them with accuracy and humour for many a month now and I congratulate you on that.

    Lastly about drinking – you are too easy on Cameron – evidence is that alcohol consumption is dropping not rising, the health info and hospital admissions data is essentially a lie (see Worstall for chapter and verse).

    This is an appalling piece of legislation, just one of many. Cameron is proving himself every inch the heir to Blair, and is undoubtedly part of the problem not part of the solution.


  7. “Take taxpayer money at 1% Tuesday, deposit with ECB at 3% Friday – result, happiness.”

    With respect JW I think you’ve mis-read this.

    ECB overnight deposit rate is 0.25%. Result LOSS of 0.75%

    It seems the banks were intended to lend into the system/interbank (at the 3% or so) and into sovereign bonds but they’re so screwed they’re holding onto the cash “for fear of something worse” as Belloc observed.


  8. Note that people live north or south of Watford, never in it. This is because, after Walsall and parts of Queensland, it is the largest boil on the planetary arse.


  9. Dear Colonel Hoopla
    With equal respect, the desperates are parking overnight. The fat and rich are using the ECB’s longer-term rates.


  10. Heh Sandy,

    We’re not all the ‘great unwashed’ north of Watford which is just as John describes it. Out of ‘academic’ interest, have you ever ventured forth into the wild lands of the midlands etc. etc?


  11. I’ve been doing a considerable amount of reading on neo–liberalism NL lately and have come to a rather obvious conclusion, which I’ll share in a moment. A recent book The Handbook of Politics: State and Society in Global Perspective details (in chapt. 7) the rise of NL and seeks to determine whether the causes were domestic, international, the result of private capital activity or government policy. My answer all of the above. The author asks at one point, was this “class restoration?” Damn right it was! And they pretty much got what they wished for–with all that implies.

    John, as much as I admire your writing and think you’ve got your finger on the EU pulse better than any I’ve come across, I think it is the pro–capitalist bias that you subscribe to that, as a majority opinion, has enabled the mess we’re in today.

    NL was sold as “capitalism is good, this is capitalism on steroids, so it’s even better.” From Chile to Russia and with the “dear leaders” Thatcher and Reagan NL marched on leaving only backwaters and a handful of places, like Cuba unconverted or taken over, if that was needed.

    When one has a clear idea of one’s interests one does not need a conspiracy to pursue them. For example the owners of sports franchises be they football, hockey or basketball may be international and culturally diverse but they share a common interest and will act on that.

    So it is that the pursuit of NL has not been at all in the interests of the people, the 99%, but rather the worldwide financial elite. And their goal was, and is, the institution of oligarchy worldwide. I’d say they’ve pretty much succeeded. Only like thieves stealing a priceless vase they’ve managed to smash it in their greed and haste.


  12. You’ve really got the after-burner running in this piece, Mr.Ward. I hope that when(or if) the Rescue Party appears on the national scene, you will be a part of it. I feel slightly sick after that, rather Uriah Heepish; in my own defence, you do write graphically about what so many of us feel, but fail to articulate.


  13. The UK government will lose its ability to borrow to purchase its suplicant supporters – its just a matter of time. The whole system is heading towards collapse – once that happens the starving and homeless will have no options left. You cannot give people what you cannot get. The elite are just in denial of the fact that the system they thought unbreakable is broken beyond repair.


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