UK SCENE: Legislators lie and fiddle as the FTSE heads south.

Theresa May….somewhat opaque account

As the FTSE dropped 112 points in twenty minutes on the Italian news, it is revealed that one in five holders of Parliamentary staff passes are held by people with outside lobbying interests…..that’s 176 out of 646 staff with passes. So 20% of all those going into the Houses of Parliament are there to corrupt it. (Bit of an exaggeration, but not much).

They ought to do quite well at their trade, because the Commons in particular lost all its ethics decades ago. The not entirely delightful Cat Woman Theresa May is under pressure to explain her decision to relax some border checks, after a senior official accused her of misleading Parliament. As the official is Brodie Clark (head of the UK Border Agency) and as slippery a Sir Humphrey survivor as you’ll find, this is looking worse and worse for the woman who has rolled over a record number of times in the face of EU juggernauts.

Noting that Lloyds Bank has made a whopping loss (on account of having tried to cheat its customers, and being fined) The Slog wonders whether Lloyds will now confirm that the ‘deferred’ bonus for Eric Daniels won’t be paid. That’s the one he would receive for allegedly making Lloyds/HBOS fit for human habitation again….and then buggering off as quickly as possible from the scene of the crime.

In an interview with the BBC’s man-on-the-balls Robert ‘Knickers’ Peston, the outgoing chief executive, Eric Daniels, said in February this year that he had “not decided whether to claim the £1.45m bonus for 2010”. Eric said he would decide during 2013. Better hurry up, Eccers – at this rate, there won’t be a single bank upright by 2013.


30 thoughts on “UK SCENE: Legislators lie and fiddle as the FTSE heads south.

  1. This reminds me of a gigantic snowball rolling downhill,slowly gathering speed and size,to the point where nothing can stop it,and in front of it Merkosy,waving their arms and shouting,I command you to stop,in the name of the third Reich.


  2. Totally Off Topic but – today I learnt that China taxes the revenue of any Quangos or iNGOs it happens to find lurking its territory – 8%pa for the first 3 years, 25%pa for subsequent years.

    The idea of anything similar being introduced into a “liberal democracy” really does beggar belief.


  3. Here’s a very short snippet of Eric Daniels:
    [audio src="" /]

    On B Clarke…he’s reported as having admitted to the UKBA CEO that he went beyond the agreed level of relaxation. He now seems to be back-tracking on that, although his statement looks like he’s dancing on a pinhead . The issue of who is lying can only be decided by what the various documents say. It will not be enough to claim that he was always under pressure to reduce immigration queues. If his evidence for his actions is only in the form of unminuted meetings with Ministers, he’s the walking dead. And rightly so. He’s been running an Agency of the State which is unfit for purpose for a number of years. And I have evidence of that.


  4. Do we (are we allowed to) know which of the 650 members of the HoC have outside lobbying interests, and what they are ?


  5. It’s about time some of these overpaid, unaccountable Sir Humphrey’s were made to face the real world. I only wish they could do more than sack him with his fat pension intact. May won’t last long either way so I want Brodie to go down.


  6. John

    Been reading The Slog for a couple of months. It brightens up my day no end. Keep up the good work against the S**ts in power -politicians and bankers.


  7. If it was a “Pilot scheme” as expoused then who was checking on the suitability for purpose and to whom did any of the project management reports go?


  8. Quite so. I am no admirer of May. After 13yrs of uncontrolled immigration of potential Labour voters, she needed to roll up her sleeves and get stuck into the UKBA when she took office. But due to its sheer size and power (a staggering 25,000 headcount), she backed off.
    The UKBA is one perfect example (of many) of the Civil Service having so much unelected power that mere elected politicians are scared to confront it and resort to twiddling at the edges. As you also say, the Sir Humphreys’ who are caught with their knickers should lose a lot more than their job.


  9. I have also become addicted to the Slog over the last few months. It is compulsive reading, but not sure it brightens up my day – just gives me more to be angry at. But… don’t stop John, I still want to hear what you have to say. I certainly don’t trust the BBC or other MSM.


  10. With reference to the last sentence in the article

    “Eric said he would decide during 2013. Better hurry up, Eccers – at this rate, there won’t be a single bank upright by 2013.”

    Does anyone have any info on a “rumour” I saw written on a toilet wall somewhere that HSBC would have difficulty passing a new “stress” test proposed fir European banks. I seem to remember the writing more as a doodle than a fully fledged opinion.

    Anybody anywhere out there, John Ward(?) have any info. All my worldly goods are in their ethers.



  11. A friend of mine said at the beginning of the week it was likely that the finger of responsibility would eventually point at a government minister…..and guess what? Theresa May now admits to having sanctioned “some” relaxation of immigration checks. You know, those tight controls that her boss Cameron promised us.

    May still did her best to blame her subordinate Brodie Clark as she said: “I take full responsibility for my decisions and actions related to the pilot, but Brodie Clark must take responsibility for his actions.” When asked about how many undesirabled had slipped into the UK, May said…”The number of suspected terrorists, criminals and illegal immigrants who entered the country as a result of the move will never be known”.

    Reassuring, stuff, eh?

    Now you may be sitting there thinking…all these politicians are stupid, careless, incompetent…right? Let me tell you otherwise. These people aren’t stupid or incompetent. They are in fact utterly devious. They have no intention of tightening immigration controls, in fact, their policy is just the opposite. They have an agenda to work to and they don’t share it with anyone outside their crooked conspiracy.

    The only reason we get to know is when something goes wrong and/or someone on the inside decides to blab. If you don’t believe me, ask yourself whether you knew about May’s rules relaxation before this week?

    Keep voting for these people. (I know BT will). To use the old consultancy phrase… “If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you always got”.



  12. Hard to say. I assume that staff working for Brodie Clark would have done the first in liaison with May and her Immigration Minister.
    Operational feedback on the pilot would presumably have gone to them, but who knows if they were doctored or not before distribution by Clark & Co, to delete references to the extra relaxation of controls being applied by them?


  13. Third. OAH. meant to show how far behind the curve,Mercosy are,as has been proved today. I lived through the third reich (except for the first year,perhaps your a bit liverish today?


  14. @Kennyboy:
    Firstly, you have no idea who and what I vote for at election time, nor whether I even vote. Got it :-)

    I’ve been round the loop plenty of times and done all the conspiracy theories. So I know all about the Bilberburgs, the Jewish lizards (always Ashkenazi Jews, originally from Khazar of course) and the NWO. But we are where we are. That is the reality. And we have to find solutions to the problems of our reality.

    Whatever, it is why I believe that most people in Britain get confused about solutions. They do not understand the roles and the powers of our Civil Service -vs- that of our elected politicians. Because we live in a sort-of democracy, people assume that the latter have ultimate authority in Ministries. It is not quite so. The CS essentially own and run the government machine with all of its inherent complexities and are responsible for implementing the Law of The Land, supposedly with political impartiality. As a result there are many occasions where they will refuse to take orders from the elected politicians because a pol may ask them to do X which the CS consider to be unlawful. Such was a case when a man called Blunkett as Home Secretary ordered the Head of The Prison Service to “machine gun” rioting inmates at a UK prison a while back. The Head of Prisons refused.

    It’s obviously more complicated than that but we cannot ignore that during 13yrs of the last Labour govt, they stuffed the CS with their socialist cronies and this has led it to undermine Tory minister policies if they are not thought to be in accordance with their socialist ideals. IMV the Civil Service and socialist Labour are natural bedmates, because they both believe in Big Govt, big State headcounts and ever bigger budgets. As soon as a Tory Govt comes into office, they close ranks and try to undermine it, leaking explosive information if necessary as they are believed to have done in the MoD with Fox, to get him out.

    I know for sure that the UKBA has itself implemented rules/regulations which are not supported by the Law of The Land.

    The solution to the unaacountability of our elected pols and unelected Civil Service is for Britain to have a proper written constitution which articulates their roles/responsibilities and limitations of powers. IOW a detailed job description which includes a proper line management system so WE can easily see who is responsible for what and who to sack when summat goes wrong. That doesn’t exist at the moment and it allows buck-passing and ducking.
    HAND :-)


  15. Well said. I have worked in a Civil Service (not the Uk’s) and what you say is especially true for the UK. In other Anglophone countries (outside Europe) the civil service is much more accountable tha here and has less freedom of action.


  16. Hear hear BT. I have the complete series of Yes Prime Minister,which mirrors the way the Civil Service acts. The audience laughed,but the joke was on them.


  17. Pardon my ignorance but did not Brodie Clark in his resignation statement effectively say that the Home Secretary misled Parliament. This is not a confusion of roles. The accusation is quite clear, i.e, the Home Minister has lied,

    That is a pretty robust statement I would have thought!


  18. @Harold: The confusion I referred to is in the minds of ordinary people, not between the Civil Service and our elected politicians. I believe they know very well who owns the government machine and who has control of the levers.

    Regarding Brodie’s published statement, I don’t think he directly accused May of lying (although the media and Labour Party are interpreting it that way). He said summat like: “mummy, mummy, she said X and Y without giving me the chance of expressing my views, and I won’t get a fair hearing.” Frankly, that can be taken a number of ways including (I suspect) that he might claim there was an implicit agreement between him and ministers to relax controls beyond what was documented. If verbal deals are the best he can come up with, he’s dead meat or should be.

    But I personally doubt that to be the case because he is no beginner at this game and will know full well that all such deals must be documented. Not only does that cover one’s ass but it makes for good administration and avoids confusions later on.


  19. ‘At this rate,there won’t be a single bank upright by 2013’.Spot on.The Italian banks and insurance companies are watching the value of government paper crumble( a credit crunch round the corner).The market will have a go at Spain,with the same result,and the French financial system will come under pressure.After that,unless Osborne carries out some government real cuts,offset by deferred tax cuts, he will find the UK next in line.Personally,I would sack MarK who has not got a clue about inflation.,


  20. Just as we all thought the Greeks had been sorted. High drama in Athens! Helena Smith reports that:Giorgos Karatzaferis leader of the populist far right LAOS party has just stormed out of the meeting with the president denouncing “the tactical games” being played by Papandreou and Samaras


  21. “…the populist far right LAOS party”

    Er…crikey…aren’t they a bit off course?
    Shouldn’t they be bashing the boards east of the Mekong River? ;-)


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