STRAUSS-KAHN: How a convoluted sex-ring was supplying him with girls the day before his arrest in New York.

Millau Viaduct builders Eiffage procured hookers for Presidential candidate.

While it may be, in some areas, short on explanation, the DSK affair is not short of new twists and turns. The latest news emanating from France is that the Franco-American link in this case is as strong as ever…however, new revelations suggest that the former IMF head may have supplied his own rope for the hanging….and attached his appetite to promises of French Government contracts.

Expliquer l’affaire DSK, c’est pas de la tarte. And as time goes on, it gets murkier. What, for example, was a senior executive in a subsidiary of French construction giant Eiffage doing pimping for Dominique Strauss-Kahn? David Roquet allegedly used his corporate expense account to cover part of the bill for evenings with prostitutes in Paris (at the Aventure nightclub) and the luxury Murano Hotel during 2009 and 2010. According to investigators, Roquet filed expense claims for the evening marked with Strauss-Kahn’s initials “DSK”. That means somebody above him would’ve been happy to sign off expenses marked in that way.

What sort of ‘medical equipment’ does Fabrice Paszkowski sell in his ‘specialist store’? Paszkowski has also been arrested on charges of “aggravated pimping” (supplying women for sex). He is suspected of accompanying Roquet on trips to New York with prostitutes for DSK and others. But as yet, there is little information tying Pazkowski to Roquet.

However, Jean-Christophe Lagarde (is he related to Christine?) was, until his suspension last week, head of ‘urban security’ for the Nord administrative region that includes the city of Lille. An ambitious senior civil servant, Lagarde believed that ‘by cultivating a close relationship with DSK he would have an important role in a future Socialist administration’ – according to one unnamed source quoted in the French daily newspaper Libération.

So then: is this a sex-for-influence scandal? And if so, why did it have to extend to New York? Ostensibly, all these characters went to New York during 2010 and 2011 to discuss ‘security matters’, because DSK was about to announce his candidacy for the French Presidential elections of 2012.

“I understand the cops are quite clear as to what Roquet or his employer Eiffage hoped to achieve by feeding Strauss-Kahn’s voracious appetite for women,” a Parisian source told The Slog this morning, “but not why Roquet brought in Pazkowski and Lagarde to help.”


The French Leftist media today is full of “I had no idea what a monster he was” bollocks, but the degree of sensory disablement required to miss this side of Dominique Strauss-Kahn’s life would have to have been on a par with the Murdoch family’s inability to grasp endemic phone-hacking at News International. Meanwhile, one is left pondering what the corporation Eiffage hoped to gain by this behaviour. The company issued a  statement last night denying all ‘insinuations’, but the link between them and Roquet is a fact: and three hours ago, Le Parisien ran a piece saying that David Roquet had incriminated Eiffage in his testimony to police.

Not too much pondering as to corporate motive is required, however: Eiffage is a construction group specialising in public sector projects. It is a 13 billion euro turnover group which built, among other things, the world-famous Millau Viaduct, the A65 Pau-Langon autoroute, and the National Police Headquarters. (Eiffage’s corporate slogan is ‘talent in harmony’. Hmm.)

What intrigues me is that the last trip to New York by these three procurers ended the day before DSK was arrested for the alleged assault upon Nafissatou Diallo. I’m intrigued because – let’s face it – if you were keeping the Head of the IMF under surveillance, with this entourage of pimps and hookers, it wouldn’t have taken much brainpower for a security agency to work out how to ensnare Strauss-Kahn. Indeed, your main problem would’ve been slotting in the jailbait between the hordes of other women servicing DSK in one way or another.


So more exactly, this is beginning to look like a sex-for-projects scandal….with the police involved on a grand scale. The Parti Socialiste will of course distance itself from this as much as possible. But graft at this level and with such a depth of grubbiness has a habit of  involving rather more people than at first thought. Crucially, it adds a new dimension to the DSK affaire: that of a man not only addicted to constant sexual conquest, but also very probably happy to use his Presidential powers to feed the addiction.








18 thoughts on “STRAUSS-KAHN: How a convoluted sex-ring was supplying him with girls the day before his arrest in New York.

  1. What a splendid Gentleman Mr Srauss-Kahn would appear to be. Mrs SK must be pleased she met him. Extraordinary stuff. In my former life I used to have to meet with some Italian Colleagues in Italy. They would always ask if some girls would be required for company on the evening socialising. I was warned by a predessessor of the ‘form’ fortunately. But this was far from uncommon aparently. Johnny Foreigner ay! cant keep his todger in his trousers. Tsk!


  2. Clearly DSK belongs to the unwell part of society. However, then again he may not given the plethora of sex for favour scandals on both sides of the ‘pond’ as well as on the continent.
    Maybe those who do not engage in this sort of socialising are the unwell lot! Hmmmmmm…..

    Well, given the predeliction of the French leadership for some interest on the side, I don’t think we can dismiss DSK as abnormal.


  3. You will need to be quick, johnnyrvf. Greece has just announced a referendum, on the latest EU developments. Irelands Kenny, has announced there will probably, be a referendum, and the ruling Czech Republic PM, has said there would probably be a referendum, because of the multiple changes in the EU. And finally this the latest chart on debt in the EU. Off text I know but important.


  4. The article is dated 01/05/10, so is the link. There is an excellent interactive graphic, also from the NYT i think, linked on a comment post here in the last few days (i think it was here), that showed a debt web in a broadly similar but more up to date format


  5. Thanks for the link, living in France a lot of people I chat to are aware of the situation but accept they are powerless to do anything and think very little of the European dream as it is now, I just do not understand how Barrosso and people who still “live the dream” will cling on until they are crushed under the wreckage of their shattered illusions, somehow I think they have engineered a crash proof escape and existence after the collapse.


  6. You might like to take a quick look at this French blog
    In it they explain the rumoured link between the northern construction company Eiffage and DSK.
    L’entreprise Eiffage ayant remporté le marché de construction du Grand Stade de Lille, on ne pourra jamais empêcher la rumeur de poser la question : DSK serait-il intervenu auprès de Martine Aubry pour favoriser son pote Roquet ?
    This looks a bit like a sex for favours deal.
    The last line of the blog is priceless
    On comprend mieux pourquoi DSK est un partisan acharné de la mondialisation : le cul sans frontières, côté en bourse, avec échange d’actions !


  7. I am not shocked or alarmed that a man has been making good use of sexual favours, goes without sayin’ and some would heave a sigh of relief that it was FEMALE only Sex workers, somehow less scandelous in some parlours- However, if this is akin to using women not for sexual pleasure, (make your own mind up about how you feel about such actions) to precure contracts and further have blackmail as a side bet, then it is indeed, very serious.
    I was approched by a man on a train few weeks ago, he suggested we go and ‘have a bit of fun’ I ignored him- guessing we had different sence of humour. He insisted, by mentioning the size of his tackle, being a proud owner of 5 inches… I gave him my answer as thus..’ If I had only 5 inches I wouldn’t even embarrass myself by wa…king by myself! let alone ask a woman for fun- he replied by saying he thought I looked like a ‘posh prossie’. Who said romance was dead? I shall now take myself to Marks and Spencers and demand an apology for lettling me go to work looking like a posh prossie…


  8. Orwell had it right in 1984. Everyone has something to hide and something to fear. Control is so simple if you’re the spymaster.


  9. Is any of this true, or did you make it all up?

    As far as I know DSK has a clean record. I’m surprised you get away with publishing this tripe.


  10. Dear JW in commenting on the DT I recommended your blog a few times, as it provides an extremely interesting view of current events. Indeed, it is usual for the comments on the DT website to be more informative of events than the articles themselves.

    This came through from someone who replied to me.

    “As to the DSK mal des affaires; I never thought that anything made any sense whatsoever (on either side of the discussion.) Nothing I read or listened to ‘clicked.” And then, I was chatting with someone who actually worked at Sofitel. Wisdom was revealed in what he said. I’m paraphrasing, but it went something like this – Oh yeah, the maids at Sofitel are under the thumb of Local 239 of the something or other union that’s controlled by the ______ Mafia crime family. Recent arrivals from Guinea work at the airport motels – which ones do you think get to work at a luxury five star hotels like Sofitel? That’s when I thought something made sense.”


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