Per adua, ad astra

I took this shot at 11.30 am today (Tuesday 3oth August 2011) in South-West France. It shows an amazing tangle of vapour trails heading south to north and East to West across a blue Autumn sky. And it traces planes full of holidaymakers returning home to a million or more desks in North Western Europe and the Eastern United States.

By the beginning of next week, stock market volumes will be back to normal and vacations will be a distant memory. The former travellers on these flights will be dealing with the awful reality of unrepayable debt, disappointing output figures, falling stock prices and rising inflation.

It was an amazing sight. At one and the same time a tapestry of technological achievement and human wealth, alongside the desire of all of us to get away from it all…whatever this ‘it’ might be.

But in the end, there is no escape. These white lines left in the sky are arrows pointing towards the final denouement of a Great Battle: the final showdown between the mad minority and The People.

11 thoughts on “Per adua, ad astra

  1. “Final” showdown? Well maybe. Or maybe not. Perhaps this could be an inflexion point leading to significant innovations in a number of areas, which take humanity along new pathways……..

    Or maybe not even that. I suspect strongly that my local market traders in St. Albans will be selling their apples, pears and carrots in the same way as now for many decades to come. And the cosmopolitan mix of customers will shuffle along looking for bargains, complaining about the weather and taxes. And not much will change.

    Convince I am wrong John………otherwise this is just the blog equivalent of a storm in the ‘Westminster village’.


  2. This autumn will bring forward some overdue justice.

    Off topic – excuse me- but why do we have to find out that the murderer of WPc Yvonne Fletcher has been named and found by Libyan rebels 27 years later ? Another case of ”don’t spoil our business interests” from westminster over a dumb policewoman who was murdered in our London by upstart ignorant good for nothing at all foreign raghead johnny got oil latelys .


  3. Hi John,

    Have similar sights up here in Loire Atlantique.

    And, after enjoying the climate-gate furore, enjoyed this piece today in the Telegraph.

    Yes, I come from a scientific, not marketing background, and do enjoy it when reasoned research begins to bear fruit… talking of fruit, I have so many apples this year that I’m thinking of cranking up the spare freezer in order to accommodate all of the compote being made. It may be a case of no other form of dessert over winter.


  4. God help me, I actually bothered to watch this. Skip to 8:45 if you are similarly inclined, as he doesn’t even start to talk about chem-trails until then.

    Quote: “the grid patterns are indicative of something going on.”

    Hmm. Normal air traffic, perhaps?

    Is it worth pointing out that if one was an evil conspiracy determined to poison the world from above, then spraying chemicals out of the back of aeroplanes at 30-40k ft is not a very good way to do it? Aerosols sprayed at this height will stay airborne for a very long time (just like, er, clouds do) – and therefore actually make groundfall a *very* long way from the drop-zone.


  5. Yes, a good point-but even if just like a Westminster village storm, they do have an impact on everyday life such as knee-jerk legislation, further loss of liberty etc.

    One such storm was 9/11, which instead of being treated as a mass murder (which it was) and the culprits being found and punished, was treated as a casus belli against “those not with us” .

    No doubt the apple sellers still sold their apples, people still bought them-but the world had become a changed and more illiberal place. The same may well happen with the current financial storm.


  6. Yes – and having just watched the excellent film ‘The Lives of Others’ (see I don’t want us to end up in the 21st Century equivalent of the old DDR – although there are some eerie parallels. Instead of the Stasi, we have the Political Correctness Police, and surveillance is perhaps even more covert.


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