SOCIAL NETWORKS: Suddenly, hearsay evidence against them is OK

Theresa May….whistling in the dark

There’s a bigwig’s meeting today over at the Home Office. Theresa ‘Nobody tells me anything’ May has invited the great and good from the major online social networks to discuss what to do the next time there’s a new Itablet launch and looting begins again should there be another outbreak of disorder among the socially deprived.

But looking across the media reportage in recent days, the evidence against the networks is decidedly thin. (My emphases)

The BBC: ‘ The networks were criticised during the riots after it emerged they may have been used to plan some of the disorder….. Networks such as Blackberry Messenger were said to have enabled looters to organise their movements during the riots, as well as inciting violence in some cases….a number of people have appeared in Court facing related charges.’

In fact, those convicted to date total 4 (four). The Met Police have made it clear in advance that shutting down the networks would be “of highly questionable legality”. May’s office issued a statement saying that there was “no suggestion” that any of the sites would be closed down. And an anonymous Blackberry source told The Slog that the idea was “knee-jerk rubbish”. So there doesn’t seem to be much to discuss.

File this one under Being Seen to be Doing Something. In the meantime, during dawn raids yesterday the Met’s finest arrested 40 suspected gangsters on suspicion of plotting to cause mayhem at the Notting Hill Carnival. That sounds like doing something to me; but action so far largely consists of rounding up, banging up and closing down. I haven’t as yet seen a serious policy suggestion from any political Party about tackling the causes of heavily discounted self-service technology shopping.

8 thoughts on “SOCIAL NETWORKS: Suddenly, hearsay evidence against them is OK

  1. I’m surprised the Met have commented on the legality of closing down social websites; I’d have thought they’d be pressing for the powers to do so when necessary, even though it might be difficult given these sites are usually hosted outside the UK and (AFAIK) the UK State has no centralised pipes for the Internet. Even if it secretly does, access could still be achieved via other means as it is in China/Iran. Also, given May’s statement, it would seem that the whole idea of blocking them may have originated in MSM. That is very telling methinks and speaks volumes.

    Also, we should not ignore that countries who block a range of websites are police states like China, Iran and M/E countries like Saudi et al. And it is most certainly the thin edge of a wedge…once started, it gathers momentum.


  2. I seem to remember one Tonius Blairus stating “I’ve asked the police what they need” and producing the ‘Terrorism act’ since used to prevent such heinious activities as clearing a heckler from the Labour party conference.

    We recently hear from the illustious Mr ‘I sniff wisteria cuttings’ Camerlot a slightly chilling “I’ve asked the police what they need” ! Is there absolutely no diversity of thought amongst those ‘placed’ above us (it is clear that members are given Hobsons choice in party selection procedures) to govern in the spirit of freedom and national nourishment. The answer is ‘control everyone’ in case a few get a criminal idea !

    How wonderful it is to be governed by those who would have to agree to give real democracy to those from whom they would remove it (along with their long held freedoms).

    They have no ideas. They have no honour. They seek power for its own sake and have no idea how this should be used. They cannot form their own opinions. They cannot explain their ideas. Every policy and law is produced to deflect from the underlying aims and announced objectives spun enthusiastically to a media more interested in free coffee and biccies at a press announcement or logging into Reuters or Associated Press and punching out the fodder for fools.

    I thnk we need to rename the days of the week to Depression, Greed, Authority, Control, Theft. The weekend can be renamed as ‘Blind drunk mind numbing stupor’, in preparation for the next round of the same game.


  3. Did you read Antonius Barebum’s Guardian piece on the rioters? He sounded so plausible….as ever. The man is ill.


  4. It will, If there is a video of ‘pout spice’ victoria walking into said bank….OR Jedward *dancing*outside said bank…
    OK if you want to know what’s really going on in the world, just do the social networking thing – read Blogs such as this. Get it from source. lol @ BBC & SKY being news programmes. On second thoughts… best not to blogg or twitter just in case it takes your fancy to start a riot.


  5. No I didn’t. I must admit that I had enough of him and his credit card stretched smile to last me a lifetime ten years ago :)


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