DSK….no looking back?

Slog scoop of last Saturday confirmed as Judge Obus dismisses the charges. But will the lessons of this case be learned?

As revealed here ahead of the pack last Saturday, Dominique Strauss-Kahn walked free from a New York courtroom today. The defence appeal will be heard later on this afternoon EDS, but is rated by those close to the matter as having ‘a chance in a million’ of being successful. The former IMF boss should be free to return to France tomorrow….although his accuser Nafissatou Diallo still professes an intention of bringing a civil suit against the Frenchman.

Will DSK spend the rest of his life looking back – or will he move on? It’s too late for him to enter the French Presidential race (a reality the American media still seem largely unable to grasp) and he will not be welcome, at least for the time being, as a high-profile politician in his home country. Lest we forget, he is also facing a degree of harassment from former ‘victims’ of his unique chimp-rutting sexual style.

A sensible approach would be for the guy to sit down and write a frank autobiographical account: about the nature of his sexuality, and the ramifications for feminism and liberty (often two separate things) of his arraignment and then release without charge. Not only would this make him even filthier rich than he is already, it would also be an important step in his rehabilitation – if it was sincere.

But that’s not the DSK I’ve been told about over the last three months. The real Strauss-Kahn is, I suspect, a man whose very high IQ wrestles constantly with his passionate nature. The real DSK, it seems, does not forget: egos that enormous must not forget…or they cease to exist.

The Slog has consistently supported the former financial heavyweight throughout his ordeal for one obvious reason: his case was about to turn into a show trial – a parody of Sherman McCoy, Tom Wolfe’s anti-hero laid low by his accidental manslaughter of a negro youth about to damage his car with intent to rob. It seemed to me from the start that certain insane tenets of the Progressive tendency were also on trial here:

(1) All men are barely controlled rapists

(2) Rich, male defendants deserve to be paraded through the streets in a tumbril. Poor female accusers deserve to be protected by anonymity, as they are obviously victims of foul assault and in need of stress counselling.

Facts – and facts alone – questioned the first of these assertions, and disproved the second. This is a result I regard as entirely healthy in the campaign to remind over-educated bigots that equality before the law is the basis of civilisation.

But it doesn’t fool me into believing that Strauss-Kahn was necessarily innocent of the charges. Rather, it confirms me in my belief that minority groups are not made holy by the act of being minorities. A female friend whose views I increasingly respect offered the opinion to me recently that DSK is “a pest”. I think she is almost certainly right. But I want the man convicted in a fair trial: not tried by the media in a circus where it was obvious from the start that Diallo and her oddly-defined ‘family’ were on the make.

Just as with men, women are frequently let down by their gender. Blokes who try hard to give their partners every assistance to enjoy a fulfilling life feel humiliated by male jerks making gross observations in company. And women sometimes unwisely balancing lots of life-bits in the air are appalled at the divorce-greed of lazy women who are no better than leeches. But dealing in stereotypes gets us nowhere. More precisely, it gets us to the position where very odd human beings like Harriet Harman and Dominique Strauss-Kahn are running things. Bit then, that’s a place I’d regard as nowhere useful.

I’m damned if I know how we got into a state as a nation where principles as central to liberal democracy as these are in doubt. But I do know what our job is: to continually remind the plot-losers that their role is defend our freedoms, not circumscribe them.



  1. what now for Legarde and potential leaks as to her apparent inability to know how to deal with the problems that the IMF are likely to have to deal with?


  2. As a victim myself of a False Rape Accusation made as the opening slavo of a custody battle (UK) allow me to point out one thing.

    Being “a pest” is not illegal, nor is being an asshole, being a womaniser, being a serial monogamist, or anything related.

    DSK, even with his money and influence, was nearly destroyed by what was absolutely certainly a malicious false rape accusation, Nasty Dildo has made false rape accusations before, she had admitted this.

    The only illegal and criminal acts here were perpetrated against DSK by Nasty Dildo, NYPD, the DA, the media, et al.

    The only victim here, and a victim of a heinous crime, is DSK.

    A hotel maid told one lie and basically altered the course of European, Global, Financial and Political history.

    Please please please leave the white knighting for those occassions when it is appropriate…. else you will find yourself in a place where various establishment persons have zero compassion for you when you suffer a personal calamity, and they will shrug it off by saying you were a shit stirring leftie / rightie / commie / whatever.


  3. Those powers that be that wanted to save the skin of the Napoleonic- complexed Greek-Hungarian American stooge live on to fight the forthcoming election with a more than fighting chance. DSK escapes being railroaded into jail but as an unelectable reduced figure but one who fought the odds and beat the system in New York (and only because of his wife’s wealth). The Slog was on this from the beginning. May I suggest we offer him a T shirt emblazoned with the slogan ‘Dirty Old White Men got human rights too Ms Hateperson!’


  4. John I have enjoyed serenading the DSK waltz immensely over the past few months. Your foot steps and turns have amused me and gladly revealed the motives of the West African succubus and that DSK is really a tortured soul being a super-intelligent businessman with the emotions of a chimp. Will there be an encore for the civil case and a few extra footsteps? Who knows but I will be checking your column.for the latest dance.


  5. Indeed it was your scoop last Saturday. You have been ahead of the pack from when this whole saga began. Your sources are very well informed not just on this but other things you slog about. I also had the misfortune to tangle with a woman who made allegations against me, (not of a sexual nature). She had witness protection, victim support, vulnerable person and god knows what else on her side. When it eventually came to trial, it was proved that she was a liar and a not guilty verdict was returned in 15 minutes. Which was no use to me as in the intervening period, I lost my business, home, everything, because I was denied bail, and incarcerated for 4 months waiting for a trial. The best laugh was being refused legal aid and at the same time being made bankrupt for non payment of £1500 worth of vat. I paid it to the VAT office but they still obtained a bankruptcy order and I did not have £10,000 in cash to appeal for the judgement to be set aside. I lost £600,000 for the sake of £1500. It gets worse, when I was arrested because of the allegations this woman made, it gave the police a right to search my premises both home and work. They found £5000 cash and confiscated it under the proceeds of crime act. It took me 6 months to prove the money was legitimate, (I had to prove it, not vies versa), to get it returned. I employed 10 people who lost their jobs and the knock on effects for them. I know exactly how DSK must be feeling. Where is my justice?


  6. From another perspective, men like DSK exist. It remains to ask however, why they exist: not only intelligent, rich ones like DSK but poor unintelligent ones too. What do they have in common? An inferiority complex of some degree – where emotional fulfilment comes through sexual conquest and gratification through yet another woman.

    Now: it must be said that these men do pride themselves on their technique, and as mentioned in a past post in this series, they rest their pride on good ground. What they do not do is rest their emotional selves in anything, and that is the problem here.

    A man can be driven sexually, yet with a degree of maturity can find extended pleasure through keeping a close relationship running nicely. When that is done, and he can keep his woman happy and demonstrate his love frequently and genuinely, I for one would submit happily to such a man’s skills. After all, his technique would be directed only in my direction and with me in mind.

    So the problem lies not in his sexual proclivities, but deeper in his emotional self, and his self esteem. A man that needs to do something at the expense of others – whether it be power, sex, money or simple strength is lacking in the emotional stability to know his true worth to the world. And of course, his wife.


  7. Perhaps matters of vast import are indeed in the balance here (though I somehow doubt it) but should we really be getting our knickers in a twist over the fate of a rather pathetic dirty old man? As old dog says, he’s got form – to put it mildly. His sexual incontinence was bound to catch up with him sooner or later, in one form or another, legally defensible or otherwise. Personally, I find it extremely hard to feel sorry for him.


  8. Quote “Where is my justice?”

    You Always believed in Justice? really.. wow!
    It is a nice word, but it is one of those words which doesn’t really have a definitive description as such.
    Man rapes woman- tortures for 30 hours he has ‘Diplomatic Immunity’ oh dang… Man has sex with prostitute. he pays her a pittance ( acording to her friend) ( pimp)… she is arrested-jailed for 6 months.. man and ‘friend’ walk away….

    Justice is like: fairies at the bottom of the garden-santa claus – Jesus… we really do want to believe they exist…but deep down we know different. Mind you with rose coloured glasses EVERYTHING can be made rosie and nice.

    If we want to start another battle of the sexes it would be worth remembering there are no outright clear winners!


  9. Sir,
    I sympathize with your previous plight. Whilst not condoning men like DSK (see below) nor do I condone outright slander or untruths such as you suffered. What is more, the system of justice seems awfully inadequate when faced with these problems.

    Why do I say that? Because if it were truly balanced, it would take note of other factors such as those people who depend on you for their livelihoods.

    An abuse of power is harmful from whichever direction it comes from. True justice allows women the rights to be women and not sex objects, and men to be the honest, upstanding and proud creatures they should be.


  10. John a brilliant slog as per usual. I agree with your summary and your statement about it not being his innocence or guilt but the Trial by Media agenda. Who knows where it will end. I look at the Portugal dilemma and a certain police officer being gagged…It is only some people who are subjected to trial by media. Such as: people who are capable of causing ‘trouble’ for someone else?( a devious, coniving,person or persons with a hidden agenda?) The civil trial will be interesting.

    When I hear that word’ justice’ it does bring a smile to my face….


  11. I was being ironic about justice. I’m not that naive. The reality is that police are not interested in the truth nor are the cps. Once they have determined an angle on how they are going to proceed they ignore anything that casts doubt on their case. They won’t drop it no matter how obvious the crime never took place. Rather like social workers and secret family courts. If it had not been DSK but an ordinary man he would have gone down.


  12. I agree with wimminz. DSK should not be punished by society for having affairs. The only punishment applicable is his wife getting a divorce from him, if she wants to. I have particularly antipathy for the term ‘womanizer’. It puts women in a position of being mere ‘preys’.


  13. Another “metaphor for life” Mike.

    As in everything in life – form trumps substance.

    So in the legal process – justice must seen to be done period. It’s just a process run by lawyers for the benfit of lawyers.


  14. When this story first hit the headlines there was a fairly clear divide between those who thought this was a conspiracy to get Kahn and those who thought that Kahn was up to his old tricks and got caught out by pushing things too far.
    That he has been found to have no case to answer is not very surprising as rape is very difficult to prove. There is less talk however about the conspiracy. Where are we with that thread?


  15. Impossible to tell. All we can be sure about is that there were important interests who wanted to do whatever they could to support Sarkosy and his main rival is now out of the game. From that perspective it is mission accomplished whether by accident or design. Let’s face it, we’ll never know for sure. They are still arguing about Kennedy’s assassination.


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