DSK: Rather a lot of people in his marriage….

DSK’s wife Anne Sinclair…not best pleased

…but Sofitel maid Diallo ‘will be destroyed’ by defence evidence

The French gossip mags are having a field day at the moment researching the sex-life of Dominique Strauss-Kahn. As you’d imagine, it’s a major project….but there are so many women involved now, DSK may soon be losing his marital partner along with his IMF job, and the chance of becoming French President.

A ‘coup de foudre’ is the commonly used idiom in France for ‘losing one’s head’ over a person of the opposite sex. This seems to happen to the former IMF boss about thirty times a year. Under the headline ‘The true face of DSK’, French magazine Ici Paris (a sort of cross between Hello! and Heat) has been putting together a dossier suggesting fairly clearly what lights Dominique’s fire: in 1997 he had a long affair with a young lady (named as Marie-Victorine M) and then more recently with a Socialist militant called Samira. Both women are black….as, of course, is Nafissatou Diallo.

Diallo herself (the Sofitel maid accuser of DSK) recently confirmed that she will bring a civil case against Strauss-Kahn if the New York City case against the Frenchman collapses – as most observers still think it will. The next scheduled court appearance is a week today (23rd August), but in case the DA goes ahead to prosecute – or Diallo fulfils her promise to sue for damages – the former IMF boss’s legal and detective teams have been working round the clock to ensure no stone is left unturned in the search for a truer picture of the African maid. Sources suggest that, so far, the results aren’t looking good for Nafissatou Diallo.

The defence team will speculate that the encounter turned sour when Dialla realisedshe wasn’t getting any money after oral sex with the Frenchman. Strauss-Kahn’s team may also try to portray Diallo, 32, as an “earner” who tried to pick up cash and gifts to supplement her $40,000 housekeeper’s salary, creating a financial motive to interpret some of the evidence in a new light.

Strauss-Kahn’s private detectives from Guidepost Solutions have been interviewing witnesses in New York’s West African immigrant community. The now have a portrait of someone willing to do what it took – legal or illegal – to stay in the United States and make money to support herself and her 15-year-old daughter.

I also understand that One key question will be why Diallo returned to the suite after Strauss-Kahn had checked out. Lawyers acting for DSK will allege that Diallo went back to the suite to see if she could find any valuables…or to collect her ‘fee’. What remains uncertain is whether Strauss-Kahn himself will testifty that he did leave money behind for the maid.

5 thoughts on “DSK: Rather a lot of people in his marriage….

  1. If DSK had mixed with African American MEN,
    they’d have likely told him to video sexual encounters.

    Doing so does rather cut down the risk
    of phoney rape allegations.


  2. If she wasn’t paid then it wasn’t consensual. The defense team may be digging the dirt on Diallo, but everyone else seems to be digging the dirt on DSK. I have been wondering for some time why his wife has put up with him for so long. We have had the photos of her standing shoulder to shoulder with him. It is only a matter of time before she walks away.


  3. 40k a year to clean rooms… dear me, I won’t be leaving any more tips for the cleaners – always thought they deserved a little something rather than just the porters.


  4. Delboy says to Rodney, “Sharon went to the police about a serious sexual assault today”. Rodney replies, “when did that happen”. Delboy “Last week”. Rodney “How come she has only just reported it” Delboy “She only just realised she had been assaulted, She only found out the cheque bounced today”.


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