Mangy old fox caught rummaging in garbage

Murdoch to face FBI extortion charges

I haven’t run one of these for a month or two now, as people have been finding out what Newscorp got up to here rather a lot of late. But a piece I wrote outlining the US Floorgraphics caper last month has now been picked up by quite a few news media in the States. And as forecast then, the FBI has confirmed that it has Akers of case histories and complaints to go at.

Newscorp is now to face charges that one of its subsidiaries, News America Marketing, illegally hacked the computer system of their competitor, Floorgraphics. It used the information it had gleaned to try and blackmail Floorgraphics into selling out to Newscorp. Thus Murdoch introduces yet another innovative use of media: yesterday hacking phones and bribing cops, tomorrow wholesale corporate extortion.

Talking of cop bribery, I’m told by the Slog’s overworked Washington mole that the FBI now has some solid data with which to proceed against Murdoch tabloid the New York Post, on suspicion of it having ‘maintained unhealthy relationships with New York City police officers, these relationships having allegedly involved exchanges of favors and possibly money for information’. My, doesn’t that sound familiar? It’s almost like Newscorp has a global Business Model. Perhaps that’s what Rebekah Redtop will be doing on her world tour: writing the Newscorp Global Action Manual.

Also being taken forward, I’m proud to announce, is the Slog accusation that Fox chief  and House Madperson Roger Ailes bribed an executive in the company, the book publisher Judith Regan, to lie to FBI investigators about the existence of her relationship with New York police commissioner Bernie Kerik. It now emerges that this was done in order to protect the political interests of Rudy Giuliani, then a presidential prospect. (Ailes later fired her, which was his first mistake).

As the world melts down and our cities light up, let us not forget those who have given their all to bring us illegally obtained news stories and cultures corrupted by police bribery, political ‘gifts’, drugs, extortion, threats made to legislators, salacious content, and freelance help when it comes to government vetting of their own people.

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