At the End of the Day

This is a short piece tonight, because it doesn’t take long to say this.

I understand from various media mates (and two reputable sites – one UK, one US) that Amy Winehouse ‘was considering adoption during the week before she died’.

Was she, I wonder, considering adoption of a new lifestyle devoid of long and gruelling tours regularly interspersed with massive drug intakes as offered by her ever-helpful management? Or was it small, defenceless children she had in mind?

The saddest thing about this news snippet is that the reptiles who surrounded this fragile woman allowed her for even one second to believe that there was a social services department  anywhere on the planet outside Zimbabwe likely to allow her to adopt so much as a gerbil.

And the clincher would surely have been that Amy was sexually straight. So not even Haringey would’ve considered her.

This is indeed a mad, mad, mad, mad, mad, mad world. She is well out of it.


12 thoughts on “At the End of the Day

  1. Your wrong. She was a drug taker leading a chaotic lifestyle, hence belonging to a minority. On this basis, and the New Labour project in empowering just about anyone who is not white, male and hetrosexual, (hated by Ms Harperson ), she would have had no problem adopting.
    The best interests of the child plays no part when it comes to political correctness.


  2. Very sad about so much talent wasted.

    It’s often easy to trash that kinda character because of drugs, and almost impossible to fully understand what being an artist truly means.

    I’m an artist myself. I mean by that: I have made a living out of my art and craft, without any help from any social services, and I never apply from any side job ever in my life, ever. So I guess I qualify.

    I have worked with a talented artist , as a record producer. He eventually died. I worked with him 2 years and saw him getting better, and then literally drawn into drugs and alcohol. Nothing I, or anyone could do.

    But I have seen artists into drugs, having children, who suddenly turned into great parents and got straight. Somehow, their kids truly save them.

    It’s a very tough way of living, and it’s definitely not for everyone.

    But one thing is sure: it’s easy to judge, and impossible to fathom when you don’t really know what this game is all about.

    Just sayin’


  3. There is some evidence that her management did make efforts to clean her up. The special cash-in-on-the-death edition of NME is on sale now. And when I heard about the adoption story, sadly, I immediately thought that someone else was on the make.


  4. Please be certain I wasn’t judging Amy. My point is to damn the suppliers and other idiots who cling on to such victims.
    I did work with EMI as a client for many years, so yes – I do know the syndrome very well. Every artist has a Tambourine Man.


  5. Oh no John, I wasn’t assuming you were judgmental over her at all. My reaction was motivated by numbers of very harsh comments I have seen all over the web. Your words were wise, as always.




  6. ….And so the singers management in their attempt to ‘save Amy’ were going down that ” buy/adopt a baby route.( black optional, but lil black babies have a great effect on the diversity moguls). The country is already awash with druggie females having babies so that their ‘drug rage’ can be blamed for the BABY P type slayings. ( and there are many that do not reach the papers). Druggies make good parents? really? ( chuckles) children save druggies when they become parents? really? (chuckles some more).

    But alas, it is no laughing matter. The harm caused by these people who CHOSE this lifestyle is imesurable. The sickening financial and emotional burden these people impose on their children, families, communities and the country IS disgusting. Her father is trying to make her out to be a innocent bystander-role model with ‘troubles’. She had more choices than most in life, so spare me the martyre syndrome. Let her be dead, and leave her alone. no more ‘exclusives’ -the world is changing: it is time for the tabloids to move on and start delivering news which affects us, I mean REALLY affect us. Amy’s death was not a shock to me, and I was unaffected by it, it was sad though, but inevitiable. If Amy’s family friends want to help Amy… go and point out the suppliers- dealers. or shut up and get on with protecting them.

    PS the Social services would indeed keep the child with mother and ‘support’ them, ‘monitor’ them….Policy- Family policy, keeping the family together. ( don’t you love these headings) ( yes people actually do think them up and try and sell them) Wow! romantic and nice. reality is a tad different.
    So if the story had truth in it , then I am very glad, very, very glad, nothing came of it.


  7. MG has poor grammar and reading comprehension is obviously not his forte. He completely missed the point of John’s commentary.


  8. “it is time for the tabloids to move on and start delivering news which affects us”

    Yeah you’re right. Btw, how’s the weather on planet Mars ?

    Nice post, I can feel you’re such a good person, empathic and everything, caring for the people who suffers.

    Do you have children ?


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